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PROJECT Detail :

-Budget for complete project: 50$ to 100$

- Clone of Word Web Pro 5 – [url removed, login to view] , but without disturbing it's copyright stuff.

- JAVA Or Delphi, C++ OR VB and Ms Access or Flat files ( Delphi with Flate File should be prefer)

- Programmer can also suggest the language as this software also need to work in PDA / Iphone / Imate / HTC / Smart Phones – (it may be JAVA is best for this purpose. )

- Programmer should provide full source code.

- Design of Dictionary is here but suggestion of better layout will be appreciated.

- Programmer only need to make dictionary software, all dictionary word database will be provided by us.

- The software could flexible to change it's database with new updated versions.

- This is in the deal that Programmer should be responsible for the bugs when ever it comes in the future.

- Software should work on Vista/XP/2000/98 & also in PDA / Iphone / Imate / HTC / Smart Phones

- Total dictionary installation file size shouldn't be more then 7 MB.

- Software can also install on USB / Memory chip and run as like Word-web pro version 5,

- The software should be ability to install even the client doesn't login through administrator. In this situation, the software will install at and make shortcuts.

C:\Documents and Settings\client\My Documents\My eBooks\Dictionary

If there will be problem in installation then it will copy and make shorcuts.

*** There will be two version for the software:

* Standard Version (FREE VERSION)

* Advance Version (PAID VERSION)

Paid version options will not be in the free version programming so there will be no kind of crack work in free version.

General options in both versions:

- Simple Dictionary Word Search and meaning.

- Dictionary should be auto suggest small list of words if the spelling may wrong (similar to Word web Pro)

- Auto-Lookup option should similar to Word-Web-Pro, If client put the cursor on the word and press shortcut then the dictionary will open and show the meaning of that word.. ( like Word Web Pro work in the Ms Word, Ms word pad, Txt or any other word processing software)

- The current shortcut always be appear in the upper “blue” bar of dictionary. ( look option # 9 in the layout picture)

- A small “word input” box should be in the right side ( upper side of clock) where is the client write the word and enter, then the dictionary will open and show the meaning.

- Option # 8 …. ------ Nearest words … Look detail at the end of page

---- PAID VERSION Options

- Wildcard Search

It is simple wild card option using * or ? .

If the client search so*h*tic?te* the list of word should appear




T??SH --------- finds = thrash, thresh and thrush

*GRY ---------- finds = angry, hungry and unangry

?*Q*P ---------- finds = acquaintanceship, equip,

so*h*ted--------- finds = softhearted, sophisticated

s*p*t*n*o*s----- = spontaneous, septentrional,

-- Topic Related Word Search

Similar to Word web pro “Full Text option” with more advance options . Test search means that the query will search the text “meaning” of the word not itself the word through wild card option.

For example : If client search :

C*:Kidney = All related word which start with c and in there meaning there is a word kidney

*:newyork = then the list of word will appear which will be related to NewYork

*:e = The words appear which will have main word start with e

*:usa+dell = It's mean that the word which has USA and dell in their meaning.

*:usa-dell = It's mean that the word which has USA and not dell in their meaning.

- While showing words, in there front there will be one line meaning, upon click of any word, that word will come with meaning.

-This above option will work through two way: one insert options in the mean search box or the separate query page for client.

User will have limited numbers of computer to install and get authentication ( about 5, default set & could be increase by admin). Every system information will be save and could be retrieve unlimited times.

******** Advertisement options

= With the simple and small separate software program for admin, Can insert / edit these followings features in the both, Advance and standard dictionary software versions:-

- Through Admin software:

Line Advertisement Section : -

------ Location Point 1 & 2 - Admin can insert sentence in these places with URL link through the administrative software. Upon click, the website will open on internet explorer.

