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create 10 banners for advertisement - Create 10 explanatory videos of around 2 min each Create 10 Facebook profiles - Create 10 interactive mobile landing pages create 10 landing page ** for only freelancer have team - Create 10 page website Create 10 Page Wordpress Site + Install Affiliate Script - Create 10 seconds animation Create 10 seconds Animation in html5 - Create 10 to 20 DIY Tutorials Create 10 tutorials in crafts using a specific product with photo and/or video support - Create 10, distinct url, EITHER blog websites AND/OR static info sites with picture/text/video about the keyword, and place affilate ads and banners - repost Create 10,000 backlinks for your URL and keywords from 10,000 Wiki articles - Create 100 blogs wheel. Create 100 Candian Proxies - create 100 font .swf files - repost #2(repost) Create 100 Forms in Online Survey System - Create 100 hand-painted Model Textures create 100 hatena acccount and bookamark webpages - Create 100 quality backlinks in 1 week Create 100 quality excuses - Create 100 totally fun drawings/ clipart animals for kids Create 100 Tripod Accounts - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding Create 100 Vector Print Ready Files - Example Attached - create 1000 blogspots Create 1000 Click bank hoplink - Create 1000 Emails Create 1000 Emails -- - Create 102 apng animations from vector files (and provide grouped layers of animation in Photoshop) Create 1024x1024 kids icon - Create 110 backlinks related to content given (High Quality, high PR, Accepted by Google) Create 110 Document. Same as template. Three variable fields. - Create 12 Photo Collages for Calendar - A3 size Create 12 png's 1920*1080 from provided logos. They should all be the same design and text with only the logos changing. - create 125 wordpress pages for US construction website Create 125*125 Animated gif banner - Create 14 Web 2.0 Blogs - repost Create 140 Individual PDF files from a master file - Create 15 Obfuscated Macros Create 15 Pixel Art Characters - Create 15-30 second viral videos for 5 days Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Create 1500+ Amazon UK Listings Create 1500x1500 of these images - Create 19 amazing emojis based on the provided sketches. Create 19 Cartoon Characters - Create 2 *.cur (cursor) images - only if you know how to deal with small cursor images / icons: 30 min job Create 2 *PROPER* Squidoo Lenses for SEO purposes - Create 2 Alternative Layouts (US Trade and US Letter) from original Indesign document Create 2 amazing UNBOUNCE landing pages for wedding planner in SPANISH - Create 2 Banners and website logo Create 2 banners for bridal website - Create 2 comparison charts Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management - Create 2 Diecut for Display; optional 3D mockup / Cynax - laufende Arbeit create 2 dielines - Create 2 fill-in-sheets (PDF) Create 2 flash animations - Create 2 Graphic Designs Create 2 Graphic Images with SmartDraw - Create 2 illustrations of dog from photo Create 2 Image Processing Filters - Create 2 Landing Pages and 2 small Banners Create 2 landing pages for 2 PPC adverts - Create 2 logotypes Create 2 Lyric Videos for my band - Create 2 more images Create 2 more pages as discussed - create 2 page pdf doc and some image manipulation Create 2 Page Website - Create 2 PDF documents Create 2 pdf ebooks from scanned documents - Create 2 Promotional Intro Videos about website services CREATE 2 PSD COMPS OF A SITE HOMEPAGE - Create 2 sided christmas flyer for a family cycle business Create 2 sides product packaging (very simple) and a sticker - Create 2 Simple Single-Page Websites from Template Create 2 simple sound files - Create 2 SVG images based on existing images -- 2 Create 2 T-Shirts - Create 2 Videos 15 Seconds Each Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File - Create 2 Website landing pages Create 2 Website Landing Pages for WordPress Site (Theme Already Coded) - Create 2 WordPress pages with Visual Composer Create 2 WordPress Plugin - Create 2 x Explainer Videos for my 2 companys that I have in Australia. Create 2 x Marketing Postcards - Create 2-minute animated birthday video with Dr. Seuss theme Create 2-page A4 full colour brochure within 24 hours - Create 20 boy + 20 girl new born baby greeting card messages Create 20 business listings with supplied text - Create 20 personas with real names and emails Create 20 personas with real names and emails -- 2 - Create 20 product listings for online woocommerce online store. Create 20 product reviews for website - Australian Buisness! - Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Repost Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Repost - open to bidding - Create 200 design pages on prestashop Create 200 e mail addresses - Create 200 x 130 flash banner Create 200 Yahoo Email accounts - Create 21 Original Articles On Marine Aquariums Create 21 small videos of PLR ebook - Create 25 blogs/websites with UNIQUE content Create 25 Different Microsoft Access Databases (Simple Tables, Forms, Queries, and Relationships) Based on Specific Title - Create 250 digg accounts Create 250 email accounts in a day - Create 2D / 3D animation create 2d 3d apps using WebGL , three.js - Create 2D Animation Promotional Video Create 2D animation using Adobe Animate for young children - Create 2D drawings from 3D files Create 2D drawings with Dimensions from 3D Models - Create 2D spritesheets for a few insects Create 2D Technical Drawings and 3D Model of Pump - repost - Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist -- 2 CREATE 3 SQL TRIGGER OF ALREADY CREATED TABLES - Create 3 awasome font starting from my Illustrator graphic Create 3 banner Images - Create 3 column Wordpress footer + add shortcode button to header Create 3 Companion Joomla Modules for Existing Joomla Component - Create 3 Entertaining Videos from Scratch Create 3 Explainer Video - Create 3 Google Adwords Campaigns Create 3 Google Adwords Campaigns - ongoing work - Create 3 iOS & Android game apps Create 3 iOS apps - Create 3 Minute Animated Short Create 3 minute animation - Create 3 nutrition plans with meals and recipes Create 3 one page sites - Create 3 Poster ( Chinese and English ) Create 3 posters (black white / simplistic) - Create 3 ring binder Print and Packaging Designs Create 3 screens - Create 3 SPSS Table and Figures and Diagrams APA 6th edition Create 3 SQL tables from different html-code - Create 3 versions of simple logo layout for box design Create 3 VERY SIMPLE Low Poly STAR WARS 3D models in 3DS Max in 24hrs - Create 3 websites mockup + 3 images mockups Create 3 Websites Monetized with Google Adsense - Create 3,200 unique product images, by layering 200 different designs on to 16 different product images Create 3-4 3d fantasy Landscapes, 4 dungeons, and 2 PVP areas - Mobile Game - Create 30 composite images in Photoshop from single images Create 30 Crystal Reports - Create 30 Low sugar snacks - Dietician / Nutritionist Create 30 Mailout Messages - Copywriters Required - Create 30 social bookmarking profiles on 10 emails each.
Create 30 sound clips for videogame - Create 300 email addresses Create 300 email addresses - Repost - Create 3000 Instagram Accounts. Create 3000 Links from 3000 Unique Sites - Create 32 banner ads. All the same dimensions. Create 32 Flight Maps (Infographic) - Create 360-degree-video of London Create 365 day calendar with photos and business-related quotes - Create 3D Animation for 40 short videos -- 2 Create 3D Animation for Youtube Channel - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 66597 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 66597 - Repost - Create 3D AutoCAD prototype of an innovative product Create 3D Avatar - create 3d car wheel modeling Create 3D Cartoon Animation - Create 3d developable models that adhere to physics constrains by sketching in 2d Create 3D diagram. Python 2.7. matplotlib. plot_surface feature - Create 3D floor render of a building Create 3D Floorpans. Based on existing 3Dmax files. 6 day project. Create from 10 to 50. Based on your capacity. - Create 3D image from 2D -- 2 Create 3d image from 2d image - Create 3D Logo for my company Create 3d logo from 2d version - Create 3D Model character and design Create 3D model characters - Create 3d Model Objects for Strip Club Create 3d model of 5 basic animal shapes based on picture - Create 3D model of Kiteboard harness Create 3D Model of our Coffee and Bakery Shop - Create 3d model with Rigging (Humanoid) Create 3D Model | From Picture - Create 3D Models from SVG file: Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club Create 3D models in Solidworks - Create 3D PDF Files Create 3D penguin for Ice Sculpture - Create 3d rendering and fly through of DWG Create 3D rendering from 2D image - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D step file from 2D dwg. - Create 3D Videos for Home Automation System Create 3D view from DWG Plan File - Create 3x round pie chart graphs from MYSQL data Create 3x Unity2D Sprites - Create 4 basic 3D models based on shapes in photos Create 4 basic icons - Create 4 Facebook Fan Pages