Child Maltreatment: Is it really on the rise in America?

by julz79
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An essay that I wrote discussing the various issues surrounding child maltreatment, including the actual rate of occurrence in today's society and legislation concerning the abuse and neglect of children. I examine and discuss child maltreatment trends in the United States.

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I am an online student of journalism, currently on break, and in my senior year at Ashford University. I am interested in freelance writing, research and investigative journalism, and writing Christian content. I hope to author books in the future on various subject matter within the Christian faith and with a particular focus on spiritual warfare. I am quite proficient at conducting thorough online research. I enjoy writing research papers and other types of academic writing. Depending upon the topic, I can produce well-written articles from 200 words to 1,000+ words. I enjoy writing lengthy articles and those that require research and a good bibliography of sources cited. I can produce thorough, easy-to-follow articles with bulleted lists, outline formats with topics and subtopics, step-by-step instructions, and organized details. I can write for the layperson and, on certain topics, I am more capable of writing academic-quality work geared towards students and professionals. There are areas where I possess more expert knowledge through formal education or my own independent studies along with significant life experience. I am actively acquiring indepth information on all areas of the occult due to my ongoing research within this topic, since 2010, and a history of personal experience. I intend to author my first book, under the Christian genre, regarding the occult, so I regularly pursue information on various aspects of the occult. I am focused more on the influence of the modern occult, particularly within the United States, than on the human history of occult practices and paganism. I have much experience researching and drafting court documents, particularly within family law. I do not have job experience or formal education within paralegal studies, but I have drafted numerous family law court documents for family and friends, as well as for myself. I've had a number of judges and attorneys positively comment on the professional quality court documents that I have drafted and filed.

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