Wordpress site customisation and a few other setups

I bought my own Wordpress theme, and this theme has almost all possibilities I require, but it is your job to set it up according my desires. The theme I purchased is [url removed, login to view] , this site is providing easy-how-to-setup instructions. You also should design some simple banners for which I describe how I want to use them. The most complicated requirement is to develop some what I name as "widgets", actually those "widgets" are a thing to make my posting articles easy. Cause I am not real technical.

You should setup my PHPList, setup this as autoresponder and create a template for newsletter.

You install my Feedburner.

And install a few WP plugins. You can work on a new virgin hosting account. ([url removed, login to view])

## Deliverables

INSTALL & CUSTOMIZE [url removed, login to view] on a Wordpress format

What is actually outsourced?

Since I have plenty of ideas what I want to reach with my website [url removed, login to view] but considering that I am technically REAL clumsy, I would like to outsource installation, I did buy a theme I want to install, I want you to customize that theme according to what I desire, I want you to set up some “what-I-call-widgets?? that should make life easier for me when posting articles. You adapt CSS a little bit but mainly I am sticking to the theme I purchased. Just a twinkle here and there, spaces for banners, some small banner design, change some colors… Install plugins and check they are working accordingly. And set up “templates?? following the possibilities from the theme and make it easy for me to “cut and paste articles??. Just keep in mind I am not very technical. FOR MOST PEOPLE THIS JOB WILL BE PIECE OF CAKE…….

? I would prefer in your “pricing?? you rate also for “support?? and even for “continuous support??, cause once the site is online the way I like it, no doubt I will still like to use your “little help??. We will get in touch thru @mail most probably. For small problems I would appreciate 1 or 2 day solutions, if possible.

Once we agree on the contract you will get this same file but with passwords added so that you can work on the servers I am using. For the moment the domain name [url removed, login to view] is still hosted somewhere else. Which is only to keep my domain name, you can work and setup everything on [url removed, login to view] ROOT, once your job is done I will transfer domain name. Unix based hosting. So you can start on a never used before hosting account. No mess to clear up for you!


-install [url removed, login to view] latest stable version (2.5?) in ROOT from my hosting account on [url removed, login to view] you can use Fantastico. But you use my @mail mymusicbaby@[url removed, login to view] !!!!!!! You apply the key for Akismet and I will send you !!! You activate Akismet and delete or de-activate Hello Dolly plugin

-install [url removed, login to view] theme on site5, this is the theme I purchased and which you need to work out. [url removed, login to view] You will get the details about the license and how to install the theme I bought

--Choose for home page option 5 from the wp-magazine theme? [url removed, login to view]

--Choose for Archive Option 2? [url removed, login to view]

-add my own logo and header [url removed, login to view] See [url removed, login to view] for color settings (also background- the same white or no color? as on 124bpms ---- this website is also using the wp-magazine, and the colors are great. Use the same color pattern for setting up the categories banners. This color schedule is great!!!!? How to change the logo: [url removed, login to view]

-replace date at right upper corner with a Google search bar , I will deliver the code from my Adsense, use the Google search bar same location on my webpage as on [url removed, login to view]

-make Featured Articles scroll automatically see how to do this at [url removed, login to view] ?

--CREATE a page that will have all the TAGS…..a full page that has all the TAGS automatically added ( in alphabetical order?? )

-adapt the Opt-In Form? I provide you in HTML. Banner will be provided, you just adapt/change it with the text I will provide, and you make sure that the signup will work with my PHP List.. Make sure this Opt-In banner works with the plugin Headspace2, following the “What would Seth Godin do??-idea about showing the Opt-In a few times as long as the user doesn’t have the cookie that he signed in on the newsletter.

-you set up my PHP List, software is supported on [url removed, login to view] , can use Fantastico, you set it up so that it can work with my Opt In Box, I want to use the contact list for autoresponder and newsletter. You set up a template for a newsletter, using the style from [url removed, login to view] with logo. Style can be kept quite simple.? Newsletter should be sent out as well in HTML as in TXT FORMAT? Choose for TinyMCE editor

-make a Sitemap like on [url removed, login to view] probably you follow this explanation [url removed, login to view]

-enable Permalink/mod-rewrite option

-install RSS Feed and setup with Feedburner. Register on Feedburner with contact me, setup a template using my logo (if that is possible), including Adsense!? ? Install the FeedSmith plugin[url removed, login to view] ? ? ? ? I want a general Feed about new articles, and also a feed on all comments left on the website. Include a nice attractive orange RSS button on each page somewhere right corner top, under the “search “box

-Setup Comments for publishing only after approval. Adapt Comment Relish plugin to send a customized @mail after publishing comment only…. Using a pre set “auto responder?? text that I can edit before sending

-CREATE MY OWN WIDGET for adding “links in banner size?? to my postings. Under my posted articles I want to include something that looks like a simple banner Plse read [url removed, login to view] about creating your own widgets ….? I’d also like to point out that you can (and probably should) combine the user-defined functions file with a custom CSS stylesheet????? ? When you have a look on [url removed, login to view] you see the banner “get a quote?? that’s where I got the idea! What I WANT TO BE DONE IS THAT UNDER EACH ARTICLE I POST I CAN INCLUDE A BANNER… Actually that banner is a link to a product that I recommend. The size of the banner must fit in the width of the page, height variable so that it can include the text , off course it must have the text I provide , must have the possibility to include a small picture where on the example from [url removed, login to view] you see the arrow button , the widget you create must allow easily to have Alt Txt for link and Alt Txt for picture. All this can be same as [url removed, login to view] with white lettering same background colors but, with rounded dark blue corners . Once the banner is published? it must have the outside link opened on a NEW WINDOW.? ? I WOULD LIKE THIS KIND OF BANNER TO BE SET UP AS A WIDGET I CAN INSERT AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT IN EACH ARTICLE. Off course for different links. I see this widget as an easy and good-looking way to insert links, with the possibility to add a picture. Size of the picture also according the banner size, and maybe with a solution to use for me whether I choose for? align right or left.? ? I know I am asking too much, but I want it to be easy for me as I struggle a lot making links….sorry for that. So if the “widget?? you create would look for me as a fill in form how I need to set up my link,? and it results on the website not as a widget,? but as a nice banner I only use the name widget for my very own comfort!? ? ?

