SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a commonly used programming language for managing data in relational databases. A SQL Developer helps with the design, development and maintenance of databases. They ensure that the databases work correctly and efficiently and can also create testing procedures. With the help of a SQL Developer, clients are able to get an efficient system for managing their company data. By developing secure and reliable databases, businesses can maximize their potential and streamline all processes.

Here's some projects that our expert SQL Developers made real:

  • Improving query speed and accuracy on large datasets
  • Implementing views and stored procedures for quick retrieval of data
  • Designing database tables to store all types of data
  • Automating processes to reduce manual work while working with databases
  • Creating an efficient search function using complex SQL queries
  • Providing insights into data by creating analytical models

SQL is an invaluable tool for businesses today in managing their data efficiently. Our experienced SQL Developers help clients by developing a secure and reliable database that meets their needs. With the help of a SQL Developer, clients can ensure that their database systems work correctly and with maximum efficiency.

If you're looking for an expert SQL Developer to create efficient databases or enhance your existing systems, here at Freelancer.com you will find the perfect contractors for the task. Our wide network of talents has put together many successful SQL projects for satisfied customers around the world today. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, post your project now on Freelancer.com and hire an expert SQL Developer to work with you on this journey!

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    I am looking for an experienced professional who can help me perform SQL penetration to extract specific user information from a website, including name, email, contact information, and billing address. Key Requirements: - Experience: A successful freelancer should be proficient in SQL penetration and data extraction. - Access: Given that I do not currently have access to the website, you must be able to use limited information and provide results. Required Skills: - SQL Penetration - Data Extraction - Hacking - Experience with similar projects

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    As someone launching a project on the Solana platform, I am in need of an expert who is fully knowledgeable about smart contracts and the functionalities that can be implemented on Solana. Unfortunately, I do not have a fixed prerequisite for the smart contract's functionality at this time. Ideal skills and experiences for this job include: • Definitive knowledge and working experience on Solana and Ethereum platform • Extensive understanding and hands-on experience with smart contracts • Ability to provide guidance and insights on a variety of smart contract functionalities; including but not limited to token creation and distribution, Defi lending and borrowing, and NFT marketplace. • Superior problem-solving skills and ability to deliver under tight schedules....

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    I have an existing WinForms application that I need to be converted to an ASP.NET application. Key Features: - The application needs to retain its user login system, allowing for secure access to certain areas of the software. - It should also feature a seamless integration with a database, maintaining the data management capabilities of the WinForms version. - Finally, the ASP.NET application should support file uploading functionality. Design Expectation: - The design of the new application should mimic the look and feel of our existing software. I can provide you with the Devexpress forms to ensure consistency in design. Timeframe: - I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in WinForms and ASP.NET - Experience in database integration - Familiar...

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    I need a professional to help me extract registered user information from an e-commerce website's database. Key Requirements: - Extraction: The primary task involves extracting registered user information from a database. - Format: The extracted data should be presented in an Excel spreadsheet. - Frequency: This will be a monthly task, so the successful freelancer should be able to engage on a long-term basis. Required Skills/Experience: - Proficiency in database querying and data extraction. - Proficiency in database penetration and protection. - Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and databases. - Ability to work on long-term, monthly assignments. The ideal candidate should be able to handle server ports, accurately extract relevant information, and present the information in a...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Nodejs and SQL developer who can help me take my existing ETL application to the next level. Key Requirements: - The main focus of this project will be adding new features to the existing ETL application. - The new features specifically include robust data validation and error handling capabilities. Simple application, all the features for the application will be provided. Person who has worked on similar application will be preferred. ( ETL type application ) Application will consume data from Zoho books and load it not a DB with some custom logic , which will then be used to show some custom analytics and reports. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Prior experience in enhancing applications, particularly ETL applications. - Proficie...

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    I'm in need of a data analyst who is skilled in MySQL to help me fetch data from my SQL database and perform trend analysis. The primary goal of this project is to extract valuable insights from the data. Key Requirements: - Proficient in MySQL: You should have a strong background in MySQL and be able to easily navigate and extract data from an SQL database. - Trend Analysis: The primary goal of this project is to perform trend analysis. You should have experience in working with trend analysis and be able to provide meaningful insights. - Deliverables: I prefer to receive the results in raw data files - so I can further process and visualize it. Feel free to include any relevant experience or past projects as part of your bid. Looking forward to finding a skilled and reliable data ...

