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Create Multi-Parent Taxonomies for \"Years\" Search - Create Multiplayer Game Create multiplayer online board game USING NODE. JS (MUST KNOW NODE) - Create multiple choice questions and answers Create multiple choice questions based on a German text - Create Multiple Hotel Booking App Android & iOS -- 2 Create multiple illustrations and animations for App book - Create Multiple Proxies using IPv6 addresses Create multiple PSD based on bootsrap material - Create multiple website Create Multiple website accounts - Create music / music score for use in a game Create Music Album Spreadsheet - create music promotion website Create music show poster - Create MVP for a dating app/social network Create MVP multiplataform through app framework - Create my casino game music effect Create my Christmas Vinyl - Create my html email signature to work in Outlook 2007 create my icon image - Create My Maps(repost) Create my marketing materials - Create my Personal Portfolio create my personal portfolio website - Create my site fully responsive create my site to wordpress - Create my website Create my website - Create my wordpress website to mobile view APP Create my workshop Landing page on wordpress - Create MySQL and PhpMyAdmin Contact Form with Database. create mysql backup script - Create MYSQL database table for contact form Create MySQL Database Table from Schema - Create MySQL table with stored procedure create mysql table, display data on php page - Create nameservers on WHM/Cpanel for 2 domains Create NameSpace and Context Menu habdler for webDav - Create Navigation Script for Unity 3D Application Create navigation tab on my blog. - create new online store Create new "Become a Member" & Sales Rep pages in PHP site - Create new altcoin Create new Altcoin (like bitcoin) - Create new banners from PSD files Create new base - Create New CMS from Existing Template (PHP) Create new collateral - Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) - 05/08/2016 01:10 EDT - Create new design for existing store Create new design for existing WP website, using API for e-commerce pricing - Create new EA (All 8) Create new EA for MT4 - Create new Facebook , twitter, pinterest, youtube account - repost 2 Create new Facebook app for - Create new Form to View, Edit, and delete records from mySql db Create new form using current one. - create new graphics for poker software Create New Graphics in House Style for Existing Template - Create New HTML Email Create New HTML/CSS/JavaScript Pages for - Create new Jewelry Shopping Cart Website Create New Joomla 1.5 Web Site - Create new leads and make appointment. No sales. Only sourcing. Create New Leads List in Excel - Create new logo and packaging Create new logo and redesign company name - Create new Main.dwt template file and add button Create new management system games and platforms for Simakos - Create New MT4 Indicator Create New MT4 Indicator - create new page and make ccbill Create new page for 12pmlunch - Create New PHP MVC modules to an existing small pm system Create New PHP MVC modules to an existing small project management system - Create New Product Print and Packaging Designs Create New Product Tag for Sports Bottle - Create New Schedule for Japanese Tutor Website Create new scripit - Create new skin for android game (eclipse) Create new skin for Articulate player - Create new tables in my database + Bring some simple changes to 3 pages -- 2 Create new tables in new database and create new pages - Create New Theme for Jamit Job Board and Customization Create New Theme for Label Design (Arabic + English) - Create New Visual Studio Project Types Create new VS2015 MVC5 project and incorporate avenxo template into it - open to bidding - Create New Website Create New Website - create new website - open to bidding Create New Website - repost - Create new website from existing website create new website from exsisting website - Create new website using a wordpress template theme we have. Create new website using existing WP designed website - Create New Wordpress Blog ready for monetization Create new wordpress blog website(repost) - Create New Wordpress Website Create new WordPress website - Create News Submission Site in PHP Create News Website - Create Newsletter Template Magento - repost Create newsletter template webshop - Create nice HTML designed email Create nice html newsletter - Create nightclub promotional video Create nightclub promotional video - Create NODE.JS module that will effectively find cells in matrix Create node.js RESTful api with Authentication - create novelty documents for samples of bank statements and Identification cards & checkstubs Create novelty editable bank statement template in excel - Create OCmod/vQmod Module for OPENCART Create OCR software - Create offline copy of the website Create Offline Video Android App - Create once off Script to Rename Image Files and Update Database Img Src Url's. Create one video review in Italian about Teeth Whitening products - Create one Dynamic Component in Google Sketchup Create one e-shop to sell my services as one engeneer - Create one image of 2 boxing gloves Create one image of 2 boxing gloves to be used as an ebay variation listing image - Create one or more 3D Animated cartoon adventures for 3-7 year olds Create one or more Spine Animations - Create one page instruction for a baking silicone mat product. Create one page Ionic app html5 - Create one page with a touch slider and 4 menues in javascript Create one page with Jquery, css and html. - Create One Simple HTML Form - Urgent Create one simple HTML page - Create one video - open to bidding create one video from multiple clips, with enhanced audio, fades, titles - Create one XHTML webpage Create one year rapidshare account - create online appointment for beauty salon - repost Create Online Aptitude Practice Test - Create online chat for registered users Create online classifieds website - Create Online Donation Portal for Charity Organization Create Online Drag and Drop Seating planner - Create online form to trigger reload of data fetched through a cronjob Create Online Form using Gravity Forms to PDF - Create Online Menu Create Online Menu - repost - Create online professional directory with admin permissions create online professional resume - Create online shopping cart for my website
