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A reaction paper - a real business expert! A real designer for a real estate newsletter - A Real Estate Website - open to bidding a real estate website and mobile application for android and iOS - A Real Time Project a real time question and answer site - A realiable researcher regarding prescribed drug "champix". A realistic 3D interactive Interior Walkthrough in unity 3D - A really good php developer for a successful website A really good php developer for a successful website - repost - A really Unique Beat Selling Website - repost A Realtime beauty camera for ANDROID - A Recommendation System A recommendation system - A recruiter to find employees for my business A recruitment two sided marketplace similar to model - A reflection on leadership -- 2 a reflective commentary of 1000 words, about how is to work with a group(ex:advantages of a group work) - a regular bookkeeper A Regular Expression to Filter Domains from a List - A reliable CAD drafter for a growing business A reliable craigslist multiple ad software and advice needed - a reminder app A reminder of activity Mobile App ( iOS & Android ) - A replica of freelancer+ Quikr (Both combined) required A replica of new name to be myce - a report about energy need to be rewriting A report about image processing - A report from a structural engineer on a retaining wall A report generated from a downloaded csv. - A report of that includes law point of view - open to bidding A report on "Comparative Study of Database Approaches " - A Report on Geographic Business Intelligence a report on globalisation on company ZARA - a report on structural change to our back veranda for council approval A report on supply chain management consisting of 1500 words - a reporting on financial A REPORTING WEBSITE - a research about organisations and behaviour in business. A Research Analyst - a research oriented project 1- repost 3 a research oriented project 1- reposted - A research paper - open to bidding A research paper - repost - A Research paper written about Romania A Research paper written about Romania - ongoing work - a research questions a research questions - open to bidding - A Residentia; Builder Brochure A residential building project - A responsive form widget with drag and drop video upload A responsive graphical web interface needed - A Responsive web page with Dynamic Carousels A Responsive Web Site that has Custom CMS in PHP-- No Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal please - A responsive wordpress website A rest webservice to search linkedin 2 - A restaurant/bar mobile app android and iphone A RESTful API - a resume/cv and coverletter a resume/cv and coverletter -- 2 - A REVERSE AUCTION SITE a reverse auction website (elance, freelancer, Odesk, guru etc…) - A review of the marketing strategy of an organization and its effectiveness. A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management - A revision test website and app a revision/review service basing on feedback provided - business plan - a rig for my model -- 2 A ringgroup in Elastix wont answer properly - a robot thingy logo a robot to solve captcha - a Roku device consultor expert A role of Scrum master from Home - A rough guide to the music of Pakistan! a roulette game web site with a social networking component - A ruby rails developer a rugby pool site - A safe, functional FireGPG replacement for Firefox 11+ A sailing schedule for a web site that can be updated every fortnight with new vessel details. - a sales letter for direct response A sales letter required - A Sales Representative A sales representative - A salesman with B2B experience (ideally in e-commerce) in US A SalesPage Design - A sample application use Aero Style a sample BCS custom connector for training - A sample made of my new design. And place an order after made A sample MYOB EXO API url that can be used to update stock number - A sample WPF application that will popup (no matter what other window is open) A samurai or ninja themed art - A Scanner Darkly - VB.NET image A scary monster - a school management app in yii2 a school management app in yii2 - A science-fiction lgbt ebook A scientific article - A scraping data c# simple tool required a scratch card jquery plugin - A screenwriter for a feature film A Screenwriter to write a movie script - a script for an animation video a script for an animation video - open to bidding - A script just for IMEI CHECK A script just for IMEI CHECK - A script required to hide content on vBulletin from non facebook fans A script required to hide links on vBulletin from non facebook fans - A Script that will take photos and text and create video that is automatically uploaded to YouTube. A script that would parse .txt files into smaller files - a script to present GEO kodes A script to read and grab business information from directories - A script with strong sales and marketing elements! A script working fine on localhost not working on live - A seach engine a seamstress for my designs - A search engine for intranet - Repost - open to bidding A search engine for video. - A Searchable Zipcode and Location Name Database (repost) A Searchable Zipcode and Location Name Databases (repost) - A secret app A secret app to work on - A security IOS Application Similar to File Locker A SECURITY MECHANISM AGAINST CORDINATED ROUTING TABLE OVERFLOW ATTACK IN DESTINATION-SEQUENCED DISTANCE-VECTOR (DSDV) ROUTING PROTOCOL. - A self statement written to demonstrate that I will the following for the University as a faculty for the renewal of my dossier A self-reflection on group work - A Semi Trained Chef for a midnight food delivery A semi-detailed map drawn for a dungeons and dragons game. - A seo expert with good communication skill to work for my business as PRo A seo for a specific name - A Series Of 10 Lifestyle Articles. A series of 12 small/short Data Structures projects. - A series of badges for my website A series of beautiful illustrated / typographic quotes. - A series of illustrations A series of illustrations for a book on Aboriginal history - A series of short informational videos A series of simple online games. Long-term cooperation - a server and web site coded and written. - 23/07/2016 10:30 EDT A server backend developer - a service marketplace for internal proj A service provider - client website with data storage option - a set of app icons for smart phones A set of applications - A set of illustrations for a poetry book A set of illustrations in a small indie game. - A set of short analysis in R - basic level 1
