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91194 Static web to Joomla Docman

I require a static corporate intranet site to be changed to a dynamic Joomla v1.5 driven site using the Docman component.

The static websites primary focus is for users to download files from a 2 level hierarchy. The first level is an overview of multiple categories while the 2nd level is drilled down into the category detail. Examples will be attached.

This will require a back-end admin component which allows CMS admin to create categories to be displayed.

Additional details


Admin component


1. Docman document extensions/changes

In the "Submit a Document" step 3 upload section

1.a Add an additional tab with the following

- Tab will be the 2nd tab, next to "Document" tab and is called "J-Compete Intranet"

~ Radio button to select "Document Category" populated from a new document category table (which can be updated). example: Update, Technical Report, Sales Tool, other, etc.

1.b Change the description to a textbox from default GUI editor

1.c Approved and Published default to "Yes"

Most Recent Uploads Module


Leverage existing Docman modules may be easiest way to approach this.

1. Module admin setup

1.a Select only files matching one "Intranet Category" via a drop down list

1.b Checkbox to enable/disable document description tooltip in front-end module

1.c Sort by date or number of hits (ascending/descending)

1.d Define the number of files to display in front-end module (example: 5)

- Additinally, user can Enable/Disable a javascript list expansion if more than the number of defined files to display are available (Example: 5 to display but 15 are available, so 10 are not displayed until the "'+' Expand document list"

- Limit total number to display in expanded list-view by: Total number and date (user can select both where date takes precedence)

2. Module front-end

2.a Generate module from selected "document category" with selected module parameters defined in module setup

2.b If tooltips are enabled, then document description is used for tooltip content.

Tooltips must be cross-browser compliant with IE, Netscape and Firefox at a minimum. CSS tooltips are fine.

2.c If expanded list-view is enabled, it should float over content below instead of pushing it down. Example: Module below this example module will stay in same place instead of being pushed down and distorting the tables.

Category Display Module (component?)


1. Module admin setup

1.a Select a parent Docman category from a drop-down list

1.b Same features in "Most Recent Uploads Module" admin setup sections 1.b and 1.d.

* Module front-end

- Children of selected parent Docman category generate category titles

- Grand-children generate hyperlinks to a page which then displays a categorized list of documents based on the "document category"

- Each category list-view has the same features as "Most Recent Uploads Module" front-end 2.b and 2.c

Skills: Anything Goes, CSS, Javascript, Joomla, MySQL, PHP

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