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Add-on to xcart-pro - Add-Ons For OSCommerce Add-Ons for OScommerce - Add-to-cart wholesale website improvement (OSCommerce Customization) Add. Homepage Changes (repost) - Add/change to existing flash site Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites - Add/edit 3 features to a wordpress theme 1 Add/Edit 4 pages to our existing website - Add/edit product pictures for 88 products (3 pics each min) Add/Edit products in Virtuemart on Joomla website - Add/fix print function for webbased file viewer - php Add/Fix some functionality in my django website - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify current .NET website. Add/Modify Data Fields in Existing .NET Application and Database - Add/Remove Joomla menu items on sub domain to match main domain and update an article Add/Remove menus if browser window is above or below 782px - Add/update company information on top 25 online business directories (data entry) Add/Update Form in Wordpress Admin - addandsearch Addapt a website to work with sub menus - Adde to existing project ADDEALINDIA - Added features and set up of previous version system - open to bidding ADDED FEATURES FOR A SUPPORT DESK - Added Functionality to Leads Management script. Version 3 Added functionality to resize/thumbnail script - added profile on our cms media added profile on our cms media - open to bidding - addemup student version Addendum Agreement drafted - Addicted Apparel Website addicted facebook applications - Addiction Ebook Writer Addiction Monitoring App - Addictive Flash Game (or shockwave) Addictive Game - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - Adding logo and title (In Hindi) to the images(150 pictures) given by me using photoshop adding my outline - adding & edit html website Adding & Formatting content to Wordpress site - ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Repost adding / customizing plimus payment page - Adding 100,000+ targeted fans to a Facebook fan page Adding 1000 articles to website - adding 2 action for a single form Adding 2 Buying Options - Adding 200 articles Adding 200 Images or Youtube to website ( for BDBANGLA) - Adding 3 features to existing opensource ecommerce, Urgent! Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce - Adding 4 WEB pages to existing site Adding 5 items on a catalogue "Theislanders" - Adding 60 products to Magento Go Adding 60 products to Magento Go - repost - Adding a ''Smile'' Point System To A Portal Similar To Friendster. Adding a 'Clickable' link at the end of a video - Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file Adding a blog and bio slots - Adding a buy & collect function - repost adding a c# file some lines - Adding a component in an existing site adding a component to social network application - adding a custom field in OsCommerce(repost) Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar - Adding a drop down menu to my site adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module - adding a feature to my joomla component adding a feature to one website i got - Adding a folder(screen) to a facebook application (P3) Adding a font family on my wordpress website. - Adding a Function to OpenSource POS Adding a functionality in existing website - Adding a Javascript news function to a existing HTML Templat Adding a jQuery carousel slider to a html page. - Adding a logo to a sticky navigation bar in Shopify Store adding a logo to sencenet - Adding A New Custom Post Type in Wordpres Site. Adding a new email address and automated email change - Adding a new update form to our existing webpage-3 Adding a new windows on launch on an existing app. - Adding a payment gateway to website Adding a payment module to Zen Cart - Adding a popup when an Item is selected on our Launch27 booking form Adding a portfolio to a wordpress site - Adding a running board to a truck picture Adding a scheduling calendar to a website -- $75 - Adding a signature via an app to an adobe pdf Adding a simple Adobe CC extension - Adding a small db to a joomla website adding a small feature to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL webapp - adding a text in software Adding a third widget column to theme - Adding a voucher feed to a Site Adding a War Ties Bet to game and a Commission Free Baccarat game demo - adding adcodes in wordpress blogs - URGENT Adding addional field like search, sidebar having regions - Adding additional fields to Wordpress User account and registration Adding additional functionality to a Flash Org Structure - Adding Address Fields Magento Checkout cart Adding address information for 1053 companies in Excel sheet - Adding Ads to my new game ADDING ADS TO UNITY PROJECT - Adding affiliate links and fixing banners. Adding affiliate Links to Blog - Adding Alphabetic sorting to PHP script Adding ALT descriptions to HTML - Adding an edit and copy feature to a shopping cart Adding an email link to a php page - Adding an Image Upload to a Form Adding an invitation feature for a multiplayer flash game (Connect 4) - Adding and altering a php online internet game.(repost) Adding and changes in the radio application - Adding Android Market to Galaxy Tab & arabic language Adding animation to a Adobe Director proyect - Adding Arabic Subtitle to a 4 minute video Adding Arabic Subtitles to Video - adding attributes to open cart Adding attributes to site. - adding autiomatic spiting function to audiocity + others adding auto bid function - Adding background to PNG image Adding Bank EMI Options to Existing Payment Gateway of ecommerce website - Adding Basket Page to ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework Adding Basket Profit - Adding blogs Adding Blogs in website - Adding Bullet icons for unordered lists -Wordpress Website - Urgent Adding button - Adding Captcha to HTML contact page adding CAPTCHA to many forms in my web site - Adding categories to users Adding categories to website - Adding Chat Code to my wordpress Websites Adding Chat function to my website - Adding Clickbank and Paymate, Adding Shipping Charges, Fixing Link installed By Previous Coder,enquiry about contact us tab adding clickbank functionality to amember 3.1.4 - Adding code to a theme template to provide a transfer booking structure Adding code to call functions - small php project - Adding Columns to Database Adding Combination Generator - Adding Comparison Shopping capability to -- 2 Adding complex products for WooCommerce - Adding Content (Calc)
