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Design 2 quick basic Logos - Design 2 sided Business Card ASAP - within next 3 hours Design 2 sided flyer print ready - ongoing work - design 2 simple websites showcasing the history of the development of one of our website through a freelancer -- 2 Design 2 Site Using "Avada" theme of Wordpress For Rs.1000 complete project - Design 2 t-shirts Design 2 T-Shirts - 2 Designs - design 2 vector logos/header images Design 2 version - Design 2 webpages, PSD only no coding. Design 2 webshops with common shopping cart - Design 2 widgets for website Design 2 word logo for "Quick Loan Company" - Design 2-3 5x7 Double-Sided Flyers for client and B2B- eventual online use Design 2-3 Banner or Slider images for our website - Design 2-Page NCD Html Website Design 2-Page PSD to HTML Responsive Parallex Website - Design 20 Banners and 20 Footers to match the Banners Design 20 Banners for Smart Cities Expo World Forum - Design 20 Simple Logos Design 20 small icons - Design 210 / 270 ad based on visual guidelines Design 21Banners - Design 25 Image Memes - Design 25 invitations - Design 2d car from one side Design 2D Cartoon Character of a Real Person - Design 2x Logos Design 2x logos - Design 3 Animated Banner of same size Design 3 animated Banners which can imported on master slider application for WordPress. - Design 3 Banners Design 3 Banners - Design 3 Banners for E commerce website Design 3 Banners for educational website - Design 3 Banners. Urgent project. Design 3 Beautiful Banners - Design 3 Company Logos today asap logo designer Design 3 company logos using the same theme - Design 3 different Member Card levels Design 3 Different options for a Booklet Cover - Design 3 Flash Based Advertisement banners for health website - Children's Health Design 3 Flash Based Advertisement banners for health website - Children's Health - repost - Design 3 Hoverboards Design 3 HTML pages - Design 3 Images for Wordpress Sidebar Design 3 Images in Photoshop - DiseƱar 3 imagenes en Photoshop - design 3 logo Design 3 Logo - design 3 logos Design 3 Logos - Design 3 logos for my client - open to bidding Design 3 Logos for My Site - Design 3 More pages of an website Design 3 More pages of an website - Repost - Design 3 pages for a eCommerce website Design 3 pages for a pricelist - Design 3 pictures per alphabet for an alphabet book design 3 pie charts based on excel data - Design 3 Product Images Design 3 Product Logos - Design 3 simple little award logos for a board game... Design 3 simple logos - Design 3 small static banners /JPG/ Design 3 Small T-Shirt Logos - Design 3 types of drink bottels Design 3 types of plants - Design 3 webpages in existing website look and feel Design 3 Website Banners - Design 3 x 1 minute You-Tube Clips Design 3 x Advertisment coupons - Design 3-D Renderings for Home Design 3-Page Health Website - Design 30 Icons Design 30 icons - Design 30-50 Landing Pages! Design 300 greeting and 300 wedding cards - design 3D design 3d - Design 3D Avatar Design 3D Background (Maya and zbrush ) - Design 3d design Design 3D design for my office - modren design - design 3D kiosk 2mx2M design 3D layout for drawings provided - Design 3D Model of Mazda RX-7 in Lego Digital Designer Design 3d model of patio and very simple animation - Design 3D of a carton box Design 3d of the game environment - Design 3D Rocket Design 3D sculpt models for 3D printing, make 2D logos into 3D files. - Design 3x 32px icons(repost) design 3x advertisement mobile landing page - Design 4 banner images for website Design 4 banner slides - Design 4 Banners for adult website Design 4 Banners For Adwords - Design 4 bit Brainless CPU Processor which consists of ALU, Registers, Accumulator, Decoder, Buffer, Clock Debouncer and 7 segment controller using VHDL. Design the Netlist for FPGA board and Testbench for CPU simulation. Design 4 blog templates - design 4 Facebook ads for a tee spring launch Design 4 Facebook Advertisements banners (Everything delivered) - design 4 icons (already have models, just need to replicate) Design 4 icons + improve 5 .ppt images in .ai - Design 4 Landing Pages for Energy Efficient Lighting & 6 Banners for website design 4 landing pages templates - Design 4 Logos in 20$ Design 4 Logos per day ongoing (Daily budget: $30) - Design 4 Pages Design 4 pages - Design 4 Popup Banners With CSS and Widgets Design 4 Popup Banners With CSS and Widgets -- 2 - Design 4 Shirt design Design 4 silk embroidered female blazers - Design 4 T-Shirts Design 4 T-Shirts - Design 4 Webpage Mockups Design 4 webpages - Design 4-6 kids activity sheets Design 4-page Index Table on Indesign File - Design 4x6 Party Flyer Design 4x8 double sided ad for Softball photography - Design 5 Banners Design 5 Banners - Design 5 Banners about Cars Business Design 5 Banners and install rotating banner system - Design 5 beautiful Icons for website Design 5 Book Covers for Kindle and other ebook readers - Design 5 editable social media frames. Design 5 edited versions of existing watch design - Design 5 html pages for show in Mobile App Design 5 html pages with sign up forms and builtin css - Design 5 Interior Design Computer Rendering Design 5 items by Monday Deadline 11/7/2016 - Design 5 Marla Double Story House Plan Design 5 Marla Double Story House Plan - design 5 photos, I work like I have to test it when we done i will put money and release other wise dont bid me Design 5 pictograms - Design 5 shields to represent levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, crystal) Design 5 Simple images - Design 5 templates for a website Design 5 templates for Metroscape - This is for TIMID - Design 5 websites in wordpress for phpyouth Design 5 Websites with Adobe Muse CC - Design 50 Logos for a Designing company. Design 50 Mandala Inspired Drawings for Colouring in - Design 55 Simple Icons Design 560 Logos - Design 6 banners
