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Add motion capture data to 3D model - Add Movable Lines SL & TP to EA for Directman Add Movie and Music Playlist to Flash Site - add mp3 playe & do some ui changes Add mp3 player to filesharing script (Not xfilesharing pro) - Add MSN, ICQ, AIM, Too Our Instant Messenger Add MSRP to PJSIP - add multi level Add Multi Login Types to existing PHP site - Add multi-language - Internationalization feature to Wordpress plugin Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script - Add multilanguage to a flash website 2 add multilanguages on Joomla based site - Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. -- 2 - Add multiple currency select option to search box Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 2 - Add multiple items to cart (wordpress page, not using WooCommerce) Add multiple items to cart page - Add multiple small Angular.js components to existing project Add multiple social network to on site - Add Music and Video Features Add Music and Video Features to Website - ADD MUSIC TO A VIDEO .AVI! Add music to an audio track. - Add music to song and Add music to typing text in synchronized way in start of page. - Add my adsense to a proxy script (Perl/CGI programming) Add My Agent Code To order Form Automatically - add my contact Add my content (text and images only) to an HTML template in 6 hours - add my friend to my groups add my friend to my groups -- 2 - Add my Mobile apps to website for download Add My MODS to PHPProbid - Add My Products to Add my products to my woocommerce store - Add My Sites To Adwords Editor Add my sites to directories, find facebook groups - add my website's header and footer design to new wordpress blog Add my wordpress template to template sites - ADD Myspace Friends in St. Louis, MO add myspace friends please! - Add Name To List of Email Add name to logo template - Add nav bar, logo, video to webpage Add Nav Menu To A Wordpress Theme - Add need codes to user side field box Add needed for 1 item. - Add new Admob and startapp AD Network integration Add new ads to an existing iOS app - Add new buttons & BM Vehicle Look-up function add new captcha + install flash games - Add new Content (Copy+Paste) to Website! 1-2 hours of easy work Add new content and arrange content on an existing HTML/PHP landing page website - Add new description tab at product page magento Add New Design and Features to Twitter App - add new domains to a magento installation Add new edited text to pre-existing site - Add new feature for File Management App Add new feature in an existing application Swift IOS( in app purchase) - Add New feature to a PHP site Add New Feature to a Website (Drupal with Solr backend) - add new feature to musicbox Add new feature to my current FB application. - Add new features Add new features - add new features in Android application Add new features in drupal application - Add New Features to a Website Add new features to a website - add new features to banner exchange add new features to blank WordPress theme - Add New Features to Existing iOS App Add new Features to existing iOS App - Add New Features to Image Hosting site Add new features to IOS app - Add new features to my existing plugin Part 2 add new features to my software - Add new features to T-Shirt designer and bugfix Add New Features to the BDR Application - Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. - repost - Add New Field to Products Admin Screen - OSCMAX Add New Fields for Product Pages - Add new FONT to tesseract OCR engine. Add new fonts and add seperate designs for backgrounds - Add new function and fine tune existing site Add new function for existing app - Add new functionalities to ASP Intranet system (using FrontPage Component) (for Add new functionalities to CRM (CodeIgniter + WordPress) - Add new functionality to existing site Add new functionality to HTML/jQuery parcel shipping form - Add new functions for existing IOS app Add new functions in existing Android app - Add new functions to OWA 2003 Add new functions to Sabai Directory plugin (Wordpress) - Add New future online php software Add New future online php software(No Indian) - Add new ids for the in-app ads ( Chartboost and RevMob ) to two apps Add new image format to MATLAB script. - Add new layout to existing template Add new layout to our website - add new matireal to my websites Add New Membership Subscription to Personals Ad Website - ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING ASP.NET Application Add New Module to existing website. Redemption Code Verification - Add new options to an existing program Add new or improve features to job board site - Add new page to flash Add new page to joomla and re-active button. - Add New Pages on Drupal website Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website - Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant Add new payment gateway to my web site - Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 add new player to mediaplayer plugin in yetishare. - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme. Add new products to ecommerce database - Add new quoting, sign up and payment system to 2 accountancy websites Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes - Add New Search Criteria - PHP Add New Search Page - add new shiping address in joomla virtumart Add new shopping car to website and redesign homepage ASAP - Add new tab to link dialog of CKEditor 4 Add new tab to php page - Add new theme to current wordpress site Add new theme to OpenCart site - Add new url to multiple pages on wordpress Add new user class/group on existing site - add new webpages to my website(repost) Add new website pages for eng and chi - add news block Add news feed widget - Add news to Concrete5 site (using the Simple News Add-on) Add Newsgroup (NNTP) Server - Add NFC / NDEF capabilities to our app Add NFC / NDEF capabilities to our app - ongoing work - Add Nochex Payments to Website Add Nochex to website - Add notification feature on both Android and IOS Add Notification Feature to Existing Wordpress Site - Add numerical images to a top 10 posts widget Add oAUTH 2.0 to existing PHP api-class - Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) - Add on 20.00 for design work
