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An app that sells items as auctions and buy it now option - An app to be developed in Iphone An app to block number for a time periode - An app to Iphone, Ipad and Android An app to read a list of packaged food ingredients with scanner - An app where it takes a picture and tells more info An app where people can save there favourite youtube bloggers - An app. An app/integration for Slack - An application an application - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for government funding for a Brewery in Ontario an application for iOS and android - an application in apple store An application in Code Ignitor - Urgent - An application that can reply to LI messages An application that creates invoices. (using Netbeans) - an application to order pizza An application to power an iOS based doppler probe - An applikation for (Iphone / android / Windows phone ) But one platform at a time an applogy email - An apps that combine skills and interest an appstore - An Arabic voice is required An Arabic Website for a crowdfunding campaign - An architects thought evoking logo An architects to draw a plan for a soft conversion and an extention of consevatory - An array of photos taken for an online photo image library An array of photos taken for an online photo image library - an article An article - An article about explainer videos An article about Food Security. Is it possible to feed the worlds population in an environmentally and socially accepted way? - An article about QuickTime errors An article about regulation of online commodity trading - An Article For a Wedding Blog an article for company profile & advertisement publication - An article on "How to lose weight" An article on "Politicization in budgeting is influenced by several Actors. Explain the Actors involved clearly" - An article on staying in touch with friends & family abroad during the holiday season. An article on the history of the bicycle - An article titled: How Schools Kill Creativity. an article tittled child protection in Nigeria - An article writer need for on going project An article writer needed - An Articles On Pinterest/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter an Articles writer for urgent article writting needed - An artist is needed an artist log for a music producer. - An artist to draw illustration pictures in a children book for publishing An artist to draw illustration pictures in a children book for publishing - an artist to teach people how to do caricature An artist who can design cosmetic labels and who may be familiar with FDA label guidelines - An As creative writing piece checked but need it in 4 hours An ASP . NET Project - An ass kicker An ass kicker - open to bidding - An Assignment About Design Patterns An assignment completed at 1st class quality - An assignment on accounting - repost An assignment on Assembly Language - ARC - an assinment about router An assistant - An Assistant to do webinar training with my customers. An Assistant to do webinar training with my customers. - repost - an attorney to call my brother and tell him to stop harrassing my father An attractive and professional Logo - An Auction website An Auction website - An auditor, cpa An Auditorium - An Auto Ad Launcher An auto archive authors page - An AutoCAD Drawing An autocad engineer to create p&ID drawings and 3d model from isometric hand drawungs - An automated sport betting website An automated startup and shutdown script - An automatized Excel Spreadsheet - open to bidding An Automator or Itunes Script that organises my iTunes Movies - An AVR programmer - open to bidding An awards ceremony, need shots of award winners and general crowd - An C# based Auto Script which will browse a site and fix the textbox and do the buttn click An camera app which can have location, Comments, Projects Code, Date and Time Stamp - An database-driven information website An design for manufacture and patent. - An E commerce Website An E commerce Website - An e-commerce marketplace similar to An E-Commerce Platform for Games - An e-commerce website - open to bidding An e-commerce website for an online pet store - an E-newsletter mailing program An E-store - An easy desktop application An easy ecommerce website - An easy job An easy job for an experienced Flash Programmer - An easy PHP Bug Fix An easy PHP Bug Fix - repost - An easy task - repost An easy task for every ONE - An easy wordpress webinar and prerecorded event plugin an easy work for you - an ebay store An eBay template design - an eBook around 50 pages on different topics of spirituality - open to bidding An eBook based on traditional/ancestral/paleo nutrition - an eBook of 40 pages an eBook of 40 pages - open to bidding - An ebook template and cover page An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers - an ecommerce site An ecommerce site for home delivery for a restarunt chain - An ecommerce website - open to bidding An eCommerce website built for a business owner within the hot tub industry - An economic analysis of an investment project. An economic assignment - An editor / copyeditor an editor / proofreader - An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. - ongoing work - An Education Portal an education project - An Efficient and Serious Writer Required An efficient bicycle/cycle rickshaw - an election post card designed An electrical construction company - An electrical/mechanical engineer to help me on a side project An electrical/mechanical engineer to help me on a side project - repost - An elegant theme wordpress template setup An Elegant website ( Design of a smilar web will be Given in html) -Scripting Language should be PHP and Backend will be My SQL. - An email reminder system for customers An email scraper - An emblem/logo for an elegant clothing line. An Emergency lighting Quote template. - An emplyee skills database created in MS Access An empty page.. - An engineer to aprove a site project An engineer to certify carport plans for council - an engineer who knows about air compressors and c02. An engineer with good Java Skills - An English disclaimer needs to be proofread An English Document needs reviewed - An English teacher to help write ghost write 200 word meanings for 10 year old kids An English typist with speed at least 90 wpm - AN ENQUIRY INTO CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHERS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS
