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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If you are looking for a website to be created with sophisticated interactivity or in search of an impressive mobile app, using JavaScript is the way to go. With the help of our expert Javascript Developers, you can bring your idea to life.

A Javascript developer on can create dynamic web applications with extended features and improved user experiences. They can also design advanced gaming applications, develop cloud applications, and create powerful websites that work with less coding and low complexity.

Here's some projects that our expert Javascript Developers made real:

  • Developed interactive websites & apps with detailed user accounts experience
  • Created powerful applications that streamline complex data into actionable insights
  • Built custom Windows and Mac software designed to fit client specifications
  • Developed mobile apps that enables customers to access data from their phones
  • Connected databases to web interfaces with easy input/output functionality
  • Optimized existing code for faster loading pages and smoother user workflows

Javascript Developers on know how to turn ideas into reality. They are experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and creating top-notch scripts that are easy to use, reliable and fast. If you have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into technical reality, is the place to post your project. Hire our expert Javascript developers today!

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    I am in need of a professional with substantial experience in Javascript to assist in correcting a syntax error within the code. The code is intended for use specifically on a website. Your application should include a detailed summary of relevant experience that demonstrates your competence with JavaScript. Key points: - Correct a syntax error in the JavaScript code - The code is intended for a website - Emphasis on the candidate's experience with JavaScript

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    Looking for wordpress expert 594 days left

    I have XD file of 26 pages. Someone needs to make the pages with ACF plugin. Most important is it must be perfect pixel. And as test, if you only do landing page after I like that, I will hire. It is long term project. if you have the willing to test with landing page. let me know. if not, do not bid please. Thank you.

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    Voucher Shop Script 6 days left

    I need a PHP/HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT script for a voucher shop. Key Requirements: - The primary functionality of the script should be focused on customer management and administrating data. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing and integrating scripts. - Familiarity with managing script systems. - MySQL database creation and API management - HTML/CSS/BOOTSTRAP - JAVASCRIPT client interaction management - PHP server-side

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    I need a skilled developer to assist me with linking buttons on my WordPress website using jQuery. Buy now button on the homepage should add different woocommerce products based on the product chosen by the user. Key Requirements: - Integrate jQuery to facilitate button linking - Ensure the buttons function properly upon user interaction - Implement a redirect action upon clicking of the call-to-action buttons I'm looking for a professional with: - Proven experience in jQuery and WordPress Your work will be a vital part of my website's functionality, so attention to detail and a commitment to quality is crucial.

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    I'm searching for a highly skilled developer with a strong background in both webXR technologies and 3D modeling, specifically for product visualization. The primary goal of this project is to create an engaging and interactive online platform for visualizing scenes in 3D. The ideal candidate would be able to seamlessly integrate these 3D models into the webXR environment to ensure a smooth, visually appealing, and user-friendly experience for potential customers. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in WebXR Technologies: Including knowledge of various webXR frameworks, APIs, and how to effectively implement them in a web environment. - Proficient in 3D Modeling: Able to design and create basic models for fashion items. Experience with creating realistic, high-quality 3D models w...

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    I have a theme with a preloader spinner that I'd like to modify. The preloader currently consists of a yellow SVG with a slide animation to the right and accompanying text. I want to replace the existing SVG with a custom one that I already have. The modifications will entail: - Keeping the original animation movement. - Preserving the text that appears next to the spinner. The animation's JavaScript and CSS reside within the theme plugin core files, requiring someone with a keen understanding of these technologies. The ideal freelancer for this job should be well-versed in: - JavaScript - CSS - SVG animations - Front-end development Given the project's nature, a creative eye for design will be a plus.

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    I'm in need of an expert in EDI mapping, with some experience over Java, Python, JavaScript and .NET. .. This is a long-term project with a budget of $4 per hour, starting from 4 PM IST. Key Requirements: - Working with X12, EDIFACT, XML, CSV, and JSON data formats so EDI experience is a plus. - Any experience of Java, Python, .NET, JavaScript... for developing and enhancing mapping solutions. - Ability to work with both X12 and EDIFACT standards. - Must be responsive (Chat or urgent call) You will be trained. You must be honest in a team environment and responsive. Do not use AI to apply because it will not show your real situation/experience. Thanks

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    I'm in need of a skilled Python Django developer to build a web application, specifically focusing on both backend and frontend development. Key Features: - The highest priority for this project is the implementation of real-time data exchange. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Python and Django - Experience in handling real-time data exchange - Strong understanding of frontend development Your previous experience in web app development and ability to work with real-time data exchange is paramount. Please share your relevant experience when you bid.

