Programming & Database

by muses
Programming & Database

Operating Systems : Windows 2000/2003, LINUX Databases : Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access,PostgreSQL, SQLite, Base Web/ App Servers : Apache, Jakarta Tomcat, Jboss, GlassFish Programming Languages : C, C++, JAVA, VB, AJAX , objective c Scripting Languages : Javascript, VBscript, CGI/PERL, PHP, Python Markup Languages : HTML, DHTML, XML/XLST Frameworks : .NET, J2EE, Struts Web Technologies : Spring, Hibernate, ASP, JSP, JDBC, JMS, JNDI Development Tools : Eclipse, Borland Jbuilder, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET, Apache Ant, WSAD Content Management Sys : Drupal, Moodle, Joomla

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About Me

We are specialized in LAMP suit of technologies. Specialized in mobile applications (iPhone , ipad, Android and black berry) Specialized in Software testing .

$13 USD/hr