Arabian Prince

by BrunoValenti
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Music created and nominated for a very well know trailer released in 2010. Unfortunately it was rejected in the last step by the Disney Studio because of tecnhinal edition problems. The movie was "Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time"

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About Me

Bruno has been working in the music industry for more than 10 years. He has composed original music for films, television and other kind of media mainly for Europe and America. His influences are very varied. He can compose almost any style of music. His taste for the detail is evident. Bruno started playing the piano at the age of 7. At the age of 15 he discovered his passion for the music throughout the guitar. He has studied with a large list of instructors. His greatest jump in his education was produced when he studied Orchestration and Film Scoring in the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Then, he perfected his orchestral compositional skills in the Film Music Institute with Steven Scott Smalley (orchestrator of Batman, Mission Impossible, Robocop, Judge Dredd and many others).

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