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Hello, We need a creative designer to create Core Wheels logo. Core wheels is a recently created brand of both road and mountain bike wheels. We want logo to be like nice, simple to re...

496 $160 USD Sep 29, 2020 5 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

Remake the logo attached to a new name of "The Canvas Mansion" Change writing in any other style to write out "The Canvas Mansion" Remove clout clothing logo in the bottom REMOVE Remove...

299 $100 USD Sep 28, 2020 3 days, 3 hours Post a contest like this

Requirements: • Front and rear covers and spine for 5 inch x 8 inch paperback book. • 291 pages (.75 or 3/4" inches thick). • Cover design may also be used for a hardcover b...

52 $150 USD Sep 28, 2020 1 week, 4 days Post a contest like this

Website: Website has an existing logo that is out of date and does not reflect the style we want to go with. We offer a classic wedding venue on a pond w...

213 $50 USD Sep 27, 2020 3 days, 18 hours Post a contest like this

I'm Bryan Caplan, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and New York Times Bestselling author of the non-fiction graphic novel *Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immig...

33 $400 USD Sep 26, 2020 2 weeks, 2 days Post a contest like this

We are launching a new web app and need a logo. Requirements below: 1. The brand name is "pressbase". It is a web app that would help businesses to easily create online press rooms. Le...

1189 $200 USD Sep 26, 2020 3 weeks, 5 days Post a contest like this

For this contest pick one of the rock designs in the attached document. Create your own design in any of the 3 sizes, Large, X Large, or XX Large. Then render that design in all 6 tex...

33 $115 USD Sep 26, 2020 1 day, 1 hour Post a contest like this

Hey guys. Right now our product is packed in a gift box together with two insert cards. One insert card is folded one time with loads of information, another insert card is way smalle...

30 $50 USD Sep 25, 2020 2 days, 6 hours Post a contest like this