------- Location Point 4 - Banner Advertisement Section : -

The banners can inserted by admin through administrative software

-------- Location Point 3 : -

Through admin software, admin can change / edit these text

-------- Location Point 6 : -

These are the click options to open Unit Conversion etc. …

************ Paid version Authentication system:

-- After installation of Paid Version, To open first time and run the software, A authentication input page will show to client where he insert the serial number and his email then the software will deduct his computer Hard disk serial number, and will display in a one line combination with this format (email-serial-Harddisk number),

= Serial number will consist of some simple formula

= Administrator can change formula in software anytime.

- Assign a password which may run software with full option only for 10 times or which admin allow”.

- Assign a unique password which may no need the authentication process and the software will run in full options.

- Admin can able to allow the advance software run as basic before to authentication, but if not allow then it will not run without authentication process.

------ Web Authentication section -----PHP / HTML

The user will copy and paste that line in the website. (the authentication website page will come with-in Dictionary). The website will first check his email in the record and after calculation, will email the authentication number to user. User will put that number in the box to activate the advance version of dictionary software.

- If it is first time, the website will check the format of serial number, save his email ID in it's list and then send the authentication ,

- There will be managing a simple txt list on the website with serial and client email.

--- prefer that the database consist on simple text file and could have procedure to make backup and restore by administrator . Prefer if the file also email itself to administrator after every 24 hr.

= Administrator can change formula in website anytime.

*** Client can buy through paypal, [url removed, login to view] (and [url removed, login to view] or from any of the best software selling merchant [url removed, login to view] ) , When the amount charged from client credit card, the serial number, and the temporary download link will be email to him. From where he will download the software. This download link will be for limited time only and then it will be invalid.

*** Software Selling Procedure:

The procedure will be two types of selling software. One through website and second through CD sale in the market……………... In the online section, the system will generate itself the serial number at the time of buying , this serial number will associate with his email address and while authentication, it will match. But for manual CD sale, there will be two type, either the administrator will manually add the numbers and in second type the system will generate the serial number which the administrator will issue with the CDs. When the client will insert the serial number and his email address, his email address will associate with his email address.

--- The system will deduct the user IP and if he is from India or Pakistan then he will redirect to Indian or Pakistan pages where there will be also option for cheque, so if the user don't hv credit card, he will write in the form his information of the cheque number, his name and email address and send the cheque to bank. Through web, admin will check the bank account and if the cheque received then admin will login in his account and approve. On approval, a email will go him as like in the process through creditcard , in email there will be the temporarily download link and serial number.

---Plz read detail if there services on [url removed, login to view] , I think many of these above factions there are already providing.

Also Visit the procedure of [url removed, login to view] at

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

--- We welcome better suggestion regarding online / cd selling with piracy protection.

--- Programmer should also make the intro 1 or 2 pages of my software and then buying and authentication process .

-- Prefer those Programmers who will also commit to send my software to 100s of software websites like [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] etc .


The attached file is the basic design of Dictionary but programmer could suggest the better design which may not conflict with the word web pro dictionary and would not violate it's copyright.


-- Unit Conversion Software

I need the clone of this Unit conversion software to add in the dictionary.

[url removed, login to view] ( Plz download and test it)

When client select Unit from the option “List of Units”, the Category will automatic selected.

Along unit input, It could be best for me if possible same data in my website through php.

Administrator can add, delete or edit

Free version will have few and need to add by client him self where-as Advance version will hv all units.


-------------- Small Windows Start-up Manager ------------------

A simple software which could show the full list of Startup and services [the two last option page which is " startup" and "services ." ( after hide Microsoft services) ] from " Windows Configuration Utility " . (Windows Configuration Utility is a Microsoft windows option which appear when run the command " msconfig " in windows. )

Better to show both pages list in a single widow

Many people dont know about common “msconfig” or always forget this simple command So through it's page they can uncheck the program it will not start

Look at this small free program. is good example but I have notice that although there are lot of options but not bringing the same long list which Windows startup manager bring. Second , to un-check the program for disable is more better and easy way . My software will be more simple then it.

It will be like this free small program. [url removed, login to view]

Should work in XP/ 98/Vista


Skills: .NET, Anything Goes, C Programming, Delphi, Java, Microsoft Access

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