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Develop android browser app- lopende werkzaamheden - Develop android mobile App Develop Android Mobile Application - Develop Android VPN client integrated with IPVanish API (white label) Develop android web apps - Develop anti-malware software by modifying existing source code DEVELOP ANTICAFE PLATFORM - Develop API for transport company website Develop API for Windows Vista, XP and 2000 (W98 and NT desirable) - Develop app Develop app - develop app for analytics using shopify api Develop app for Android & iPhone for - Develop APP for Iphone -- 2 Develop app for iPhone with CMS control - Develop app like Todo Movies Develop app like UBER - Develop app with Ionic for Apple and Android Develop App with map points - Develop Application based on EXTJS 4 Develop Application Control Bluetooth Device/Product - Develop Application to Download PDF Files Develop application to fetch data from a form - Develop apps in shopify apps develop apps though my software on my website - develop art contest site w/ cash prizes and ability to vote develop art website - Develop Asterisk, Web based TTS outbound call system develop at website. template already on big commerce, already have finished design files. - Develop AutoIT3 Script - Automation Develop automated algorithmic forex trading system using REST API/Java - Develop bacarrat and poker multiplayer game in Unity Develop back end control panel - Develop Backoffice Develop Backoffice for App - Develop basic starup Develop basic Tetris iphone game - Develop BIM model [Archi(25%)+Structure(100%)+MEP(10%)] - LOD 200 Develop Binary SMS to connect to SyncML server - develop booking website Develop boonex dolphin site - Develop Brightsign software to allow remote management of players Develop Brochure - Develop business App Develop business App -- 2 - Develop business requirements for online forms browser Develop business rule in the implementation layer (Java + Jpa) - Develop C# objects used with WinForms for managing users and roles for the SQLEXPRESS Develop C# Service to access Amazon S3 as drive letter d:\ - Develop Call Shop software for voipswitch Develop call to action buttons for my Joomla website. - develop CASINO, JACKPOT and POCKER type flash games develop CASINO, JACKPOT and POCKER type flash games - open to bidding - Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost - open to bidding - Develop chrome crx to save SNS profle(e.g. LinkedIn Profile) to Odoo 8 partner contact Develop Chrome Extension - Develop Client-side JavaScripts for NetSuite Develop Client-Side JavaScripts for NetSuite Browser ERP - Develop code for check-out form for a online restaurant business Develop Code for eBay Sniping Web Site - Develop Commercial Client Account software for legal firm and license control Develop Commericial Website - Develop complete book design and formatting (print ready version) using manuscript. Develop complete branding kit - Develop Computer Vision Software , Video streaming for IPTV Develop concepts for presentations - Develop Content for new business Website Develop Content for new business Website - Develop Corporate identity Develop corporate identity - Develop Coupon Management System - PHP (Codeigniter) Web Application Develop Coupons Website - Develop Cron to copy and sync K2 article databases and image directories to share articles across sites -- 2 Develop Cross platform Android / iOs App - Develop cucinachef store Develop Currency Exchange Site Using Open Source Bitcoin Exchange - Develop custom code for Fundify! Develop custom codec/software - Develop Custom MAC Software Develop Custom MAC Software - Develop custom SaaS solution for my business Develop Custom Salesforce Objects & Integrations - Develop custom website on bootstrap using php/mysql/google map api Develop Custom Website using Word Press and Flash - Develop Customized Android application Develop customized application Visual Basic. NET Database Sql Server - Develop Data Registration Path Develop Data Storage Transformation Report - Develop Database/Attendance Application Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS - Develop demo of gaming portal website Develop demo scene on DirectX and C++ - Develop Desktop Application (Medical Management System) Develop Desktop application for HR, Payroll - Develop Digital Signage Restaurant Menu in HTML5 to Load on Media Player Develop diploma level ICT units - Develop downloadable PDF Joomla component for form records Develop Downloader at WPF. - develop drupal webpages Develop Drupal website - DEVELOP E-COMMERCE SITE Develop e-commerce site - Develop e-Wallet. Develop EA - Develop eclipse GMF application Develop Eclipse Plugin - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - ricin Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - smallpox - Develop Email Plug ins for IE, Firefox, Chrome for web email Develop Email Plug-Ins - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Employee Affairs system Using SQL Develop Employee Based "Affiliate Program" - Develop EPOS Software Develop EPP Domain Registration Software, must have knowledge of EPP and ZACR - Develop Excel Add-in Develop Excel file for ebay file transfer - develop existing algorithms and compare them after development Develop Existing Android Application To Requirement Spec - Develop Existing Website. Develop Existing Websites - Develop extension/plugin that enhances\'s existing feature set. Develop extensions for an Online store - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop Facebook Page Develop facebook page - Develop Feature-rich Interactive Stock Charts with JavaScript + D3 Develop Featureds Cake PHP Code - Develop file maker Develop File Manager and MP3 App - Develop Firefox extension Develop Firefox Web Services Extension - Develop Flash banners for website Develop Flash Based Online Game - Car Modification Game - Develop flash of JQuery Module for DNN 6 Develop flash player to our video site - develop for me a small windows desktop application to catch expiring domains. develop for me a web based application - Develop Forum using ASP.NET MVC (c#) + Entity Framework Develop forum website - Develop Front End Cross platform Application
