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Create Catalogue in Word from - Create Category Banner images Create Category Display Plugin for Wordpress - Create CD-Box and Logo Create CD/DVD Case Inserts - Create Champcash Like Android Application (MSG Me Similar APP Demo) Create change management presentation - Create Characters and assets for 2D game Create characters and Illustrate Children's Books - create charts from survey monkey data Create Charts in Adobe InDesign CS4 - Create cheat for IOS Game. Create cheats for Russian games online - Create child theme for customizations of WP site Create child theme for customizations of WP site - repost - Create CHM & PDF file create CHM file - Create Chrome Extension that adds buttons third-party webpages Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress - Create Cisco VPN Server on GNS3 Emulator program Create Citations from sources - Create Classified Website create classified website from scratch - Create clean URLs with Codeigniter on pages using pagination Create clean vector copies of bitmap logos - Create Client Centre Create Client Checklist in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL - Create Clone of Create Clone of Mcent - Create cloud based backup and restore app1 Create cloud based backup and restore app1 - repost - Create CMS for our Website (Website Designer needed) Create CMS for website (Windows/asp) - Create code coloring and auto completion features Create Code Documentation for Parent Child XmlSerialization - create code that works for all temp Create code to allow webform output to PDF, Doc - create collage Create collage according to Picase sample - Create Coloring Sheets Create colour banner A1 size - Create comment Module in Nice, Simple Design Create Comment Page Layout (Need a Legit PHP worker) - Create company details for John Tech Management Create company details for John Tech Management - open to bidding - Create company Logo Create company logo - Create Company Marketing Pieces Create Company Name - Create company profile for ICT company - open to bidding Create Company Profile for Me - Create company wikipedia page Create Company Wordpress Websites - Create Complete Kiosk / ATM Software Solution Create complete mTurk soft/bot - Create Component to merge json and joomla data Create Component- Personalised Google RSS Search Interface - Create concept illustration from a quotes (100 Quotes) create concept illustrations - Create connection with logistics website to create a package create connection with SOAP connection - Create contact details list for me for Food Industry By NAICS Codes that will be provided Create Contact Form - Create Contact List Create Contact List - Create content Create content - Create content for App Development Catalogue create content for brochure - Create Content From Sources Create content in existing wordpress template - Create Content Writing for complete website Create Contents for a Stock-Market Related Website - Create Cookie Notice Create Cookie Packaging Designs - Create Copy of the Website Create copy of this webpage - EASY facebook related - Create corporate brochure IN 1 DAY. Create corporate business plan - Create Corporate Video Presentation Create corporate videos - create courier shipping software Create Course (including slideshow in keynote) from a book - Create cover designs for business magazines distributed across Asia Create cover for e-book. - Create Craigslist PVA Create Craigslist Scraping Software - Create credit limit for credit customers Create Credit Scoring Platform - Python - Create Cron to Auto Refresh Cache and Reindex data in Magento. create cron wp plugin/php script for send message to users after - Create CRUD screens in Java/Wicket for healthcare application Create CRUD with login & custom code number - Create CSS and Design for Product Page Create CSS and graphic design for existing application - Create CSS for Magento Product Page Create CSS for mobile users from existing full width design. - Create CSS sprite sheet and make style sheet work with it Create CSS Sprites - Create CSS Website With My Images! Create CSS+DIV+HTML From PNG Chinese Site - Create CSV file for Amazon bulk listing, copy products from Ebay store -- 2 create csv file for car make and model - create csv from sql based on lastest new record Create CSV from web form submission. - Create Custom .XSL Templates for Workbooks CRM Create custom 11-page Wordpress website from existing design - Create Custom Application Form in vBulletin Create custom application on MVC 5 and C# - Create Custom Category Pages for eBay Store Create Custom Category Pages for existing eBay Store - Create custom cPanel Theme Create custom cron to fetch and import product into Magento - create custom ebay listing for me Create custom EBay theme for shop front and product pages. - Create Custom Filed in Wordpress Website Create custom filter - Magento - create custom function for woocommerce cart page Create custom funnel report - Create custom HTML page Create custom HTML tag - Create Custom Instagram Panel Create Custom Instagram Panel - repost - Create custom link exchange script, and integrate w/ Amember based website. Create custom links for Google searches on entire web - Create custom map of North America with 95 markers using approx 15 custom icons (each custom icon represents a company) and legend to match... - repost 2 Create custom map using google maps - Create custom network traffic analyzer like ieinspector create custom New Topic buttons on vBulletin 5 to populate the editor with custom text - Create custom pdf, with FPDF "framework" Create custom PFsense Script and Package - Create custom POS software Create custom post and listing plug in for Wordpress - Create Custom Quote Form For Word Press Website Create custom race scoring on website - Create custom sales emails/invoices for company with branding and configure email automation. Create custom sales report - Magento - create custom site in Prestashop Create custom carton box simple model - Create custom t-shirt designer application - responsive Create custom T-Shirt size - Create Custom Variable for Create Custom VB Images/Header/Icons,etc. - Create custom welcome page based on an existing wordpress theme Create custom WHMCS ( Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform) payment gateway module - Create custom wordpress left sidebar Create Custom Wordpress Menu - Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site Create custom Wordpress template in 2 days - Create custom XSLTs for a Sharepoint online site