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    PHP Developer Needed -- 2 5 days left

    I need a skilled PHP developer to work on website development, database management, and scripting and automation. Key Responsibilities: - Website Development: You will be involved in creating a new website from scratch or improving an existing one. Your expertise in PHP will be crucial for this task. - Database Management: Your role will also include managing the database associated with the website. Proficiency in SQL and database management will be necessary. - Scripting and Automation: Your PHP skills will be utilized in scripting and automation tasks to improve the overall efficiency of the website and its functionalities. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP: You should have a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience with PHP for web development. - Database Management: P...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Power Query expert for data analysis in my existing business. The task involves constructing a Power Query join across two SQL database views, using two keys, and avoiding the creation of duplicate rows. Key Points: - The purpose of this join is to facilitate data analysis, not integration or cleansing. - The data is currently stored in a SQL database. - Your task is to ensure the join is accurate and effective, and that the output does not contain any duplicate rows. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Power Query and SQL databases. - Strong understanding of data analysis and data manipulation. - Attention to detail to ensure the output is clean and accurate. - Previous experience with similar projects in a business context would be highly beneficial.

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    I'm in need of a full-fledged online payroll software that seamlessly integrates with time office. Key Features: - Employee Attendance Tracking: The software should be able to record and manage employee attendance efficiently. - Leave Management System: We require a system that can handle and oversee employee leave effectively. - Employee Salary Calculation and Disbursement: An automated system that calculates and disburses employee salaries accurately. - Tax Calculation and Deduction: A feature that automatically calculates and deducts taxes from employee salaries. - Payslip Generation: The software should be capable of generating payslips effortlessly. - Reporting and Analytics: We need a system that can provide us with detailed and insightful reports on various aspects of the pay...

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    I am looking for an expert to design and build an advanced Access database for my business. The tasks include: - Creating data entry forms: This is essential for entering sensitive data about customer information, account values, and account transactions. - Develop a report generation functionality: Critical to this job is the ability to generate financial reports from the entered data that match the style we currently have when created in Word or Excel. Ideal candidates will have extensive experience designing databases with Microsoft Access and a deep understanding of financial data processing. Expertise in data analysis and an ability to produce clear, concise reports is highly desirable. An ability to optimize the database for easy entry of customer details, sales information, and ...

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    I need a skilled freelancer to design an ERD database model based on our Figma prototype. Deliverables: 1. Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) 2. Low-Level Design (LLD) 3. SQL scriptsLogical flow documentation among users Tasks: Review Figma UI design and data filesCreate a detailed ERD and LLDDevelop SQL scripts for database creationDocument logical data flow among users

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    I am looking for a professional who can create a dynamic school timetable system. The ideal system should have the capability to: - Add and edit classes swiftly and smoothly, - Automatically schedule the classes, taking into consideration more than 20 different classes that the system needs to manage, - Freeze classes, - Facilitate combinations of classes, - Link teachers to the relevant classes, - Generate notifications for any changes in the timetable. The system must also be designed to accommodate a maximum of 40 students per class. Proficiency in systems development and a fond understanding of school systems would be ideal for this project.

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a MSI Package to install a vb.net 2012 project with SQL Server 2012 and Crystal report. Authentication for SQL Server is SQL Server Authentication with User name and password. The final product should be compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, ensuring ease of deployment. Key Job Requirements: - Expertise in creating MSI packages - Proficiency in VB.NET, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports - Strong knowledge of Windows operating system - Experience working on similar projects in the past Applications will stand out if they include a showcase of past work reflecting similar requirements. I'm keen on hiring someone who can make the deployment of my software a smooth process. Let's connect to make my project installation a seaml...

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    I'm seeking an expert to develop an advanced AI-powered platform. The goal is to provide comprehensive data insights, predictive analytics, and customer behavior analysis. The platform will be integrated with OpenAI's ChatGPT API and other relevant tools. Key Requirements: - Implement Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and Data Visualization tools within the platform. - The platform should be capable of analyzing and providing insights on: - Text data - Numerical data - Image data Data Visualizations: - I require dynamic visualizations with real-time data updates. These visualizations should be highly interactive and allow for advanced customization. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in AI, NLP, ML, and data analysis is essent...

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    Job Title: Full-Stack Engineer Description: We are seeking a talented Full-Stack Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining various projects for our clients, ranging from web applications to mobile apps and AI integrations. Responsibilities: Design and develop front-end and back-end components for various projects. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to meet project requirements and deadlines. Troubleshoot and debug issues across the stack. Implement APIs and integrate third-party services. Requirements: Proficiency in front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, or Vue.js). Proficiency in back-end technologies (Node.js, Python, Ja...

