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add security code to application - add security to cakephp website. Add security to Checkout page of zen cart store. - Add SELECT TAG to function with "Dynamic INPUT fields to auto submit all to mysql" jQuery add selection box on each row of html table - Add send "friend request" button in existing Rails application Add send and save to an app android - Add SEO Tags for 1000 Wordpress postings Add SEO tags for Title, H1, URL, keywords, meta to my custom old website - add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux - ongoing work Add service charge field *Floreant POS* - Add shading to lighting pics add shadow box feature to gallery - Add Share buttons to my site Add Share buttons to our Blog - Add Sharing Buttons Sidebar to Wordpress blog Add sharing icons to webpage - Add shipping cost per product. Add shipping features to our checkout page - Add shoes to cart before timer expires Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) - Add shopping cart Add shopping cart - Add Shopping Cart and Information Pages Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - Add shopping cart plus payment options to a html/css theme Add shopping cart software to website - Add Shopping cart to my website Add shopping cart to my website - add shopping website categories to spreadsheet add shoppingcart paypal will pay 30$ - Add Sidebar to product listing pages WP Add Sidebar To WordPress Category Template - Add Sign to Door Images at Various Angles Add sign up and login to joomla 1.5 based website - Add Signature panel to Terptracker Add Signature to Letterhead - add signup/login page to my website , and fix stuff Add silence to MP3 files - add simple category feed to wordpress home page Add simple CMS and frontend features to a Wordpress site - Add simple feature in my plugin Add simple feature to existing MySQL database for Web page - Add simple functionality to this Ruby on Rails app to build a Microsoft Word-readable document (rtf or doc) from template that currently generates html(repost) add simple functions to excel VBA macro for data entry form - Add simple news section to website Add Simple Page Purchase DVD, Tshirt , Goodies - Add simple product to magento Add simple responsiveness to HTML. - Add Simple Viewer To My Website Add simple views to existing iphone app - add SISTEM of PAY and register users SISTEM in mi site, like CMS with payment SISTEM Add Site Categories - add site to dmoz directory Add site to - Add sites header & background to installed Gallery2 program Add Sites to Directories - add size to oscommerce sites Add Sizes $ Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - Add skip silence feature on app Add skip silence feature on app -- 2 - Add slices through this .ai image like on the supplied examples... Add slide first launch application android - add slider in my Drupal site add slider in my wordpress site - Add Sliders to prestashop category page Add sliders to ThemeX Wordpress theme - site - Add slideshow type to Joomla "6slides" module Add Slideshows and Tooltips Image to Drupal Site - Add small change to CKEditor HTML Editor Add small changes in app - Add small features for Joomla Module -- 2 Add small features in Android app. Just 3 small tabs - Add small logo to top of website. Add small php changes to websites - Add smilies to tufat chat application Add smooch-cordova plugin to Ionic2 App - Add SMS Text Feature to Existing Site Add SMS to existing iOS/Android Location Finder App - Add snow fall on wind turbine animation. Using an existing .swf file Add snow to a forest photo - Add social icons and tweak wordpress menu add social icons on hover of post images - Add social login to newspaper theme Add social media (button like and tweet) for Ohannah component - Add social media buttons to my website Add social media buttons to my website :-) - add social media icons to footer Add social media icons to joomla menu - Add Social Media Login and Signup Process Add Social Media Login to Mikrotik Portal - add social network Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog - Add Social networking to our website. add social networking to phpcow - Add socks proxy capability to a software. Add SOCKS4/5 Functionality to HTTP Class - Add some additional features Add some additional features on my script - Add some app icons with links to the front page of my Wordpress page. add some arabic text to a poster - add some changes on existing java software Add some changes to a Laboratory system - Add some code to an existing website. Add some code to email from PHP website to google apps - MUST BE ABLE TO DO NOW! - Add some components to existing app Add some components to existing software - Add some content to website add some content to website - Add some customisation to wordpress theme Add some customisation to wp theme - Add some dummy reviews for our product page Add some dummy reviews for our product page - Add some extra fields to a software already built. Add some extra functionality to a wordpress them - Add some feature to a website + DNS | MX based email validation Add some feature to an existing website, and perform regular updates - Add some features in existing Wordpress Site Add some features in iPad app - Add some features on our magento website Add some features on the existing Wordpress website. - Add some features to a windows program coded in delphi Add some features to a WordPress plugin - Add some features to an existing webpage in dreamweaver Add some features to an existing Wordpress Template - Add some features to Joomsocial Add some features to my auction website - Add some features to my Ruby On Rails social network Add some features to my Volusion site - Add some features to our Windows 8 Mobile App Add some features to premade music flash player - add some few features to open source java software add some few features to open source java software - Add Some Formatted Text in Sales Letter Header Images Add some frontend pages to my wordpress site - add some function to my site on Weebly's platforme Add some function to my website - Add some functionality on an existing Magento store. add some functionality on my wordpress site - Add some functionality to me website Add some functionality to MiSmoTu app - Add some functions to a livescore Add some functions to already existing website - Add some funtctional buttons to an already existing web page add some funtion to one script - Add Some Info Line and Info Box to home page of site Add Some Info Line and Info Box to home page of site - add some joomla articles with a gallery
