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Certified German to English translation - Certified MAGENTO DEVELOPER NEEDED Certified Magento Developer Needed (Only Certified) - Certified PDF expert CERTIFIED PHP / MYSQL / PERFORMANCE L.A.M.P. EXPERT 2 MONTHS - Certified translation French into English CERTIFIED TRANSLATION FRENCH TO ENGLISH - Certify prefabricated house Certify a program with Windows Vista logos - CES Group Logo CES material selection - CET Japanese CET Technical Report 1 - CF Classifieds project (OpenSourceProject) CF code for GGe4 - CF Web Conversion to PHP? CF web interface for SQL database - CFA level 2 Questions and Answers Required for Q&A Site CFA Level I - CFD CFD - CFD analysis for SOLID MODEL. Investagate Cl, Cd, And Cm, with cfd analysis for sugar boiler - CFD ansys fluent 15 help. CFD Ansys WorkBench Expert - CFD Indextrading Opening cfd internal flow channel analysis-comsol - CFD Project / CFD Project / - CFD steve portal program CFD support - CFDRUGS -- 2 CFE exam - CFM Based Appointments Tool Updates CFM code that needs to be fine tuned - cfncluster AWS Documentation - Handout preparation CFNetwork for Windows Part 2: The Client APIs - CFPA HAPPENINGS - open to bidding CFPA HAPPENINGS - open to bidding - ongoing work - CG animation for 1-minute product presentation CG animation of a brain (tiny project) - CG proj 4 with extra features -- 2 CG Project - CgFX Shader Cggondisong.sinde - CGI / Animation / VFX - Car Chase CGI / Animation of property high-end interiors - CGI animation cgi animation - CGI Building render animation cgi call + background calculation + php post - Cgi Expert Needed CGI Expert Required - cgi gunshot cgi gunshot - open to bidding - CGI Mailer interaction with flash cgi mailing script 295 - CGI or Perl Mailer Form(repost) CGI or PHP - cgi programmer for maintinance and development my website CGI programmer needed ASAP - CGI Routines in C CGI scipt edit & front page design - CGI Script Errors CGI Script Fix - CGI Script Needed CGI Script needed - cgi scripts fixed. CGI SCRIPTS NEEDED - CGI Upload Progress Bar Template Change CGI VFX Animation Project Needed for Commercial - CGI- HPH for a newbey CGI-BIN - CGI/PERL Programming CGI/Perl project - CGIProxy Modding to accept Destination URL via URL-Parameter CgiProxy modification. - cguru-c9 CGV et CGU pour e-commerce / Vente de lunettes correctrices en ligne - cha - ching app for android Cha Cha business plan. - Chafie Oils Chagablog150 - Chain of varied website projects Chain Pendant - chained paypal php to suit opencart e-commerce site chained paypal set up for subscriptions and commissions on dokan wordpress - Chair designer chair from ref image - Chakraelan88. article rewriting work. Chakras and Childhood Developement - ChalkBoard & Demo Animation Chalkboard art - Challenge Application and Service Challenge Application and Service Prototype - Challenge/Response System:Cryptography challenge16 - Challenging ActionScript/Flex 3 Project Challenging Ajax Project - Challenging project to address critical issues with existing fitness app of our company Challenging Puzzle Creator - Chamber Contact List Chamber Contact List - chameleon customize Chameleon Dating Script PHP Edits - Chameleon Social Website Development Assistance Chameleon Software for Social Networking - Implementation and customazing - Champagne in Joomla Champagne in Joomla -- 2 - Champion Web Developer Champion's League Soccer Manager - Chance a PowerPoint into a Movie for Youtube , preferably in Flash so we can tweak if we need to. Chance Alertpay in to Paypal - chancenmanufaktur chances in custom vb website - Chandlesticks Analysis - Part 2 ChanDo website design - Chanes to faq script Chanes to PropertyForm - Change flash app to java application - repost Change flvideo folder name in Clip-share Pro 4.2 - Change "contact us" side from Right to Left in all of web pages Change "heavenly nails" to "Rollins Diamonds and Gold" - Change .dwg plans Change .htaccess settings (quick job) - change 1 sentence translation+in mobile change the order of product page Change 1 Small Feature Of My Site - Change 2 colors in image. Outline to #616781 and filling to #E4ECFF. See the example from 1 to 2. Micro project! change 2 forms from sliders to with jquery wizard style forms - Change 2-dimensional array to collection in VB 6 Program Change 20 images to have white background - Change 35 page publisher file into ebook using desk top author (repost)(repost) Change 350 - 400 Words from US English to UK English - Change 7/VISTA screen to basic mode (delphi) Change 73 business cards to new layout (rush) - Change a background of a picture. Change a background to white - Change a Computer Architecture Simulator Named Ramulator - open to bidding change a computer simulator - Change a document - need photoshop expert Change a Document Format - Change a few PHP issues on my website Change a few PHP issues on our site - change a Flash game from Desktop to Mobile Change a Flash program - Change a html to php site Change a HTML+CSS template to ebay compatible - change a lander to be mobile responsive change a layer in photoshop - change a Logo design
