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Correct our banner ads Correct our ebay listing template in Firefox and Explorer correct our paypal checkout API £30 Correct overwritten work Correct OwnCloud errors Correct owner/permission settings on server CORRECT PAGE COUNT for printer spool monitor Correct page load error Correct page rendering bug in HTML5 Bootstrap Website Correct page that fades in and out to homepage (wordpress) Correct Page Title Correct paper + make PPT + write conclusion/intro - ONLY COMPUTER SCIENTISTS & NATIVE ENGLISH!!! correct paragraph numbering of a document created on an Apple, modified in MS Word Correct parragraph formatting to block Correct Parse error and other errors on website Correct Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '1' (T_LNUMBER) in wordpress Correct parsing of json data Correct Parsing of json data in full and updated
Correct pathes and copy images Correct Payment Page of Website with JavaScript/HTML in Correct Payment Websites Correct Paypal and Fax Form on Website correct paypal checkout in wordpress Correct Paypal IPN Error Correct PCB File with Schematics - small changes in parts size-type Correct PCB File with Schematics in Allegro 16.6 Correct PCR Jitter in mpeg2 ts muxer Correct pdf report Correct Perl OAuth2 code to interface to a web site API Correct phonegap image upload Correct photos taken from a defective camera Correct photos using photoshop Correct PHP & CSS Errors in Wordpress Correct php after server change correct php and my sql script very very simple