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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (SGD)
Design a creative stand-out brochure or information sheet We are a strategic ICT consultancy and we are in need of a creative brochure/information sheet that will stand out and entice people to want to pick it up and read it. The driver to needing this collateral is a large expo however we want to be able to use it after the expo. Our target audience is government organisations for this piece of collateral so we want it to look professional and sl... 19 Brochure Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design Nov 23, 2017 Today11h 57m $128
Facebook Logo + 2 Cover Designs Facebook Logo and 2 cover designs. The logo is for a taxi company that operates a blue disability accessible cab design is pretty free rein as the website is yet to be decided on the company name is Swiftys Taxis. Cover photo 1: For Christmas See attached Image BUT BETTER DESIGNED! Cover 2 is for day to day use to be uniformed with the logo to include pet friendly indication and disab... 61 Photoshop, Photoshop Design Nov 23, 2017 Today10h 35m $256
Design and Create a poster for our Robotics Competition We are hosting a robotics competition and I want a unique yet simple design that can be printed an hung up around town and handed out to other Robotics Clubs. Must follow VEX EDR Syle Guide (Attached). Looking for a PDF, Photoshop file, jpeg. We would also like to use this as a post on social media. 49 Flyer Design, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Nov 23, 2017 Today9h 31m $105
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Nov 23, 2017 Today7h 59m
Book Cover. “Be Nice, Don’t Be An Asshole” I am a 15 year old girl that wrote a book about being a better person and how to make and keep more/better friend. The Title is Called Be Nice, Don’t be an Asshole Sub title one (Tempory) A Whole New Way to a Better Day Sub title two: A 16 year Old Secret to a BBD (Bigger, Better Day) Play with the word Asshole. Keep in mind that the author is only 15 and its written based on he... 93 Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Publishing, Website Design Nov 23, 2017 Today2h 19m $135
Design a HTML-Newsletter Design for Travel Plattform Dear Sir or Madam, we need a Stand-Alone-Newsletter Design for our Travel Plattform. It should have included some pictures. 0 Advertisement Design, HTML, Newsletters Nov 24, 2017 Today6d 23h $40
3D Modelling in blender We're looking for talented blender artists to build a photorealistic model of a roundabout. The model will be used to explain how to take a roundabout. It's essential that the model is very clearly and doesn't cause confusion. Creativity is highly appreciated and i'm open to suggestions. We will buy the .blend file from the artist with the best design. Do a good job and we... 0 3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Model Maker, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Nov 24, 2017 Today6d 22h $127
Video for the website Looking for someone who can create a creative video for & based on our website: [url removed, login to view] 0 Animation, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Video Services, Videography Nov 24, 2017 Today9d 22h $104
Video on Selling Mutual funds in India We are a financial services portal selling mutual funds and insurance in India. The video with audio has to be in a animation format in English and Hindi. The designer needs to be well versed with the way mutual fund selling happens in India. To identify the needs of the customer based on the age and risk profile of the customer and suggest mutual fund investments. The idea is to communicate the i... 0 Animation, Video Services Nov 24, 2017 Today4d 22h $13
logo, business card and flyer design First of all, I would like to have a logo for my vending machine business. My company name is Simple Vending [url removed, login to view] logo should be simple, but attractive. And then, I need a business card design, 2 sided. For front side, it should has our company logo and it need state our company is providing free vending machine for work place and organization, free service and maintenanc... 0 Logo Design Nov 24, 2017 Today6d 21h $30
Product landingpage An informative landingpage about the product [url removed, login to view] with everything that can be done in shuuka with informative graphics. Example is the homepage of --- Design + HTML/CSS 0 Graphic Design, HTML, Landing Pages, Website Design Nov 24, 2017 Today2d 20h $135
Analyze our new website (language service) and propose key improvements We have launched a new website. The website is for freelancers to provide language services to customers. The website is very popular to freelancers who want to provide language services and earn. However, we find that the customers are no so willing to place real orders. We need you to find out why and propose improvements. The website can be easily googled. Please search for freelinguist. The fi... 0 Marketing Nov 24, 2017 Today29d 19h $202
Mobile App Mockup - A I am building a political mobile app. I need a design mockup of the mobile app to present to the executives. The mockup needs to show: 1. Main menu page: must show menu such as message, chat, forum, news/events, constituents, and settings (on top). Need to be able to show user's login detail as well. 2. Chat page: chat feature is similar to whatsapp. Need to show chat interface, and the... 0 Graphic Design Nov 24, 2017 Today6d 19h $109
Create Print and Packaging Designs We need a new and modern design for our packing. The packing is made of carton, and have some very specific shapes so please see the attached file and download the package to be able to incorporate the design into it correctly. We are selling water filters, just like these: 0 Brochure Design, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design Nov 24, 2017 Today4d 17h $67
Poster illustration of teaching methodology We need a large poster to illustrate our teaching methodology. We teach Mandarin Chinese so the poster needs to show the 6 HSK levels, but within each HSK level we also have our own levels (units). Within each unit, we would like to show the main topics covered, the characters and the vocabulary. There should be a progress bar on the side of each unit showing the progress from 0-HSK6 but w... 0 Illustration Nov 23, 2017 Today6d 15h $238
Compile a list of 5 Horrible Snapchat Things That has happened (murder/kidnapping..etc.) You need to compile a list of 5 Snapchat Murder related stories that occured. Do not use this story: [url removed, login to view] because I already used it. Find other ones that are relatable to that one. You also cannot use a full Youtube video to obtain your information from, and also link the stories or articles that you used. 0 Research Writing Nov 23, 2017 Today2d 14h $15
Design a simple UI for a mobile horror game Indie game developer building a point 'n click adventure puzzler for mobile platforms. Game has a mature/horror theme; frequent use of blood, dilapidated rooms/buildings, general sense of dread. Menu Stuff: Need a pause button, a button that displays a tool that assists players with some puzzles in the game, an icon to represent player's hand is empty, a button where players go to v... 0 Game Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design Nov 23, 2017 Today9d 12h $135
AI algorithms for solving 8-puzzle/L-puzzle he details of all the tasks are attached. Please develop code to solve 8-puzzle and also L-puzzle. In the code, you are required to develop and compare the problem solving techniques using different search procedures like breadth first search, depth first search, A* search etc. You are required to submit both a written report and a program pack (a single zip file) which includes a [url removed, lo... 0 Artificial Intelligence, C++ Programming, Matlab and Mathematica Nov 23, 2017 Today4d 6h $135
Design a package for eco-friendly pet waste bags - no amateurs please We are launching exciting, new biodegradable cat litter waste bags aimed at replacing plastic bags and reducing the global plastic pollution problem. We are looking for new package design for our cat waste bags. Brand Image: We want the image of the brand to be premium, modern, sophisticated, fun and quirky and it should be reflected in the packaging. The package design should be fun yet cl... 0 Brochure Design, Corporate Identity, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, Package Design Nov 23, 2017 Today9d 3h $148
Build a site with Google registration, Analytics API This site is for a pilot for a larger development. In the first phase we need only Google based registration, gathering Google Analytics info, managing the users registration data on user's and on backend's site, gathering and storing Analytics data via a cron script, providing a small widget for the end users. A responsive HTML package for building the pages is available. A project must... 0 Amazon Web Services, CSS3, Google Analytics, MySQL, PHP Nov 23, 2017 Today6d 2h $269
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