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    Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled Web 2 UI Developer on a contractual basis proficient in Chakra UI, Node.js, React, HTML, and CSS to join our dynamic team at Zerolend. As a Web 2 UI Developer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining user interfaces for our web applications that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and responsive. ZeroLend is a decentralized lending protocol built on blockchain technology, designed to provide individuals and businesses with a secure and transparent platform for borrowing and lending digital assets. We are also the largest lending market on L2s—Linea, zkSync, Manta, Blast, and X Layer—with a focus on liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) lending, governance, real-world assets (RWA...

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    As my project is expanding, I'm seeking a skilled automation test engineer to assist with selenium and web automation. You'll be focusing on making our workflows more efficient and effective by: - Writing new test scripts for our platform. - Debugging existing scripts to reduce errors and improve test performance. - Developing a test framework to systematically run and evaluate tests. Ensure the scripts you develop are compatible across Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers. Their primary application will be on Website A, so experience with this site will be advantageous. Given the complex nature of the project, experience with Selenium and Java is essential. Effective problem-solving skills and attention to detail will also be critical for debugging tasks. If you h...

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    I need to update my taxi booking app, Frontend is developed in React native and backend is developed in Java.

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    I am looking for a JavaScript developer with experience in AmCharts, particularly version 5. The project involves customizing a stock chart to meet my specific requirements. Key Responsibilities: - Customize AmCharts 5 for a stock chart - Implement any necessary features to enhance the stock chart Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Strong proficiency in JavaScript - Previous experience with AmCharts, ideally version 5 - Experience with data visualization, particularly stock charts - Ability to understand and implement client's requirements - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent communication and time management skills Bid only if you have past experience in AmCharts.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a demo project on 8th Wall editor to show upcoming demo - virtual Ring Try-On experience. The app should be using QR code to launch the 8th Wall developed project. Key requirements: 1. Scan your fingers on 8th Wall App on mobile. 2. Virtual ring will appear on finger with default diamond on it. 3. Choose your favorite and tap the "Virtual Try On" button located below the diamond images scroller list. 4. Pinch the screen to resize the ring to fit your finger properly 5. Tap and drag the ring to position it correctly on your desired finger. 6. Adjust the carat weight by sliding the bar beneath the image, or change the center stone shape and metal type from the dropdown menus below the carat slider. You can use this same featu...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python developer to create an application that connects to the IG Markets trading platform API. This application should have the following features: - Real-time price monitoring: The application should be able to constantly monitor prices from the IG Markets platform. These prices are essential for making informed buy/sell decisions. - Buy/sell order execution: The application should be able to execute buy and sell orders based on specific conditions or criteria. The ability to automate these orders will be a key feature. - Historical price data retrieval: The application should also be able to retrieve historical price data from the IG Markets platform. This data will be crucial for backtesting strategies and making informed decisions. In this url there is...

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    I require a expert to finalize a small-scale project, which is already 50% complete. Your main tasks will revolve around user authentication and database integration. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in platform - Prior experience with project completion - Ability to work on small-scale projects - Knowledge of user authentication and database integration - Attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Your job will be to: - Implement user authentication: This will involve setting up secure login functionality for the platform. - Database integration: You'll need to ensure that the database is effectively connected to the platform, allowing seamless data flow and storage. While specific requirements for user authentication and database integration aren'...

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    I am seeking a proficient website developer to design an ed-tech website focusing predominantly on offering study material and past year papers. Key Features: - Facilitate the provision of live classes - Enable User Progress Tracking Skill Set Required: - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Proficiency with back-end scripting - Proficiency with learning management systems - User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design skills - Familiarity with ed-tech platforms In the proposal, kindly include examples of the ed-tech sites you have previously developed, especially those featuring live classes and progress-tracking functionalities.

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    I need a skilled Java developer with experience in Spring Boot to resolve compilation errors in my project. - The main issue I'm facing is related to classpath issues. The project I'm working on is a basic website for movie ticket booking. It's structured in a monolithic architecture and I'm using IntelliJ IDEA for development. I am looking for someone who can work on this urgently and get the issues resolved today. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Java development - Prior experience with Spring Boot - Strong understanding of monolithic architecture - Familiarity with IntelliJ IDEA - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve classpath issues in Java applications.

