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Our consulting and market research solutions are more client oriented as it is tailor made to suit each individual client needs. We provide solutions ranging from business unit strategy, corporate strategy, identifying high impact trends,Refining corporate strategy, and portfolio management. In addition to provide market data, our clients also rely on us for giving them valuable overall market knowledge, professional expertise and highly valuable marketing insight.

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About Me

Our objective is to provide business owners with high level of expertise that a part time Business Analyst and Consultant can deliver for a reasonable price and to help business owners make right and profitable business decisions. We deliver total quality output to customers using team experience, educational background and the experience gained with past projects. Experience allows us to be creative and to apply the acquired skills on the spectrum of projects, ranging from data research to comprehensive business analytical and consulting projects. “People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it” Why it will be the right decision to award your project to privilege research? First, the team at privilege research have outstanding analytical skills. The analytical skills honed through year of experience on consulting and market research projectss. Second, the team loves to work and know how to work with data. The team have strong knowledge and experience in using statistical tools and successfully apply this knowledge to business processes. Third, we have developed business intuition which comprises of startups with new products and provided us with the experience that allows us to see and predict the situation on the markets, in particular industry, or in given company. These abilities multiplied by team perfect skills in researching for information allow us to ensure the successful completion of any awarded job and then to present the output in a format that is easily and quickly understandable. My services include five main activities: 1. Business Research & Analysis. Here we suggest basic (in the form of short overview) or comprehensive (in the form of solid report) research and analysis of markets and industries, both young and mature; research and analysis of countries as a whole and their parts: states, territories, and regions; competitors research & analysis; business forecasting; research for potential distributors, wholesalers, dealers; research for manufacturers and producers. We use various research techniques (web research, databases research, networking, direct contacting, and others) and I am confident in PEST, SWOT, Porter’s, BCG’s and similar methods of business analysis. 2. Business Consulting. We focus on Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy, and Corporate Development. 3. Analytics. The combination of teams education background, analytical skills, and intelligence allow us to quickly understand and analyze information and data from any field of activity. Here we offer writing analytical reports on any various topics in Technology, Politics, Sports, Media, and so on. 4. Data Research & Analysis. In most cases this considers research and analysis of financial figures and indices. We produce basic financial analysis in order to show our Client the current financial situation. However, we can research any figures to support your business decision such as a number of personnel, top management’s compensation, decline/increase figures, and many more. 5. Information Research & Analysis. This includes research and analysis of related news; relevant infographycs; staff information like their current positions, bios, contacts; and facts. Also I provide services on researching of hard-to-find information. 6. Presentation of information We know the value of information presentation as we have prepared many presentations that have been delivered in board meetings, confrences, etc. Here we offer preparation of high quality presentations and infographics which can be presented or published. The complete range of Business Consulting & Analysis activities: ⦁ Data Analysis & Data Interpretation ⦁ Market Research & Analysis ⦁ Industry Research & Analysis ⦁ Competitor Research & Analysis ⦁ Regioanl/Country Research & Analysis ⦁ Business Forecasting through statistical tools such as SPSS ⦁ Potential dealers, wholesalers, distributors research ⦁ Management Consulting ⦁ Business Strategy ⦁ Corporate Strategy ⦁ Corporate Development ⦁ nalytics (Technology, Politics, Sports, Media, Education, and more) ⦁ Financial Analysis ⦁ Data Research ⦁ Information Research (Facts, Statistics, News, Hard-to-Find Information) - Business Analytics - Strategic Consulting. - Business Development/Corporate Growth Consulting. - General Management Consulting.

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