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    Write java objects that represent state information of the ARM platform as well as the functional blocks of the ARM platform. [1] Go through the following classes paying special attention to the development of the ARM class methods. [2] write methods for the instructions: mov, str, ldr, add . You can take a look at the ARM manual to see the specifics

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    VR for Sketchup -- 4 6 days left

    We developed Sketch up diagram to dynamically load data and create warehouse. It is already integrated to database and ...with VR for dynamic view with current inventory stock 2. Time stamp based inventory update 3. Direction of Bin and Item Labels 4. Walls, Staircases, doors, columns and other objects 5. How to include Directions and GPS Co-ordinates

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    ...any payments. We are looking for a developer who only has to do some very light development on the UI side and call APIs we'll provide to you, extract text results in JSON objects and display dynamic text content. It is to be noted that we do not have any capacity to pay you and our whole team is currently working without any monetary incentive at all

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    I want to integrate woocommerce with salesforce. Need to sync customer data, post pr...woocommerce with salesforce. Need to sync customer data, post product and order data. We have custom objects created in salesforce and connected objects as well. Woocommerce order information should be passed to custom objects and create connected objects as well.

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    Use circular linked list to simulate a collection of objects that are removed 1 at a time. Will give files soon.

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    I have an android studio project for android app, and i want to add an option of in app purchase that i can control from json file , so i control the locked and unlocked objects from json , and in app purchase from json file good luck

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    Board game 5 days left

    game 3+, languages free lev1 music, voice? Coloring, Txt Articles on click Math (+,-) fruits Match txt and objects. Notif Daily chalenge play lev 1.

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    ...or subtracted from the user's uploaded STL. The user will also be able to add embossed text and simple shapes to their uploaded STL. All modified STL objects will be able to be saved as separate objects. If you can help me create this add-on please let me know and I will give you more info on exactly what I need. have attached the toolbar I will need

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    web developer 5 days left

    ...learning experiences in a sustainable, repeatable manner through the online medium. As such, this is primarily a web development/design role for online learning. The learning objects developed will range from bespoke content creation, web pages, graphics, web video, screen casts, online assessments, and other digital documents and presentations. The post-holder

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    52 bids”/computer images but “drawn by human / design” objects so that It does not seems a video game b) The red earth is totally unrealistic and unlikely, we would like you to use dark or grey colors and make it seem like it is “dried up”, it wilted like a flower or a plant c) We are good with things like objects put on top of the earth, just not seemin...

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    ... `Inline JavaScript. `External JavaScript ( .js) -JS Loop: `Create a loop that runs from 1 to 3 to alert "Hello World" three times at the beginning. -JS Objects: `Create an object called website with name = Mywebsite, case = New. Then, access the object to alert("Mywebsite is New") after the message of Hello World. -JS

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    Augmented Reality website 4 days left

    Need to convert CAD images into AR objects and create a website to host the same.

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    7 bids so that the sea level gradually rises throughout the 2 minutes? (it is meant to be a 'time lapse' from now to 2050). It doesn't have to be overly realistic e.g., objects and people being washed away. Just the water completely covering everything it contacts would be fine. This is for a PhD in environmental psychology so I don't have a huge

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    .... ."Traditional methods like watermarking, fake object allocation are used for finding the guilt agents, but this methods will not work if the guilt agent knows the fake objects." Need to fix this peoblem in the system where what if the agent found out there is a fake object in the data . it would be really better if you let me know how you going to

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    I need help in project coding in cloud computing Data leakage detection in cloud computing using guilt agent module and RSA algorithm ...algorithm Traditional methods like watermarking, fake object allocation are used for finding the guilt agents, but this methods will not work if the guilt agent knows the fake objects I have the doc explaining stuffs

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    I am looking for a talented illustrator to illustrate patterns such as mandalas, zentangles and objects along with text for an adult coloring book. Experience with drawing people and scenes is a plus, but there is emphasis on text and patterns. This project is for commercial purposes and I will need the source file in .ai format. Please place a bid

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    I will send you a high-quality image. You will get instructions on objects to delete and objects to add. It's very IMPORTANT that you work in detail and understand lighting and shadows to get the natural oil painted look. Looking for long term business, not only one painting. I want to work close to you in the process so we are on the same page all

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    I have multiple 3D objects which should be uploaded to the amazon server and pulled into the unity application when clicked by user for augmented reality(Virtual Try-on Face).