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    I need a set of test cases written for the unauthorised user authentication feature of a Rest API. The API is built using the Seed Stack Frame in Java. Specifics: - The API is being developed for use in the automotive industry. - The focus of this project is on testing the unauthorised access scenario. We're looking to ensure that only registered users are able to access the system. - You'll need to write the test cases for a Rest API endpoint that handles user authentication. Your Deliverables: - Provide a comprehensive set of test cases that cover the unauthorised access scenario. - The test cases should be written in a way that can be easily understood by other developers who will be reading the code. - You're required to deliver the test cases as code comments within t...

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    I am in need of an experienced developer to create a custom API that includes a range of features. The primary components of the project will include: - Image Editing Capabilities: Users should be able to make basic edits to images directly through the API. - Dynamic Mockup Generation: The API should have the ability to generate dynamic mockups based on user input. - Integration with Third-Party Services: The API should seamlessly integrate with a range of third-party services to extend its functionality. The API should be developed using a combination of JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, so experience with all these languages will be essential. Additionally, the ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of API development and have a proven track record in creating similar solutions...

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    Job Description: We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled full-stack developer (or development team) to build an innovative service platform that combines the best features of Angie's List, TaskRabbit, and Thumbtack, while eliminating their cons. This platform will connect users with a wide range of service providers for both local and remote services, ensuring high-quality experiences and seamless transactions. Responsibilities: Design and Develop: Create a responsive and user-friendly web and mobile application. Backend Development: Develop a robust backend system using Node.js or similar technology. Frontend Development: Implement a clean and intuitive UI/UX using React.js or similar framework. Database Management: Design and manage scalable databases (e.g...

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    I'm looking for a full stack web developer to create a professional and user-friendly property rental listings site. Key Features & Functionality: - User Registration and Login: Implement a secure and seamless user registration and login system to allow users to sign in and manage their accounts. - Property Search and Filtering: Design and integrate a sophisticated search and filtering system so that users can easily find properties that match their criteria. - Property Listing Management: Develop a backend system for property owners to list and manage their properties on the site. - Subscription Based Model: Implement a subscription-based model for property owners who wish to list their properties on the platform. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in web development technologies su...

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    I'm looking to integrate an 8th Wall project into my mobile app to allow customers to try on virtual rings. This feature is crucial to showcase a demo project to potential client. Key features / Requirements: ====================================== 1. Scan your fingers on 8th Wall App on mobile. 2. Virtual ring will appear on finger with default diamond on it. 3. Choose your favorite and tap the "Virtual Try On" button located below the diamond images scroller list. 4. Pinch the screen to resize the ring to fit your finger properly 5. Tap and drag the ring to position it correctly on your desired finger. 6. Adjust the carat weight by sliding the bar beneath the image, or change the center stone shape and metal type from the dropdown menus below the carat slider. You can use ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced JavaScript developer to help resolve compatibility issues in my web application. The project requires: - Identification and resolution of compatibility problems across various browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. - Chrome, Firefox, Safari compatibility without regard to specific versions. - The application is currently facing some issues with how it renders on different browsers. The project entails fixing these issues and ensuring that the application is consistent across all browsers. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong expertise in JavaScript. - Proven experience in resolving cross-browser compatibility issues. - Strong problem-solving skills. Your successful completion of this project will result in a seamless and consi...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to integrate my e-commerce platform with the Yahoo Japan Auction API. The primary goal of this project is to integrate my current platform with Yahoo Japan Auction API. This will involve developing a connection between my system and Yahoo Japan Auction, and ensuring smooth communication between the two. Key integration functionalities include: - **Automatically Place Bids**: Enable the platform to automatically place bids on Yahoo Japan Auction listings based on pre-set parameters. - **Synchronize Auction Listings**: Ensure that auction listings on Yahoo Japan are accurately reflected on my platform. - **Retrieve Auction History**: I need the system to retrieve and display auction history data from Yahoo Japan Auction. Ideal candidates for this p...

