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Add Canada tax to my project - Add Captcha Add Captcha - Add Captcha code on form Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Add captcha in joomla Add CAPTCHA on additional Form - Add CAPTCHA to ASP form Add CAPTCHA to ASP form -- 2 - Add captcha to existing form Add CAPTCHA to existing form / PHP - Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form add captcha to form, start now - Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form add captcha to my site - Add captcha to this form Add CAPTCHA to two form on Drupal Website - Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page -- 2 Add captcha verification in my website - Add car data into my website now.. Add car data into my website now.. -- 2 - Add Cart and Quick Setup Add cart filter wordpress ecommerce -- 2 - Add Categories and Posts to Wp Robot Blog Add Categories and Products Details - Add categories to Magento () Add categories to my WP page - Add Category position change Feature To Current Application Add Category Select to Portfolio - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin - open to bidding - Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme -- 2 - Add channel matrix and links to existing drupal Add channel of to app TV Android - Add chart capabilities to Rails Application (survey app) Add Chart to an existing rdlc report - Add Chat Feature On Website Add Chat Feature to IOS and Android - Add Chat/Comment Features to my website Add chatbox to a website/page - ADD Check to wordpress crowdfunding Add Checkbox & Sentence to Woocommerce Checkout Page - Add Checkout System to Website add checkout to site - Add Christmas decoration to website Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - Add cities to escort directory Add cities to escort directory script - Add class Suffix + set width of module + customization color module Joomla 3.x Add class to Drupal Bootstrap li tags subtheme - add click event to text box Add click event to Wordpress website for touch devices with viewport wider than 480px - Add Clickbank upsell code to web page Add clicking - Add client IP to opensource github project: rabbitmq-auth-backend-http Add Client Login for Subscription with Admin Panel - Add clothing to my shop Add clothing to my shop - Add CMS Infusion to a web site Add CMS navigation to WordPress themes - Add cms to site Add CMS to static pages. - add code in my app by teamviewer Add code in orders.php and super_orders.php of Zen cart 1.3.9h - Add Code to Enable Site to Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test Add code to existing project and finish for me. kids colouring book & user manager with online database - add code to my private mt4 ea Add code to my site - Add code to website and redesign Add Code to Wordpress File - Add Coding to E-Commerce Website Add Coding to Websites - ADD COLOR CHART LINKS Add color filter in my website - Add color to illustrations Add Color to JPEG's for Online Cartoon Book - add colour border to website (css)+ fix slides to shrink when responsive Add colour changing and text size buttons to website - Add column to db and create interface in admin section Add column to excel sheet and enter a number based on the comment - add combinations for existing products add coments to php blog - Add comment post to existing Joomla Site Add comment section to Android App or add more functionality - Add comments and topics to Forum add comments facebook - Add Comments To Share button Add comments to sites. - Add Company Info page to Existing .net Script Add Company Information to 50 Directory Listings - Add Completed design to template editor Add completed/non completed filter and button to existing wordpress theme - Add conditional logic to Plugin form Add conditions to already created function to check for illegal characters getting printed in XML file and replace it with legal and also create DTD file for it looking at the output i will share - Add contact details tab to existing wordpress theme Add Contact Details to every page Web Site - Add contact form to Revolution Slider. optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone Add contact form to sidebar via iframe WLH - add contact on linkedin and fill an excell file Add contact page to web mockup - ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP -- 2 Add Contacts to Hotmail Yahoo Gmail AOL Email Accounts - Add content + small styling changes to wordpress website Add Content / Links to Site Pages and Code Gallery + SEO - Add Content and Images to a Wikipedia Page Add content and images to my templatemonster (HTML verstion) template. ***Complete within 8 hours*** - Add content editor and admin tool add content for - Add content in joomla theme(repost) Add content in joomla theme(repost)(repost) - Add content on new template Add content on our job board website - Add content to a 5 pages website template Add content to a brochure - Add Content to a WordPress Site Add content to a Wordpress site - Add Content to an existing website Add Content to and Modify Flash Template - Add content to current wordpress theme. Need completed by May 4th. Add content to - Add content to files Add Content to Flash Template - add content to joomla Add content to Joomla 1.7 Site, fix component and style mods - Add Content to Microjobs Website Add Content to MS Access Database Driven Website - Add content to new website Add content to new ecommerce website - Add content to real estate website ADD CONTENT TO RESEARCH - Add content to the HomePage of WordPress website and make it look beautiful -- 2 Add content to the website for wordpress Theme - Add content to website add content to website - Add Content to Wordpress Site Add Content to Wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website Add content to wordpress website - Add content/articles to site Add content/design content pages - Add contents to Facebook Applications without programming Add contents to handi dom website - add contribution 689 - customer discount add contribution oscommerce admin - Add controls to custom control for vscrolling -- 2 Add Conversion Code/Whois Features jb#344 - add cookie to javascript popup
