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Adding Apple Pay For iPhone App With simplify - Adding associated pages to Wordpress blog Adding associated products to simple product - Adding audio to video clips Adding Audio/Video/Banners feature in my current CMS and XML - Adding Backend Post features to iPay88 payment gateway in Jomres Adding backgroud at the bottom of the page - Adding Banners to Open Cart Website Adding Bar Code to invoice and packing slip - Adding Bleeds and Crop Marks to EXISITING PSD Files Adding blocks of fields dinamically in JavaFX in a screen created using FXML - Adding borders to images Adding bot to csgo lottery - Adding buy and sell ligit to a MT4 indicator Adding buy now and info buttons to shopify theme - Adding Captchas onto 3 PHP forms Adding captions to thumbnail images in a gallery on a SquareSpace site. - Adding Category list to a website adding category meny to my shopify (for xcoderx) - Adding Chat to Website Adding cheats/trainer to flash games. - Adding ClickTag to a Banner adding clicktag to flash banners - Adding code to petstore demo Adding Code to Tile Products - Adding comic strip navigation to an existing Tumblr theme - repost 2 Adding Comment Box - Adding complex products for WooCommerce Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term - Adding content in my Joomla Site Adding content (around 15 pages) to a Wordpress Website. - Adding content to DNN skin Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. - Adding content to my wordpress site Adding Content to our Google Maps API - adding content to WP and integrating WP plugin Adding content web site - adding cotact form in django Adding Country flags to virtuemart store - Adding CSS file to HTML text adding css to a custom CMS - Adding custom functionality in wordpress site for subsciption library Adding custom functionality to eCommerce site (PHP, MySQL, Opencart/Mijoshop, Joomla) - Adding Custome Features Adding Customer Account Page Tab - Adding database (MySQL) and Administration to a PHP website adding database access to socialcalc - Adding Days, Weeks, Months, Years Adding DCS for GT06 to the existing openGTS installation - Adding digital signature value in PDF Adding dimensions to 50 vector files. - Adding discount offers to Thai online stores (Thai natives only) Adding discounts to our site - Adding Drag and Drop and/or Image Selection Functionality to Wix Website Adding drag and drop capabilities to a bootstrap webapp - Adding dynamic description and titles to codeigniter page adding dynamic form group with dynamic suggestions and calendar - Adding ecommerce Adding ecommerce capability to our website - Adding Email Notification Forwarding adding email sending in flash program - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 10 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 2 - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 4 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 5 - Adding existing code to weka Adding existing code to weka -- 2 - Adding extra features in Magento Admin Adding extra features to existing Theme - Adding Facebook & Twitter icon to my website Adding Facebook 'likes' and 'recommends' to our website - adding facebook friends via bluetooth ADDING FACEBOOK FRIENDS/FANS - Adding facebook share bouton on game Adding Facebook Share button - Adding feature to _simple_ IE plugin written in Delphi Adding Feature to a simple HTML 5 snake game - Adding Features Adding features - adding features on a current ms access project Adding features on a Java game - Adding features to a website Adding features to a working WebPage - Adding features to auction website Script - URGENT Adding features to backend tools - PHP html - Adding features to existing rideshare mobile app. Adding Features To Existing Ruby-On-Rails Design - Adding features to my directory website adding features to my photo gallery page on website - adding Features to Small OLE php/mysql Project adding Features to Small OLE php/mysql Project - Adding few c# functionality to an existing site adding few extra options to existing project - Adding Fields to a Personals Profile Adding fields to a real-estate component - Adding final touch for the website Adding finishing touches to Adobe Muse web site - Adding font in e107 cms Adding Font selection feature to WPF form - Adding forms and pop ups from database to a website Adding forms and pop ups(draw from database) to a website - Adding friends to facebook Adding friends to my facebook accounts -- Posting statues - adding function to a project Adding function to a Shopify store. - Adding functionality and business partnership. Adding functionality and customizing our WPLMS (e-learning) setup - Adding functionality to existing software called Loomio Adding functionality to existing wordpress/woocommerece website - Adding functionnalities Adding functions - to an existing apk - Adding Gallery and Calendar Mod to phpnuke website!! Adding gallery to existing app as well as simple cosmetic changes - Adding Google admob to my Cocos2ds Game Project -- 2 Adding Google Adsence - Adding Google analytics to new Wordpress Ppage Adding Google Analytics to Wordpress site - Adding graphical banner to responsive Drupal theme Adding graphics and fixing some css on an existing webdesign - Adding High Availability and Non-Disruptive Failover Features to our Local Network and Internet Services adding High score using scoreloop for mobile android app - Adding HTML to Sub-Domains Adding HTML5 localStorage as a fallback for offline form submission to already existing form/database - Adding iframe pop ups with content being pulled from wordpress backend Adding IM to my CRM - Adding Image Upload to Customer Order Form Adding Images - Adding images to Magento products Adding Images to MS Word Documents - Adding indicators to charting software Adding infinite scroll to my wordpress blog - adding int method level and string postorder method to given AVLTree program Adding interactive components to Website* - Adding iPad support for iPhone application Adding iPayout payment wallet to a existing PHP Runner project - Adding items in Magento Go -- 7 Adding items in Magento Go -- 8 - Adding Items to Magento Navbar *quick fix" adding items to magento via exel files - Adding Jetpack Infinite Scroll Module Support in Wordpress Theme - repost 2 Adding Jewerly products to OScommerce.. - Adding JUNIT TESTS to a simple Java Network RPG Adding Keywords - Adding language pack option for my website. This project is for @phantham only! Others please do not bid. Adding languages to MODx multilingual site - Adding Lightbox to Magento product view on Joomla front end