Change a logo for me - Change a minor thing on my website Change a mongoDB - Change a PDF price list Change a PDF price list - Change a plugin setting and theme. Install a plugin. change a plugin, add custtom button - Change a searh php form to add new fields and add javasript conditions Change a section on an existing one page website. - Change a slogan change a small bit of code in an email html to fit in guidance with AOL and Outlook - Change a template to fit our needs Change a template to have RTL feature - change a visual studio solution to run on visual studio 15 change a volusion template ! - Change a website template change a website theme - Change a Wordpress Template Change a Wordpress Template - Change a wordpress website style Change a WordPress Website template and custom module - Change Add to Cart Button of CS-CART - repost Change add to cart function of woocommerce to add to shopify cart instead - Change ADODB to DAO(repost) change adress on 3 pages on e-commerce coding required. - Change all 150# Flanges to 300# Flanges -- 2 Change all blue in image to black - Change an After Effects template -- 2 Change an ajax uploader - Change an existing photo slider, so that it show on mobile/smart phone. Change an existing plugin created in jquery - not wordpress related! - Change an int 15h value with assembly code Change an interface (Flex) - Change and correct the english of 12 short pages of my website Change and create svg files - Change and launch website Change and maintain a Core PHP website - Change android app - already created Change android app name/package name / admob ..etc - change api change API calls to switch meeting platform from clickmeeting to goomeetings - Change Appearence of Magento Menu Change apperance of an existing website - Change ASP.NET AJAX to jQuery change login module for DotNetNuke and provide coding to synchronize tables - Change Author Activity link / make Login Button visible on Smartphone change author name in website theme - Change backgound to transparent - ASAP - 25 pics Change backgound to transparent - ASAP - 25 pics - Change background color change background color - Change background color on images - Repost Change background color on images - Repost - open to bidding - Change background colour on business card Change background colour on image - Change background of .psd file from white to transparent Change background of .psd file from white to transparent - Change Background of Photoshop file to look like attached. Change background of Picture - change background to christmas theme Change background to home page design - Change banner image to video on homepage of Concrete5 site Change banner in header area of WP website - change bg colour of image Change BG image (static) on single page. - Change blog theme - quilt Change blog's name to another name - Change breadcrumbs style in Magento Website - Cache problem Change brochure - Change bussiness card details in EPS Change buttion & notification text in woocommerce, add \"coroprate\" Form feature, fix ecommerce email issue - Change C++ to C language Change Calander Display - Change cartoon character - Urgent Change cartoons/caricatures in a PSD - change checkout layout Woocommerce + added distance charge map plugin: Change Checkout process in Commerce Kickstart Distribution (Drupal) - change clsid on dll file change clsid on dll file 2 - Change code in system/make my system responsive/payment Change code in Website - change color code in css for form text and other duties Change Color Code of Logo - Change Color inside Website Image Change color of an Image - Change color of current logo change color of curtain - change color of one jacket one 2 pictures Change color of our logo - Change color on Godaddy website (CSS) Change Color on Logo - Change Color Scheme on Blog Through Stylesheet (CSS) Change Color Scheme on Coppermine Theme - change colors from a template Change colors from specific parts of image - Change Colors of hamburger Change colors of Joomla Template - Change Colors on this image with Highlights and Shadowing Change Colors on Website - Change colour of hats in photos change colour of icons - change colour photo Change colour scheme and style of website - change colours on my existing website Change colours on patterns - Change conent of a frame to have a banner inside it(repost) Change config file of codeignitor website - Change content from static to dynamic Change Content In / and Create Customized Design our HTML Email Templates - Change Converter Change Cookie Referrer - Change CSS Change CSS - Change CSS file change css file - change css of website pages Change CSS on a Simplere salespage - Change curl api to PHP Change currency - Change current website from PHP to Wordpress - repost 2 Change current website in using sql. - CHANGE DATA INSERTIONG ALGORITHM Change Data on CMS Website - change de design et integration sur mon application Change de address of contact map (google maps) - Change default settings Change default shipping to USPS - Change Design and add some features Change Design and Change Home Layout - Change design layout like footer,contents and menu bar according to reference website and images mentioned Change design layout like footer,contents and menu bar according to reference website and images mentioned - Change Design of existing web site Change Design of existing website and add to a interspire CMS - Change design of php website want done today Change design of search boxes - Change design on Website and make responsive design Change Design One My Website (journal 2 (opencart)) - Change detection Change detection - ανοιχτό για υποβολή προσφορών - Change Displayed Price on Open Cart Site Change disposition screen vicidial to have 4 rows with dispostitions in each row - Change domain name Change domain name - Change Domains change domains A RECORDS with script - Change dropdown page sellector change dropdown to textbox - Change e-commerce template Change E-Mail script to use SMTP - Change elements so they show all the time instead of only when you scroll over them.