A set of simple PDF documents - A sexy female cartoon with face similar to picture I can provide a sexy girls porn video - A shield a ship hull model from solidworks or preferably Maxsurf software. - A shopify developer a shopify developer - A shopping cart like flipcart A shopping cart need - A Shopping Hall Picture - open to bidding A Shopping Hall/Mall Image. - A short (1-1.30min) motion graphic detailing the home building process A short (10-20 page) biography - a short 30min C language lab need it within 3hours A short 3D animated video - A short animated video to teach kids about recycling A short animated web-series originally created by my friends and I along with anyone hired. - A short animation video A short animation whiteboard or similar corporate promotional video - A short C++ assinment A short C++ function to make 2 adjacent polygons flat - A short document of 19 slightly larger than tweet-sized paras. A short Document to be Translated in 3 languages - A short exercise on Racket Language A Short Film - A short Flash intro A short flash presentation to illustrate a new product/proce - A short intro for videos (YouTube) A Short Intro Video - A short promotion video of performance rehearsals to send to programmers and venues A short promotional DVD, high end pamphlets, - A short simple java project A short Story - A short story where the main conflict occurs because of a cross-cultural misunderstanding. - repost A short Story writer - A short video A short video - a short webisode animated (total of approximately 10 minutes); has 8 characters and can provide story boards if needed - open to bidding A short webseries - A shot glass CAD Design A Shot of Pleasure - A signed disclosurer statement A Significant Logo - A similar site A similar site like - A similar website Needed 2 A similar website script - A simpel wordsearch A simplae class - A simple - 2 players game A simple .net query page in VB - A simple 2D animation A simple 2D game - A Simple 333 Game a simple 3d game using c# xna - A simple A5-sized advertisement A Simple Access and Project - A simple after affect video A simple after affect video - A Simple and Short Description Project A simple and short guide for moms... - a simple android app A Simple Android App - A simple android app. A simple Android application - A simple android layout. a simple android mobile application to control a LED using arduino and Bluetooth module - A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with - open to bidding A simple API layer is needed for an existing web based application - A simple App with Webview and push Notification! A simple app! - A simple application to place and view orders at our website a simple AR app with Vuforia - a simple assignment with c++ A Simple ATM Simulation - a simple banner design for print A simple banner for a website - A simple blog A simple blog - open to bidding - A simple business software for personal usage A Simple business website - A simple but very addictive iPhone game. A simple C function - A simple C++ Code A simple c++ console project for a school project! Need done by next week - A simple calculation homework A simple calculation tool with PHP - A simple change in my website script A Simple Channel for Roku ( same easy look as our Android & iPhone apps ) - A simple clone website A simple clothing brand logo. - A simple company Logo - open to bidding A SIMPLE COMPILER IMPLEMENTED IN JAVA - A Simple Cre Loaded 6.2 Customization A simple cricket game to promote my hobby - A simple customization of a signup page, and I already have most of it done A simple dance. - A simple database based project A simple database creation - A Simple Design + CSS Reskin A simple design for shed sign - A simple Discount Coupon integration to PayPal Cart. A simple Discount Coupon integration to PayPal Cart. - open to bidding - a simple e-commerce web site design A simple E-Commerce website - A simple educational website with basic testing functions A simple electronics circuit with a LED and Tilt switch powered by a Coin cell battery - A simple Excel based database for stock control A simple Excel Formula required (see project description) - A simple Facebook application backend A simple Facebook application(repost) - a simple firefox extension A simple Firefox-plugin - A simple flash game a simple flash image gallery - A simple for a website! A simple Forex Expert Advisor (EA) on MetaTrader4 buy/sell - A Simple Game A simple game check link - A simple Game with a twist! a simple game, easy to gain $500 - a simple graphic design a simple graphic for a t-shirt - a simple htaccess php task A Simple HTML 5 Chess Website - A simple Image needs to be Created either in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator A Simple Image Search Engine - A simple IOS calendar with authentication A Simple iOS Card Game - A simple iPhone app built -- 2 A simple iphone app for a newsportal - A simple java application to measure an object's cpu and memory usage A simple JAVA Based Android App - A Simple Java Programming Project A Simple Java Project - a simple job a simple job -verify the validity of emails on facebook get their age and gender - A Simple JSON API Script A simple JSP forum - A simple List View Task A simple List View Task - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo
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