by Webdward

Daily deal system - www-site - mobile site - main admin system Actionscript / Flex (Rich Internet Application). Managing business clients and deals. - internal admin analytics of sales, analytics of newsletter subscribers (age, area, conversions per list etc), automatic email creation tool, Facebook page editor, top customers, transaction history, resending vouchers - client admin admin for business clients. Possible to see charts from sales of each of their product. Charts show sales per age, city and gender. Client can also download sales report (invoice) and the code list as PDF-file. - mobile application Android & iPhone, uses GPS, shows distance to each deal. Also deals on map page where your current location and each deal is shown as a marker, buying possible with gredit cards, online banking and Waucher credits, order history and login functions - Facebook application Browsing and buying deals, deals on map etc AND A LOT OF AUTOMATION

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About Me

Main strengths - Innovative, full of ideas - Learning new things (especially technologies/programs) really fast - Finding information fast and good problem solving skills - Architecture design of large-scale web applications - Really quick understanding of all needs of product to be developed. I can quickly say what should be used for developing a system and how it should be done. - Really wide scale expertise on many IT fields: programming, servers, general computer technics, strong graphics knowledge (2D & 3D), analytics and reporting, SEO, social media, networks, email marketing, security, server administration - Designing Forex and financial applications (FIX-protocol etc.) - Not trying always to invent a wheel again (like many programmers want to do) but instead trying to quickly see if something can be used that has already been made. - As I have been entrepreneur, I also understand the business side - Strong experience in Google analytics. Analyzing key figures and setting up goals and funnels. - Excel reports and analyses based on different data - Social skills; I am a social person - Server side administration (domains, DNS, security, hosting, linux & windows) - Security (preventing usual hacking methods) - Mobile development - Email server administration and email mass mailing systems experience DKIM & Domainkeys signatures etc. Keeping senderscore up while sending over 500k mails / week. - Search engine optimization. Automatic sitemap updates, backlinks - Real time socket connections GENERAL Word, Excel, other Office products, networks, Windows (all incl. server), Linux, general hardware, Android TECH Programming PHP (strong), Javascript (strong), ActionScript (strong), MQL (strong), CSS (strong), HTML (strong), Java, MySQL (strong), jQuery experience also in: C#, C++, visual basic, Web-dev Notepad++, Dreamweaver (Strong), Flex (Strong), Flash (strong), Eclipse, Netbeans, Navicat Mobile dev Adobe AIR (Android, iPhone), Java (Android), jQuery mobile Learning now: phonegap Server Cpanel (strong), Plesk, Exim mail server, Linux, Windows, DNS, administration Email server, domainkeys, DKIM, Apache Other Joomla (strong), Google Analytics (strong), Fix-protocol (Financial Information Excange Protocol), Magento, memcache, NodeJS, real time sockets, security holes, AdWords, Facebook applications and integrations to websites VISUAL 3D Graphics 3D Studio max (strong, since 1996), 2D to 3D scanning from photos - made 2 TV-commercials (3d animations) 2D Graphics Photoshop (Strong), Flash (Strong), Illustrator, Video&animation 3D Studio Max (strong), Adobe premiere, Adobe After Effects

$60 USD/hr