Sin and Vice event Chart

Let me be honest and begin by saying that this is the third time I am posting this project. The first time did not find me a qualified winner. The second time did, and the person is already working on it, but I need data from more than one point of view, so that means I need to find one more researcher for this project. The fees will not be shared - every agreement I make will be honored individually.

I am looking for someone to draw up a sin tree that will connect everyday sins and vice events back to one (or more) of the Seven Deadly sins.

For example, not brushing your teeth would ultimately fall back to sloth, or going to a peep show would fall to lust. There are, of course, several sins that may fall into multiple motives - murder can, for instance, be rooted in Greed, Pride, Lust, or even Sloth (through negligence).

A sin, by my definition, is any choice/event that might cause one to feel guilt.

Organization is a critical element here. Essentially, we would like to come up with an organized chart of "sins" and "vices" and even "bad habits" that would be easy to navigate to for someone looking to find their infractions. Sins could range from minute infractions like smoking a cigarette to more serious ones like theft, violence, and even murder.

What we ultimately need to see is a tree that would allow the average person to quickly and efficiently find the sins he feels he has committed for the day. From this, he should be able to keep record of the poor choices he/she has made. Every sin on the chart must also carry a score (according the the seriousness) so that the user of this chart can assess his life as a whole.

Note that though I would like the chart to begin with the seven deadly sins, the infractions do not have to be religion-specific. Eating pork, for example, may be fine for a christian, but cause guilt to a moslem. Beef, similarly, would cause guilt to most who follow Hinduism. Both must be included in the chart since we are not specific about religion, only the human conscience.

Finally, though the chart may (after the seven deadlies) start out with broad categories like "lying" or "stealing", the individual sins, vices, and habits must be event-based and in the past tense (as in "Stole money from the office register" or "consumed an illegal substance" or "smoked a cigarette").

I have attached the Felony and Misdemeanor Master Crime List from the Massachusetts Sentencing Commission to give you some something of a guide. This is not organized the way I need it, but it does contain a lot of data you may find helpful. This chart only lists crimes so it can only help you so far. The chart I need has to include as many guit-inducing events as you can think of.

I will need the data presented in excel.

If this is successfully completed to my satisfaction, the next project will be a "Virtue Tree" for which I will be hiring whoever completes this project for me.

Deadline for completion of this project is 15 days.

Skills: Education & Tutoring, Genealogy, Psychology, Research, Research Writing

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