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    computergraphics -- 2 3 days left

    You will start to implement a basic ray tracer. In this project, you will need to do: (1) Download and study the provid...of a raytracer framework (2) Implement the local shading function with Phong Shading On the rendered images, your result should show smooth shading effects of the multiple objects (spheres and walls) in the given 3D virtual scene.

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    Front End Development 3 days left

    We require a front end that is easy to use for end users with functions that are extracted from the main account which has ...that are extracted from the main account which has an API of which I attach the manual, the required functions are: CDR reports Refills and payments Activation and locking of SIMs Troubleshooting SMS via XML SIM status section

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    ...aimed at making tokens conditionally valid based on user information. Access Rules are specified on token payloads as the accessRules property containing an array of Rule objects. Basic needs : IP rule : for one member connected a time ; Leech prevention ; Paywall membership is already included into the CMS Some server configuration in order to secure

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    19 bids add functionality and features. -Add functionality that helps attorneys file their documents and connect with their cases -Improve User Experience by ensuring timeline objects on a timeline can be moved around without crossing each other's paths -Add filters that help users highlight facts within a case -Create a mobile version that allows for simple

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    We have business requirement document, which will help you to guide the Building ...designing/building experience with animations. The backend of the application will not be a concern. Following is described the complexity of the project: 1) Max 15 Screens 2) 5-8 Objects 3) Gamification opportunity More details will be shared once onbording happened.

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    ...architecture, dependencies, build & deploy process - developer guide The frontend will access a REST API to perform some simple tasks: - list objects and display them (GET) - change the priority of objects (UPDATE) - display details of an object (GET) The exact content of the API is still a bit unclear. No authentication is needed at the moment.

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    59 bids functionality is needed: -​One level (city). Assembling a location from ready-made assets (at this stage, without a separate drawing). The main task is to see how objects are combined / not combined. -​The object can be absolute any ready-made asset (for example, a car) - ​Control: the object must slide (drift) along the location (an example

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    Build a website 2 days left

    ...pages for Application using ASP.NET MVC4 Razor View Engine ,C#.NET,HTML and JQuery. Strong hands on experience with ASP.NET and its components: AJAX, LINQ to XML, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, ASP.NET Providers. Developed dynamic and responsive web pages using the HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, AngularJS (1.5)) using Razor. Expertise

    $26 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...and user interface/interaction. We suggest that you build a simplified version of the game first, and then add in more features as time permits. Concentrate on getting the objects and simple turn play right before adding fancy graphics and controls. It is often easier to control both players, adding a computer player once you have a basic game going

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    We need to dete...need to detect small objects on flat surface on the different backgrounds (light color backgrounds and black color small objects). The code should be written with openCV and in Java (we will integrate the code in Android application) The detection function/code/library should also pass back the coordinates of the detected objects.

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    i need to add some 3d objects into real footage. Would love when you could teach me how to do it. Would like to have someone for constulting and recommendations.

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    click 3 images of spectacles each 90 degrees apart. after you click the images it should convert into 3d object usin...apart. after you click the images it should convert into 3d object using AI. The end product will be used on unity engine using augmented reality. note: The size of the 3d objects should be less considering it has to work on mobile.

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    ...illustration) and carousel, profile photos and two icons for highlights); - Applications in objects, through photos, to prove the wide functionality of the visual identity; - Visual identity manual, teaching the details of the application of identity in social networks and objects (values ​​and brand pillars, logo versions, protection area, rules of use for each

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    ...B2B and B2C markets across the EU. Product is recycled plastic grids that are infilled with gravel/soil to create a hard standing for car parking, driveways, bases for heavy objects to stand on such a water & Oil tanks, walkways for gardens and pathways in Public Places. The grids interlock and once laid they are certified to British & European Standards

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    Looking for a logo design for a company called pick n mix. I'd like it to be fun, creative and unique, with modern styling, maybe with interesting objects around the logo. The logo has to stand out as it will be on all packaging. The company will enable you to build your own pick and mix box online by selecting quantities of sweets that we pack in

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    3D game 1 day left

    ...3D geometrical objects in 3DS Max. Freelancer will design an AR book that presents my 3D objects to the user, the user can rotate and watch my objects from different angles. According to the observation of 3D objects, users will have to answer muliple choice questions. Based on their results, next level of more complicated 3D objects will be unlocked

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    Manufacture dog toys 1 day left

    *****ASAP***** Will place immediately!!!!! I am in need of an individual or group of individuals who have expertise in creating plush objects. Very simple/sewing machine/sewing by hand. 3D printing can be an option as well. We would need to work out a bulk order with logistics. Please respond if you can do this or recommend someone.

