3D Map generator (Biomes, Flora, Lakes) UNITY3D.

by Johnatangv19

This map work with a seed number, then it generates a voronoi map, and uses a perlin noise for the biomes.\n\nIt has a feature when the player moves around, the map shows the tile (piece of map, biome) or it could load the all map(all tiles) at once.\n\nthe map spawn trees in the tiles with a specific biome (it can have 1 specific tree per biome or multiple tree per biome)\n\nsee the images so you could check the scale of the map in relation of the player.

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I'm a System Engineer graduated in UNIMAR (University of Margarita), Venezuela. I deliver quality work and If you're looking for a freelancer that's responsive, effective and on time, look no further. Let's work together to accomplish what you need. (Removed by Freelancer.com admin)

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