Its my one of the best work

by rayhan89
Its my one of the best work

I am grateful to my family My family with unconditional love: Family is a word, which has a significant meaning to me. It gives me power to do any seemingly impossible things, surround my whole heart with unconditional love where I can find a secure shelter during my hard time. Unconditional love is that which makes me feel close to them. When I am late to come back home even then I have a 20 second hug ready for me, then I recognize the unconditional love that I can expect from my family only. I feel unconditional love when I make food with my mom and command thousands things and at last I claim a kiss from her or when I accompany my dad in the field and come back chatting with him in the car then I feel as happy which I even can not express. I found unconditional love everywhere. I feel the unconditional love when my niece Ellen put the sugar carefully in my coffee and then we go to playground and after 5 hours, she still wants me to stay with her.

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hy,I believe on 100% accuracy and my intention is to give something best.

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