Valentine's love

by AeonDesigns

I made this picture for valentine's day 2012 using photoshop CS5

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About Me

1. Introduction and Summary 2. Design/Multimedia Experience 3. My Websites 4. Working with Me 5. Important information specific to this site +++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY My name is Filipe Ribeiro and I am a full time Design/Multimedia Expert with 5 years experience. I started my Design and Multimedia carreer in 2009 at my school internship working at "Casa da musica" in Porto, Portugal where I worked as a Multimedia Assistant developing their website and managing their weekly concert advertsing campaigns, working with them for a month until my internship was completed. After concluding design and Multimedia school I set out on my own as a freelancer taking on local projects mostly related to business card/brand design and also web design. I am based in Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal. I speak very fluent English and Portuguese I undertake translation work, marketing, branding/consultancy work, video editing/developtment, video Animation, photo manipulation and website design. +++++++++++++++++++++++ 2. Design/Multimedia Experience: Trained in Design and Multimedia for 3 years at design school ("Instituto Professional de Tecnologias Avan├žadas") I currently run a home design studio and work on mostly country wide projects, most of which are designing business cards, branding and photo manipulation. 3. MY WEBSITES: +++++++++++++++++++++++ 4. WORKING WITH ME: 1.I have my own home studio Equiped with 2 top of the line custom made computers powered by Intel and NVIDIA each 2 with screens for working. 2.I have a high Resolution Professional camera Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i for film making and fotograph. 3.I have at my disposal the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Dreamweaver and Flash). 4.I have a team of 2 people(myself included) at your disposal for working on your projects. +++++++++++++++++++ 5. IMPORTANT FOR FREELANCER.COM: 1. I do not work for newly registered buyers with no reviews unless you offer 100% escrow. If you offer me a project and I accept, then we have a contract that requires you to pay me, even if you do not give me any actual work to do. 2. I do not accept "EBay seller" work. +++++++++++++++++++

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