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Create an introduction video on my brand logo, good to upload on website, facebook, etc. - CREATE AN INVOICE ENTRY SOFTWARE Create an invoice in Microsoft Excel 2010 - create an iOS and Android audio player with connection to cloud Create an iOS and Android Game - Create an IOS Application Create an IOS application - Create an iOS, Android application Create an iOS, Android, Windows Phone application - Create an ipad/android application for a real estate project Create an ipad/iphone app and android app for my website and submit it to Appstore and GooglePlay market - Create an iPhone and Android Application Create an iPhone and Android application - Create an iPhone app Create an iphone app - Create an iPhone App from my description. Create an iPhone app from scratch - Create an iPhone application Create an iphone application - Create an iPhone application Mock UI from a PSD Design Create an iPhone application prototype/design in Xcode - Create an iphone game called Jumpers Create an iphone game called Jumpers - open to bidding - Create an Iphone/Android compatible APP & Website Create an iPhone/Android game - Create an IT Transition Plan Create an itduzzit duzzit with ebay and tradegecko - Create an Logo Animation Create an logo animation - create an mlm software Create an MMA Highlight Video - Create an Motion Graphics Animation for Lottery Live Draw! Create an Motion Graphics Explainer Animation - Create an Music recording iPhone app Create an Musically follow bot with my requirements - Create an Offerwall Create an official Wikipedia article for a Person - Create an online art AUCTION website create an online art site with different painting types, so that members can create their own gallery and post articles - Create an online calendar as part of an online booking script Create an online car auction - Create an online database of S&P500 stock prices Create an online database that can be updated and queried by Android tablet - Create an online form for your clients that requires password login, and then allows them to place equipment orders for several missions. Create an online form in a Wordpress site using Contact Form 7 plugin - Create an online log of activities. Create an online log of activities. - ongoing work - Create an Online Platform based on a laravel social network script create an online platform for companies - Create an Online Self Help Program – a step-by-step guide Create an Online Shop - Create an Online Store Create an online store - Create an Online Store with Shopify Create an online store with woocommerce - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - Create an OpenCart 2.0 Module for our store Create an Opencart Custom Options OCmod - Create an OpenSceneGraph software Create an Opensrs API based compenent for Joomla. - Create an order food restaurant data base website Create an Order Form - Create an Original Logo create an original logo - Create an OUTSTANDING Resume Create an outstanding resume for a chef - Create An Programmer Outsourcing Website Create an Promo Animation - Create an RSS feed for wordpress blog Create an RSS feed from a spreadsheet - Create an SHORT Animation / Whiteboard Create an short logo promo animation (5 seconds) - Create an Social Network App Create an Social Network App - Create an Store Online Create an storyboard - Create an UI for an android box. Create an UI for an App - Create an updated email newsletter design Create an updated Excel Database from an online web directory - Create an video intro and a banner for my youtube channel Create an video intro and a banner for my youtube channel - Create an website/app similar to Create an website/app that adds to-do items from SMS or an app. - Create an XML Button for IE Command Bar Create an XML Conversion PHP Script - Create analysis of existing live support software Create Analysis of new Assemblies - Create and Add Modules To Joomla Home Page Create and Add one page to existing website - Create and app for app store Create and app for app store - open to bidding - Create and Build Email List Create and build SoundCloud Accounts - Create and connect form Payment for membership for non England Users Create and consolidate records - Quickbooks Bookeeping - All Digital - Create and design a box die line for paint spray guns Create and design a Brochure and a Flyer - create and design a temporary landing page for my website Create and Design a video brochure - Create and design an OsCommerce template Create and Design and Advertising Marketing Brochure to promote our NEW Service as a Entertainment Booking Agency - Create and design main product category in Opencart. Create and design me a game - Create and Develop a Website Create and develop a website - Create and edit a module Create and edit a purchased theme - Create and email graph (line chart, bar chart, pie chart, etc.) report in mobile responsive format. Create and email newsletter weekly basis - Create and Execute an Email Marketing campaign Create and execute marketing plan for your website - Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job -- 2 - Create and Implement OsCommerce Template Create and Implement OsCommerce Template from Concept Design - Create and install a custom design for my osDATE website Create and Install a Custom Facebook page - Create and install jQuery for customized scrolling div Create and install jQuery scrolling script for custom divs - Create and integrate a product review customized script Create and Integrate a Slider - repost - Create and iPhone, iPad and Android-App Create and iPhone/iPad App like a meme generator - Create and maintain sites using a template we have create and maintain social media pages - Create and Manage a MongoDB and developments around it Create and Manage a PPC account - Create And Manage Crowd Found T o Raise Money For A Nonprofit Create and Manage E-Commerce Website - Create and Manage PPC Campaign Create and manage PPC campaign - Create and Modify Flash Banners Create and Modify Icons - Create and populate a database for me Create and populate a spredsheet with data from a website - Create and produce 30-60 second product feature/benefit videos for use on You Tube and Web Create and Program an Android/iOS Game - Create and publish a Web shop Create and publish a Wikipedia page - Create and rig a Judoka character Create and rig a simple 3d character to be animated in c4d - Create and set up new Scrypt Crypto Coin Create and Set up own VPN on VPS Hosting - Create and submit a Google Product Feed from a Zen Cart site Create and submit a news release in Korean - Create and Update crystal reports
