The Innkeeper

The Innkeeper

When playing around with the latest LightWave 3D version and the new skin and hair improvements I found this guy buried in a forgotten stuff-to-finish folder. Anyway, a few tweaks later and I had the shot above rendered out. I do work a bit differently today than I did in 2007 so I could have fixed some things with the textures, geometry and anatomy, but well, a drag to go back and fix old stuff, so I let it be the way it was. The character and his accessories are modeled in modo and LightWave 3D. The UV maps are unwrapped in modo. Textures painted in ZBrush and Photoshop. Shading, lighting and rendering in LightWave 3D. I created the guides for the hair, brows and moustache with a custom tool I've written for LightWave.

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