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    I'm in need of an experienced AI developer, proficient in Natural Language Processing (NLP), RAG, and Light Language Modeling (LLM). The focus will be to develop a system capable of performing sophisticated sentiment analysis. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Familiarity with RAG and LLM - Sentiment Analysis capabilities - Experience working with private data Key Responsibilities: - Develop an AI system capable of sentiment analysis - Utilize NLP, RAG and LLM frameworks - Configure the system to analyze private data sets for sentiment Only experienced and competent AI developers should apply, as strong knowledge in these specified areas is crucial to the success of this project.

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    I'm in need of a Full-Stack Developer and Designer to create a web application. Key Responsibilities: - As a Full-Stack Developer, you will be expected to work with multiple programming languages including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, C# and React. - As a Designer, you will need to have expertise in UI/UX design, Graphic design, and Branding and identity design. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, C#, and React. - Proficiency in UI/UX design, Graphic design, and Branding and identity design. - Experience in developing web applications. - Ability to work with a cross-functional team. - Strong communication skills. - Ability to meet deadlines and work efficiently.

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    MERN Stack Developer Needed 6 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled MERN stack developer to support an existing platform with adding new features and optimizing the current codebase. - Primary Goal: The key objective is to introduce new features and enhance the current platform. The details of these features are still subject to discussion, so I need a developer who is proactive in suggesting the best practices based on their experience. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in MongoDB, , React.js, and Node.js. - A proven track record of developing and enhancing MERN stack projects. - Ability to suggest and implement scalable and efficient solutions. - Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively. Your expertise will be pivotal in our platform's growth and success. I look forward to discus...

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    I need a PHP form that collects data such as name and address and displays it on 3 different pages of an HTML file. Key Requirements: - A PHP form to gather user input, including fields like Name, Address, and more. - Submission should be triggered by a submit button. - The submitted data should be shown on 3 separate pages of an HTML file. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PHP for form creation and processing. - A good understanding of HTML to display the data across multiple pages efficiently. - The ability to work quickly and efficiently as the project is needed ASAP. ONLY TAKE WORK IF YOU CAN DO IT TODAY ITSELF as its time sensitive.

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    Development of ID Data Reading Module with SQL Database Storage and JavaScript Integration Job Description: We are seeking an experienced developer to create a module that reads data from ID cards and stores the retrieved data in an SQL database. The module should also include a JavaScript function that is triggered by a button click on a web page, and provide a means to access the read data within the web page. Project Requirements: 1. ID Data Reading Module: - Develop a module capable of reading data from ID cards using the provided card reader (HID OMNIKEY 3121). - Ensure compatibility with the ID Toolkit file for data extraction. - The module should extract all relevant data fields from the ID card. 2. HTTP Server: - Create a light weight HTTP Server which ca...

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    I'm seeking a professional developer to build a comprehensive and user-friendly GPT virtual currency trading system. This system should be accessible on both web and mobile platforms. Key Project Details: - I'm looking for a system that is dedicated to automated trading. The primary purpose of this system is to provide automated trading solutions for virtual currencies. Key Features: - Real-time market data is a primary concern for the system. The system should be able to provide and process real-time market data effectively to make timely trades. - Custom trading algorithms that can be easily manipulated and integrated into the system are crucial. These custom algorithms will be the backbone of the automated trading process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in ...

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    I need a talented Python developer with solid experience in web scraping. The task is simple - I want you to create a Python script that can scrape data from static web pages. I’ve had multiple developers attempt this before, but unfortunately, they have not succeeded. Here are some key aspects to consider: - The task is not complex. It involves straightforward data extraction from email then access to a URL. - You will need to pay attention to the quality of code, especially error handling. - The output format for the extracted data is not specified. I am open to suggestions, but ideally, this would be in a format that can be easily manipulated later on. If you have a good track record in web scraping and Python scripting, I’d be interested in hearing from you. This is a...

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    I need a consultant and developer to help me improve the performance of my AI image generation web application. It's built on React and ASP.NET. [Summary] Request for consultation and implementation of a migration destination for a web app of an image generation AI developed with React [Current situation] Currently, we are operating a web app of an image generation AI using React on Vercel, but because the fees are high, we are looking for a migration destination that can reduce costs. In particular, the high fees for Serverless Function Execution are a problem. [Request details] For the above reasons, I would like to consult and propose a migration destination to replace Vercel, and also ask for the migration work. Since I do not have any engineering experience, I place importance ...

