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Create/Manage AdWords Campaigns - Create/Manage Facebook PPC along with Designs For Ecommerce Website Create/Manage Facebook PPC PPE / WC Campaign - Create/Manage PPC Campaign--2 Create/Manage PPC Campaigns - Create/modify a user management system Create/Modify a VPN script to tunnel traffic - Create/move html capture site to THESIS Word Press site Create/Optimize a PPC Campaign for a Real Estate Business - Create/structure forum categories/boards Create/Style 2 Opt-in Forms in the WP Gravity Forms Plugin - Create: iPhone app, Android app & web base control panel Create: Learn English Course - Created a HOSTED PABX Platform Created a Marketing Video Clip - Created from ArchiCAD & 3D visualisation with Lumion of our Resort (Main House, Eco Lodges & Lodges, Store, Ground Plan) Created graphics for an app - created website Created website header based on jpg layout - CreateProcessWithLogonW output fix (VB.NET) Creater autoreminder program - createspace cover Createspace cover - repost - creatin a WP responsive multi purpose theme creatin android odoo9 contact sync - Creating profiles Creating tags within our website - Creating (rewriting) articles about online game Path of Exile in shorter format Creating + "buffing up" forum accounts. - Creating 100 Blogs on Free Hosting websites Creating 100 Mockups From 100 Images - Creating 2 sides of a business card Creating 2 Squidoo Pages (Trial Job) - Creating 3 beautiful banners with description for slider Creating 3 class methods in c# - Creating 3d file from 2d design drawing Creating 3d furniture interiors - creating 4 databases Creating 4 Short Animations With Powtoon. - Creating 9 subdomains according to our project on our website Creating 90 sec project promo video using ready after-affect - Creating a 2d mobile game Creating a 2d side scroller game from scratch. - Creating a 3D model of my house for painting ideas Creating a 3D packaging mockup with a reference to what it needs to look like. - Creating a automatic voting system for a Top100 site! Creating a average line from an mtf indicator in metatrader - Creating a basic Personal Trainer's Website Creating a basic Qt lab for beginners using Nokia's public pinchzoom example - Creating a Blog for a Volusion Template Creating a Blog for a Volusion Template - Creating a brand Creating a Brand Book for Metsec Cables Ltd - Creating a buzz Creating a C# Windows console applications - Creating a chef cookbook for installing postfix/dkim/ip rotation for mass mailing creating a chemical agent - Creating a comic Book- Must be based in California. creating a commandline tool for changing a link field in BLOB column in a database - Creating a complete website with an online sign editor creating a complex salt solution - Creating a csgo betting website Creating a CSGO Gambling Website - Creating a custom plugin to hide post date and category on s Creating a custom plugin to improve widget management - Creating a data grid in ASP.Net Creating a data set from a web data repository - Creating a database using hibernate Creating a Database via oracle with screenshots, inputting data, running queries, view, create, insert, delete functions. - creating a Dicounts and offers site Creating a Dieline and a Prototype That's Cut Out [US-Based Required] - Creating a Drupal Theme and Matching Moodle Theme From Template Creating a Drupal Theme based upon supplied design - Creating a fall detection android app Creating a Family Personal Website - Creating a flash game Creating a flash game - Creating a formule for excel creating a forum on existing site - Creating a Game Glossary in Norwegian Creating a Game Glossary in Norwegian (1915977) - Creating a GREAT Software Creating a great and exciting new business. - Creating A html of e commerce site Creating a html site with a busines look - Creating a job recruiting website Creating a job search function for a recruitment website - Creating a Landingpage on Social Engine Creating a Landingpage on Social Engine -- 2 - Creating a list of running non standard services and applications on nt 2000 and 2003 network servers Creating a list of telephone resellers - Creating a logo and a brand name for a line of products. Creating a logo and a website with WordPress - Creating a logo. Creating a logo. - Creating a marketing video Creating a marketing video - creating a mobile app creating a mobile app - Creating a model and computing employer and employee bargaining dynamics Creating a Model in Auto cad - Creating a new brand of luxury cosmetics Creating a new business profile - Creating a new profile website creating a new resume - Creating a New Website using MEAN Stack Creating a new website wich a CMS and a webstore based on the excisting site - Creating a page with an iframe Creating A Page With Google Login&Facebook Login With Points Tracking - Creating a phenomenal natural hair product creating a phone app - Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages - Repost Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages - Repost - open to bidding - Creating a plugin to pause a video for 10 sec(countdown) at given intervals Creating a podcast - Creating a Prestashop webshop to sell Customizable Identification Card Creating a preview before Gravity Forms post submission - Creating a professional PowerPoint presentation with interactive graphics Creating a professional app demo video - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - Creating a Property Management Software for internal use of real estate firm Creating a Property Management Software for internal use of real estate firm - Creating a real estate platform Creating a real estate webpage with 12 pages - Creating a responsive web like Creating a responsive website - Creating a Scoring System using a series of word find searches within an Excel Workbook Creating a SCORM 1.2 compliant learning unit from an already prepared PPT file using Captivate - Creating a server to migrate from old, Installing and customizing JW player and then securing the website. Creating a service definition document - creating a sign-in page and admin control Creating a SignIn/Up form and a comment box - Creating a simple game similar to ZigZag (not cloning) Creating a simple game using Unreal - Creating a simple watch kit app , have some current ideas and sample codes close to what im working to just need someone to help me put them together. creating a simple web application - Creating a site in Creating a site like + iphone app - Creating a social network with wordpress - without special Creating a Social Networking Site - Creating a spreadsheet of 1000 property addresses from a mapping service website creating a spreadsheet of contact information - creating a structure with which to achieve company goals forms the core of organizing. it includes corralling human capital (people) to achieve its goals by defining jobs, recruiting and assigning people to do them. Critically discuss how modern organizat Creating a sts-template for a modified OScommerce shop based on a lay-out. - Creating a Team to Develop Creating a Teaser / Trailer for a game with After Effects - Creating a theme for Open cart (online shop) + logo Creating a theme from a website design - Creating a trip planning and booking portal
Creating A Trip Wire - Creating a VBA macro in Outlook 2010 32 Bit Creating a Vectgor Logo & Business Card - will provide .psd template - Creating a Video Bumper creating a video chat - Creating a video with an English audio Creating a Video with the Voice Over - creating a web application using java, hibernate, spring mvc using annotations with mysql database Creating a web based pivot chart - CREATING A WEB SITE Creating a Web Site - Creating a Website Creating a Website - creating a website creating a website - Creating a website and data entry and application softwares Creating a website and logo - Creating a website for rota management Creating a website for school( INTERACTIVE ) - Creating a website similar to (redesigned) Creating a website similar to Facebook social marketing - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before MONDAY! Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before MONDAY! -- 2 - Creating a wholesale web site from current code base Creating a wholesale web site with existing code base - Creating A Wordpress Membership Site With S2 Member Plugin Creating a WordPress Module / Plugin - Creating a Wordpress Theme/Template for a school rugby alumni site creating a wordpress version of - creating a youtube banner and picture - open to bidding creating a youtube banner and picture -- 2 - creating accounts. creating accounts. -- 2 - Creating Adult Personal Profiles (1088559) Creating Advance Search Form - Creating an 3rd party application for NYMI BAND for replacing access cards. Creating an Access based spreadsheet for a particular function - Creating an adult oriented website Creating an adult point and click game - Creating an animated explainer video Creating an animated GIF - Creating an App Creating an app - Creating an application creating an application for deliver on disk - Creating an e-commerce site Creating an e-commerce. PSD to JOOMLA - Creating an embedded calendar Creating an emoji app for smartphone - Creating an explain video -- 2 Creating an explainer video about our startup; the brand, the problem we are trying to solve and the solution we offer. Duration 1minute. whiteboard concept - Creating an image with database information ( zend ) Creating an in-depth website with a chat program. - creating an invitation website Creating an invite BOT - Creating an On-line store creating an online application form - Creating an online video game website! Creating an ontology for EasyJet’s flight booking system - Creating an uploading system Creating an very short opening (5s) for Video Clip - Creating and design.. Creating and Designing a Unique Responsive Joomla Classifieds website - Creating and Maintaining a FaceBook Page(urgent) Creating and Maintaining a Web app - Creating and Responsive Design Module for Social Engine Version 3 php, Smarty Creating and set campaign google Adwords + banner html5 - Creating Android Library Project. Creating android package for Science Text Book - Creating API according to my JSON file Creating API apps - Creating apps on Creating Apps With Andromo - Creating Auras/Halos and particle systems for casual game Creating auto forwarding mail program - Creating back end app Creating Back Links - Creating Banner Templates (Long Term Prospects!) Creating banner widget - Creating bitmaps from ai files Creating blog and blog design for my website - Creating brochures, flyer, and other graphic design works Creating Browse Button in Visual Basic - Creating CAD plan/drawings for Asbestos surveys of buildings Creating calendar appointments in an exchange 2007 server with C# or PowerShell - Creating Chart in Excel Creating charts for an iPad application - Creating clone of Genymotion(experienced freelancer only) for windows Creating clone of nox app player ,genymotion(experienced freelancer only) - Creating complete architecture for configuring and designing Android App + NGNIX servers based on a webservices model - open to bidding Creating complete ETL in Pentaho PDI or Talend - Creating Content for Onsite PC support Web site and Updating it to existing web site,Some Changes on the existing web site, Designing professinal company logo and Professinal Business Card Creating Content for Onsite PC support Web site and Updating it to existing web site,Some Changes on the existing web site, Designing professinal company logo and Professinal Business Card(repost) - Creating Course Syllabus from master Syllabus Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue - creating custom blog page for my wordpress theme creating custom callout in CRM 3.0 - Creating customer loyalty program APP Creating customer loyalty program APPs - Creating database Creating database - Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website - repost Creating design and graphics of a Kickstarter campaign - Creating DNN Skin Creating DNS Server for Hosting Company - Creating Dynamic Forms and presenting to client. Creating Dynamic Great Looking Website - Creating Ebay Listings Creating eBay listings - Creating email templates Creating Email Templates for Biz Opp Niche - Creating Exce Template database for Purchase & Sales Creating Exce Template database for Purchase & Sales - Creating Expert Advisors for Forex Trading creating explanations for reading comprehension assignments - Creating facial Morph (DazStdio) Creating facial Morph (DazStudio Genesis2Female) - Creating Financial Portfolio for Educational Purposes Creating Financial Portfolio for Educational Purposes - open to bidding - Creating Floating Steps Detailed CAD and PDF Drawings Creating Flow Chart of Web App - Creating Forms to PDF in Drupal using Webforms Module & PDFtk(repost)(repost) Creating forms to query MySQL database - Creating function in Rstudio Creating Functionality on Website - Magento - Creating get&set, stored procs, presentation pages in /sql server Creating ghost jobseeker accounts - Creating graphics from photos Creating Graphics from the Web in ASP.NET - Creating HomePage Icons On IPhone Android And Blackberry Creating Homepages - Creating Hubpages and Squidoo Lenses Creating Huffman codes using Haskell - Creating Images & Icons for Website -- 2 Creating images as per input file - Creating Infographics Creating infographics - Creating invoices and forms Creating invoices and forms-Updated - Creating Java environment for running .jar apps Creating Java meta-program that implements and displays graphs - Creating Landing Page creating landing page - creating leads I am a mortgage broker Creating leads SugarCRM via SOAP API - Creating Live Streaming and broadcasting PHP script Creating livechat demo inside of Phonegap (Android, iOS) - Creating Logo