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Create a php script like - Create a PHP Script. Create a PHP service to generate Avery Labels - Create a PHP website Create A php website Theme - Create a picqer api for woocommerce. Create a Picrosoft Powerpoint presentation template - Create a ping tree software for payday loans Create a Pinterest account, setup boards, and pin images from my site - Create a placeholder image Create a plagarism checker - read description its very small no big thing - create a player to play videos in TV,Laptops and mobiles Create a player trading system - create a plugin application Create a plugin between Magento and Xero - Create a Plugin for OSCLASS Create a plugin for phpMelody to verify users with a tick - Create a plugin for wordpress, woocommerce. FIXED cost $25 create a plugin for worpdress (questions selector) - Create a plugin to change WP e-store checkout process Create a Plugin to collect user contact details to my database - Create a png file Create a PNG or icon/css type spinner animation of our logo - Create a poll/top music list create a polling and focus study app that uses camera on mobile devices to capture emotional responses - Create a pop up page with radio player & chatbox -- 2 Create a pop up when item added to cart, then take user to cart summary before checkout - Create a popup Login screen for Opencart Create a popup notification for out-of-stock item when item is added to cart (Bigcommerce Site) - Create a Portal1 Create a Porter Robinson/Madeon style EDM song - CREATE A POST CARD and PROMO CARD TEMPLATE Create a post card for trade show - Create a poster create a poster - Create a poster for a website - Graphic Design Create a poster for a website - Graphic Design(repost) - create a poster in a arabic ------ create a poster in arabic - Create a poster, fast easy project! create a poster, mock-up required? - Create a power point presentation in 2 days Create a power point presentation of website - Create a powerpoint document Create a PowerPoint for Facebook Marketing - create a powerpoint presentation create a powerpoint presentation - Create a PowerPoint Presentation to send investors Create a powerpoint presentation to video with soft music - Create a Powtoon based product introduction Create a Powtoon based product introduction - ongoing work - Create a PPT to be distributed to numerous corporate sponsors. Create a PR Plan (With pattern already - should be easy) - Create a presentation create a presentation - Create a Presentation video for educational institute of 1 minute lenght Create a presentation Video for website - create a prestashop cart with a square meter calculator plugin create a prestashop cart with a square meter calculator plugin - repost - Create a preview for a flv video Create a Prezi - Create a Price list brochure Create a Price list in editable PDF - Create a Printable CSS of a bootstrap site 1 page Create a Printable CSS of a bootstrap site 1 page -- 2 - Create a private messaging system to my forum Create a Private MIB File for Traps - Create a product 3D video using 3D rendering Create a product 3D video using 3D rendering1 - Create a product design interface Create a product design, Card stock artwork for a product line - Create a Product Introductory Video create a product inventory database...add products with skus, supplier etc...should be able to add sales order as well... - Create a product sell sheet Create a product sell sheet - Create a product video teaser or trailer Create A Product Video with Voice over - Create a professional advertisement layout/style for a machinery company Create a Professional After Effects Intro Using Logo - Create a professional Flash website template Create a professional flyer. - Create a Professional Lyric Video for a Rock/Metal Band -- 2 Create A Professional Magento Webshop - Create a professional responsive page with video player Create a professional resume - Create a professional webpage. CREATE a professional WEBPORTAL for sports & leisure time activities! - Create a Profile create a profile - Create a program Create a program - Create a program launcher in C++ Create a program like hstart to hide Command Prompt - Create A Program That Pulls Social Media Analytics And Displays It On A Website Create a program that pulls stats from web API's for cryptocurrencies - Create a program to interface R in Visual Basic Create a program to parse 2 notepads/text files. - Create A Programming Language - Tutorials Create a programming language than can be interpreted in SML. - create a project to design windows doors and structurs from DXF. - repost Create a project video - Create a Promo Video ( FOR HIRING ) Create a Promo Video for a Company - Create a promotional video for a scuba diving centre Create a promotional "how to use" Video - Create a promotional video Create a promotional video - Create a promotional video (Freelancer) Create a promotional video (pics, info & music) - Create a Promotional Video For New Hand Dryer Product Range Create a Promotional Video For New Hand Dryer Product Range -- 2 - Create a property development feasibility and development buget cost contral template Create a property development feasibility and development buget cost contral template - create a protein supplement create a protein supplement. - create a proxy checker website create a proxy checker website -- 2 - Create a psd file and instructions so I can make my own website header images - simple blended layer Create a PSD file from a PNG image - Create a PSD Website Mockup - Repost - open to bidding Create a psd website template - Create a pursuit rotor task for iPad Create a push delivery system and config GUI to integrate with Parse - Create a python script create a python script - Create a quality label picture Create a quality landingpage - Create a Questionnaire just like in the sample video create a questionnaire that will share the link on the website stands on Facebook - Create a Quickbooks POS Plugin for Woo-commerce -- 2 Create a Quickbooks Webconnect solution for our online order system - Create a Quote Generator create a quote plugin - Create a random image loader in flashmovie continued create a random number submit program - create a ready made shopify store Create a ready to go WordPress Site - Create a Real Estate Software Create A Real Estate Website - Create a realistic looking medical connector with a cutout exposing embedded electronics Create a realistic mattress cutaway/cross-section - Create a Recipe Book Create a recipe site - - Create a refer-to-friend portal on existing Joomla site. Create a Referal and an Enquiry Page on a Facebook Page - Create a registration form - Repost