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    i want someone to optimize my woocommerce speed so my website score is 90+ on GOOGLE PAGE SPEED SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR DETAILS DO NOT BID - If you only know elementor Must be expert at PHP, Javascript & aJAX FREELANCERS ONLY No companies! Budget $50.00

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    I have a PHP video player script that should play MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 video files, but currently, the videos aren't playing. I need an expert to help me fix this issue. My site ( have the Issue ) : site with out errors : Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot the script to identify the root cause of the video playback problem. - Implement a fix that ensures MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 files can be played seamlessly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PHP and video handling. - Prior experience with MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 files and PHP scripts. - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities.

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    More details: Do you have a specific user interface design in mind for the app? No, I need help with the design What functionality would you like the phone calling feature to have? Call muting How do you plan to handle identity verification for users? Phone number verification

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    I'm looking for a Python-savvy developer to help me create a custom financial charting tool on my VPS. This tool will work with two separate price feeds - a public one and a custom one that will need to be scraped from a web server socket. Key Requirements: - The chart must be a Candlestick Chart, with additional line charts for displaying the custom price feed. - The tool should display live, updated quotes together with the historical ones. - You can use ready libraries like Tradingview or similar. - It has to work smoothly on iOS and Android phones through the web browser or an app. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python is essential. - Experience in working with financial data and charting libraries. - Familiarity with web scraping and working with web server sockets would be a...

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    I need a front-end developer to implement a responsive and user-engaging front-end for my custom platform. Key Requirements: - Compatibility: The front-end should work seamlessly across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. A strong understanding of responsive design is crucial. - Features & Functionalities: The design should incorporate interactive UI elements and integrate with APIs. - User Engagement: The primary goal of the front-end is to enhance user engagement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in front-end development technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Demonstrated experience with responsive design and building engaging user interfaces. - Familiarity with integrating APIs and working with custom platforms would be a plus.

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    I'm in need of a skilled JavaScript developer primarily to resolve errors on my website. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and Resolve Errors: Your main responsibility will be to identify and resolve any JavaScript related errors on my website. Experience: - Past Work: Please provide examples of websites you've worked on that required significant JavaScript troubleshooting. - Experience: I'm looking for a freelancer with a strong track record in JavaScript development and error resolution. - Detailed Proposals: I'll be selecting freelancers based on their experience level and past work. Please provide me with a detailed proposal highlighting your skills in resolving JavaScript errors. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of JavaScript and HTML5 - Proven track record ...

    $9 - $45
    $9 - $45
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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create HTML Dashboards with Java script for performance tracking. The dashboards do not need to be interactive, but should be clear and user-friendly as they will be primarily used by my team members. Key Requirements: - Develop HTML Dashboards using Java script - Design the dashboards for performance tracking purposes - Ensure the dashboards are user-friendly for team members to understand and utilize Rotate through multiple URLs and display the content, able to handle login as well. Error and exceptions handling, time outs, replay a chrome or edge browser scrips captured from burp suite. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in HTML, Java script, and Dashboard Development - Prior experience with Performance Tracking Dashboards would be advantageous...

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    I am in need of a skilled developer who can create a Facebook bot to automate responses to messages received on my page. The project involves: - **Automation Purpose**: The primary goal of the bot will be to automate responses to incoming Facebook messages, minimizing manual intervention. - **Languages**: The bot will not need to respond to messages in multiple languages. - **Customization Level**: I require the bot to provide basic, pre-defined responses. If you're experienced in Facebook bot development and have a strong grasp of automation and pre-defined responses, please reach out.

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    I'm in need for a skilled developer to implement a key enhancement on my credit lite script purchased from Requirements: - Integrate the Monnify payment system: This will be fundamental to my project, you'll be setting up the basic framework of Monnify within the credit lite script. - Generate customer reserved accounts: I need the system to auto-generate unique account numbers for each user. - Enable Funds transfer capability: Users should be able to initiate transactions directly from their dedicated accounts. - Advanced functions: Additional features should include real-time updates of transactions, notifications for each transaction, an accessible history of past transactions for each user, and detailed account statements for the reserved accounts. Ideal S...

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    I'm in need of a skilled React.js developer to implement a web application based on an already prepared UI design in Figma. The key features needed are: - User authentication - API integration - Responsive design Ideal candidates should have substantial experience in these areas and be able to work efficiently from a Figma file. A proven track record in creating highly effective and responsive web apps is a must to ensure the delivered output is up to standards. Please outline your experience with similar projects in your proposal.

