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Create Banners - Create banners and revamp a website Create banners and set CSS colors for almost finished site - Create Banners from my Photos Create banners from pds files - Create based on open source "Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System" (Multi Vendor Market Place) Create bash script - Create Basic CD Cover Create basic CMS for a product gallery in PHP - Create basic knowledge on demand app Create basic landing page - Create Basic Site for adsense clicks Create basic site to send Google Push Notification - Create Basic WP Shopping Cart Plugin Create Basket Images - Create beautiful 3d Female Models Create Beautiful App Using Existing APIs - Create best possible backlinks for website Create best vebsite Like AirBnb - Create big innovative app Create big online casino, only quality people required - Create bindings or port c lib to Python 2.7 Create Bing Ads Campaigns - Create Bizrate and Yahoo Data feed from existing site listings Create bKash Payment Module For WHMCS - Create blocks at website and email us forms Create Blocks for Ardublock - Create Blog Entries and Send me Confirmation Links Create blog entry posts on my blog - Create Blog Posts - open to bidding Create Blog posts about Indian movies and celebrities - Create BLOG with *back-dated* posts create blog with google adsense - CREATE BLOGS FOLLOWING A SYSTEM Create Blogs for My Product - Create book cover Create book cover - Create Booking Platform Create Booking Plugin wiht send some info in website with txt file - Create Bootstrap Dropdown Menu to work with existing "Market Place'' website Create bootstrap html5 template. - create bot for kalonline Create Bot for me - Create Box Design for product Create box for audio button - Create Brand Label - Repost Create Brand Label - Repost - open to bidding - Create Branding For a Car Wrap 3 cars Create Branding for Product - create brochure create brochure - Create Brochure/Data Entry/Microsoft Word Create brochures for our products - Create Buddypress Social Networking Theme Create BuddyPress/Wordpress Privacy Plugin - create bulk telegram account for me Create Bulk Upload Facebook Quotes for HootSuite Pro - Create Business Card and Letterhead Create Business Card and Letterhead Template - Create business cards, icon design, letterhead, enveloppe, etc; for an existing logo Create business cardsin PDF format by selecting mysql data - Create Business Listings from U.S. IP's Create business listings with Adobe Muse template + assets - Create Business Process Infographic CREATE BUSINESS PROFILE - Create button on website and upload Virtual Tour Create button php - create bypass debrider Create C program - Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image Create c# sample invoke DLL - Create C-ICAP plugin to send requests over MQTT. Create C.V/Resume - Create CAD File out of kartesian coordinates via Python create CAD files - create calculations for my PDF Adobe Acrobat file simple work Create calculations using Macros in Power Point - Create Campaign Monitor HTML email template from layered Fireworks file Create Campaign Monitor Responsive Template. - Create captions for youtube videos Create Captive Portal - Create caricature from design Create Caricature from Picture of Medical Equipment - Create Cartoon Character logo Create Cartoon Character, "SolarMan" for Website Branding - Create cartoon video, 30-45 seconds, from storyboard Create cartoonish vector graphics - Create Catalog Create catalog - for iserve only - Create Categories and add our Images To Google's HTML5 Google TV Template Create Categories and Import All Classifieds Ads from another Website and setup pricing plans - Create Category Thumbnails for website Create CATIA dimensioned drawings from solid models - Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create Character for POSER Create character for program - Create chart in Excel Create chart in Excel -- 2 - Create chat component for iphone app create chat flooder - create checkout with amazon payment option Create checks drafts with embedded MICR fonts using Java and iTextPDF - Create Children's book character Animation CREATE CHILDREN'S FITNESS POSTER SIMILAR TO ATTACHED POSTER - Create Chrome Extension - replace font on page with specific font Create chrome extension by small modifiying existing JS function (adding friends to FB group) - Create Circuit Create Circuit - Create Classifed Ads Website !(repost) Create Classified ads for New Site - create clean setup for vb6 app (prefer inno script) Create clean simple and professional website based on look of other website - Create ClickYes! Clone(repost) Create client area for customers with sizes (shirt sizes). - create clone game with different graphic and design Create Clone of a mobile game. - Create cloud based backup and restore app1 Create cloud based backup and restore app1 - repost - Create CMS functionality from existing database tables (Small task) Create CMS HTML Fluid Template - Create Code Documentation for Parent Child XmlSerialization(repost) Create Code Examples using Templates in Django - Create code to email submit form Create Code to existing banner for affiliate program - Create Collages from our Website Photos create collapse menu (use bootstrap 2.3.2) with joomla3 - Create Colour Chart Create Colour Chart - ongoing work - Create commercial proposal with animation characters and infographics Create Commercial Simple Flash Audio Output Site - Create company identity Create Company In Saasu - create company logo create company logo - Create company NAME and LOGO! Create company name and tagline - Create Company Site and Logo Design Create Company Site and Logo Design - Create compelling 50 - 75 words unique and compelling content Create compelling E-books / reports - Create complete WP blog theme (I have PSD and HTML ready) Create completelly new brand for luxury curtains service, catalogs, logo, all work materials as portfolio, pricelists, contract designs, usb flash cards or designs, video for web production plans with detailed shots description, website design and text wr - Create comprehensive tuition jobs agency website and tutor database Create compressed self-extracting exe - Create conditional formatting for excel file Create conditional text in confirmation email - Create Constant Contact Marketing Emails - Repost