Create a Registration Form - repost "NEED IT IN ONE DAY" - Create a remote access software Create a Remote assitance file - Create a replica of Pinterest based site Create a replica of - Create a report page for records in mysql database showing all fields Create a report page from a ruby on rails application - Create a resolution responsive 'COMING SOON' page for Wordpress site. create a resource model - Create a responsive design Create a responsive design based on old design - Create a responsive hosting site for our company Create a responsive hosting site for our company -- 2 - Create a Responsive Joomla Template for a cattery site Create a responsive Joomla template from a design provided. - Create a Responsive Newsletter Sign up POPUP w/ Option To Exit POPUP as well Create a responsive one page presentation - Create a responsive Theme/Template for UserFrosting (Slim framework & Twig) Create a responsive underconstruction page - Create a responsive website in HTML5/CSS3 for a wedding Create a responsive website portal so people can create own profile - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a Responsive WordPress Theme (*updated project) Create a responsive Wordpress theme (WooCommerce) for existing site - Create a REST API for Django ecommerce site Create a Rest API in - Create a Resume Create a Resume - Create a reverse job bidding website... Create a Reverse Proxy - Create a Rigged and Animated 3D Cartoon "Snake" Character Model for Unity 3D 4.3+ Free Game Engine using Maya or 3ds Max create a right sidebar template in Suffusion theme - Create a Roku App Create a roku app channel - Create a router to route the emails from Mozilla Thunderbird into a sql server database Create a rpg online game, front and backend. - Create a SaaS platform for Romania Create a SaaS product presentation - Create a sales page Create a sales page (A4) - Create a Sales video for website Create a sales video with graphics and animations - create a sample ndk library Create a sample page with Amazon Product Advertising API - create a scaffolding logo Create a scaffolding website - Create a school classroom bakground for a given image. Create a School Course Registration System - create a scraper for website Create a scraper program to download and process files for CFR regulations - Create a screen capture about creating links in HTML - 3-6 minutes length Create a screen capturing and color change recognition based software - Create a script Create a script - create a script for FTP server Create a Script for Google Drive files download, process with FFMPEG and upload it to Google Drive using LINUX - Create a Script Like Create a Script Like - create a script that computes one-space dimensional transport equation - open to bidding Create a script that connects to Xero and uses the data as we need. - Create a script to automate the software "muvee Reveal" Create a script to automatically click Facebook Like button - Create a script to get audio stream from shoutcast servers Create a script to get audio stream from shoutcast servers.. - Create a Script to scrap a website Create a Script to scrap a website 2 - create a script with multiple server api for unlock2 Create a script with the ability to filter - Create a Seamless Pattern repeat with already made fabric swatch Create a Seamless Repeat Pattern from AI file - Create a search engine that find automobiles for sale Create a Search engine website for me - Create a searchable supplier's listing directory website Create a searchbox plugin for wp-site - create a secure multitab browser Create a Secure Online Registration Form - Create a selling text for my landingpage video Create a semantically correct menu (html/css and javascript only when really necessary) - Create a Series of ''4 eMail Messages''... Ongoing Work, Long Term.. Bid Now! Create a series of 10 slides / animation based on attached document - Create a series of Jasper Reports. -- 4 Create a series of lesson plans for secondary schools based around the use of a 3D printer - create a server for an app in development Create a server for me - Create a set of 14 banners for google adwords Create a set of 200 web-sites dedicated to programmers - Create a set of forty One Direction themed 120x120px cartoon PNG icons Create a set of Holiday and Seasonal images / illustrations - Create a Seven Page Corporate Website Create a Several Wordpress Templates - Create a Sharp Favicon from the existing logo Create a SHARP Landing Page - HTML/CSS, Graphic Design, Photoshop - CREATE A SHOP ONLINE/ ECOMMERCE Create a Shop page - create a shopify plugin/app like salerack create a shopify scraper - 21/12/2016 19:47 EST - Create a shopping cart Create a shopping cart - Create a short "intro" video Create a short (10 to 15 seconds) bespoke, animated video outro using our existing logo. - Create a short ad based on a purchased template Create a Short Ad Film / Video - Create a short Animation Create a short animation - Create a short clip of 2d Animation, about 3sec. Create a Short Comic - Create a short intro Video Create a Short Intro video 3-5 seconds, templates welcomed. - Create a short simple Gif animation ok kids throwing pass kicking ball amongst one another. Create a short soundtrack - Create a short video - open to bidding Create a short video - round two - create a short video intro Create a short video Intro and outro for real estate video tours - Create a show casing Video create a showcase site for a company, create a graphical model of a company and finally the last html / css of a model - Create a Signal execution for Binary options . Brokers = Bee options & 24option Create a signature font - Create A similar game to Travian on Android and IOS - HIGH GRAPHIC create a similar indicator to the enclosed - create a similar site within 30 days Create a similar text with Photoshop and save as PNG. - create a similar website Create a similar website like - CREATE A SIMILIAR WEBSITE FOR TOUR COMPANY create a similiar website of link given - create a simple 1 page psd design Create a simple 1 page website / landingpage according to design - Create a simple 3D animation (3D model provided) Create a simple 3D maze using WebGL - create a simple AJAX form Create a simple Ajax form that will submit an email without refreshing the page - Create a simple Android app for my online shop Create a simple Android app skeleton (OR BASIS FOR AN APP) - Create a Simple Animation Create a simple animation - Create a simple app for IOS and Android that will send push notifications Create a simple app gallery(magazine style)for iPhone - Create a simple audio routing AU plugin (C++) - repost Create a simple Audio Spectrum Video for a Podcast on Youtube - Create a simple blog Create a simple Blog wordpress site - Create a simple C++ terminal program to implement BFS, DFS, Topological sort Create A simple C/C++ Program - Create a simple code using AngularJS and Prestashop WebService