I want a products and resources download page like the HMA UNIVERSITY PRODUCTS DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR MEMBERS to be created for trade exchange.

Here are the features:

1. There will be user panel and admin panel. The admin panel is the section where the content of the members area can be edited, added or uploaded and members can be added, or removed etc

2. The users panel is where the users can login in with username and password to download html, pdf, audio, video, powerpoint, word docs, and different types of files etc

3. User can register for membership and be given username and password in their email after registering. But user registration has to be approved by admin before user can have access to the members download area

4. users can also be added manually by the admin

5. There should be password retrieval option in case user forgets password, they can enter the email address in the system and password will be resent to them

6. The user panel will display major category links for different types of products, resources or files that the user can download. Each category will have options for uploading files by admin and option for downloading files by user, like hma university download links

7. The category of files in the panel will display in rectangular boxes. Whenever a new category is created it will also have its own rectangular box

8. There will be super admin that can create other admins

9. Super admin can add new admin, edit profile of admin, delete admin, restrict admin's access, block admin's access etc

10. admin or super admin can do the following

-create new category of files

-can rearrange the category of files to make one be on top, at the bottom or in any order in which admin wants the category of files boxes to appear to the users in their panels

-upload any type of files like image, word doc, text file, audio, video, PowerPoint, pdf, etc

-when files are uploaded they get arranged in order of upload. Though admin can also rearrange files by selecting which files should come first, and which files should be next etc

-delete files one by one or in bulk

-add content on top of file, beside or under file.

-add content on top ,beside or under each category box

-format content like bold, italized, color, resize, underline

-add user manually to have password, username etc

-delete user

-edit user profile like username, password, name, email address

-select the access level of user. Can select the resources user can have access to and can state the resources that user is not allowed to gain access to.

-Admin can make any resource restricted, inaccessible or to require admin password for anyone to access such resource.

-can create a new page for a different set of resources where new categories of products, new admins, new users can be created


If you can do this project, please prove that you understand exactly what I want by doing two things

1. Give me a screen shot of how the admin and user panel interface should or could look like when it is done.

2. In your own words, describe or restate exactly what you understand by what I want in this project

If your screen shot and explanation shows that you know what I want, then, you'd get the project. If I get more than one person whose screen shots and explanations shows that they know what I want, then, I'd choose the person whose admin and user interface is more beautifully designed or arranged. Of course the bid amount could also give you an edge over others that are equally skilled at providing great screen shot.

I look forward to receiving your bid and prove that you understand what I want in this project.

Happy bidding

Skills: Graphic Design, MySQL, PHP, Script Install, Website Design

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