An Enquiry logging system - an equipment plan/layout for a commercial kitchen An equity-based crowd-funding platform - an essay an essay - An essay about Obama care - 6 pages an Essay about peer-to-peer Freenet project - an essay in italian about clothing an essay like the last one you did - an essay on the adverse conditions of the weather and their effects on man's activity An essay on the topic of eyewitness reliability - An estimating tool for our sales and customer service staff An Estimote: Shoe Sticker Application - an event management app using android, mongodb, and node js with a good knowledge on git. an event management app using android, mongodb, and node js with a good knowledge on git. -- 2 - an events app An events calendar and a full page mobile widget linked to website - An example program of reading binary in to a struct An example program of reading binary into a struct in c# - an excel formula an excel formula using if and dates - An excel spreadsheet An excel spreadsheet - An excellent business writer required An Excellent Cake Php team required. - An excellent writer knows about MS excel pivot (filipino or kenyan preffered) an Excellist - An EXE or a windows service needed An exe to auto accept jobs on Aesop - an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing - repost An existing custom indicator and Expert Advisor tweaked - An existing Website modification An existing website needs edits made (instructions provided) - an experienced and tasteful freelance designer in dubai An Experienced Android App Programmer Needed! (Quickly) - An Experienced Flex Developer An experienced grant writer - An experienced programmer in c# and php/myql An experienced programmer is needed for fixing and upgrades on 2 website (1 site and the other is php) - An experienced Web Designer / Graphics designer is required to create Newsletter templates based on the theme of existing website. An Experienced Web Designer is Needed! - An Expert Academic writer needed for long term An Expert Academic Writer Needed Urgently(It's Urgent Work) - An Expert GERMAN Voice Talent and Translator Required Immediately an expert grant proposal writer from philipine - An expert in Google Adsense, ClickBank and other ways to MONETIZE a site An expert in heat transfer using finite voluminous method is needed - an expert in wordpress needed An expert Lead Page VA - An expert PHP programmer An EXPERT PHP Programmer needed - AN EXPERT TO WRITE SCRIPT FOR AUTO FORM FILL UP An expert translator - An Explainer Video's Animation Length 60 Seconds. An Explainer Video\'s Animation Length 60 Seconds. - An extensive JOOMLA expert, a Developer / Programmer (php a An external camera viewfinder with zoom cabability - An eye-catching logo. ONLY PROFESSIONALS An f.95 program to be written - an High Quality Home Page Needed in PSD format an high speed communications - An hourly project An hourly Project of SEO - An HTML5/JavaScript animation - open to bidding An HTTP class - An icon for Drum kit app An icon for my avatar/alias/author for websites etc - An ideal project for Kenyan writers! an ideal designed - an Illustration an illustration - An illustration in the style of Colonial America An illustration of 3 ancient Chinese characters playing majong at the table. - An illustration of some people in a context in a more contemporary and modern style an illustration of surgery made in rat's heart - An illustrator an illustrator - an illustrator for a book An illustrator for a book - repost - An illustrator for a children's book. An Illustrator for a children's book....babies thru age six ish... - an illustrator for several children's books An illustrator IN USA for my picture book - AN ILLUSTRATOR TO ILLUSTRATE HOW A PRODUCT WORK. THE PRODUCT IS A WELL BEING DRINK An illustrator to illustrate legends in black and white - an illustriation An Ilustration for Food brand . Want an illustrtaion of cooking instructions for rice in 5 steps. - An image I designed to be made neater and clearer to be printed on shirts An image jpg file that includes your slogan - An image that conveys a social concept an image to be draw - An implementation of SkipLists and RedBlack trees in C# or Java an import export system for oscommerce store - An Independent Travel Group Organizer Web site An Indesign and layout expert - an indirect metrics calculating a Software Quality Model using a set of given direct metrics An Individual must be highly capable in PERL, PHP, MYSQL, and website design. - An infographic about how our website works an infographic designer to revamp the design of 16 power-point slides (presentation) - An innovative mmorpg computer game An input stream reader class in RealBASIC (066) - An Instagram BOT - repost 2 An Instagram Clone for Android - An integrated shipping software for FedEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, CanadaPost An integrated shopping cart, accounting, support CMS and CRM system - an interactive 3D racing game An interactive and realtime running mobile app - An interactive online studio An interactive parcel shipping and forwarding platform - An interactive survey funnel script An interactive training tool made from an existing written training course - An interface for a CBT Application An interface for Calibrating Analog I/O Readings to Fuel Level in openGTS - An interior designer an interior designer - An internal Project for Kenara-Oct An internal project, December 2014 - An interpretation of a hand drawing, for a logo. Will need mono and process colour An Interpreter - An intro in cinema 4d (using videohive template) An Intro Offer - An inventory software An Inventory, Billing and Reporting software to be made. - An investment website with beautiful and grand design an investor presenation - repost - An iOS and android app + website for the app An IOS and Android App - open to bidding - An ios app for the iphone/ipod and if possible ipad An iOS App Icon - An IOS app with Selenium IPhoneDriver integrated An IOS application - An iOS Game need to be built An IOS Game project - An IOT application for fault diagnosis and prediction in elevators An ip ban, geo target and form submit script! PHP - an iPad project for gps positioning An ipad&iphone game - An iphone app an iPhone app - An iphone app in which people can order An IPHONE APP like Carousell - an iPhone application An iphone application (to begin with) - an iphone forum app An iphone game - An Iphone trivia game - repost An iPhone, iPad, iPod touch APP - An iPhone/Android App