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Develop an application for android and iOS - develop an application form using php/mysql Develop an Application from Scratch - Develop an Application to be used in a similar way to uber with less detail required develop an application to collect and set up customer records for racket re-stringing - DEVELOP AN APPRAISAL SYSTEM Develop an approval application, a test plan for developers. (iPhone, IPad, Watch) - Develop an Auction/Buy&Sell Website (with video) Develop an audio musical - Develop An Chatting App like Whatsapp Develop An Chatting App like Whatsapp - Develop an e-commerce website Develop an E-commerce Website - develop an easy website- easy money Develop an eBay App to implement Feedback into listings - Develop an Educational Android App Develop an educational app - develop an electronic toy that makes sounds and lights up DEVELOP AN ELEVEN-FRAMES, LARGE-SIZED FLASH ANIMATION SWF FILE for My Dating Site - Develop an English Test Develop an Enterprise Data Storage Transformation Strategy Report - Develop An Excel Database List - Create Database Develop an excel file to solve scheduling problem using branch and bound method - Develop an existing online store in Magento Develop an existing paper - develop an ftp client-server application based on the UDP protoco Develop an FTP data backup app. Java or other cross platform technology - Develop an Identity (Name, Icon) for a Macintosh Application Develop an Identity for a web application - Develop an infographic for superhero films repost Develop an infographic for superhero films repost -- 2 - Develop an integration with WHMCS Develop an intelligent Python-based API - develop an interactive t-shirt Develop an interactive visualization tool - Develop an intrusion detection system develop an inventory management app for convenience store. The app needs to be devlope for iPad and android - Develop an IOS and Android app Develop an iOS and Android App - Develop an IOS APP for Restaurants Develop an iOS App for a start-up (equity pay) - Develop an ios application Develop an IOS Application - Develop an IOS application with voice chat between users Develop an iOS Core Motion / GPS tracking, recording and social application - develop an iOS, Android and website Develop an IOS, Android, Ipad, mobile application with admin cpanel - Develop an iPad application Develop an iPad application - Develop an iPhone /Android application Develop an iphone 4s+ client and partner apps - Develop an Iphone App Develop an Iphone App - develop an iphone app develop an iphone app - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone Camera related app Develop an iPhone client for OwnCloud - Develop an iPhone/android application -- 2 Develop an iPhone/android application for take away food. - Develop an mobile ap develop an mobile app - Develop an odoo/openerp module for money transfers Develop an offline application form - Develop an online claims calculator develop an online classified website like quikr - Develop an Online Food Ordering system Develop an Online Food Ordering system - Develop an online SaaS offering for 40 grocery stores (1394907) Develop an online SEO Video Course - Powerpoint/Transcript/Ebook - Develop an online test Develop an online trading web application - Develop an order form for a flowerstore Develop an order form with online payment option - Develop an RFID plugin for Fedena Open Source Develop an SaaS project management based on codeigniter framework - Develop an SSB software Develop an started iphone app with CORE DATA - Develop Analytics Platform - repost Develop and Ios , Android application and Website - Develop and App تطوير موبايل أبليكيشن مثل نظام الأندرويد الموجود على سوق جوجل (الملتقى التربوي) وسيتم تزويدكم بكافة التفاصيل الفنية develop and app for knitters - Develop and compile using SIGAR libraries Develop and complete an iphone app - almost done - Develop and design a ecommerce-like site. Develop and design a ecommerce-like site. No cart or payment gateway needed. - Develop and Design a WordPress Plugin Develop and design an advertising message - Develop and Design multilevel menbership website Wordpress Develop and design my website from a ready template in magento go - develop and document software application using scrum methodology Develop and embed JavaScript & PHP - Develop and help design an iPhone app Develop and host an online training program - Develop and improve features on opencart website Develop and infopath Template