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    Name of database is "orphanage". I has 2 tables. Column 6 and 2 share same data Column 2 and 5 have date format 1. I want to know the children that are in dept_tab that are NOT in orphan_table according to a year provided in query. 2. The year goes from 2010 to 2024. So I will have different list of names according to the year I enter in query. 3. On the results of the query I need to be able to delete the records shown. 4. Let me know if you have any question. Thanks for watching.

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    I'm in need of a pre-built ERP system with capabilities for Inventory, Finance, Logistics, and Production. Key Requirements: - The system should be ready-made with the essential modules. - I'm looking for a moderate level of customization to meet specific business needs. - The system doesn't require integration with other software. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing and customizing ERP systems. - Strong understanding of Inventory, Finance, Logistics, and Production modules. - Ability to deliver a pre-built, yet flexible solution. - Prior experience with CRM integration is a plus. Please share your portfolio and experience in similar projects. Your understanding of the required customization level and previous ERP projects will be important in...

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    As a public servant, I'm seeking a specialized HR system that can seamlessly integrate with my existing Excel database. This system should provide detailed employee information, payroll data, and leaves/absences tracking. Key Requirements: - Integrate with existing Excel database: The system should be able to read and update data from the Excel sheet I have. - Employee Information: It should provide a comprehensive view of employee data, including personal information, job roles, and contact details. - Payroll Data: The system must handle payroll calculations and generate reports. - Leaves and Absences: Track leaves and absences, including types of leaves taken and remaining balances. Additional Needs: - Support for 101 or more employees: As the organization has more than 100 empl...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer, particularly proficient with PHP and SQL, to create a sophisticated system in which students completing a course can automatically download a certificate once the course is finished. A unique aspect of this implementation should be the following: - Unique ID Verification: Each certificate should come with an exclusive identification tag generated from a combination of the student's personal information. This custom ID should serve as a robust verification tool, enabling stakeholders to authenticate certificates effectively. You are the ideal candidate if you have: - Strong proficiency in PHP and SQL - Familiarity/experience with automated certificate generation systems - Knowledge of unique ID verification techniques using personal data - ...

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    As a company, we're looking for an experienced Microsoft-certified Azure Cloud IT Infrastructure Specialist to design and operate our IT infrastructure in the (IaaS) setting. Specifically, I need the following services: - **Network Services:** Primarily, the focus will be on network services to ensure a robust and secure network for our operations. Scalability is a crucial factor for us. We expect the infrastructure to be highly scalable and capable of handling moderate growth. Our IT infrastructure will primarily support: - **Web Applications** - **SQL Databases** - **Big Data Analytics** The ideal candidate should possess the following skills and experience: - **Microsoft Certification in Azure Infrastructure Services:** This is a non-negotiable requirement. - **Proven track re...

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    I'm seeking an expert to develop an advanced AI-powered platform. The goal is to provide comprehensive data insights, predictive analytics, and customer behavior analysis. The platform will be integrated with OpenAI's ChatGPT API and other relevant tools. Key Requirements: - Implement Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and Data Visualization tools within the platform. - The platform should be capable of analyzing and providing insights on: - Text data - Numerical data - Image data Data Visualizations: - I require dynamic visualizations with real-time data updates. These visualizations should be highly interactive and allow for advanced customization. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in AI, NLP, ML, and data analysis is essent...

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    I need a highly experienced Tableau developer to build interactive dashboards. You'll be leveraging data directly from a database system. The scope of work involves: - Development of interactive dashboards - Liaising with me to understand the optimal layout and functionality Ideal Skills: - Advanced proficiency in Tableau - Knowledge of databases and SQL - Ability to interpret complex data - Strong communication skills to understand and implement my requirements You should have a proven track record of creating complex Tableau dashboards using database systems. It's vital you are capable of designing dashboards that are both functional and user-friendly. Show me examples of the dashboards you've built.

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    SAP HANA DB Administrator 4 days left

    • Integration of SAP HANA into different remote systems. Exposure to different remote access options in HANA system. • Experience in managing users and roles in SAP HANA system. • HANA Installation, Data Provisioning, Admin, Modelling. • Implementing SAP HANA Security mechanism, HANA XS Application service, and monitoring of HANA system. • SAP HANA (S/4 HANA, HANA 2.0) minimum 3 years’ experience is required. • Must understand Cloud Storage, file systems and BACKINT processes. • Understanding partitions and hints to the query. • Knowledge of database trends and tools • Implementing SAP HANA Table management techniques - data compression, table partition, compression techniques, and load/unload table into memory • Experience i...

