E commerce Web site

Please check out [login to view URL] as an example.

Our requirements are as per below:

Purchase Items

The below is the flow that the member/ non-member user can purchase items from the

proposed e-commerce website.

As a Member/ Non-member

I want to Browse the items on the online store

So that 1. I can purchase the selected items on the online store



1. The member/ non-member must be able to browse through the


2. The member/ non-member must be able to add preferred items

into the shopping cart.

3. The member/ non-member can view the “sale” tag added by the

e-commerce website’s admin.

4. The member/ non-member can pre order items.

5. The member/ non-member must be able to remove items form

the shopping cart.

6. The member/ non-member must be able to continue shopping

post viewing the shopping cart.

7. The member/ non-member must be able to pay via credit card,

PayPal, or gift card. The delivery charges will be calculated based

on the geo-location.

8. Once the selected items are purchased, a purchase confirmation

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


email is sent to the customer.

9. If the selected item is out of stock, the member/ non-member can

enter their email address, and an email will be sent to them once

the stock is available.

10. The member can use coupon codes to pay for the items via online


11. In case of abandoned cart scenario, the system is to send an email

to the member.

12. The member should be able to view their delivery options based

on the postal code of their location.

13. The member will be alerted if the product they are purchasing is

available at a low stock.

1.2 Add Items to the Wish List

The registered member is provided with the luxury of adding the favourite items into the wish

list, hence the particular user can purchase the items on a later day.

As a Member

I want to Browse the items of the online store

So that 1. I can add preferred items into the wish list



1. The member must be able to browse through the products.

2. The member must be able to add item into the wish list.

3. The member must be able to remove items from the wish list.

4. The wish list must be specific to the particular Member.

5. The member can access the wish list directly on a later date and

purchase the items.

6. In order to make a purchase, the wish list item must be available

in the online store.

1.3 Review and Rate Products

The registered member has the option to rate and review other products on the e-commerce


As a Member

I want to Rate and Review products on the store

So that 1. The members can get an insight of the item

Proposal for Online Liquor Store




1. The member should have already purchased the item.

2. The review and rating must appear alongside the product.

3. All the members/non-members should be able to view the

ratings of the particular product.

Website features

• Navigation - Online shopping experience for wine, Champagne, whisky, Sprit, Beer

& Cider, Gifts, (mega drop-down navigation menus )

• My Account

• Product Search

• Store Search

• Hero slide banner

• Main Banner

• Delivery Options

• Connections

• Click & Collect

• This weeks @ wine store ( Advertised Offers/Clearance/Top Selling /New Arrivals )

• Similar Interest

• Bottom four promotion Banners

• New Letter Signup

• Delivery

• Social Media Integration

• Footer Navigation

• Add to Cart / online checkout /View cart

• Signup /Sign in

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


Shopping cart features

Abandoned Cart feature

Merchant Benefits

An automatic email is sent to customers each time they add products to their shopping cart but

does not purchase. It reminds and encourages them to complete the order. It’s beneficial and easy

to use!

• Automatically send one or more personalized emails to remind your customers about the

contents of their cart. This helps turn abandoned carts into sales.

• Easily create email templates tailored to match your online store’s theme.

• Also, you can now propose discounts directly via the email in order to remind your clients

to finalize their purchases.

Abandoned Cart reminder Pro allows to easily add discounts on a product price or free

shipping cost directly on the email depending on each clients cart amount.


Automated emails are tailored to your needs.

• The content of the reminder e-mail is automatically personalized for each customer

complete with their full name and the items left in their shopping cart.

• If your store is available in multiple languages, the customer’s preferred language is

detected and the appropriate email is sent.

• Create discounts adapted to the abandoned cart total amount. These discounts could be

free shipping cost, a percentage or even a fixed amount.

• Emails are completely customizable – use your store’s colors to brighten up the


• Create numerous templates for a first, second, and third reminder email!

• Choose the delay period between the first reminder email, second reminder email, etc.

• Create an infinite number of email templates for every occasion.

Lost cart Feature

Lost cart feature will be addressed in abandoned card feature section as well as cookies and web

hooks will be handling through affiliate advertisement or Google awards programs.

