Projects Directory : Change 3D FEM deformation model from static to dynamic simulation - Change 80X60 cm to be 100X80 cm

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Change 3D FEM deformation model from static to dynamic simulation Change 3D images Change 3d model STEP file change 3k passwords and forwards Change 4 flash files change 4 images and add a footer link to my WP site Change 4 Images on PDF and write 1 sentence below each change 4 names and 3 urls in a javascript menu Change 4 pages (including backend work) on a website, add a contact box to another page and some other visual stuff on the mobile website. Change 4 pages of flash to html Change 4 Paypal buttons/dropdowns in Web site Change 4 sites from Drupal sites to Wordpress sites - Sites Created Already Change 4 small things in Shopify Change 4 table-less DIV pages to pages developed with TABLES Change 4 words in the flash header to the 4 new words i give you Change 40,000 item XML database from all capital letters to first letter capitalized only. Url: Change 400 images on wordpress site.
Change 4000 text codes in a PDF to links Change 5 designs as a test change 5 pdf files to 5 excell files Change 5 photos background to white Change 5 pictures on Wordpress website Change 5 Pieces of information in 365 Emails Change 50 mm rounded label to 30 mm label Change 50,000 prices in a MySQL DB on Wordpress WPStore Theme Change 550 Titles Change 5500 magento simple products to configurable products. Change 6 Buttons and 5 Banners to Homepage of Shopify I will supply artwork Change 6 screens of IOS APP with new graphics Change 7 images Change 7/VISTA screen to basic mode (delphi) Change 73 business cards to new layout (rush) Change 8 pdfs Change 80X60 cm to be 100X80 cm