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    SAP HANA Modeling Assistance 4 days left

    • extensive experience in native HANA modeling • experience in SQL scripting and performance tuning skills for reporting • understanding of SAP HANA DB related issues • knowledge about authorization in HANA DB • good to have experience of Snowflake concepts, SAP DI, SLT, SAP BW, SAC. • At least 5 years’ experience in Native SAP HANA modeling and development, Business Intelligence (BI) development experience and a thorough understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is required. • Responsible for designing, implementing, and managing SAP HANA Modelling solutions in CF environment. • Contribute to design of data models and data structures, including Attribute Views, Analytical Views, and Calculation Views, to support business intel...

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    I'm seeking the help of a Python developer who can handle the intricacies of coding for specific reporting functions. Key Tasks: - Resolve problems related to reporting based code - Develop functionality for populating values in an Excel sheet Ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in Python - Strong understanding of reporting algorithms - Experience working with Excel-format data output This project could provide ongoing work for the right freelancer who proves they can effectively and efficiently solve these coding problems.

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    I am currently in need of a data engineer or ETL developer who can effectively automate data sources from DBT and Snowflake, as we're using Snowflake as our data warehouse platform. Interfaces include APIs, databases, and files. Key tasks: - Automating data transformations in DBT Ideal Freelancer: - Strong experience with DBT and Snowflake - Expertise in APIs, databases and file management - Proven experience in data transformations - Quality assurance and stress testing experience would be a plus as future scope may include Data testing and Data documentation

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    I need a database expert who can help me analyze the architecture of my project's database which is primarily used for data storage. The specific requirements for the job include: - Understanding the core principles of database architecture - Analyzing the existing database structure to ensure it meets the requirements for storing Sales data, Customer information, and Inventory data - Recommending any necessary changes or improvements to the database architecture to ensure it can handle large amounts of data Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in database management - Proficiency in database architecture design and analysis - Experience with handling large amounts of data in a database - Ability to make recommendations for improvements based on the...

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    As the project owner, I'm looking for a proficient VB.NET developer capable of managing all stages of software development, database management, and debugging. This project's main goal is to improve efficiency and productivity within our existing operations. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Strong knowledge in VB.NET with a history in software development. • Proficient in database management. • Skilled in debugging and troubleshooting. Tasks to be performed: • Complete software development from start to finish • Effective management of the software database • Debugging any issues and troubleshooting as necessary Despite leaving out specific functions or features, there's still a large scope of work to be accomplished as we aim to increase ef...

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    We are seeking an experienced app developer to transform an existing Windows application into a modern, cross-platform data entry tool to run on Android, iOS and Windows tablets, using the new .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) framework. This application will serve as a basic data entry form that connects to an SQL database, enabling users to input and store records seamlessly. Project Requirements: Data Entry Form: Develop a user-friendly interface for data entry, allowing users to input various fields which will be stored in an SQL database. Needs an input form for creating or editing a data collection point and then a form to enter new records. Offline Mode Capability: Implement offline functionality where users can continue to collect data entries without a connection to the databa...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can help me connect my small Android project to an SQL database hosted on Microsoft Azure. There's a persisting SSL issue with my Extended Validation SSL certificate that prevents these connections I want to fix. Key qualifications: - Experience with Android app development - Proficient in Java, the coding language the project was built with - Knowledge in handling SSL certificates on Microsoft Azure - Strong background in database connection troubleshooting The goal of this project is to swiftly fix the SSL error so that my Android app can be successfully connected to my SQL database on Azure. Only apply if you have sufficient experience with SSL certificates and Android to Java database issues and are ready to start immediately. Your technical a...

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    11 bids

    I've got a requirement that involves data extraction from our SQL Server database. Specifically, it's pertaining to sales and inventory data. If you've got a keen understanding of SQL Server and a solid experience in managing and working with datasets, then we're on the same page. * Strong SQL Server skills * Proven experience in data extraction * In-depth understanding of sales and inventory datasets * Ability to work within deadlines

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    I am looking for a seasoned PHP developer to create a comprehensive client management system for me. The system should be role-based, with different access levels for Admins, Supervisors, and Employees. Key Features: - A robust dashboard showcasing overall performance statistics, quick links to essential features, latest updates, notifications, customer count and employee counts. It should also display date-wise statistics pertaining to client communication. - A client list page should be incorporated, including a bulk upload feature to easily add multiple client details at once. - Under "My Clients," status updates pertaining to individual clients should be manageable. - It should include operations and human resources pages for smooth internal functioning. Even though the di...

