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483262 Data Geocache

Please provide a proposal for the software development described in the following statement of work.

I am in need of a web site, data base, and Android application. I hope to develop for iPhone and Blackberry platforms at a later date. I will arrange for a domain name and a data server, but will require you to install the programming. I will need a 12 month warranty against inherently caused lock-ups and failures that render the processes inoperable. Software failures caused by hardware, electrical interference, computer virus, et cetera shall not be covered by warranty. Please be responsive to communication. I wish to avoid those who would later “no-show” and not respond to e-mails and calls.

Your proposal is to be for a Firm “Not to Exceed “Fixed Price contract and should be valid for at least ninety days.


1. Web development:

Completion X weeks After Receipt of Contract Order

Price $ X US dollars

2. Android app development

Completion X weeks After Receipt of Contract Order

Price = $ X US dollars

3. Image integration/Testing:

Completion X weeks After Receipt of Contract Order

Price = $ X US dollars

Please provide a breakdown of proposed milestone accomplishments and payments.

The completed software is to be delivered no later than three months after your receipt of my order.


Statement of Work

Data Geocache

SOW Number: SJH 3-09-2011

Section 1.0 General Requirements:

The contractor shall provide, to the Buyer, a software program that manages a database. The database shall be suitable for interfacing with a website. The website shall have the same functionality as the mobile application but without the navigation attribute. The program will be the property of the Buyer. All software code versions and levels will be delivered. Delivery of the program will be via digital CD or digital DVD.

1.1. The functionality will be similar to the geocaching application named "c:geo" that is accessible at the website: [url removed, login to view] The contractor should practice the application of this website in order to appreciate the concept described by this SOW.

1.2 The contractor shall develop a software program that will manage an interactive, multiple simultaneous user, living, database.

1.3 The database will incorporate a downloaded map similar to Google Map. The satellite view map must be storable for off the grid use.

1.4 The program shall include a data input scheme (formatted data input page) for users to upload new data to the database, GPS location data, and limited text for comments. The user's data will be attached to the map data coincident at the GPS points specified by the user. The datum points will be displayed on the map at those precise GPS points as small but readily discernable brightly colored round dots that will not change in size as the map's display may be altered over the range of map display scale.

1.5 Users will be allowed to query the database to display only the existing within a bounded area described by the user as rectangular area described by the user as a range of latitude and longitude.

Section 2.0 Specific Requirements--The application shall achieve the following attributes:

2.1 Operate a database on commercial high speed servers.

2.2 Display the locations of previously submitted data packages of various users onto the Google type map.

2.3 Receive new data input via website uploads and accumulate those new data in the database.

2.4 Provide for the viewer to pre-load the map and the data packages into a lap-top or smart-phone device from a worksite having high speed internet or a PC, prior to traveling to the field and the search site where wireless data transmission might not be available.

2.5 Provide for the user to choose from four different types of data packages to overlay upon the map.

2.6 Provide for the user to select one or more of the four data packages to either show or be hidden from view during the course of the field work. Each of the four types are to be represented by a specific color dot to more easily identify the types in the map overlay.

2.7 The user will be able to navigate with the highest location accuracy to any selected package by choice of either driving directions or by bearing and distance.

2.8 A current location dot may be viewed center screen or panned and zoomed to surrounding areas (provided sufficient map area was pre-stored or adequate wireless communications coverage exist).

2.9 Provide for the user to upload confirmation of found packages, as well as submit new data packages (four different types) to the server. These submitted lat/long positions taken from the users current location need to be verified for accuracy to assure the devises location is not roaming or inaccurate by sum range of tolerance. The submitting user should also verify the location of the dots placement on the map agrees with the users position. The website user will have to enter lat/long by hand and approve of placement on the map screen.

2.10 Provide for the user submitted or edited uploads to be saved until wireless data communication is available and the data can be uploaded to the server.

2.11 Provide for the user to save "personal location" data points, within the phone memory card (or laptop), which will not be uploaded to the server, such as where they parked their automobile or the location of their campsite. These personal locations can be edited or deleted later.

2.12 The submitted packages will be named as: username + one numeral added. This will recognize the user's effort, I.e. provide professional recognition for each submitted data package and accumulate to the record of the numbers of packages submitted by that user. The database shall count new data packages uploaded.

2.13 The user will be required to register with a log in username, password, and agree to terms.

2.14 The user will be required to provide contact information, e-mail address and telephone number, as it may be necessary for the database administrator to contact them if there is any question of the data they uploaded to the server.

2.15 The granted passwords would be provided via the user's e-mail address. Reponses to “forgotten” passwords would also be made via the user's e-mail address.

2.16 The user may select to view details of a data package "dot" from the map or query by the package name.

2.17 The user may select to view/ search map by current location, entered coordinates, address,

search by user name.

2.18 The program will provide for the database administrator to stream advertisements in the data packages, and a count of data copied.

2.19 The contractor will provide the detailed access information necessary to download the map data to the server, and to query the database by user name for data packages and user personal data and passwords.

2.20 A website that will interact with the database and interface with users.

2.21 Provide for exchanging information among users and the database administrator, similar to text message and a message board.

2.22 The mobile application user will be able to submit a new data package using the coordinates of their current location provided by satellites. This satellite lock must be monitored for accuracy, I.e. , the radar mode of the similar example c:geo shows approximate error of current location. This error data will be monitored to prevent submission of undesired poor positioning.

2.23 Secondary users may later edit and re-submit data packages with a on-going log of helpful directions, improved coordinates, and or up-grade the data package type. The original package name will remain the same, but the new location dot position and color of package type would change on the map view .

2.24 Provide for the user to inverse the bearing and distance between two logged coordinates, whether in two separate data packages or with-in the same package, i.e. , ability to inverse the original coordinate submitted and the improved coordinate submitted.

2.25 Provide for choice of location format, distance units, and heading or inverse units, I.e., radar mode of the similar example c:geo .

3.0 Demonstration of Functionality

3.1 The contractor will demonstrate the functionality of the program at progressive intervals of the program development. The demonstrations of functionality will be conducted at two interim stages and at the completed stage.

3.2 The Buyer will provide typical input data and specify the format of the input data.

3.3 Functional demonstration may be accomplished between the Buyer and the Contractor at the Contractor's discretion via on of he following methods.

3.3.1 Demo at the contractor's facility with the Buyer's choice of attending in person or viewing by live video conferencing, web-cam, etc.

3.3.2 Demo at another facility having a server to operate the program or another facility having video conferencing with the program operating on a remote server.

3.3.3 Demo via the web-site for the Buyer to interact with while

discussing the program operation on the telephone.

Skills: Android, Anything Goes, Data Entry, Database Administration, Mobile App Development, PHP, Website Design

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