Create online shopping cart that works $50 USD budget - Create Online Store for video project Create Online Store for website that sells nutritional supplements - Create Online Travel Portal Create online tutoring platform for current website - Create Opaque Video Player - PC - Subliminal Create Open Cart 2.0 Site - Economy cost & Urgent - Create Opencart Module for Intuit GoPayment Hosted Paypage Create Opencart Modules based on VQMOD - Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- No indians! 22661 -- 3 Create opencart theme and install it. - create opt-in boxes for notification Create Opt-in landing page template - Create or Adapt a point of sale software - Multistore -- 3 Create or adapt a WordPress 'Calculator' Plugin - Create or Edit video Create or edit WordPress plug in - Create or modify a program simiar to the one I already have. Create or modify a script, code - Create or revise various items for newswire site Create or Rewrite and submit article at Wikipedia - Create order entry application for internal office use CREATE ORDER ENTRY PROGRAM IN ACCESS - Create Organized Lists from Wordpress Custom Fields create organizer application - create original pictures to go with my content Create original practice test questions for the CompTIA Network+ Certificate Exam - Create OSX Application to parse google search results Create OSX Transmiting iBeacon - Create our logo to fly in 3d space for intro to our youtube page Create Our Logo! - Create Outbound Phone Calling Web Site Using VoIP create outdoor banner - Create Over 1000 of Blogspot Blogs Create over 30 web 2.0 profiles and content - Create Package for Eyelashes create package for filefreesync to run on synology NAS - Create packaging design for a product Create packaging design for a product -- 2 - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs (20150829A) Create Packaging Designs (Shipping Bag) for an Apparel Brand - Create packaging for American Style Peanut Butter Cups Create packaging for iphone 6 screen protectors - create page from a template and images I give you Create page from Jpeg or PSD - Create page that reads pdf files and display them as page flip book create page that recommends best product for client - create pages as discussed Create pages based on data for Wordpress site - Create pages similar to an existing page Create Pages That Read Selection From DropDownBox And Do Action Afterwards - Create panoramic image Create PAPER CATALOG - Create part of a home study course Create Part Payment - Create Pattern Recognition Indicators for MetaTrader (MT4) Create Pattern Recognition Indicators for MetaTrader (MT4) - repost - Create payment gateway for custom Joomla 2.5 component - repost Create Payment Gateway for Drupal Module (Recurring & 3Dsecure Support) - Create Payment Processing Web Portal Create payment setup - Create Paypal Script Create Paypal Script [php] - CREATE PDA APPLICATION FROM CURRENT WEB APP CREATE PDF - create pdf brochure from website content Create PDF carpet cleaning flyer (color) - Create pdf file for letterhead CREATE PDF FILE FOR PRINTING FROM EXCEL SPREADSHEET - Create PDF form Create PDF form - Create PDF form with around 140 field. Create PDF Form with dropdowns where the values change based on choice in another field. - Create PDF from PHP Create PDF from PHP - Create PDF Lead Magnet (downloadable) Create pdf links for table of contents in large book files - Create PDF shopping cart wordpress plugin Create PDF shopping cart wordpress plugin -- 2 - Create PDF with QR codes out of data in MySQL DB Create PDF with tcpdf - Create Penny Auction Website from Existing Database Create Penny Stock Script - create personal android app - open to bidding create personal blog page - create perspectives of an image Create PES file. Convert 4 color EPS file to PES (Brother file) with minimized thread changes - Create phonegap app create phonegap app - Create Photo Christmas Cards Create Photo Collage Maker in Flash for Website - Create photo thumbnails which enlarge when hovered over (for website) Create photo upload / download site - Create Photorealistic 3D Renderings of Building -- 3 Create Photorealistic Animation for Architectural - Create Photoshop Design MUST TRACE AND BE THE SAME. Create photoshop designs for luxury travel web platform - Create Photoshop Templates using Clipping Masks and Smart Objects Create photoshop tutorial for different pop art styles - Create php application for 1 year Create PHP application for thermometer - Create PHP code to provide dynamic content in Joomla modules Create php code to send a form via email - Create PHP form to create a Photo gallery create php form webpage - Create PHP login script for website page with editable database, online order form, CREATE PHP MAIL FUCTION S - Create PHP redirect affiliate links for a deals website. create php reg form(repost) - Create PHP Script that will Extract & Test Proxys Online Create PHP script to calculate costs of audio/video services - Create PHP Script which asks for Email Address (soulnight C) Create PHP script which detects keyword mentioned on Twitter by a verified account - Create PHP Web App with Laravel+Bootstrap+Smarty Create PHP Web funnel template using PHP-Include - Create PHP/AJAX/JSCRIPT dynamic chart from database Create PHP/Codeigniter Billing App - Create Pictogramm(Icon)-Set Create pictograms - Create pipeline in Gitlab-CI - build engineer DevOPS create pipelines using ETL tool(streamsets) and transform data - create plan of banglow 40x50 size with big loan parking 4 bedrooms lobby kitchen Create plan sharepoint infastructure service transformation towards the cloud - Create PlayLists of Kid YouTube Videos in YouTube Create PlaySMS module for a bulk sms api - Create plugin for composer Create plugin for custom CSV exports - Create plugin from existing video slider - repost Create Plugin gateway for Playsms - Create plugins for virtumart2 in joomla 2.5 -- 2 Create plugins to add custom javascript based functionality to Wordpress/Buddypress premium theme - Create point of sale flyers Create point of sale system for ios platform - Create Pool Bitcoin Create Pool(Billiards) Game - Create popular unique viral videos for me Create Popup - Create portal with cms Create Portal/Software to control another software. - Create post cards sample images create post from chapter in books - Create Posters - Need Ongoing Graphic Design Create posters for corporate charity events - Create Power Create Power 1 - Create Power Point Presentation