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Add functionality to wms application. - Add Functionality to WP Plugin Add functionality to xml export script (rodelarode) - Add functions and design to my script Add functions and design to my script - repost - add functions on adult website Add functions on Uber menu - Add functions to an existing custom-made wordpress plugin(repost) Add functions to an existing mobile application - Add functions to existing Program Add functions to existing website. - add functions to my website add functions to my wordpress - Add functions to the last project Add functions to the NetworkSoution Ecommerce site - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 2 Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 3 - Add funtionality to Pad Kit site Add funtionality to shopify website + some changes - Add GA events to PDF documents on website (so we can report on downloads) Add gable boxes and jars to website. - Add Gallery Pages to Web Site Add gallery script to website - Add Game to Adult Website add game to facebook - add gateway to a2billing - open to bidding Add Gateway to Shopping Cart - Add Geo IP Popup for Country Redirect Add Geo location into |nterspire email marketing - Add GeoLocation to CakePHP App - ongoing work Add geolocation to existing app - Add GetResponse Code to Landing Pages add getresponse newsletter form to my wordpress site - Add gift option to our magento ecommerce Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site - Add Global Shout to buddy zone Add global tabs and category tabs options to opencart website - Add google +1 votes button to website code Add google +1, facebook like and tweet this buttons - add Google Adsense Banners on static pages ADD GOOGLE ADSENSE CODE - Add google adwords code to magento site successful checkout Add Google Adwords conversion and goals to my opencart - Add Google Analytics and 3 Indiviual Blogs Add Google Analytics and 3 new Blogs - Add Google Analytics Code to website - repost Add google analytics code to Zen Cart - Urgent - Add Google Analytics to 5 page website Add Google analytics to an app - add google analytics to my website Add Google Analytics to my website - Add google api to my app Add Google Apps Authentication - Add google checkout in Magento Store Add google checkout Level 1 - Add Google e-tracking function to Woocommerce Add Google Ecommerce tracking to my WooCommerce site - Add google map and search functions to Woo-commerce with Dokan Multi-vendor website like and some modifications including webpages layout. -- 2 Add Google Map API in PHP webpage - Add Google maps into drupal website Add Google maps link to installed website. - add google places / yelp reviews / open table to wordpress Add Google Places API to my Website - Add google reviews and create google seller rating Add Google Reviews to a product Page - Add Google Sitemap to WordPress MU site Add Google stats and tags, reach 1000 unique clicks per month - Add Google Verification File to Open Cart Add Google VR View for the Web on my bootstrap website - Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 3 Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 4 - Add graph in a yii 1.0 app - *MUST BE YII NVD3 Javascript expert* Add graph plotting capability to existing program - Add Graphical Statistic Counter in My site Add graphical Thank You e-mail to already existing registration script - Add Graphs to Existing Reports, Improve Design Add grapic to a poster - Add Grid view in reports Add Gridstack.js to a Formbuilder - Add GSM/GPS to RASPBERRY COMPUTER MODULE IO BOARD schematic and Remove also some devices from the IO BOARD. Add GSPay Credit Card payment to xFilesharing - Add hand drawing to my logo add hand-written data to an excel sheet - Add Header Design to Website Add header image - add headless browser automation to my bot add headless browser automation to my bot - open to bidding - Add Hibernate Support to a Java Web App(repost) Add Hidden Field to Gravity Form for Payment Gateway - Add Historic Sales Data to Magento Add History function to chat - Add horizontal menu to Joomla 1.5 add horizontal menu to website - add Hotmail Contacts to my Accounts Add Hotspot Map to a jpeg html - Add html & flash template for Joomla 2.5 Add HTMl ( Paypal Button ) To Website, and Look Into PERl Integration - Add Html form to wordpress - need asap Add Html form to wordpress page - Add HTML Sequence in my script Add HTML signatur to K9 mail - Add HTML to Mac Mail for email signature Add HTML to Shopify Website - Add http-basic auth to spring security mock server Add httpmodule to site - - Add hyperlinks to .pdf document Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons - Add iAd to iPhone app Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. - Add iCloud Support To App Add iCloud Support to Existing Project - Add icon to ameneties and other banner like featured in wp rentals add icon to Buddypress menu - Add icons on home page - For SRIHARSHA Add icons to a website - add IDX to real estate site Add IE 10 compatibility to a Contento website - Add IM functionality to iPhone app Add image & video Embed code in our site - Add image display/upload functionality to existing .Net page VB Add image edit - cropping to web page - Add image map layer in google maps Add image map to wow slider images - Add image to Magento product Add image to menu - Add image to wordpress blog pages add image to wordpress home page - Add images , and create new pages inn wordpress Add Images and 2 Purchase order forms to the site & add SSL to the Site - Add images and words to an after effect video Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues - Add images on an existing site Add images on the order page and print page. - Add images to blogs Add Images to Blogs-2 - Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop Add images to news items - add images to websit add images to websit - Add images, logo to html page Add ImagesLoaded to Masonry Script by desandro - Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given -- 2 Add in 5 .net pages to company website - add in app purchase to iPhone App Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game - Add in for Business Contact Manager, Outlook Add in for MS Access dialer - Add in Photo/Video Lightbox display in Wordpress Template - PHP Expert
