Projects Directory : A Scuba Diving, web researcher with excellent written and spoken English wanted. You are able to find information on the web You can find and collect the right information You can re-write content in great English You are passionate about Scuba Diving Yo - A sketchup model built

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A Scuba Diving, web researcher with excellent written and spoken English wanted. You are able to find information on the web You can find and collect the right information You can re-write content in great English You are passionate about Scuba Diving Yo - A search engine and news web-site. A search engine base website that finds attorney\'s based on court records - a search project.... A search utility for my website - a second Video A second website test - A security Contract agreement A security Contract agreement - open to bidding - A self statement written to demonstrate that I will the following for the University as a faculty for the renewal of my dossier A self-reflection on group work - A Semi-popular Website Sale A seminar paper 20 pages - A seo optimized elearning website which allows the students to watch the contents seemless on all devices in secured way A SEO project - A series of 2-minute whiteboard animation video - repost a series of 25 cartoons done for a book..all cartoons in black and white...ex.( r.k. laxman's common man types). - a series of cartoon projects involving merlyn and dragons. A series of cartoonish iconic art pictures - A Series of Law Lectures for International Business Practices A Series of Lectures and Activities in Taiwan - A seriese of short 60 second webisodes a serious adsense project. - a server zombi game like "second life" A service based product which can be used by different of users - A set if icons for iOS A set of 10 icons - A set of colouring in drawings for children A Set of Custom Isometric building/landmark Icons for our 3D map - A Set of Rewritres- 1 A set of SAP BI questions with answers and explanations is required - a seven minute stickman 2D animation for You Tube A seven-project for SEO - A shell for WP A shell implementation - A shopcart - memberships website store. A Shopcart complete site - A Shopping Cart / Instant Notification(repost) A shopping cart design that pays different levels of commission - A Shopping Hall Image - open to bidding A Shopping Hall Pic. - A Short & Easy C Project A Short & Easy C Project -- 2 - a short 30min C language lab need it within 3hours A short 3D animated video - A short animated movie for an app A short animated video to teach kids about recycling - A short animation whiteboard or similar corporate promotional video a short animation with 2 characters - A short cartoon animation for a wedding video (2 to 3 mins) A short cartoon series for real estate DL flyers - A short Document Translated into Russian and Arabic A Short Documentary in India - A short film animation A short film animation - Repost - A short funny little book - repost 2 a short graphic presentation - A short memoir of about 20-30 pages A short message tool - A Short Research A short research - A Short Story About My Niece's! A Short Story About My Niece's! -- 2 - a short time A short training on Amazon Web Services configuration - A Short Video or Power Point Presentation Needed ASAP A short video presentation - A short, 500 word essay on a given reading. A short, around 30 seconds, simulating a 3D augmented reality toy. - a sightseeing bus tour company website A Sign For a Gym - A similar website like a similar fishing boat website - A similar website A similar website - A simpe app to solve a problem A simpe website building project - A simple 'model' website needed ASAP A simple (text chat and forum) Website - A simple 20 page report on golf putting A simple 20 page report on lucid dreaming - A Simple 30 page report on Tips on how to build confidence in a child A Simple 333 Game - A Simple Access and Project a Simple Access DB - A simple agebraic job plotting a curve. A simple aircraft designed - A Simple and Small Social Network Website A simple and static Wordpress website development. - A Simple Android App - Repost A simple android app along with documentation - A simple Android application that performs a tic tac toe puzzle with an easy setting and a hard setting A simple android application with just 2 interfaces - a simple android shootting practice game, A simple Android wear app - A simple app for IOS/Android A simple app for iphone - A simple application a simple application - a simple asp program needed A simple ASP search script - A Simple AutoCad Design A simple AutoCAD plug-in that tiles selected regions via right-click . . NOW! - A simple Blackberry App in three days A simple blackberry app using Java / PHP - A simple business card, Design provided. Need help to generate image A Simple Business Listing Site With PHP - A simple but smart logo for a new business a simple but urgent project: iTunes data import - A simple C++ Code A simple c++ console project for a school project! Need done by next week - A Simple Calculator A simple calculator in Excel that needs to look good. - A Simple Chat website using Hot Towel Template with minimal Styling A simple chatbot on IBM Watson set up to be plugged on Facebook Messenger - A simple CMS site A simple CMS site - A simple Content Management System using the Django Web Framework. A simple contention based forwarding routing protocol in QualNet 6.1 Simulator - A simple Cryptography Engine A simple CSS flip transition. - A simple Data entry job A simple Data entry job - A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder mobile based (urgent) a simple dating site - A simple desktop application that take shots from webcam and push it using our REST API. A Simple Desktop Software - A simple dynamic mobile app A simple dynamic php web site design - A simple Ecommerce (Internet transfer) website A simple ecommerce banner - A simple error need fixing...Need a fast html ,php coder A simple eshop (university homework no payment gateway is needed) - A Simple Facebook Application A simple Facebook application - A Simple File Transfer Protocol A Simple File Transfer Protocol - A simple flash drawing widget A Simple Flash Game - A Simple Font-List Program (Revised) A Simple Food Deliver Component - a simple game A Simple Game - A simple game sort of like Tetris but with balls.