Create and update mobile App for subscribors - Create and Upload iPhone and Android application - Cross platform preferred create and upload Magento product upload CSV 200 products - Create and XML Import Routine for an ASP.NET 2.0 Property Database create and/or modify Coreldraw templates - Create Android 3D Games in Unity!!! Create android account - Create Android APK file Create android APK ready to post - Create Android App Create Android App - Create Android App for LadiesPg Create android app for laundry system - Create Android app to take photos, add and create product in Prestashop website through Prestashop web-service Create Android app to take photos, add and create product in Prestashop website through Prestashop web-service - ongoing work - create Android application Create Android application (Newest Update 5 Mar 2015) use this one - Create android appstore. Create Android AR app - Create Android game - repost Create android Game Center with Andengine framework - Create android live wallpapers with the program i give you Create Android Lollipop notification icon from existing icon files. - Create android version existing app iOS Create Android version of altcoin wallet - Create Android/IOS app for Broadlink SDK (APK available from previous developer) Create Android/iOS app to access Angolan/African sport data stored on Web DB - Create animated 2d video create animated 30 second flv file - Create animated circle/menu system for wordpress site Create animated company logo intro for video ( 7 seconds) - Create animated gifs Create Animated Gifs for a PowerPoint Presentation - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 37 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 38 - Create animated logo Create animated logo for a website - Create Animated Text Video for 90 Second Voiceover Create Animated Thumbnails (Image Magick) - Create animated video scrible using sparkol Create animated video. - create animation create animation - Create animation for a mobile app showcase demo Create Animation for a Product - Create Animation from 2 minute Power Point Presentation Create animation from a video - Create Animation Political Ads Create Animation Product Video - Create Animation video for Product Demo - repost Create Animation Video For Services Explanation - Create animations for logo Create animations for Monkey Math app - Create another 12 Ice Create another 9x2 PSD for DEL2 - Create another Wordpress Site Create Anroid and Windows Apps for mobile website with Push Notification - Create APİ from webpage Create Apache FOP stylesheet - Create API Call Samples in C and PHP Create API connection - Create api google adsense Create API Hooking (about Clip) - Create APK file from Unity3D code Create apk for android 3.2.1 - create app ActionScript 3 create app and admin panel similar to uber - create app for google play and apple store Create app for iOS - Create App for our company Create App for Smartphone - Create app in Appmachine create app in flash - create app similar to facebook and ig Create App Similar To Instagram - Create app using cross platform Cocos2d-x for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Create app using ffmpeg to convert files - Create Apple Passbook in 3 days Create Apple production push notification certificate - Create application icons Create application in Java or C and implement on Linux - Create application using Facile Forms - Joomla(repost) Create application using Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 - Create apps with c# with angular, MVC and maybe some c++ Create Appveyor.yml script building libgd from source - Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan - Create arrays Dynamically in 2003 Create arrows in android with 2 point input - Create article in wordpress website create article pages and post articles for 29 sites - Create Articles Page and Post Articles for 66 sites Create Articles Pages and Post Articles for 66 sites - Create Artwork for Boxes Create Artwork for Cds/DVDs - CREATE ASP.NET (C#) DLL/CLASSES FOR JQUERY BASED CHARTS Create 2.0 theme and stylesheet - Create webpage to receive data from a curl command create website - Create atmosphere at GPU with Muslim Aid Create aTrailer - Create Auction site like Ebay Create Auction site like Ebay for niche market - Create audio files from multiple audio tracks Create audio for 10 second animation - Create audited accounts from spreadsheet an quickbooks data Create augmented reality app on android with translation functionality - Create Auto Cad and PDF drawings create auto cad drawings for given Aluminium section images - Create Auto Reply in Outlook 2013 & create a folder with different template to auto reply when is move in that folder Create auto rotate ad portal for me - Create AutoCAD Drawings from PDF's create autocad from my sketchup file - Create Automated BOT to copy Paste and send Create automated configuration file for Mozilla Thunderbird - Create automatic email mechanism from Google Docs Create automatic email reminders from excel spreadsheet - create autoplay disc with 6 documents Create autopopulate script for order forms - Create AVL tree from pseudo code create award in 3d - Create AWK Script to Process Mac Address from ifconfig text file with multiple users Create aWordpress plugin to manage different text and styles on different pages - Create B2B Website Profiles For Our Company Create back and forth email verification within wordpress - create backend (DRM) Create Backend and Frontend of a Quiz Website - Create background image for advert border Create background image for existing website - Create backlinks Create backlinks - Internet marketing - Create Backlinks From Blog Comments Create backlinks in same location as competitor - Create Backups for a Website Create backups of our sites + database file from our hosting. - create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo - Create Bannar Create Banner - Create Banner Ads for Website Create banner ads for website - Create banner for my site Create Banner for offer - Create banner with photoshop watercolour effects in the background create banner's for my website - Create Banners