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Change all 150# Flanges to 300# Flanges - Change an After Effects template -- 2 Change an ajax uploader - Change an existing simple application Change an existing site to a mobile friendly Wordpress site - Change an online application to Responsive for mobile devices Change an OpenSource WebPage - Change and design the Wordpress blog! - repost Change and design the Wordpress blog, very easy! - Change and optimize search module for codeigniter page Change and optimize website structure from scratch - Change Android boot image via android firmware or something Change Android boot logo - change API on a website -- 2 change api on site - Change around color scheme on existing design and create a new mock-up logo -- 2 Change around my wordpress template - change attributes in oscommerce site change attributes in oscommerce website - change back groud image an put word press, you have to be good change back groud photo - Change Background and make Jewellery images sharp & attractive Change Background and make Jewellery images sharp & attractive -- 2 - Change background color of blog posts belonging to specific category. Wordpress blog. Change background color of joomla RT module - Change background colour of logo Change background colour of photo - Change background in photo Change Background in some Images - Change background of jpgs Change background of my images - 125 images - change background on photo Change Background on Photos - Change baggrund in Wordpress Change baggrund in Wordpress - repost - Change Behaviour of PrettyPhoto to custom url on click Change Behaviour of PrettyPhoto to custom url on click - ongoing work - change BLOG template on wordpress website Change blog theme - quilt - Change branding on swf file Change Branding WHMCS - Change Businesscard Change bussiness card details in EPS - Change C++ to C language Change Calander Display - Change cartoons/caricatures in a PSD Change cartoons/caricatures in a PSD-file - Change Checkout process in Commerce Kickstart Distribution (Drupal) Change checkout system of ecommerce - change clsid on dll file change clsid on dll file 2 - Change code in system/make my system responsive/payment Change code in Website - Change color background change color code in css for form text and other duties - Change Color inside Website Image Change color of an Image - Change color of current logo change color of curtain - Change color of our logo Change color of our product image - Change Color on Logo Change color on menu ''active'' - Change Color Scheme on Blog Through Stylesheet (CSS) Change Color Scheme on Coppermine Theme - Change colors in .gif Change colors in .psd - change colors of logo change colors of my 3d file - Change Colors to my Drupal Site, Add Blocks to theme Change colors, login button - Change colour of items change colour of labels & save them as .eps files - Change colour theme of various images for an oscommerce site change colour to black and turn background transparent - Change Colurs on a Certificate Change coma tu decimal point - Change connection string change constrution page - Change content of page on website Change content of page on website - Repost - Change Coupon Message & Add Facebook Icon Change cover of book in a photo. - Change css / markup to fix a Safari issue Change CSS and Images - Change CSS for footer on website for bootstrap change css for qt app - Change CSS to match another page look and feel Change CSS to responsive on Wordpress Theme - Change Current Navigation to Accordian Style Change current PDF Viewer scripts; from one-page-view to 2-page-view - Change custom profiles in JomSocial and DTregister Change Custom Wordpress Template installed on Zen Cart Site - Change date/time on screen shot Change Date/Year in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign Files and store in old file format - Change default layout of HYIP monitor Change default passw to freeswitch-fusionpbx - Change Design Change Design - Change design for prestashop from another site change design for unity game - change design of Android App Change Design of Android app and make payment plan - Change design of pages Change design of pages(repost) - Change Design on Existing Magento Website from for Prom Tickets and Donations and Make Mobile Friendly Change design on existing website - Change Details on 2 Business Cards Change details on a Business Card - company card design and logo provided - Change display of WordPress Avada theme's Portfolio thumbnail galleries Change Display Order Of CSS Div Element - change domain MX records Strato Change Domain Name - Change Domains change domains A RECORDS with script - Change dropdown menu to metro style menu change dropdown option to textfield - Change Dynamic Urls to clean Urls Change dynamic WP website to static for SEO friendly - Change elements so they show all the time instead of only when you scroll over them. change elements to HTML5 - change essay Change essay into MLA Format - Change existing CSV module change existing design of a wordpress website - Change existing PSD's (sample provided) and create Avery Labels (template provided Change existing PSD's (sample provided) and create Avery Labels (template provided - Change existing website change existing website "basic table" to "advanced table" - Change extention joomla api and android form source Change eye color in pictures - Change Facebook Page Name Change Facebook page name - Change FB fan page name more than 200 likes Change FB Page Name (More than 200 like) - Change few words on my website Change FFMPEG conversion to Elastic Transcoder - change file permission to 777 (c# 2010) change file permission to 777 (c# 2010) - repost - Change flash (SWF) images change flash a little bit - flash programming - Change Flash Look/Feel Change Flash Media Player to HTML5 Media Player - Change flyer Change Flyer (For Crazenators) - Change font for a javascript 3D website Change font from Preeti to Mangal - Change Font Page Layout - Wordpress Theme (Simple)