add cookie to javascript popup - Add coordinate axes in a plotting application - Add coordinate output to Tesseract OCR engine - Add correct html tags to link website to G+ authrship and publisher. Add correct Path (link) - add counter to ASP form Add counter to listings - Add Coupon box in OsCommerce Add coupon code feature to PayPal Checkout Page - add coupon to shopping cart Add coupon to website - Add Craigslist XML to my Website Add crash tracking code to Andoid app - Add Credit Card dropdown to checkout process, enable GUEST checkout, simplify user registration - repost add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script - Add credit system to an auction php script Add credit to facebook - repost - Add cropping function for our upload image process Add Cross browser compabilyty - Add CSS Arrow and Bug fixed to Wordpress site Add css code to change look of 2 pages - Add CSS to custom sidebar Add css to custom vbulletin code - add CSS/HTML elements to an existing page Add CSS/JS parser to HTMLViewer - Add csv to file upload to my website Add CSV to iOS core data using swift - Add Currency Selector to WHMCS Custom Template Add currency, language, category, cms links block in Prestashop - Add Custom Capatchas to My Classifieds Website Add Custom Category Description onto each Feed/Archive page - Add custom data to Product when Adding to Cart Add custom decal design to website - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 2 - Add custom field text in products page. Shopify add custom field to google calendar - Add custom field with nearby objects Add Custom Fields - Add custom fields to Open Cart Site Add Custom Fields to OrangeHRM - add custom font to wordpress theme add custom font to wordpress theme - Add custom header for Wordpress pages, Posts and Categories Add custom header to phpBB forums - Add custom lists on Prestashop add custom location twitter facebook & comment bubble on WP - Add custom overlay to existing html Add custom page redirect (or hide/show content) after Typeform is completed - Add Custom Post Type / Video Manager to Wordpress Theme Add custom post types to Wordpress Template - Add Custom Social Media icons and change footer fonts colors & buttons.... Add Custom Store to site. - add custom url and ge traffic to my website Add Custom URL field to WordPress feature - Add customer info to Magento site from WordPress database file Add Customer Login Page.. - add customizable lightbox to product page Add customizations to flask-admin panel - add cutom fields to woocommerce register form Add CVV Number to Payment Gateway - Add data filter features to Yii2 website Add data for .001 per listings - Add data in an excelfile from a website - manually or with VB code - repost Add data in database table - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a -- 2 - add data table entry object Add Data to a App/Website - Add data to from excel to mysql db Add data to from excel to mysql db -- 2 - Add data to website add data to win32 prog's .dat file / prog to do so - Add Database Functionality - Booking form & Payments add database functionality in website - Add datas in our db Add date and and lot number - Add date to column Add date to column - repost - Add deals and coupons into my website.. YOU NEED AMAZON ACCOUNT Add deals on my website - Add delete buttons to an Access application. Add delete function to 2 tables - Add Description Boxes in Admin Section for Tabbed Description in product_info.php Add description for content on our Title management system - Add design and admin skin to php application Add design and color work to PDF documents - Add design to a book in a photo Add design to a fpdf document - Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - Add Design, Email Template, & Partial Web Design - Add details to a contact form in Magento Add Details to Existing 3D Models - Add different payments to my site Add different price options to a website - Add dimensions to images and set tables instead of DIV add dinamic news section on our website - Add Discount Adjuster in Expresso Store Add Discount Adjuster in Expresso Store -- 2 - Add discussion board to website add discussion form to mambo website - Add dkim signing in PHP Add DMA capabilities to Linux UIO driver - Add domain restriction in my script Add domain to AWS server - Add DoubleClick for Publisher code to Wordpress blog Add Doubleclick tracking code to wordpress blog - Add Drag and Drop File Uploads to Existing PHP App Add Drag and Drop functionality (CSS/JQuery) to existing script - Add drop down list to datagrid in ASP.NET Add drop down menu - Add drop down menu to OSCommerce site Add drop down menu to template and remove flash menu - Add Drop-down Lists to Word Document Add Drop-down Menu - Add Dropdown Menu to Website Add dropdown menu using pure CSS to Wordpress site - Add DTV to an Android box Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting - Add dynamic fields to event espresso plugin Add dynamic filtering to admin side of Joomla Component - Add dynamic page headers to WordPress site Add dynamic PDF email functionality in wordpress woocommerce - Add e-commerce shopping site to company website(repost) Add e-commerce to existing static html based website - add EAN codes to site Add EAN field to inventory in OpenERP - Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application(repost) Add echo to Asterisk application - Add ecommerce functionality to wordpress site. Add eCommerce functions to website and create an app - Add eCommerce to PHP site Add ECommerce to Site - Add edit order to iphone app Add edit profile & account feature to public Github project - Add effects to photos Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video - Add elements to an existing website template Add elements to an HTML page - Add Email Alerts to existing PHP/MySQL Website for Unsent SMS Add email alerts to website - Add email form to perl cgi upload script Add email form to Zen cart page - Add email notifications to be triggered when user do certain actions such as registration, post project, etc Add email notifications to be triggered when user do certain actions such as registration, post project, etc -- 2 - Add email open & link tracking to 1 email