A simple Game with a twist! - A simple graphic design a simple graphic design - a simple htaccess php task A Simple HTML 5 Chess Website - A simple Image needs to be Created either in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator A Simple Image Search Engine - A Simple iOS Card Game A Simple iOS Countdown Timer App User Interface Design - A simple iphone app similar to GasBuddy A Simple iPhone Application - a simple JAVA Desktop Application A Simple JAVA Game for Angel521 - A simple JAVA software A simple JAVA software - A simple job for the right freelancer A simple job portal - A simple landing page + referral/sharing page A Simple Landing Page Coding (PSD TO HTML) - A simple lockscreen app for Android a simple logging service built on top of a message queue - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo for a chiropractor/massage therapist A simple logo for a web site and potentienlly flyers - A Simple Mac Application a simple Mac program - A simple membership record system with some search and record keeping A simple membership website - A simple mobile application a simple mobile application need to be developer in android and IOS - A simple MS Access table and forms for a small finance broker a simple mt4 expert , - A Simple Object Oriented Designed Java GUI Application a simple one html web page - A simple OO program A simple Opeartion input - A simple paypal project A simple PDF file to create - EASY JOB need in 2 hrs - A simple php based property listing website A Simple php based web site plus Facebook App - A Simple PHP Script A simple PHP Script - A simple PHP,Smarty,CSS, HTML website A simple PHP-based Quiz Web-based application. - A simple power-point presentation A simple Powershell script - a simple program A simple program (prefer Web Languages) with data base generates a report - a simple projct data capture and display application A Simple Project - A Simple Project Just 2 minis a per Day A simple project management software - A simple puzzle game in Fla, as, swf, html. A Simple Python Assignment Deadline 24 hour - A simple re-creation of the old Track Attack atari game A simple re-creation of the old Track Attack atari game in Unity3d - A Simple Restaurant site A simple restaurant website with an order form. Design already decided. - A Simple script needed with form - repost A simple script needed!! - A simple Second Life debate room A simple seed tutors software (chinese) - repost - A simple site for submitting tweets A Simple site for taking orders online and send them to our team direct to email. - A simple sockets application using C and Java A simple sockets proxy to a remote ssh shell. - A simple statistical analysis and explanations A simple stats package - A simple task to design net shaping process A simple task with Delphi 7 - A simple text recognizer - need Delphi code A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I - A simple translation spanish to english A simple transport accounting - A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program a simple unix project to develop - A simple application a simple application - a simple video-processing program a simple video-processing program - open to bidding - A simple web app that saves requests into a database and serves them A simple web app using R, R-Shiny package, and R Studio - a simple web client and web server A Simple Web Crawler - A Simple Web Site A Simple Web Site - a simple webpage A simple webpage sample using Yii Framework - A simple website A simple website - A simple website a simple website (3-4 pages) in jsp or java bean - A simple website do integrate with my IoT project A simple website do integrate with my IoT project - a simple website like a simple website like memebase - A simple website with payment function A simple website with paypal - a simple windows app a simple windows application - A simple wordpress plugin A simple wordpress plugin - ongoing work - a simple work for an ausralian A simple work for Indian - A simple Youtube downloader (or download manager) using Microsoft .NET (windows forms or WPF) similar to the gPodder App A simple, bold B&W line version of a logo I have in photograph - A Simpls Android send SMS App. a simply and responsive portfolio site - a simulation of rescue robot team A Simulation of the Banker’s Algorithm in Java - A SINGAPOREAN CITIZEN OR RESIDENT WANTED AS A REPRESENTATIVE FOR OUR COMPANY a singe page cgi to php conversion - a single assignment of 1000 words a single assignment of 1000 words - open to bidding - A single illustration (details in project body) A single illustration of a particular dog in a superhero costume. - A single page parallax and effects scrolling A single page parallax and effects scrolling - repost - A single php script to return html table/CSV file from mySQL database with user name/password verification A single picture aimed for comic books but to look realistic - a single web page that will alternate between live ip camera feeds in a fullscreen mode. A single web page with two horizontal images. - A Site chenge Wordpress theme a Site clone - A site for Ted A site from Drupal to Wordpress - a site like groupon A site like etc where vendors can bid on automobile repair jobs - A Site Like This A site like this in flash - A site needed A site needs to be edited - A Site similar to (Friendship, Dating) A site similar to munute workers - A Site that Manages and Sells Digital Content A site that offers - a site which repeats youtube song a site with e-commerce capability - a sketch artist a sketch artist - A sketch up model of a three story building A sketch video to promote my event company - A sketchup model built