-CREATE MY OWN WIDGET? similar to above , but white background, dark blue rounded colors , no pictures , which I want to use to include Feeds from other websites in RSS or ATOM . The size from this widget must adapt according to the size of the feed text itself.? Again: it is not a widget to publish on the site as a widget, also this widget is just for me to make it easy to include a feed to an article, remember I am not technical minded!

-I want all links to be set to open in a NEW WINDOW, so just keep this in mind for anything you setup! Thanks.

-Make sure this Amazon widget underneath ( size 336x280? ) will? fit in the right sidebar, you can see an example on [url removed, login to view] . So this problem is about a real widget I can get thru Amazon, and same from other affiliates, I just wants to make sure it will fit in the “provided space?? or that it will automatically adjust to the space available…… Got what I mean?

<OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="[url removed, login to view]" id="Player_42d32636-09ab-447f-830a-4b38134ada51"? WIDTH="336px" HEIGHT="280px"> <PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="[url removed, login to view]"><PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high"><PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#FFFFFF"><PARAM NAME="allowscriptaccess" VALUE="always"><embed src="[url removed, login to view]" id="Player_42d32636-09ab-447f-830a-4b38134ada51" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_42d32636-09ab-447f-830a-4b38134ada51" allowscriptaccess="always"? type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="280px" width="336px"></embed></OBJECT> <NOSCRIPT><A HREF="[url removed, login to view]">[url removed, login to view] Widgets</A></NOSCRIPT>? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? IF FOR THIS KINDA PROBLEM YOU COULD CREATE ME AN EASY TO POST ??" WIDGET THAT I CAN CALL EVERYTIME I AM WRITING AN ARTICLE IT WOULD BE GREAT. With a button to choose whether I can include this in? the right sidebar or in the article itself.

-Create similar “widget?? to include 2 125x125 banners next to each other. See article about inserting banners [url removed, login to view]

-INSTALL Blog roll but rename it “Great Sites?? and apply a dropdown as seen on [url removed, login to view] ? see? At right sidebar

-do redirect 404 or whatever redirects I need, displaying a text that I will provide, and after 10 seconds displaying this text site visitor is automatically transferred? to homepage, this probably can be done with the Headspace2 plugin which I would like you to install? Also a 301 redirect for articles that not exist anymore ?? My host? [url removed, login to view] is Unix based hosting, maybe this article can help ? [url removed, login to view] ? or this one??[url removed, login to view] ?

-INSTALL FAVICON same as now on [url removed, login to view]

-No [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] or whatever? ? and always link back to the domain [url removed, login to view]

-on comments do not display Gravatars!!

-create categories as will be provided

-make sure the Wordpress site is set up to accept trackbacks, see Discussion Options page on? WP control panel.

-customize the footer

-check if it is possible to post a comment

-install PLUGINS:

Always latest “stable version plse?? plse check ON THE TIME YOU INSTALL that the version you install looks reliable.

---[url removed, login to view] should make installing the other plugins a tweak! Read more about this on [url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view] the best spot for the Google Analytics code would be the Footer template. You can place it just before the </body> tag

----[url removed, login to view] ? Is this latest version from this famous plugin??

-- Comment Relish plugin latest version plse [url removed, login to view] Tell me what I need to provide for autoresponder … I will provide “autoresponder txt?? and you tell me where I can find this to make changes in the future.

---[url removed, login to view] and setup to publish @name in dark blue color

---[url removed, login to view] ShareThis 2.0 plugin

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---install wp affiliate pro? [url removed, login to view]

---install/Activate Plugins for Popular Articles and Most Commented Articles

(this is pasted from wp-magazine online tutorial)

In the right sidebar, you’ll see a little box I call the “Site Guide.?? It’s designed to give your readers quick access to your most popular posts, most commented posts, site search, monthly archives and site tags (if you use them). For the popular posts and most comments posts to function, you’ll need 2 plugins; Alex Kings Popularity Contest (Note: Popularity Contest plugin has not been updated for WP 2.5 and above yet. There is a fix for it though here) and Nick Momrik’s Most Commented.

---- Install/Activate Plugin For Related Post? (also this is pasted from wp-magazine online tutorial)

If you look at the top of this article just under the post title, you’ll see a link that says “Related.?? The related articles are generated by a plugin called WordPress 2.3 Related Posts. It pulls other posts that share the same tags as the post you’re viewing. You’ll want to download, install and activate the latest version. If you prefer not to use the related posts function, the theme will function properly without it.

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view]

---[url removed, login to view] ? PLSE NOTE : can you also setup this plugin to work with the Opt In form/box according the “what would Seth Godin do?? idea? So that the Opt In form/BOX appears to those visitors who detain’t sign up yet

ANYTHING that is not clear : contact me

Plse make sure to summarize the question also in the subject line from the @mail

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