urgently. No Need designing.. - Develop and iOS App - Looking for a business partner Develop and iOS app for a client - Develop And Maintain VPN Server With Private IP Address Develop and maintain webshop on and - Develop and Monetize and Develop and Ngram Tool - Develop and run web business in Jakarta Develop and SDK in C# from an ASP.NET platform for third party developer to build extensions and modules - Develop and web design Wordpress template -- 2 Develop and web design Wordpress template -- 3 - Develop Android / iPhone App Develop Android 4 (Ice Cream) ROM - Develop Android and iOS application and a functional website Develop Android and iOS apps of an Opencart eCommerce site - Develop Android App Develop Android App - Develop Android App and Reskine develop android app based on existing ios app currently in app store - develop Android app from my Wordpress Classifieds website with google map/gps augmented reality for ads - repost 2 develop Android app from my Wordpress Classifieds website with google map/gps augmented reality for ads - repost 3 - Develop Android app! Develop Android App. for audit store - develop Android application Develop Android application -- 2 - Develop Android Application with SQL Google Cloud Develop android Application with using webservices - develop android game from this swf game Develop Android game using specified engine - Develop Android version of an existing iOS app Develop Android version of an existing iOS app for a Charity project - Develop android/ios mobile app Develop Angular 2 Blogging Web App. - Develop API access in Google Apps Develop API Application (Google Places) - Develop API using Laravel 5.1.x using MySQL and Redis for storage Develop API using Symfony or Silex using MySQL and Redis for storage - Develop app develop app - open to bidding - Develop app for device in python, includes UI, Web Service Develop App for equity (firm valued at $7 billion) - develop app for online grocery store for both ios & android Develop app for photo upload and checkout.. - develop app or site to work with twilio Develop App RealBasic Mac - Develop Apple Hour/Calendar App Develop Apple iOS app for radio station and slight upgrade to Android App - Develop Application for IOS apps Develop Application for OS and Android - Develop Application: iOS, Android, & Website
Develop applications and interface in HTML - Develop Aquarium Website develop AR floor plans - develop ASP web site Develop asp. Net website app - develop auction site in Php Develop Auction Website - Develop automated soluion to generate Profit and Loss , Balance Sheet from Trial Balance of MYOB - repost Develop Automated Trading Platform - Php/mysql Phase 1 - Develop Back-end for my website - URGENT Develop Back-end for my website - URGENT - Develop banner generator Develop Banner Poster - Develop Basic Website Develop basic website design to be hosted on GoDaddy using their tools - Develop Bitcoin Exchange Website and Mobile APP Develop Bitcoin ICO platform - Develop bots for Adidas US, Nike US, Supreme NY - reoccuring payments. Develop bottle volume and cap size measurement like the attachment - Develop brochure for precision weights product Develop Brochure Template with Folder Style - develop business case and costs Develop Business Identity - Develop Business Video for Recruitment DEVELOP BUSINESS WEBSITE - Develop C# test script to test a web application using Selenium Develop C# winform appplication to transform data from an SQL query into a HTML document - Develop call to action buttons for my Joomla website. Develop Callback application for Mobile - develop CASINO, JACKPOT and POCKER type flash games - open to bidding Develop Casual Game - Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost - open to bidding - Develop Chrome Extension Develop Chrome Extension - Develop Client-side JavaScripts for NetSuite Develop Client-Side JavaScripts for NetSuite Browser ERP - Develop code for an Access database Develop code for check-out form for a online restaurant business - Develop coming Soon Page Develop Commercial Client Account software for legal firm - Develop Company Website Develop company website with Drupal - Develop Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Develop Comptia A+ Online content - develop content for my site / digital brochure develop content for my site / digital brochure - open to bidding - Develop Corporate Collateral Develop Corporate Flyer, Brochure and Pamphlet - Develop corporate website Develop Corporate Website - open to