Add some jQuery - add some listing to my website -- 2 Add some listings into Drupal directory website for testing - Add some Modules and Fix some Issues Add some modules in MVC project - Add Some New Features including Bug Fix and Layout Change on PHP Site Add some new features to a Php Matrimonial Script - Add some option in FLASH Add some option in my script - add some pages to my website. Add some pages to my Yii site - Add some PHP function to my website Add some php functions - Add some products to Ebay - Listing products in Ebay Add some products to Magento - add some shipping features in my osCOmmerce based Site Add some Shows to a website - Add some Spam tools on Mediawiki Add some special effects to photos - Add some TEST information to website Add some TEST information to website - Add some text to some images Add some text, buttons, and new pages within our PHP based livechat software - add some vote add some vote - open to bidding - Add something in my software Add something my project on online examination - Add something to my wordpress site add something to the picture - Add sort by's to Magento and fix numerical count totals for products Add sort feature to a C application - Add Sound Buttons To Existing Flash Movie Add Sound Effects & Background Music to a 2 Minute Animation Clip - add sound to clock Add Sound to HTML pages - Add spam data base to webmail and email client add spam deterrent to TMAIL form - add special attribute Add special effects to images - Add Specific Instagram Users dependent on Hashtag Add specific slots + randomize right list DIVs in jQuery script (drag and drop) - Add SPF/DKIM Info for our Exchange Email Server Add Spider Feature to PHP website - add spring security to an application Add spring security with ACL in mysql, fix minor issues (springmvc), get code ready to deploy - Add SSL Certificate to a single domain wordpress site Add SSL Certificate to Linux Dedicate Server running Webmin - Add ssl on to 2 websitee Add SSL Seal and BBB Seal to WHMCS header template - Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels -- 2 - Add STATE pages to website Add static banner on Magento Website - Add status bar to a Windoes GUI Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application - Add Stock Widget or Ticker to website... YAHOO HOSTING!! Add stock-Page on u/c site - Add Store Locator functionality to Adobe Flash project. Add Store Locator to Joomla website - Add street map to current map Add street names and numeration to city in Google maps. - Add Stripe Payment Gateway to Custom Cart Add Stripe Payment Gateway To PHP Site - Add student list on webpage from MySQL database using php add studio lighting to a subject - Add sub directories to a classified script. add sub domain to existing whmcs / wordpress site - Add subCategories to Flash CS2 Menu add subcategories to JOOMLA - Add Submit Email Form Add Submit File Functionality to Google Form Google App Script - Add subscription option to current website Add subscription pages to Prestashop cart checkout - Add subtitle to video permanently Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video - Add subtitles to streaming video/movie from Megavideo, Novamov or other videohosting provider Add Subtitles to three videos - Add supplier ID's to prestashop products Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website - Add support for two new SPI Flash chips to existing Open Source project. Add support for ZNP firmware to CC2530 Zigbee module - Add swallows in flight photo to a photo of an adobe building Add Swedish language to my site - Add Syntax Highlighting to My Code Editing App Add system tray notifications to QT application under MAC - Add Tabbed info Window to Google Map Api Mashup Add Tabbed jQuery Pane to Page [mockup inside] - ADD TABLE TO EXISTING PHP WEB TEMPLATE Add table to existing product label Illustrator Job - Add TABS functionality to the editor Add tabs on page in WordPress site - Add tag on my website Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart - Add tap to focus on existing custom camera app ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID - Add Taxonomy to press-this Add taxonomy to press-this.php - add telesign (sms) verfication to a2billing signup add tell a friend and bookmark feature - Add template to our website Add template to site and move site - Add Testimonial and Before & Afters Pictures Integreation... Also a Tell-Friend Script and Some Small Other Things Add Testimonial Facebook integration to website - Add Text and Graphics to Photos Add text and hyperlinks to views in iPad/iPhone app - add text and photos to flash website(repost) Add Text and Polish Video - Add text content to Flash Intro(repost) Add text data files to a large Advantage databse - Add text on images - HTML/PHP/CSS Add text on moving white paper : video editing - Add text to 40 PowerPoint pages Add text to 5 images - Add text to a video sales video(After Effects) - Repost Add text to a Wordpress Template 6 pages - Add text to existing logo Add text to flash coupon - Add text to image with PHP GD add text to image, generator - Add text to my 4 page flash site. Add scroll bar to the pages that are too long. Add text to my banner - Add Text to Product Pictures-Need Done Now Add text to PSD - and provide PSD & Animated GIF - Add Text To WordPress Page Add Text To WordPress Page(repost) - Add Textfield to shopping cart Add texting to website - Add texture to my logo. Add Texture to Vector Icons - Add the ability for my code to dispose and reuse a Serial Port/Com Port Add the ability for users to upload a profile image (an avatar) to an existing Rails site - Add the cars to my website add the clustering system within the polygon - Add the finishing touches to the book project... Add The Flavor Website - add the images for the restaurants into my website -- 2 Add the InAppbrowser to Phonegap application so that users can navigate back to home screen - Add the Paypal BUY NOW button to products in CS CART Add the plugin "Enjoy Instagram" to my wordpress Homepage - Add the spotify api to my website add the stories to my illustrations - Add Theme to Wordpress Add Theme to WP 3.8 - Integrate RESPONSIVE Design - Add things to my wordpress site Add Third Column to Sample Page - Add this JS to my website's search box Add this money in gjbondgaurav21 ( - ADD This thumbnails