Add in php to html forms - Add in-app billing to an existing Android App Add In-App in my Android Phonegap app - Add in-app purchase to my iOS app Add in-app purchase to my iPad app - add in-app-purchase to existing iOS Quiz-App Add in-place editing to a php project - Add indian payment gateway in to an existing worpress site Add indian payment gateway with membership plugin - Add infinite scroll filters Add Infinite Scroll Functionality To Website - add infinity to wordpress site -- 2 Add info button funciton to existing app - add information (prefix for each network) to twilio price list Add information about sites to directory - Add Information to a website from existing website Add Information to business card - Add inputboxes to wordpress backend Add Inputs to CSVtoTXT - Add Instagram friends Add instagram images for users of my site - Add Intellisense to AvalonEdit Add interactive booking system to our website - Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog - Repost - Add International Shipping to WooCommerce Shop Add internationalization to a laravel site - Add Intro Flash on my Flash Games add intro music to audio - Add Invite Friend features for ASP.NET site Add Invite Friends Function - add ionic 2 pdf viewer Add iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support to existing app Q - Add IP Timer function on my website! Add IP to country database to my advertisement script - Add iPhone compatible pages to existing PHP website. add Iphone In app purchase IAP to my dating APP - Add IPv6 to WHM and cPanel. Also use the IPv6 on powermta Add irc applet on website and also install this website on a Linux server. - add item to flash menu add item to joomla home page - Add items to BigCommerce store Add items to current website - Add items to online store -- 2e Add items to OSC - Add items to WP site Add items to zencart website from pdf file. Including photos, description and other data. - Add Java Expanable Menu Add Java Features to a game - Add Javascript delay to menu on hover (Joomla) Add Javascript delay to menu on hover - Joomla - Add javascript slider to Scorm moduleduplicate javascript (flipbook) slider in scorm Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage - Add javascript to WordPress post Add JavaScript to write to SQL Server database - Add job listings to my website Add job posting plugin to wordpress site. - Add Joomla Community Builder fields to integrated phpBB Add Joomla Content to website - Add JPG Design to Photoshop Illustrator Add jpg file to gif files - Add jquery countdown to Joomla Site Add jquery cropper to my php upload file form - Add Jquery Order Form to a Template and some customizations Add jquery paging on a list - add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin Add jQuery to a BuddyPress Widget - Add JS and CSS effects to Drupal Site Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD - Add Jstore to a Joomla website Add judges directory to my site - Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles Add Keyword Density to Articles - add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization Add Keywords to WordPress Website - Add label to the empty bottle ASAP Add labels and data (from database) on the product page - Add language functionality and CMS to current website Add language in magento - add language translator to wordpress Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID - add last post from WP to my website add latest blog posts + images to frontpage of magento site - Add layer on video Add layer to Megento Menu - Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK -- 2 add leadbolt ads to my html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK - Add Legs to a Photo Add Lens Flare (?) to Photoshop Image - Add Life with photoshop (vegetation, people, whatever it is missing) to 10 renderings Add Light box feature to a Lasso webpage - add lightbox images to magento site Add LightBox Pages and Transfer Form Code - Add lightning to my hands in the picture Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) - Add LIKES to Facebook site Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - Add Lines To Video Clips Tracking A Tennis Racquet Add link 200x to del.icio.ous from different accounts - Add Link to Button Add link to Events page and other minor thing - Add link to text in existing pdf (Python) add link to the Form search easy job for php dev - Add LinkedIn login to a Sencha Touch application Add LinkedIn pending invitations - Add links pages and make a few small site changes Add Links Pages and Miscellaneous Site Changes - Add Links to Korean PDF Add Links to Landing Page and Install to Facebook - add links to show products on searchpage Add links to site - Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video -- 2 - Add listings / category pages from another site Add listings and pictures - Add listings to my eBay and Amazon Web Stores Add Listings to My Site - Add Live Chat function to Wordpress site add live chat on my website - Add live streaming to existing media distribution website. Ongoing needs for site enhancement, Add live streaming to my website - Add Load Balancer to RDP Farm on Azure Add Load Content While Scrolling jQuerry Feature to Gallery - Add Local User Class c# Add localisation for my site in Drupal - add lock to open source software - open to bidding Add loctions to GPS map - Add logic to a script -- 7 Add logic to a script -- 8 - Add Login Button and Few API integration Add Login button to WP site - Add login page and show menu based in user Add login page to site - Add login with databases to my site Add Login with Facebook - Add logins to an existing website, allow messaging between users and integrate e-Lecta virtual classroom into website add logo - Add Logo Display Plugin Add Logo Feature to Magento Site - Add Logo to AfterEffects Template Add Logo to Clothing Pictures - Add Logo to Joomla Site Add logo to JPEG image - Add logo to spinning record Add logo to stock image photos - Add logo to wordpress header