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


Coupon Code Feature / Discount Rules

• A credit slip is first and foremost a written proof that a product has been returned. Most of

the time, the user can use it as a voucher.

• A voucher is a discount code which does not have to be tied to a merchandise return or a

refund, and which can take many more forms than a simple credit slip:

o A discount on an order (percentage).

o A discount on an order (amount).

• Free shipping.

• You can apply a voucher to all customers, or a group of customers, or a single customer;

you can set its expiration date.

• A cart rule is basically an advanced version of a voucher: in addition to what a voucher

could do in the cart rules system introduced which enables you to:

• Name the discount.

• Allow the customer to use only a portion of the discount.

• Assign priorities between cart rules.

• Set the compatibility between cart rules.

• Have the discount only work with some carriers.

• Have the discount only work with a selection of products and/or categories and/or

manufacturers and/or suppliers and/or attributes... or all of these at the same time if

necessary. Have the discount be applicable for free shipping and/or a discount on an order

and/or a free gift... or all of these at the same time if necessary!

Google shopping Feed

Google Merchant Centre (Google Shopping) Module

Upload your products to Google Shopping and get thousands of new, highly qualified visitors on

your online shop.

Merchant Benefits

The position of your products in these results depends largely on the quality of your feed and

completeness of your data. The more information you include, the better the results !

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


This will let you achieve just that and maximize your chances of obtaining good rankings on

Google Shopping, while minimizing the time you will need to spend to have all your products

accepted by Google.


Fully international and multishop

• Fully compatible and compliant with the multishop feature

• Supports multiple feeds for multiple countries, languages and currencies.

• Compatible with countries that have multiple languages.

• Compatible with multiple feeds for countries that share a language but have different

currencies (such as US and UK)

• Perfect management of multiple currencies between your product feeds and your website

to make sure your website will display your products with the correct currency for each

feed, and insure Google will accept all your feeds for all your countries

The most comprehensive set of features to comply with google's many requirements

• Product variants and product with attributes

• Multiple images

• Ability to generate multiple products for products with attributes

• Specific URL's for products with attributes

• Automatically optimizes your titles (max 70 characters and no excessive use of


• Advanced management of product identifiers (GTIN and MPN) to let you easily decide

where the information will be pulled from and minimize the time you will spend on

adjusting references in your catalog

• Implements Google's g:identifier_exists option for products without identifier codes such

as custom products or some clothing items

• Management of multiple attribute groups for sizes and colors

Perfect integration of google product categories and google adwords

• Integration with Google Adwords via adwords_labels and adwords_grouping tags

• User-friendly, keyword search based system to fill your Google Product categories, just like

you would find on Google's own website

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


• Ability to update the module's database of Google Product Categories live from Google's


Control over which products you send to google

• Select which product categories to export

• Option to exclude specific products based on a minimum price level

• Option to exclude out-of-stock products

• Option to exclude products with missing unique identifiers (EAN / UPC or MPN)

An unprecedented level of robustness, ease of use and built-in help

• Great results in Google Shopping rankings quality

• Slick AJAX based XML feed update system allowing for updates without PHP time-outs

even for the largest catalogs

• Built-in help section

• Includes a file for setting up a CRON task on your server to automatically update your feed

and synchronize it with Google

• Includes a file to generate the XML dynamically / "on the fly" so you can still keep your

feed updated automatically, even if you cannot set up a CRON task on your server

Google trusted store

Become a Google Trusted Stores certified merchant and let your customers benefit from Google’s

new and free e-commerce services. Conversion rate and repeat purchase increase guaranteed.

Merchant Benefits

Reassure your customers and increase your conversion rate and sales on your website by

becoming a certified Google Trusted Stores merchant and be part of Google’s latest e-commerce


Proposal for Online Liquor Store



Introducing google trusted stores

Google Trusted Stores module allows you to apply and become a certified Google Trusted Stores


As such, if you pass the evaluation period and get certified, all your customers will automatically

benefit from a 100% free purchase protection plan offered by Google, for any order up to $1000,

in case of a problem. They will also have the chance to send Google feedback and ratings based on

their appreciation of your store’s performance on various criteria.