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    ...application is to Show a list of 3D objects made from .obj Format on the left side of a web page and on the right side of the page a Perspective Window. Within that perspective window i Need there to be a translucent type floating grid in 3D space. The idea is for Users of the web-page to be able to drag 3d objects onto this grid and snap them to the

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    ...users) Users will have option to customize avatar and clothing, turn mic on/off, move around, grab objects, scale them, interact with a presentation, and 3D draw in VR. Admin Users will also have the ability to mute everyone else, and see a few other objects in scene. It will be built with 3 scenes. All 3d environments are already done, and in separate

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    ...operators used are IF,IFF,AND,OR,XOR,and NOT. The NOT operator has one argument, a wff The IF, IFF,and XOR operators have two wffs as arguments The special = predicate takes two objects as arguments (= is in prefix form, not infix) The AND and OR operators have two or more arguments All predicates have zero or more arguments All functions will have zero or

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    ...simply take a field like astronomy, and look at the application of trigonometry in it. In astronomy, trigonometry can be used to calculate the distance between any cosmic objects, and knowing the distance alone is extremely important and it helps to calculate various values, like the amount of petroleum required, amount of food to consume per day to

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    ...smaller size (27cm), high quality & detailed, Zbrush work based on scans,already broke down in printable files (copyrighted, I own the rights to print the original files) - 24 objects / bones In the end, we need a ready to print product, edited with the limitations of FDM 3d systems in mind (supports!), which we can create as a print job for private purposes

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    Hello everyone! Looking for a very skilled cand...need to build a model based in sets of image folders, and prepare/convert the model into Tensor Flow lite. My ultimate goal, is to use this model to recognize (and track) objects (tennis balls [x,y,w,h] ) in python. I will be using raspberry pi 4+ and Raspbian installed + the PI camera as well. Thanks!

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    Game in sparkAR 15 hours left

    I am looking for sparkAR expert developers to help me build an interactive bow-arrow shooting kind of game. There will be objects (for example: balloons) coming in from random points in world. Player has to move the camera to hunt for them and shoot them with his arrow. This experience has to be in AR and in web. No mobile app needs to be installed

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    Looking for Programmar can program ESP32 CAM Sho...web app to monitor and control the Cameras Mobile IOS / android to view and playback recording and get notifications . the Cameras should have AI to recognize faces and objects and motions detection and any other advanced feature , Capability to connect to apple home kit and google home and Alexa

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    Hello, Extract all of the materials/objects from the" İntro Son Tasarı[login to view URL] " file and complete the same design using wordpress (elementor). So, I want from you to transfer all of the objects to the Wordpress by using Elementor plugin. But with one difference I want you to add smoke effect to the burger. The codes of the smoke effect is given in

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    Trophy icon Complex WPF Datagrid example 20 days left

    ...modified with mouse (acceptable, typical datagrid behaviour) - XAML must not use triggers or styles MVVM model is to be used. - You will have to bind the Datagrid to my model objects, please see the attached screenshot and/or text file. Award to the cleaner and simpler solution. It is desired to avoid at all or at least as much as possible the use of DataTemplate(s)

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    Trophy icon Wordpress Just Intro 5 days left

    Hello, Extract all of the materials/objects from the" İntro Son Tasarı[login to view URL] " file and complete the same design using wordpress (elementor). So, I want from you to transfer all of the objects to the Wordpress by using Elementor plugin. But with one difference I want you to add smoke effect to the burger. The codes of the smoke effect is given

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    ...that can open to detect objects and the things around the surrounding into speech directly, an accident of falling down will not have happened anymore. As we need to feed the guided dog for 5 times a day including the blind brings it to the loo, a camera app that can detect the surroundings objects like water on the road, objects block the yellow blind

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    Requerimos un front end que sea sencillo de usar para los usuarios finales con funciones que se extraen de la cuenta princ...que se extraen de la cuenta principal la cual tiene un API de la cual adjunto el manual, las funciones requeridas son: Reportes CDR Recargas y pagos Activación y bloqueo de SIMs Troubleshooting SMS via XML Sección SIM status

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    16 bids