WordPress Development

by CyberSprocket

Tweaking themes, customizing plugins, and creating our own line of Freemium plugins. We now boast over a dozen WordPress plugins with thousands of downloads. From simple and fun to the tools needed for larger businesses, we've done a bit of everything. We also know how WordPress is wired and how to use the "moving gears" in the system to make sure our plugins remain efficient, load quickly, and consume less memory on heavily trafficked servers. If you are going to do WordPress, we can help you do it right. Can't find the right plugin? Want your services to reach the 75-million-plus sites running WordPress? Leverage years of WordPress experience with Cyber Sprocket!

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About Me

We have worked on all kinds of projects. Web Apps, WordPress plugins, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, and even custom engineering writing the code for robotics and engine management interfaces. They have been small projects with a few hundred lines of code and one developer to large projects with nearly 1-million lines of code and a small development team. The one thing they all have in common is they require software engineering expertise. That is what we do. We are software engineers for hire, pure & simple. We also love what we do which means we like to push the boundaries, expand our expertise, and delve deep into the dark depths of the world of code. We constantly play with new languages, operating systems, and commercial applications which makes us versatile and knowledgeable in our discipline. If you are looking for best-of-breed experts in software technology you've found them.

$100 USD/hr