Design 6 banners - Design 6 Christian T-shirts Design 6 CREATIVE book cover using kindle automatic - Design 6 inserts Design 6 JPG in Web Page W3 Compliant CSS - Design 6 posters (with the same theme provided) Design 6 promo slides for website - Design 6 window stickers design 6 x 11 post card - Design 6x Banner Design 6x9 Postcards for Direct Mailing w/ 4 separate logos - DESIGN 7 LOGOS Design 7 Logos - DESIGN 7 WEB PAGES and PHP WEBSITE Design 7 Website Mockup/designs - Design 8 Flyers Design 8 for Webworker only - Design 8 promotional magazine pages Design 8 PSD pages of an ongoing project. - Design 80 Facebook picture posts and 80 Quotes ( Read the description before you bid) Design 80 Pages web site ( Budget $450USD ) - design 9 page ( landing page - home page - register forme - search result page ) Design 9 Page Responsive HTML5 Website (Photoshop PSD) for Retail Computer Stores - Design : Graphical Elements for Website (Logo, button, sign up box,...) - open to bidding Design : Logo & Corporate Stationary - Design Design \"Happy new year\" calendar for Russian government company - Design a adult porn website and add html coding of pornography site and get traffic to this website Design a adult porn website and add html coding of pornography site and get traffic to this website -- 2 - Design a certification of graduation & Logo Design a chat application on design. - Design a Ebook of 20-25 Pages Long design a electronic device - Design a Homepage Website Mockup Design a Hookah , Shisha using a software program - Design a logo and business card for new software company design a logo and favicon icon for - Design a night club party Flyer Design a Photography Logo - Design a Simple Logo Design a simpleT-Shirt - Design a Website Design a website - Design a "concept" for an animation video promoting sushi eating Design a "Contact Form 7" WordPress Plugin Extension & API - Design a "Sales" landing page for my website Design a "Save the Date" card - Design a (Comparison) Banner Design a (HI-RES) Logo - Design a 1 page Advertisement Design a 1 page Brochure - Design a 1 page site with no HTML Design a 1 page Website - Design a 10 bedroom duplex, Architectural, Mechanical, Structural and Electrical plans design a 10 feet display - Design a 100 page product catalogue - Repost - open to bidding Design a 100% custom font and update old brand logo - Design a 12V Universal Input AC/DC switching power supply Design a 13 page A3 calendar for 2015 - Design a 1920s caravan cocktail site design a 1950s style comic like logo - Design a 2 Logo and 2 business cards for big group in Taiwan Design a 2 Logo for department of environements application - Design a 2 page PDF Infographic / brochure Design a 2 page property advertisement - Design a 2 sided colour A5 flyer Design a 2 sided DL Flyer - Design a 2-page website Design a 2-page website layout (coding separate) - Design a 24-Page Magazine Design a 24-Page Magazine - design a 2d map design a 2d map from 3d data - Design a 3 emails marketing ads Design a 3 floor house, boundary 3x16m - Design a 3 x (3 page App Mockup + logo) Design a 3 x Banners - Design a 30pc Jewellery range and render in 3D Design a 30th Birthday Invitation - Design a 3D Art Gallery Website Mockup Design a 3D artwork to be applied on floor - DESIGN A 3D GUI FOR MUSICPLUGIN design a 3D head - Design a 3D Logo Design a 3D Logo - Design a 3D Logo -- 2 Design a 3D logo and a business card - Design a 3D Megalodon image for tee shirt Design a 3D model - Design a 3D Print Model and Design of a smart ring Design a 3D Print Model and Design of a smart ring - Design a 3D vector character to our web development company Design a 3D visualization on Kitchen Area (Kitchen Cabinet, Applicances, Cabinet Placement) for a Small Apartment - Design a 4 page A5 brochure from an existing website Design a 4 Page Brochure - Design a 4 x 6 PROMOTIONAL Post card Design a 4" Circular Pizza Business Card - Template provided - Design a 4pg A5 Brochure Design a 4x6 flyer - Design a 5 simple icon for coffee & Tea Design a 5 Step White Label Dating Signup From - Design a 5x7 Postcard with the attached logo QUICKLY. -- 2 Design a 6 Banners For My Website - Design a 7 page Brochure Design a 7 page handout - Design a 8.5 x 11 Menu Design a 8.5 x 11 table sign - Design a a smartwatch and smartphone app Design a a very simple Logo ( examples inside ) - design a A4 Business folder Design a A4 doc presentation - Design a A4 Size High Res Pdf for Printing Design a A4 size MENU for my business - Design a Abandoned Cart Email Design a abstract syntax tree c++ - Design a adult video website Design a adult web page - Design a Advt Banner for PDD File Hosting Site Design a AdWords Banner (animated + static) - Design a an Icon Design a an OSCOMMERCE website - Design a animated GIF banner for 1DCutX Design a animated icon - Design a any logo you want Design a app - Design a App Store Icon, 1024 x 1024 design a APP template for our website - Design a architectural residential plan for a plot Design a arduino or other Micro board and software to run - Design a auto dealer Logo Design a auto detailing tri fold brochure - Design a B2B flyer and html email Design a B2C infographic - Design a Background Design a Background - Design a background image for our fb page Design a Background Image for Website - design a badge for a security guards uniform Design A Badge For Resellers - Design a balcony space Design a Bali villa & home stay - Design a Banner Design a Banner - Design a Banner Design a Banner - Design a Banner Design a Banner - Design a Banner