Allows you to validate all steps of the application process

• The module lets you finally get all these mandatory and so desired checkmarks on the

Trusted Stores merchant overview screen by implementing the following features:

• Generation of the necessary JavaScript code for the Google Trusted Stores badge

• Order markup tags on the order confirmation page

• Generation of shipment feed

• Generation of cancellation feed

• Includes a technical prerequisites checking tool to help you easily get past Google’s

technical requirement

Smart configuration options

• Ability to set your order processing time, with an optional "same-day shipping if order

received after a certain time" parameter

• Ability to set no shipping days for week-ends / closed week days, Holidays and other

special events in order to be accurate on the expected order shipment date Google

requires on the order confirmation page

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


• Product ID prefix to insure compatibility with the product feed from our Google Merchant

Center module

• Definition of valid order states for the order confirmation page

• Carrier and order states definition for shipment and cancellation feeds

Landing Pages

• Ideal for your product campaigns

• Simplify information to your visitors

• Close more sales better, quicker and easily

• Minimizes the Abandoned Cart in your store

• Maximizes the number of sales: process on 1 page

• Optimized Landing Product Page in your ecommerce

(It doesn't works as a home landing page to replace the primary domain of your store)

Dynamic Special Offers

Planned popup Module

• Schedule the automatic displaying of popup windows anywhere on your website.

• The number of popup is unlimited.

Merchant Benefits

• This module will allow you to:

• Promote an offer for a given period of time.

• Inform your customers that the delivery time will be longer because your on holidays.

• Block acces to your website (or only a part of your website) to some customers (for adult

website for example).

• Display a message if the customer is staying long time on the same page.

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


• Increase the number of subscriber to your mailing list by displaying your newsletter form.


• Wysiwyg editor to simplify the creation popup's content.

• Ability to use html code, iframes, etc..

• Choose the period of time to displaying your popup.

• Choose the time before popup is displaying.

• Choose one or more page where your popup will be displayed.

• Number of popup is unlimited.

• You can display several popups on a same page.

• Popup are responsive.

• Popup use cookies. (You decide when the popup is displaying again for a same user).

Customer Benefits

• Your customers will appreciate being informed of the new discount offer, your holiday

dates, etc.

• Severals features make the popups non-intrusive for your customers:

• Cookies allow to display your popups once every X days.

• You able to choose a duration before displaying the popup. Thus, yours customers have

the time to read your page before the popup arrived.

• You able to choose how to close the popup. (Clic on the cross, clic outside the popup, etc..)

Asset Gateway

This should be a unique page where we could upload content such as info graphic and journal

articles, and if a customer wish to read this material it can only be obtained by entering the

customers information.

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


Add to Cart

The “add to cart” section should not be fixed to the top of the page, this section should move

around when the customer is scrolling the page.

Chat Feature

This is very important to us where a pop op box appears on the bottom left side of the

page asking the customer if he requires chat support. This feature does not need to be

active 24/7. I will brief you on this feature when I speak to you on Thursday.

Mobile Site.

The site needs to be mobile friendly and designed in a way it automatically allows the customer to

browse the entire site with ease on their mobile phone. I will advise you the lay out of this.

Email Notification


This module synchronizes the list of subscribers to your site newsletter with your MailChimp list in

2 ways :

• Site to MailChimp

• Mailchimp to Site

Merchant Benefits

• Say goodbye to the boring process of exporting/importing your subscribers between your

shop and your MailChimp list.

• This module automate the synchronization of your MailChimp list with your customers

who accept to receive your newsletter.

• Your MailChimp list is always up to date, increasing the opening rate of your newsletter.

• Your customers list is up to date too.

Proposal for Online Liquor Store



• It's a 2-ways synchronization :

• Site with MailChimp: when subscribing in the newsletter block, when creating a customer

account, when editing a customer account

• MailChimp with Site: at the subscription to the newsletter using the MailChimp signup

form, at unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link that must appear

in the emails

• This synchronization is done in realtime* and doesn't need a cron task or a manual action.

• Due to MailChimp validation processes, some delay may occur

Social Media Integration

I need the all social media icons to be active and live on the site, the icons can be remained either

bottom of the site but it needs to show live when we receive instant tweets, likes and views.