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    174 bids

    We've developed a small web application for syncing data between the TikTok API and another shipping API. It's ~1,500 lines of code that needs to be tested and the issues fixed. You should be proficient in Python and will need to use your web browser to test the application by creating orders and products on both sides to test the functionality. You will be provided with the code, the exact features to test, and debugging instructions for how to run the code locally & how to deploy to production.

    $45 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    98 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled Angular frontend developer. The primary focus of the application will be on user registration and management. This is a significant component, so I'm looking for an experienced developer who can ensure it's executed smoothly. Ideal candidate will: - Have an excellent grasp of JavaScript and Angular framework - Be able to create a clean and professional design To this end, I'd love to work with a developer who has a strong portfolio in similar projects, particularly those that involve user registration. Your ability to create an appealing, user-friendly design will also be crucial. The project is expected to be completed within a reasonable timeframe. I look forward to working with someone who can bring a great deal of expertise to the table...

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    I need a simple PHP script that can run a video player on my website. EXAMPLE : - I don't need any fancy features or styles, just a basic player that can start, pause, and seek through the video. - It should also support a range of video formats to be as compatible as possible with user devices. Ideal skills for this project include: - Strong knowledge of PHP - Experience with video streaming and players - Solid understanding of web design and user experience principles Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer with experience in Azure Web API development. The primary focus of this project is to create a web api with custum trained speech to text model. One should develop python sdk for end users to intigrate this ai web service in their applications with authentication feature. Key requirements and responsibilities: - Proficiency in Python is a must, as this is the language I am comfortable with. - A deep understanding of Azure Web API is crucial, given the primary purpose of this project. - Prior experience in developing custom speech-to-text models will be highly beneficial.

    $717 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Discord Auto Join Tool Development 6 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a custom Discord auto join tool for personal usage. The primary purpose of this tool is to automate the server joining process. Key Requirements: - The tool should be able to join a set number of Discord servers without encountering rate limits. - Despite having a phone-verified account, I've been unable to join more than 2-3 servers upon login, due to Discord's rate-limiting mechanisms. The tool should bypass these restrictions, enabling me to join a specified number of servers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Discord API and bot development. - Previous experience in creating similar automation tools. - Understanding of Discord's rate limiting mechanisms and how to bypass them. Please provide examples of pr...

    $41 (Avg Bid)
    3 entries

    I'm in need of a JavaScript developer with experience in creating Telegram bots to help me build a bot that can automate tasks. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in JavaScript, specifically for Telegram bot development - Previous experience in building Telegram bots - Understanding of automation principles and best practices - Familiarity with APIs and data handling - Strong communication skills Tasks: - Develop a Telegram bot that can automate tasks effectively - Implement features that can streamline and simplify tasks - Ensure the bot is user-friendly and intuitive Please note: The specific tasks that need to be automated by the bot will be shared with you upon selection. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    $276 (Avg Bid)
    $276 Avg Bid
    35 bids

    I need to build a professional IT consulting website that primarily focuses on Web Design and Development services. This site should also offer APP Design and Development, Data Solutions, and Software Testing services. Key Requirements: - **Web Design and Development:** This is the primary service your site should offer. I've chosen the React + Node.js tech stack for this service. - **Lead Generation:** The primary goal of this site is to generate leads. It should have clear CTA's and a user-friendly design that encourages visitors to contact us or enquire about our services. - **Other Services:** The site should also offer information about APP Design and Development, Data Solutions, and Software Testing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in React + Node.js - Prov...

    $678 (Avg Bid)
    $678 Avg Bid
    187 bids

    PLEASE READ PROPERLY: this is NOT to build the whole platform, as weve already bought the script. We need UPDATES To it that is all. I'm looking for a backend developer to help me implement new updates on our live streaming platform that's not yet launched. The platform is designed for live streaming and I need someone who can bring it to life with the following qualities: -We are in the process of completely re designing the frontend design on almost every page and changing the layout and along with that we want to implement the following features: 1) I want to update twitcher platform to be similar to kick and twitch in that we want the ability to add game title as a ‘what are you playing’ field . The the ability to add a thumbnail to each game title so when we...

    $471 (Avg Bid)
    $471 Avg Bid
    134 bids

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