and 4 Twitter Page Designs Create 4 Featured Images for 4 Blog articles - Create 4 images create 4 images - Create 4 Movie Clips Create 4 neutral looking illustrations based on 4 photos - Create 4 powerpoint slides Create 4 press releases each on different top press release website - Create 4 simple java programs Create 4 simple php functions with BingAds API - Create 4 web pages from Photoshop design Create 4 website design for 3 categories - Create 40 '30th birthday' greeting card messages Create 40 '40th birthday' greeting card messages - Create 40 Mother's Day greeting card messages Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages - Create 40+ Profile(repost) Create 40+ Profile(repost)(repost) - Create 45 pages Company Profile using Adobe Indesign 1 Create 45 question and answers for a quiz - Create 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites Including Logo Design & Google Submission Create 5 Alternatives Simple Landing Page - Create 5 Color Charts Create 5 company pages - Create 5 forms for my website; the submit button must links to paypal to collect payment create 5 forms using contact7 plugin in wordpress - create 5 images Create 5 Images - ongoing work - Create 5 new cartoon characters Create 5 newsletters - Create 5 photo slides Create 5 Photorealistic Renderings - 2 Exterior, 3 Interior Views - Create 5 short animation videos Create 5 short articels Copywrite - create 5 squido and 5 hub pages Create 5 Squidoo Pages - Create 5 weapons in 3D to add them to a little app create 5 web banners - Create 5-10 sec animation to construct our logo on web site Create 5-10 Second Video For Me (After Effects) - Create 50 Blogs Create 50 Business Card Designs - Create 50 Gmail accounts - Repost Create 50 Gmail accounts - Repost - open to bidding - Create 50 people articles (Feb 2011 - 1) Create 50 People articles (Feb 2011, open bid) - Create 50 Vector Clipart Create 50 VERY BASIC slides/images - Create 500 BING API Keys Create 500 conversions per day on my website - Create 500 profiles, create 3 backlinks in each profile account, and create report of profile URLs Create 500 SEO Website Links - Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified -- 2 - Create 6 banners in Google Web Designer Create 6 card game templates - Create 6 images, touch-up and re-size two logo Create 6 Infographic Images - Create 6 short videos - fiverr gig testimonials Create 6 simple ( and responsive ) email templates from a PDF design. - Create 6-page Z-fold leaflet Create 6.5-Minute Swine Flu Video (open to IMTHEZORRO only) - Create 60 Web 2.0 on my WordPress multisites Create 60's retro style opening sequence for Documentary film if after effects - Create 7 basic info-graphics Create 7 beautifully designed graphs (bar and pie) from Excel data - Create 7-slide Slider with Revolution Slider or FlexSlider for WordPress Site Homepage Create 7-steps (7 stages) graphic - Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network - repost Create 8 Forms in BreezingForms for Joomla - Create 8 Views in SQL Server Create 8 web pages with the same content but different fonts types and sizes - Create 86 Profiles For Online Dating Site Create 8k or 12k questions on destinations around the world - Create 9 x High Definition Photos for Marketing Purpose Create 90 (grade 9-10 level) problem Solving questions with Solutions - Create \'front end\' of online stores with Magento Create a - Create a Custom Wordpress Theme Create a database and a script in ASP and PHP to write and read from the database - Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Repost Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI that calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign with ongoing management Create a PPC Campaign with ongoing management - Create a Utility program for Excel Datafile conversion Create a vector image based on a low res jpg - Create a "Boxing Game" using Unity 3d for Android. Create a "brand name" for a kids toys and stationery's company - Create a "Lookup" Java script Create a "looping" video of our Logo like a Login Screen for League of Legends! - Create a "Store" Page in WooCommerce Create a "swip to delete" from Jquery Mobile listview - Create a ''Donate Now'' button Create a ''fill in the blanks'' online program - Create a (small) wordpress website Create a (WHITE BOARD) Animation - Create a .net assembly using hocr2pdf, cuneiform and tesseract open source Create a .NET calender based on a currently functioning php calender - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want - Create a 0Days exploit -- 4