Shipping & Express shipping.

Get Australia Post (Auspost) shipping quotes in real time.

Merchant Benefits

• Ship within Australia (domestic) or to any countries (international).

• Integrate Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover. From now on, your customers can decide

how much to cover against loss, theft or damage.

• Easy to setup, just specify your location post code, your favourite carriers and define your

custom box sizes.

Proposal for Online Liquor Store



• Compatible with all Australia Post Parcel services, standard or express shipping, domestic

or international

• Real time shipping estimation. No more headache about pricing, Aupost automatically

contacts with Australia Post API and sort it out.

• Allow to customize your shipping cost, based on category or product.

Customer Benefits

• Real time shipping cost estimates from Australia Post.

• Many delivery methods available (including Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover for loss,

damage or theft), standard or express, domestic or international shipping

Other Features

Catalog Management

Manage a dynamic product list through the website back-office. Whether the shop has one

product or thousands, this incredible administrative interface let’s you manage the most complex

inventory easily with one-click updates. Import and export quickly, set attributes, sort products,

bulk discounts, and much more.

• Inventory Management

• Product Export to eBay and More

• Choose the Number of Products per Page

• Cross Selling

• Sell Downloadable Products

• Unlimited Products, Categories, and Attributes

• Product Comparison

• Powerful Layered Navigation

• Advanced Stock Management

Proposal for Online Liquor Store


Product Displays

Display products in a unique way and provide customers with numerous options to view their

desired products. Providing multiple views will boost conversion rates. Merchants can reduce

customer doubt by putting them at ease with zoom in features and multiple product views.

• Display Available Quantities

• Offer Multiple Images of Each Product

• Zoom in on Products

• Related Products

• Add to a Wishlist

• Product Reviews

• Send to a Friend

Site Management

Manage a site easily. Business owners can enjoy editing content, managing product displays, and

changing languages all through the back office.

• Administration Permissions and Users

• Fully Customizable Design Using Templates

• Customize Logos on an Invoice, Favicon and Header

• Choose Languages to Display

• Edit Content through the CMS

• Manage Performance (speed, cached cookies)

• One Click Update

• Webservice - CRM, ERP... integration

• Override: Customize your store without modifying the core

• Multistore Management

Search Engine Optimization

• Search Engine Friendly

• Customize URLs

• Google Site Map

• Meta Information for Products and Categories

• Auto-generated Sitemap

• Dedicated URL for each Product, Preventing Duplicate Content

• Tags for Each Product

• E-mail Notifications of Delivery Status

Proposal for Online Liquor Store



• One-page Checkout

• Option for Customers to Create an Account or Continue as a Guest

• Gift Messages, Gift Wrapping

• Saved Shopping Carts Configured with Expiration Time


• Shipping Discounts

• Fees by Price or Weight

• Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses

• Integrate with USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post

• Unlimited Carriers and Destinations


• Payment via credit card, check, wire transfer and more (unlimited)

• Tax automatically configured by country, state, and counties

• Payment Filtered by Currency

• Integrated with [login to view URL]

• Set Prices According to Segmented Groups

• Cart Promotions Rules

• Catalog Promotions Rules

• Make or Edit an Order through Back Office


• Automated Follow-up E-mails

• Newsletters Subscriptions

• Loyalty Program

• Refer-a-friend Program

• Recently Viewed Products

• Coupons & Vouchers

Client Account

• Complete Customer Account

• Ability to Send Messages via his/her Personal Account

• Return Management

• Business to Business

• Centralized after Sales Service

Proposal for Online Liquor Store



• Geolocation

• Customers can choose desired languages

• Import and export language packs

• Online translation tools


• PCI Compliance *

• SSL Certification

• Secure Back Office

• Password and Cookie Encryption

• Fia-Net order analysis


• Unlimited taxes

• Address format according to country

• Unlimited currencies

• Exchange rates synchronization

• Taxes per state, county, or country

• Timezone set by location

• Currency formating

• Configure Eco Tax

Analytics and Reporting

• Export newsletter lists

• Track visitor activity

• View customer profiles

• Order and sales reporting

• Affiliate statistics

• Newsletter statistics

Skills: Website Design

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