Change Font Properties - Change Fonts - Wordpress Template change fonts and colors of website - Change fOpen to use CURL Change for an existing project - Change Format of a gif banner from 250 x 250 to 600 x 50 Change Format of a InDesign Brochure Template from A4 to A5 - Change from .COM to .CA need help changing files Bluehost to Godaddy Change from 1shoppingcart to Aweber and Clickbank - Change from Virtuemart to Magento, Build a Magento site. change from wordpress to:ajax,php,java,html5, add media - Change functionality Change functionality of image viewing on Website - Change google adsense code on 2 websites change google analytics code - Change graphic design and make banners Change graphic design of the site - Change graphics on a template - ADULT Change Graphics on Cpanel/WHM Server - Change head on a body - photoshop -- 2 Change head on a body - photoshop -- 3 - Change Header Image Change header image with logo - Change header, wordpress Change Header/Logo Wording - Change Homepage design Change homepage design - Change hover effect on Team Leader Pro to match portfolio items change hover style of a button - Change html file Change HTML file extension from .html to .pdf or .jpeg or .xls etc... - change html website to phpp change html website to pphp - Change Icon Sizes change icon splash screen and title of c# program from source code then create setup file - CHANGE IMAGE BACKGROUND Change Image Background - change image in the banner Change image into vectorized image - Change image size... Change Image size/color/quality - Change images Change images - Change images into Silhouettes Change Images of a Copy Flash Game to Make Game Look as New and Unique - Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 - Change in existing app and add new feature Change in Existing Logo - change in my header slider Change in my Wordpress Template - Change in the layout of a php site script change in the logo - Change info posted to wall when facebook "like" clicked Change information - Change inventory to work in FIFO in PHP Order Manager change invoice + order numbers + add facebook and twitter icons and links - Change iPad Home Button behavior in kiosk app Change iPhone App Design - Change javascript from YUI to Jquery -- 2 Change Javascript Hashtags for SEO - Change Joomla script component Change Joomla Template - change jpg images into psd format by editing the images into two layers. Change jPlayer remaining time to current-play-time - Change landing page: from popup to php page change language - Change layout - videos, menu, forum... Change layout - Wordpress/Woocommerce - change layout of a page Change layout of a photocart implementation and add static pages. - Change layout of website Change layout of website - Change Layout/Template in Wordpress Site Change layouts, Social, dating, auction, create site, video share script - Change link in WooCommerce change link on button - Change linux app "Iblock" so it can run from write-protected USB flash drive Change Linux Password using PHP or other Webbased Solution - change login avatar in my Rails app for non Facebook users and install friendly_id gem Change Login Code - change logo change logo - Change Logo and upload IOS and Android Apps to Stores for us! change logo and words on logo - change logo fonts to match website theme Mar 06 2013 15:07:00 change logo for a website-- - Change logo on banners. Very simple project Change Logo on Coming Soon Page add Link to Contact us - Change Logo to suit company name - repost Change Logo to suit company name - repost 2 - Change logos and text on advertising Change logos and wording through existing site - Change look of Menu - CSS - Wordpress Change look of my Wordpress site - Change Magento Custom Options Percentage Calculation Change Magento design - Change Magento Store URL Change magento template - Change main domain Change main domain of a wordpress page - Change management book CHANGE MANAGEMENT BOOK FOR SALE - Change map colour Change map component (Google maps) - Change menu and product navigation for better shopify user experience CHANGE MENU AND PRODUCT ON WEBSHOP and more - Change Menu on template. Change Menu Option in Flash Header - Change Microsoft developer account in my Windows 8 Change Microsoft Project standart form - change moneybookers to hipaywallet Change monogram to Red and align text and monogram in Word - Change Multiview to AJAX TabContainer Change Music for C# Puzzle Arcade Game - Change My Blogspot Blog (HTML/Admin) Change my booking system URL - Change my Ebay listings from paid postage to free postage Change my ebay menu and my ebay header - Change my free link submission site to paid submission site change my front page - change my ip adress Change my ip adress to show greece as location - Change my logo into more dark atmosphere Change my logo on my website - Change my paypal payments from one-time to recurring Change my paypal payments from one-time to recurring payments - Change my search results Change my Server - CHANGE MY STICKER DESIGN FOR CUSTOMERS Change My Store Layout (WordPress Expert ) - Change my website and copmile a report. -- 2 Change my website and redesign it - change my website template Change my website template & so i can sell my ebook from it - Change my wordpress template very proffesionally Change my Wordpress theme - Change Name and Address On Utility Bill (photoshop) Change Name and Compile Symbian Project - change name on exsisting logo Change Name on Graphics - Change nbbc.php to open links in a new window Change Nearly Complete Flash Intro - All Source Files are Included - Change Now - open to bidding Change NT Logon Information from VBScript - Change number on my site