Adding content in my Joomla Site - adding content to css template Adding content to DNN skin - Adding content to my wordpress site Adding Content to our Google Maps API - adding content to WP and integrating WP plugin Adding content web site - adding cotact form in django Adding Country flags to virtuemart store - Adding CSS file to HTML text adding css to a custom CMS - Adding custom functionality to eCommerce site (PHP, MySQL, Opencart/Mijoshop, Joomla) Adding custom functions to Woocommerce - adding customer club capabilities to an existing website Adding Customer Forms to an OpenCart Site - Adding Database to the sms enabler adding database to volusion - Adding Delphi information to ActiveX documentation adding description' text and a map in a media gallery - Adding disclaimer page Adding disclaimer page - ongoing work - Adding DKIM to a domain Adding DKIM to phplist - adding drop down menu on website checkout page Adding Drop Down Menus to Existing Joomla Website - Adding e commerce products to my site Adding e commerce products to my site -- 2 - adding editing the products in Ebay Adding editions to my wordpress website - Adding embedded text and/or video chat translation feature on existing website Adding Embedded Video to my FB App - Urgent - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 5 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 6 - Adding Ethereum (ETH coin) to Peatio Exchange. Adding Event Management functionality to a Joomla! website - Adding External SMTP server details to existing scripts Adding External SMTP server details to scripts - Adding extra functions to my Android and iPhone payment app Adding extra pages to my script - Adding Facebook Fanbox to my magento eshop Adding Facebook fans - adding facebook likes - repost 3 Adding Facebook Login in Wordpress - Adding Fat16 write function to CSR Kalimba demo read Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - adding feature to PHP Website Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project - Adding features in opencart website adding features in website - Adding features to a Site adding features to a site - Adding features to an existing website using Node JS / Mongo DB / Express / Angular / Less / Front End Adding features to an existing windows desktop program - Adding features to existing jomsocial site Adding features to existing map system - Adding features to my current app adding features to my current website - adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ - open to bidding - Adding Feedback Section to Existing Website Adding few c# functionality to an existing site - Adding Fields to a Personals Profile Adding fields to a real-estate component - Adding fix call button on the right down side of our mobile site Adding fixed category to established Oscommerce store - Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template - Adding formula at Excel data file to compute Adding formulas and functions to my excel template - Adding Friends to Social Networks Adding Friends via Facebook APP (mobile) - Adding function to flash files.Very simple Adding function to online booking script. - Adding functionality to a Drupal website - repost Adding functionality to a post-it note program - Adding functionality to Magento website Adding functionality to MVC application - adding functions to a website! Adding functions to an existing Access Database - Adding games to a Wordpress games directory Adding Games to My Sites - Adding google adsense to my website(repost) Adding google adsense to my wordpress website - adding google checkout to Adding google custom search engine to homepage - Adding Graphics To Ebooks (4) Adding grouped contacts in VTiger - Adding horizontal scrollbar (jquery) to my website Adding horizontal scrollbar (jquery) to my website - repost - Adding Hyperlinks to words Adding I.e 10 support to NODE.JS server - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ENGLISH) Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ENGLISH) - repost - adding images and video to my website adding images editing the images and enhancing them for an online store - adding in a job board plug in Adding in AdMob Sdk into my Current Android Apps - adding infralution licensing system to a .net c# application Adding Infromation to some documents - Adding intros to videos Adding Inventory module into our current Web-based accounting system - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 2 - Adding Items to amazon through MS Excel - repost Adding items to an online store - Adding Javascript capabilities to PDF Adding Javascript checking to an existing form. - Adding jQuery UI datepicker to WordPress form Adding Jquey animations and other HTML website improvements - adding keywords to website Adding Korean letters support to existing Unity3d Asset - Adding Letters to Font 2 Adding life chat functionality to a Croogo website. - Adding Links To Footer in Magento adding links to my web site - Adding LivePerson via a JS call Adding LivePerson via a JS or PHP call - Adding logo on images. Adding logo to our sales presentation - Adding mail alert to 2 mt4 indicators Adding mail alert to mt4 indicator - Adding Media Player To Website Adding media to Wordpress via PHP script - Adding meta tags to wikipedia site and fixing javascript error. adding methods to a c++ component - adding module and modifications to current module for x-cart adding module in OS commerce site - Adding more capability to a social PHP site Adding more colour/gray on packshot pictures - Adding more functions to the current site Adding more functions to the current site - Adding Multicore suport to game engine. Adding multilingual capabilities to a website - Adding music functionality to a social networking site (648615) adding music module to joomla - adding navigation to mapsforge Adding NDA for all work past,present and future - Adding new features & fixing bugs of an existing web application adding new features and changing text name - Adding new features to existing WebSite Adding new features to existing website - Adding new function adding new function and background options - Adding new micro features to our working app Adding new module or change some module on a website using opencart. - Adding new payment gateway in wp gorup buy script