Adding lights ray to company sting - Adding Links to YouTube Videos Adding list of shops to mobile app - ADDING LOCAL FANS TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Adding localisation support - Adding Logos Adding logos and words to photos for advertising use - Adding Maildir Support to Openwebmail Adding management panel to static content - Adding member tab Adding members and images sections - Adding MFC CFileDialog - simple Adding Microdata to my Eventlist - adding module in OS commerce site Adding modules and features to our php based system. - Adding more capability to a social PHP site Adding more colour/gray on packshot pictures - Adding More Functions to the NutBug Site adding more generation levels to prestashop module - Adding multilingual capabilities to a website Adding Multilingual option to website, no google translate - Adding music functionality to a social networking site (648615) adding music module to joomla - Adding navigation header menu to website + Logo design adding navigation to mapsforge - Adding new features & fixing bugs of an existing web application adding new features and changing text name - Adding new features to Existing website Adding new features to existing WebSite - Adding new folder to facebook application to handle messages adding new function and background options - adding new levels to my already made game app Adding new module or change some module on a website using opencart. - adding new products into joolma Adding new products to online store - Adding News Feed in a flash web page adding news feed to website - adding of products to my ecommerce website need Adding of RSS image inside RSS - Adding one option - resize FontSize Adding one page + small design fix on wordpress site - Adding options into Magento cart & checkout page adding options page to wordpress theme - Adding Other Langues Support in App adding our design to vbulletin + vbadvanced - Adding pages to Website Adding Pages with Flash Header - Adding PayFlow Pro Gateway to WP Plugin Adding payment buttons to our site - adding payment type Adding Paypal - Adding Paypal to my ptc script and a few changes adding paypal to site - Adding Phone Images on my website. Adding Phone verification and E-mail verification plugin to website - Adding PHP(form submission) and cleaning up code of existing website adding PHPizabi modules - Adding Plimus (Payment gateway) with Prestashop (Ecommece) Adding Plugin and doing customizations Wordpress site URGENT - Adding Pop-Up Images on YahooStore Adding Popup Ad Space to WordPress Site - Adding Preloader and Watermark to Flash Games Adding Preloader and Watermark to Flash Games(repost) - Adding Product Image to Joomla/Virturemart Site Adding Product Image to Joomla/Virturemart Site!! - Adding Product via Web form from Excel File Adding product, Category Management, Wbsite mock up design - Adding Products / Copy Paste in Different Languages- adding products and creating company profile listings on our website and updating information. Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation, SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Administration and data imputing - Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 9 Adding Products for the web site - Adding Products in Magento Adding Products in Magento Store - adding products into back end of website. Very Basic. Adding Products into - adding products to a database Adding Products to a Shopify eCommerce Store - Adding Products to Ebay / Quicksales using wp lister Adding products to ecommerce - Adding Products to Magento G Adding Products to Magento Go - adding products to my webshop Adding products to my website - Adding Products to Shopify Store with Creative Descriptions. Adding products to Shopsite - Adding products to woocommerce shop Adding products to woocommerce, simple copy paste job. - adding profiles and girls to directory - For FINGERPRINT adding profiles to the data base - Adding publishers to Ad-serving community Adding Pullout Widgets to Websites - Adding rails code to existing design Adding Rating Functionality - adding references to a paper Adding references to wikipedia entries - adding retail/wholesale part on my site Adding retweet button in Wordpress Blog - Adding rows and data to form Adding rows and inserting data dynamically to datagrid - ADDING RUNNING BOARD TO A TRUCK IMAGES adding running board to truck images - adding sdk in to the games Adding Search and advanced search to a form - Adding security login for my online server Adding Security to angular JS. - Adding Shadow Capability to a Program Adding shapes to SVG outline script - Adding shopping cart to site Adding Shopping cart to Wordpress site - Adding Simple Math Based Security Question to Contact Form Adding simple menu bar to webview - Adding Sizing Chart to Magento Adding Skip (Skip>>) Feature to first page (Sign in/up page) of a PhoneGap PHP built Android & IOS App. - Adding small features to an existing cool Android app Adding small features to the existing ruby on railsweb application - Adding Social Share Button to Blog and Small Archive Adding Social Sharing buttons to news feed - Adding some enhancements to my site. I have concepts, need to ability. Adding some Facebook integration to an existing website - Adding some features to existing Access DB with VBA Adding some features to existing Access DB with VBA - Adding some features to the shell Adding some FLA components in Flash Template - Adding some javascript or tracking code to website Adding some minor functions and changes to my wordpress site and also optimize the speed - Adding some text to each product page, optimization of images, related work Adding some text to each product page, optimization of images, related work - ongoing work - ADDING SOUND FEATURE Adding Sound Files to XML Flash Slide Show - Adding SSL to OScomemrce adding SSL to proftpd - Adding Style Headings to Proposal Document Adding Style Headings to Proposal Document - Adding subtitles to a 20 second video Adding subtitles to videos - adding tables using apache open office to open the file uploaded. Adding tabs in Magento product page - Adding testimonials to our site Adding tests to "Google+ to Wordpress synchronisation tool" - Adding text to different pages of our websites Adding Text to Flash Home Page (Norwegian) - Adding the color to a Vectorized Logo Adding the name to author list in the academic paper about electrical subject - Adding Theme / Editing Shopify
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