Create custom Yeoman package - CREATE CUSTOMER TOKEN IN WHMCS ADMIN Create customer's web cms - Create customized images upload script Create customized internal quoting system in Zoho Creator - Create cut scene movie - fantasy - for my project Create cut-down / customized Ubuntu-based distro - Create daily deal on magento website. Create Daily deals website - Create dashboard to display info from API using OAuth Create Dashboard to track Email sent from Amazon SES - Create data feed create data feed - Create Data Query for vBulletin MySQL Create data relational application - create database create database - create database and find phone numbers - Repost Create database and frontend comparison (sid project) - CREATE Database for Amazon Upload create database for android application - Create database in filemaker Create Database In Microsoft Access - Create database of emails - open to bidding Create database of emails IDs of technology decision makers - Create Database Specification Sheets Create database Sql Server 2008 - Create database-driven AJAX enabled thumbnail viewer/filmstrip ASP.NET custom control Create Database. - Create Date site. Create datepicker - create db install script create db install script test script - Create debt collection software for a company Create decals (parts) in PADS PCB - Create Demo App for Furmanite Create Demo App for Loading Embedded Images - Create deployment flow -- 2 Create deployment package for PowerPoint VSTO COM addin (exe/msi) - repost - Create design and pictures for my homepage Create design and products html for new site design - Create Design for company portfolio and company policy docs Create design for dashboard - Create Design for Website -Photoshop create design for website based on two templates - Create design using the Wordpress Durus Theme Create design, and implement design on existing site - - Create help desk content Create Help Desk technical content - Create detailed HTML forms Create detailed illustartions of human body organs and Systems - Create DFD Diagrams from Scenario Create DFD's - create dictionary brute force attack in VBA Create Dictionary Desktop Application - Create different videos with Talented Animator wanted. Create Digg Accounts And Digg A Specified Post - CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS FILES FOR MY WEBSITE Create Digital Scrapbooks - Create Directory Harvester Create directory in MS Access 2010 - Create display advertisements Create Display Banners - Create DLL function to control dial up modem usting Hays AT commands Create Dll Library for Search URL Google Chrome with SharpPcap browser - Create Do a little Twek on WordPress Template Create Do follow 100 Links from DA50 + and TA 50+ sites - create documents create documents - create clone Create dome shape from flat part to match an existing shape - Create Double Sided Mailer template Create double sided thank you notes - Create Drag and Drop Survey Tool Builder. CREATE DRAG AND DROP WORK-SPACE & QUOTE FEATURE FOR WEBSITE. - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create Drop Down only for GFsoul Create drop down with links that stay as links once choosen from drop down list. - Create Drupal 8 module from Drupal 7 module Create Drupal base & subtheme from existing site - Create Drupal template from graphical PSD Create Drupal Template, Based on Existing Site(repost) - Create drupal work task management platform Create drupal work task management platform - Create Duplicate Shopify Theme Create duplicate site - Create dxf (cad) file from photoshop file Create DXF File from Drawing - Create Dynamic Form to submit customer info on webpage Create Dynamic Form to submit customer info on webpage - Create dynamic payments for my site create dynamic PDF based reports - Create dynamic SSRS report data rendering from XML Create Dynamic Stamp for Adobe Acrobat - Create dynamic website from existing website. CREATE DYNAMIC WEBSITE WITH SEO & ADSENSE 10-20 USD PER DAY - Create E-Book from a PDF file Create E-Book from hard copy book - Create E-Commerce Website Create E-commerce website - create e-mail list on excel - 1000 e-mails - Hairdressing Salons in Canada Create E-mail List Using Web Searches - Create EA from indicator Mt4 Create EA from indicator to Mt4 metatrader - Create easy menu for wordpress theme from images. Create easy script - Create Ebay HTML template & update my Ebay look create eBay item template - Create Ebay Listings With Turbo Lister 2 Create Ebay Lsiting Template - Create Ebay Store From Our Website Create eBay Store Listings Pages - Create ebook Create ebook - Create ebook from 4 documents Create ebook from existing page - create ebooks Create ebooks for Kindle - create eCommerce site Create eCommerce Site Banners - Create ecommerce website using prestashop and templates - repost Create ecommerce website with Content Management System - Create editable chase checking bank statement Create editable chase checking bank statement - Create Editable pdf form from spreadsheet Create Editable PDF Form in Adobe XPro - Create Editorial Landing Page Create edits to a WordPress Template - Create Effective Bulk Email Design Create effective business page on Facebook - Create electrical component part libraries Create Electrical Drawing and Program xlogic PLC to control DC motor - Create Emagazine Create email - Create email address Create email address and sign up on websites - Create email course with existing content Create email database - create Email layout in PHP (4 Emails_Taiwan_Indonesia) Create Email List - Create email Marketing server from a dedicated server - PHPlist Create Email marketing system to send out list of turnkey investment properties - Create email signature create email signature - Create Email Template in Django website Create email template in HTML - For email advertising campaign - Create emailer