Create Constant Contact Opt-In Form - Create Contact Form in .HTML File Create Contact Form In Wordpress - Create contact lists from online directories - Web Scraping Create Contact Management Site (Similar to Gmail Contacts) - Create content boxes at homepage and install a language at WPML -- 3 Create Content Filters for Wordpress Site - Create content for Website create content for website - Create content related to domain names registration business for 4 pages of my five page web site. It includes the home page but excludes the Contact page Create content sharing site using wordpress - Create Conversions / Sales on my Shopify Web Site create convert site to joomla cs - Create copy of Magento using multi store Create copy of site - Create corporate brochure IN 1 DAY. Create corporate character - Create Corporate Video Presentation Create corporate videos - Create Course Content - Modification like how I request Create course content for a digital marketing course - Create cover photo for my social profile using assets I provide create cover pic using more than one pic - Create crawler / spider to gather information form website, and be able to update manually every time i want Create crawler or parse data from a website - Create crisp print poster Create CRM & Front End Website - Create Crop Batch for exact dimensions @ 72dpi Create Cross Functional Diagrams in Visio - Create cryptocoin that pays interest Create cryptocurrency - Create CSS and layout for content pages Create css and template for Wordpress - Create CSS from design Create CSS from existing design and markup - create css styled responsive controls/templates for my angular 2 website Create CSS StyleSheet and Blogger Template for Site - Create CSS/HTML for Easy Store Creator store Create CSS/HTML for form (Adult XXX) - Create CSV file from database Create CSV file from Facebook contacts to import into email client - Create csv functionally for my bulk upload woo commerce -- 2 create csv import script for my site - Create Custom 3 Step Woo-Commerce Checkout Page Create custom 3D printable case for Rasberry PI - Create Custom Audibles? Create Custom AutoCAD 2012 LISP File - Create Custom Checkout Create Custom Checkout Page - Create custom custom back end lead management on WordPress Create Custom Dashboard Using WooCommerce REST API - Create custom endpoints for Wordpress API PLugin v2.0 Create Custom Excel Spreadsheet - Create Custom Flash Video Player Create Custom Flynax Template - Create Custom Google Map with Form Create custom google maps page with user input - Create custom illustrated, animated music video Create custom illustration from photo collage - Create custom Job Listing site Create Custom Joomla & PHPbb Templates - Create Custom Login Section for Joomla from another site Create custom logo - Create Custom Modification Tab for Open Cart Create custom modifications for the Chevereto image hosting script. - Create custom page for existing wordpress template Create custom page for existing wordpress template - repost - Create Custom PHP Script and Database Design create custom php script for photographers clients photos - Create custom post-types Create custom posts page in Wordpress - create custom responsive email template Create Custom Responsive Header for wordpress site - Create custom shadow box Create custom shipping for Zen Cart - Create custom spreadsheet tool Create Custom Spreadshirt T-Shirt Shop - Create Custom Titles and Ads Create Custom Titles and Ads - - Create Custom Web Log Create Custom Web Template & Use To Redesign 10-12 Web Pages - Create Custom Wordpress Blog Create Custom Wordpress blog - Create custom wordpress premalinks Create Custom WordPress Real Estate Website - Create custom Wordpress/woocommerce page Create Custom Workflow Action SharePoint 2010 - Create Customer Map for Wordpress Site Create customer pdf documents, ebooks, and word documents to post on webstire - Create Customized Asterisk/Elastix Installation ISO Create Customized Asterisk/Elastix Installation ISO - Create customized web design subpage needed Create customized word document - create daily blog entries in our 3 blogs for 1 month create daily blog post - Create Dashboard for Create Dashboard Graphs in Excel - Create data extraction and auto-input plugin for Google Chrome Browser Create Data Feed - Create Data Query for vBulletin MySQL Create data relational application - create database create database - Create database and html table Create Database and information import - Create Database for Event Management Company Create Database for existing C# project - Create database model for iOS application Create Database Model for MySQL Database - Create database of emails IDs of technology executives - California Create database of games for users to interact with (Wordpress Site) - create database system and write the report Create database table and integrate it in a php site - Create Database/Web Site Integration create databases to offer multiple language version of site - Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder Create Dating Profiles - Create DB uding Java create DB with the admin panel for my online form - Create delivery TIME calculator plugin Create Delphi .exe that compiles in delphi 2009 - Create Demo on Audio Equlizer for IPhone Create demo project in VB6 with an activex control - Create descriptions for set of files Create Descriptions of Flash Games - Create Design document for Salesforce integration with other technologies CREATE DESIGN FOR SITE - Create design for rollup banner 85*200 cm Create Design for site and logo. - Create design progress bars linked to our WebShop and PayP Create design scheme for shopping center - Create designs on t-shirts - repost 2 Create designs online step by step - Kevin - Create detailed artwork. Create detailed digital illustration/vector from 2D sketch - Create DFD and Case Study Create DFD Diagrams from my Scenario - Create Diary PHP App Create Dice Animation - create different store views on magento site Create Different User Roles for ASP.Net Site - Create digital prints for a swimwear/ beach line CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS FILES FOR MY WEBSITE - Create Directory From Phone Book Listings Create Directory Harvester - Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost 2