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    We are looking for an experienced developer for WHMCS modules. The aim is to have an additional entry in the backend which allows the export of invoice data in DATEV-CSV format. Basically, the module only needs to execute an existing SQL command and save the result in a CSV file. The period to be exported for the evaluation must be configurable via a date field for current year and month. The CSV files exported so far are displayed in a clearly organised list. The name for the created export can be entered in a text field. To configure the module, following configure able fields must been available, which gets inserted into the SQL Statement so the export gest modified: - Month of evaluation (it is a string with the format ‘YYYY-MM’) - Customer number format (it’s a numbe...

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    I require a highly skilled web developer to create a website for my Gujarati cuisine restaurant. Aspects to encompass include: - Ability to showcase our menu digitally, highlighting our delectable range of Gujarati dishes. - Integration of an online ordering system for customer convenience. This feature should include the functionalities to add items to cart and facilitate smooth payment processes. - Essential page inclusions: Home page, a detailed Menu page, an 'About Us' page that tells the story of our brand. The ideal candidate would have prior experience building restaurant websites and a good understanding of the functionalities such a site requires. Additionally, knowledge and experience of user interface design will be highly advantageous as we aspire to a user-friend...

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    I'm looking for a skilled backend developer to troubleshoot a Python API for a HTTP trigger. Key requirements: - The primary goal is the development of the API. - The development is expected to be done in Python. - The API must successfully respond to HTTP triggers. The ideal freelancer for this job should have prior experience in backend development, particularly in API development. Proficiency in Python is a must, as the API needs to be written in this language. Prior experience in handling HTTP triggers and related development is a significant plus. Your delivery should be clean, efficient, and well-documented.

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    Project Description: We are looking for a skilled freelancer to assist with automating the export of our employee entry-exit data. This data is currently stored in an SQL database via Access Control software. The project requires the following tasks to be completed: Data Export to Microsoft Access: Extract daily entry-exit data from the SQL database. Export the data to Microsoft Access. Scheduled Data Export to Word File: Automate the export of data from Microsoft Access to a Word file at a scheduled time each day. Ensure the Word file is saved in a designated folder. Data Transformation: During the export process, alter the employee card numbers to employee IDs. File Naming Convention: Ensure the exported Word file follows a designated naming format. We have an existing script from ...

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    I urgently need a specialist who can support us in migrating a SQL database to MongoDB. Performance optimization is at the center of this task, thus deep understanding and prior experience in both SQL and MongoDB are prerequisites. Project details: - The database is moderate-sized; between 1GB to 10GB. - Our main content is textual data, so proficiency in handling textual data migration is essential. Please be prepared to demonstrate any similar projects you have undertaken, showing the performance improvement achieved post-migration. I would need this task to be completed in a secure and efficient manner, avoiding data corruption or loss during the migration. Skills required: - In-depth knowledge of SQL and MongoDB. - Proficiency in data migration between various databases. - Experienc...

    $12 - $20 / hr
    Sealed NDA
    $12 - $20 / hr
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    Long Term Contract Remote General Shift 5 Years experience Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or a related field. 2. Minimum of 5 years of experience in dimensional data modeling, preferably in a business intelligence or data warehousing environment. 3. Proficient in designing dimensional data models using industry-standard methodologies. 4. Strong understanding of dimensional modeling concepts, such as fact tables, dimension tables, and star schemas. 5. Strong SQL skills and proficiency in data querying and analysis. 6. Knowledge of ETL processes and data integration techniques. 7. Familiarity with data governance and data quality principles. 8. Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. 9. Strong communication and collaboration skil...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer who can implement Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech features in my project. The functionalities include real-time Speech-to-Text conversion, Audio file conversion, and the ability to create and answer PMEs (Product Management Executables). The project is time-sensitive, and I'm looking for a quick turnaround. This project has the potential to facilitate and optimize a variety of tasks, such as content creation, wiki creations, and even saving time for technical writers in creating user manuals. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Speech Recognition and Synthesis technologies - Experience in implementing real-time and audio file conversion functionalities - Ability to create and manage PMEs - Strong problem-solving skills an...