Add on 3 New Features to the Existing Quiz Platform- for Prasy8 - add on crowdfunding function to PHPPROBID Add On Custom Framing Feature to Existing Site - Add on Foot control to Win Media player Add on for auction site - Add on for text file separater add on for vbulletin - Add On Module - Extra function on order edit invoice Add On Module - Taobao - Get product weight and dimension for shipping - add on programs to edit pictures form website add on project - Add on to an existing illustration Add on to an existing iPhone application and Android application - Add on to existing site, make it responsive Add on to existing site, make it responsive - add on to slot machine code for ios Add on to the monitoring for the previous project (wiki pages) now to 18 May 2014 - Add on work for customized booking form Add on work for existing website - Add One Data Field to HTML Code Add one digit to all UPC numbers - Add one function and implement admob banner to game app. add one function i a wordpress site - Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task - repost - Add one page to my site Add one page to our Web site - Add one simple page to my PHP site for security Add one small feature to the existing ruby on rails web application - Add online games to my gaming website Add online gift card ordering to website in time for holidays - Add online shopping portals data to my price comparison website (affliate program) Add online show entry system with payment gateway interface to existing website - Add ons for Michele Add ons for OScommerce - Add onto an exisitng brochure Add onto an existing APK code - Add open source projects to new website Add open source python code to sub-folder - Add Opt-in section to blog add optin and change video place on one page. fix the header for mobile - Add option to enter Date of Birth in WP custom post type and return the actual age Add option to existing EA - Add Options and fix tabs and url issue Add Options and fix tabs and url issue - open to bidding - Add options to search page in Classic ASP page and fix minor bug add options to shopping cart - Add order comments to checkout page magento Add order detail to Open Cart Project and Links on template - Add OS Commerce Packages to existing site Add osc contrib to oscmax - Add other libraries from php 5.3 in MAMP PRO 2.1.2 Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle - Add our content to 60 web 2.0 website Add our Coupons to Coupon sites - Add our link to 100 sites Add our link to 100 sites(repost) - Add our product photos to stock images of homes/businesses Add our product to Wikipedia Page and Write a Page about our Product in Wikipedia - Add Over 15000 Males as Facebook Friendsin Roughly One Month Add over 230 products in Bigcommerce admin panel - Add own e-mail on my VPS server Add Own Recipes (original) - American, European or Mexican - add page creation functionality to BreezingForms WP plugin add page curl - Add page titles and descriptions to website Add page titles and keywords to website - Add page to my PHP CodeIgnighter site Add Page To My VPN Android App - Add Page To Wordpress site Add page to wordpress site / fix errors - Add pages add pages to our site - Add pages and Images to WordPress site - according to Wynn Theme -- 2 Add pages and Inport all products to magento - Add Pages to a Website Add pages to a website for a small dance school - Add pages to existing mobile site using AngularJs and RatchetJs Add pages to existing site (dude) - Add pages to inside of Joomla website Add pages to Joomla property website - Add pages to our existing web site Add pages to pixel site - Add pages to website, medium rework of site Add pages to wordpress - Add pagination on 2 webpage Add Pagination Plugin to Smarty Template - Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox- - add parallax scrolling to slider Add Parallax to Adobe Edge - Add parse script to website to get automatic push notification Add Parse to my mobile application - Add Password protected RENTAL / Database scheduling section to website Add Password protected RENTAL / Database scheduling section to website - Add pause feature to gallery on my website Add pause feature to homepage Wordpress gallery - Add payment button to established site Add Payment Buttons To My Website - Add payment gateway (Stripe coding) to an existing website Add Payment Gateway - GroupDeal Script - add payment gateway to an already made app Add payment gateway to an orphanage site - Add payment gateway to Wordpress plugin / site Add payment Gateway to wordpress theme - add payment method to script Add payment module and SSL to creloaded pro / edit php pfiles - Add payment processor to MAGENTO store add payment processor to my flask script - add payment to my website - open to bidding add payment/subscription services to my website - Add Paypal & Stripe Payment Functions to Website Add Paypal & Merchant Account To Website - Add Paypal and Stripe Payment Functions to Website -- 2 Add PayPal API integration and UI features - Add paypal button to website Add PayPal button to YII framework based website - Add PayPal Dirrect payment (Urgent) Add Paypal discount codes - Add Paypal In Website Add Paypal integration to existing account - Add Paypal payment for Subscription Add PayPal payment gateway and directory listings functionality - Add paypal shopping cart to (Already integrated with paypal IPN) Add Paypal shopping cart to the site - Add PayPal to existing ecommerce website and remove Barclays Add PayPal to IPB Forum Threads - Add PayPal to website Add Paypal to website - Add PayU payment to Simple WP Membership Add Payumoney gateway to my online store - Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site -- 2 Add pdf link and uploader to product page - Add Penny Auction Features Add People - add per click Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell - Add personal chatting feature to my existing Android app Add personality to exisitng Robot models - add phone number module in desktop & mobile add phone number prestashop - Add Phone Number To Wordpress Website Add phone number verify system (SMS & Voice) in our website - Add PhoneRTC and signup/login system to existing Ionic, NodeJS , Socket.IO Chat app Add Phones specifications details on our website - add photo effects to iphone app Add photo feature to existing mobile website - Add Photo Galleries to Wordpress.