by larsonjn

Cool Beans Coffee aimed to offer a product better and different than competitors. The goal was to create a brand identity, as well as packaging and displays that were much different than standard, big name coffee brands. It needed to have an artsy and individualist personality that highlighted Cool Beans as an organic and fair-trade coffee company that thought outside the bounds of normal coffee grounds and bags. The brand identity was created with a natural color scheme that evoked organic and fair-trade ideas. The packaging steered away from standard coffee cans and bags by changing in size and use after the product was gone. It was created to be product that a customer would re-use and leave sitting on their kitchen counter because the packaging was to unique to hide.

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We are changing perceptions and introducing a whole new brand of creativity. We create stories and breathe personality and life into brands. We focus on creating a strong, lasting brand identity that will carry through every aspect of your business. There is no limit to the work we create, from graphic design to website design and development and marketing and advertising, our work reaches your target audience in ways that capture their attention and keep them as loyal followers.

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