Develop Front End Design and wire frame for iPhone and Android App - Develop Full Flash Based Web site - only experienced developer please Develop Full Flash Website - Develop funky/ quirky shop front wallpaper design Develop funny website from template. - Develop Game like Minecraft and Skyrimm Develop game menu based on Scaleform GFX from Adobe Photoshop - Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). Develop Genesis Child Theme - Develop Google Maps, Yahoo Local, or Bing Maps Visual Basic Web Scraper Develop Google Play API - Develop guage with Google Visualzation API develop guesthouse website - Develop Heart Failure Registry database Develop Heart Failure Registry database - repost - Develop hispanic health/medical blog Develop Hive scripts - Develop HR Software Develop HRM and Payroll Database - Develop HTML Template Develop html website iD - Develop hybrid mobile app Develop hybrid mobile app using Xamarin - Develop Image Processing Module for Android App Develop image recognition software (similar to facial recognition) preferably using Python, but suggestions are welcome. - Develop Information based website Develop information forms for business card website - Develop interactive info-point with c++ Develop interactive infographic in HTML5 - Develop Intranet Homepage in SharePoint online Develop intranet portal - Develop iOS (Unity) physics Develop iOS + Android App - Develop iOS and Android application Develop iOS and Android application (repost) - Develop iOS App (iPhone) Develop iOS app + Android app (Arabic Language is Must) - Develop iOS Application Develop IOS Application (iphone/ipad) - Develop iOS multi-player strategy game demo Develop iOS Music App - Develop IPad Application to fill out PDF forms Develop iPad document viewer (scroll) - Develop iPhone and Android Application Develop iPhone and Android application - Develop iPhone App Develop iPhone App - Develop iPhone app for Loan Calculations Develop iPhone app for online shopping - Develop iPhone Application - Scan QR BarCodes & Geo Location Develop iPhone application - Video app - develop iphone ipad game Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment - Develop iPhone/iPad/Android Meme Generator App Develop iPhone/iPad/iPod app game - develop java based web application develop java based web application - Develop Javascript to display alert to visitors from certain counties Develop Javascript/Wordpress Banner Slider - Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website Develop Joomla Component to Integrate with Teamwork PM's API - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop LARAVEL FRAMEWORK-powered website Develop Large Scale Massings of Urban Centre in SKETCHUP - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form - Develop local leads for my business Develop local leads for my business - Develop Logo Concept - repost Develop Logo Facebook Fanpage (drop of light) - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 6 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 7 - develop MAC OS Develop Mac OS X app that hides background applications (and desktop) - Develop Magento Front End Template develop magento module - Develop Main Page for a simple WebSite Application Develop Makefile - Develop Marketplace Ecommerce Services Site Develop marketplace website - Develop MCDST Online Content develop MCQ's - develop medical related app Develop Mega File Hosting Script - Develop method of formatting excel file without excel installed Develop method to extract client name and contact info from online CRM for law firm into XML hotdocs file - Develop MMORPG game Develop MMORPG game -- 2 - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for my current widget Develop Mobile App for my widget - Develop Mobile app using Phonegap and GWT Develop Mobile App using Xamarin Studio - Develop mobile application for iPhone and Android Develop mobile Application in Android & Java - develop mobile game for kids develop mobile game for kids -- 2 - Develop Mobile Website Develop mobile website.... - develop module for prestashop design product -- 3 step -- 2 develop module for prestashop design product -- 3 step 3.1 - Develop Movement algorithms, Decision Making, and Product Development in C++ Develop Movie Website - develop multi file upload as product + search bar category search list + admin marketplace commission Develop Multi Level Marketing module on OpenCart - Develop music player for magento store Develop MVC module using PHP Codeigniter - Develop my CV Develop my database application - Develop my mobile game for both ios and android Develop my Multi Level Market force - Develop my spreadsheet with interactive tabs, and graphs Develop my spreadsheet with interactive tabs, and graphs - open to bidding - develop my website and add some future on my template Develop my website and adjust some things in the PSD files - Develop Native Android application (**Urgent** ) Develop Native App For IOS and android - develop new algorithm develop new App - develop new features for an existing application -- 2 Develop new features for existing SAAS Codeigniter application - Develop New iPhone/iPad game Develop New Job Portal and Community site (ideally using a CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla) - Develop New responsive Website Develop new section for custom PHP site - Develop new Website Develop new website - Develop News aggregation website using Drupal Develop News Application - Develop October CMS extension. Develop Odds Matching software - Develop OHS Training Package Develop ois app application and submit in app shop after completion - Develop one or many templates within the Direct-Choice CMS Develop one or two d3.js pages - Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net -- 2 - Develop online exam software. Develop Online Farm Management Software Development with Partner Android App - Develop Online Print Service Develop Online Questionnaire for Market Research - Develop Online Stores with Magento CE