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    9 bids

    I am seeking an experienced Microsoft SQL SSRS specialist to perform the following: - Creating simple, easy-to-read reports from a database. The complexity of these reports will be basic, including simple queries and designs. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proficient knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) toolkit. - Experience in creating basic reports with simple designs. - Comfortable in handling data extraction and manipulation. The successful applicant will create reports that will be exported to Excel. The ability to ensure accuracy and attention to detail is crucial for this task. Rates are negotiable based on experience and the complexity of the reports being created. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    17 bids

    I am from a non-IT backgorud and looking for a skilled Data Analyst who can assist me in understanding the ins and outs of Data Analytics. This is not a specific project but rather a learning opportunity for me. Your main task will be to help me gain an in-depth understanding of the following: - Statistical analysis - Data visualization - SQL querying You will not be working on any specific data sets, but will be guiding me through the theoretical and practical aspects of these three key areas. Ideal candidates for this role should have: - A strong background in data analytics and related fields - Proficiency in statistical analysis, data visualization, and SQL querying - Excellent communication skills and ability to teach complex concepts in a simple manner I am keen to learn and imp...

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    25 bids

    Development of ID Data Reading Module with SQL Database Storage and JavaScript Integration Job Description: We are seeking an experienced developer to create a module that reads data from ID cards and stores the retrieved data in an SQL database. The module should also include a JavaScript function that is triggered by a button click on a web page, and provide a means to access the read data within the web page. Project Requirements: 1. ID Data Reading Module: - Develop a module capable of reading data from ID cards using the provided card reader (HID OMNIKEY 3121). - Ensure compatibility with the ID Toolkit file for data extraction. - The module should extract all relevant data fields from the ID card. 2. HTTP Server: - Create a light weight HTTP Server which ca...

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    I urgently need a freelancer to recover databases and MySQL folders that were mistakenly deleted by an unauthorized user. Unfortunately, I do not have any backups available. Key Requirements: - Emergency Data Recovery: The system has stopped functioning due to this data loss. Hence, the project requires immediate attention. - MySQL Expertise: Proficiency in MySQL database management is essential to ensure successful recovery. Your Role: - Your primary task will be to recover the deleted databases and folders. This includes restoring all information and files to their original state. - In the process, you may need to troubleshoot and address any issues that might have arisen from the data loss. Please note: - The project requires a freelancer who is available immediately and can work un...

    $72 (Avg Bid)
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    29 bids

    I'm in need of a professional analyst who can analyze financial data using SQL databases. Key Responsibilities: - Analyzing financial data - Utilizing SQL databases for data management and interpretation Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a financial data analyst - Proficiency in SQL databases - Excellent understanding of financial principles - Strong analytical skills - Attention to detail and good organizational abilities

    $5304 (Avg Bid)
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    Software Engineer 9 hours left

    We are seeking a software engineer to join our team in developing an innovative detection system. The ideal candidate will have experience in building scalable and secure software applications.

    $660 (Avg Bid)
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    57 bids

    I'm seeking development and design of a trading software that's proficient with Java and Ember.js. This software should effortlessly manage essential trading functionalities like: - Order Placement: Including limit order, market order, and stop order capabilities. To fulfill my project requirements, familiarity with Angel One's trading platform is crucial. Thus, an ideal candidate possesses a robust background in trading software development and a sound understanding of Angel One's trading platform and various order placement types. Experience in both Java and Ember.js is a given, while familiarity with the fluctuating dynamics of trading systems will add immense value to the successful completion of the project.

    $386 (Avg Bid)
    $386 Avg Bid
    10 bids

    I'm in need of skilled developers who are proficient in SQL and programming, especially for mobile and web application development, and database management. Key Project Details: - I require a mobile and web application to be built - The apps should be compatible with both iOS and Android - I will only work with freelancers who have an external hard drive with at least 2 TB and a reliable, fast internet connection - Payment will be made upon delivery; we will start the project immediately Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in SQL and programming - Proven track record in mobile and web application development - Extensive experience in database management - Proficiency in both iOS and Android platforms - Availability to start the project immediately and deliver in a time...

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    $80 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    We have a bigquery database connected to Grafana already and some metrics we want to track. But we want someone who's experienced in creating sales dashboards to create a grafana board for our team to optimise. Strong SQL experience is required and sales experience is desired. Add 888mm to your proposal and why your sales experience gives you a good understanding of what's required (perhaps some examples of important metrics that should be on a sales dashboard?). Thanks!

    $1045 (Avg Bid)
    $1045 Avg Bid
    45 bids

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