Transribtion #1

by lordxentris
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Sues Smith: (Paper rustling) This is Sues Smith from Farmers conducting a recorded interview at 2.55 pm on Monday, June 28th, 2010 with Linda Jones regarding an accident which occured on or about June 27th, 2010. The Claim Number is 155897652 Linda do you understand that this conversation is being recorded? Linda Lu Jones: Yes Sues Smith: Is it er.. being recorded with your permission? Linda Lu Jones: Yes Sues Smith: Please state your...your full name and spell your last name? Linda Lu Jones: My name is Linda Lu Jones, J O N E S Sues Smith: Could your please give me your social security number? Linda Lu Jones: I don't give that information out. Sues Smith: Ok, Well how about your date of birth then? Linda Lu Jones: December 12 of 83. Sues Smith: 12 12 83, OK. Your home address please? Linda Lu Jones: 15 15 South First Street, Don Rio, Texas, The Zip Code is 78840. Sues Smith: Ok, Alright, What vehicle were you driving at the time of the accident? Linda L

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