bidding - Develop CRM for retail shop Develop CRM System (Starting From Existing Template) - Develop CSS / HTML web form Develop CSV export changes for Ninja - Develop Custom Booking Function for WP Theme Develop Custom Booking Function for WP Theme - Develop custom GUI Develop Custom High End Flash player - Develop custom Prestashop extension for Community Edition Develop Custom Programming Test Questions - Visual Basic .NET Only - Develop custom theme with WordPress and Responsive Design develop custom type product customiser plugin - Develop Custom WP based Website - Fully responsive Develop Custome Design Website using WORDPRESS - Develop Data driven animation Develop Data Entry App for Internal Business Use - Develop database of Aged Care / Nursing Homes in Victoria, Australia Develop database of Australian Chambers of Commerce - Develop dating-escort/social website with version mobile (NO app) in core PHP Develop DDC/EDID application - Develop Design Style Guide for website and mobile app Develop design watch faces for smart watches - develop different 3d models Develop Different Apps for IOS - Develop documents about Sustainable Development topic Develop Dofollow Backlink Checker - Develop Drupal feeds tamper plugin Develop Drupal real estate site - develop DYO apparel moduke Develop E commerce site for selling power tools online in PRESTASHOP - develop e-learning course for Six Sigma Green Belt certification aligned with ASQ Develop E-Learning Courses on Microsoft Technology - develop easy to use crm plugin to capture form data off of wordpress sites - repost Develop Easy-to-Use Android/ Iphone App - Develop ecommerce iPhone & iPad App Develop ecommerce portal - Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students Develop educational animations for kids - Develop Email Blasting Software Develop Email Client, Windows Desktop Application - Develop Email Verifier Develop Emails to be sent out through mailchimp - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop end-to-end Social Media Web App with Django Backend develop engagement greeting card - Develop ERP Software. Develop ERP System in C# - Develop excel Sheet for Task planning, tracking, and reminder notification Develop excel spreadsheets for civil enginers - Develop Existing PHP script for Magento SOAP API Develop existing PHP script into wordpress plugin - Develop Exit Pop Script for Wordpress and HTML sites Develop Search Box - Html & CSS - Develop Extractor and Load Tool to scrape site & load mine Develop Eye shadow application for mobile platform - Develop Facebook Apps Develop Facebook Apps - Develop Facebook related native iOS app Develop Facebook TAB "Search Form" that posts to our website - Develop features for existing ruby on rails platform Develop Features for the Website - Develop FileMaker Pro 11 Therapy Scheduling and Billing App Develop Files & Folder Search Applicaiton - Develop Firmware for ADUC361M with SIM900 Modem Develop firmware stuff for ESP-12E (NodeMCU 1.0) using Arduino or Espressif. - Develop flash for header from GIven Filed Develop Flash Game - Develop Flash SWC to create page turning with curl effect Develop flash template for opencart - develop for me a website - open to bidding develop for me deals site - Develop four banners Develop four powerpoint presentations - Develop front end for one page Develop Front end for website - Develop full SecureTrading API module for Prestashop Develop full selenium, webdriver test suite for web 2.0 app - Develop further a torrent search engine Develop further a torrent search engine script - Develop game menu based on Scaleform GFX from Adobe Photoshop Develop game quiz like "who wants to be a millionaire" - Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). Develop Genesis Child Theme - develop google maps, email scrapper Develop Google Maps, Yahoo Local, or Bing Maps Visual Basic Web Scraper - Develop growth model for business - Formulas & Spreadsheet Develop GSM Modem API - Develop Healthcare Software Program Develop Healthcare Website - Develop Highcharts5 Data Charting for Website Develop higly convertible landing page budget max 600 inr - Develop how to guides for installing and maintaining timber decks in New Zealand Develop how to guides for installing and maintaining timber decks in New Zealand - repost - DEVELOP HTML RESPONSIVE QUESTIONAIR Develop HTML shopping cart, admin. interface and order checkout system offering paypal, google and merchant account (credit cards) as payment options - Develop HTML Template