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Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - add a case Add a case in a C# program - Add a Chat Box to website Add a chat button to my post item page - Add a Circling Tool to Adobe Acrobat Add a CK editor to a current plain text description box in script - Add a collapes (show/hide information) facility in my bootstrap table each row Add a collapes (show/hide information) system in my bootstrap table each row - Add a compare listing and Suggest a Listing Function Add A Compiler - Add a Contact Form to HTML Page Add a contact form to my homepage - Add a cookie to a filter. add a cookie to javascript popup - add a couple of fields to a custom report in Magento Add a couple of files - Add a CSS class to some PHP code in a WordPress plugin Add a CSS class to some PHP code in a WordPress plugin - Add a custom field to display on my response Wordpress Woocommerce theme Add a custom field to product and to url address. - Add a custom search bar to my website Add a custom shipping cost calculator to my weebly website - Add a customized Windows 7 boot entry Add a Customizer to my website - Add a design to my website home page Add a designed theme to a website - Add a discount code field in Ninja Form Add a discount code module for oscommerce website - Add a download page to an exsiting Joomla component add a downloading option on a wordpress website - Add a dropdown price switcher to a Learnpress Wordpress theme Add a dropdown selection on product page template in Shopify that will be shown in the cart and email - add a email notification Add a email series to a opt-in form through Mailchimp - Add a Facebook Login page to my App Add a Facebook Open Graph Story to a website - Add a feature for Joomla K2 shop so a buyer will be added to a specific usergroup Add a feature for my word press site - Add a feature to a php script Add a feature to a ready website template (JQuery) - Add a feature to an existing Magento website Add a feature to an existing Magento website -- 2 - Add a feature to existing website - $50 Add a feature to iOS App + PHP/MySQL Backend - add a feature to my website . Add a Feature to Open-Source PDF Viewer - Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site add a featured slider to wordpress theme - Add a few features on a Wordpress Theme (Edit it) Add a few features to a android app - Add a few images to Flash slideshow ADD a few items into New Order Email [WooCommerce] - add a few small options to a flash-based upload applet Add a few text input fields when a Paypal buy now button is clicked - Add a field to the existing CSV upload functionality of a wordpress site -- 2 Add a field to udt - Add a Fixed Header to an existing website Add a flag to a image - add a floating search box over a flash game Add a Flyout Menu to Yahoo Store - Add a Form to a Mobile App Add a form to a website - Add a form/method that submits in Rails with AJAX Add a formula to a calculator app - Add a fourm to my site using the same look as my site Add a free sample button to single product page - Add a funcitonal landing page & Some small features to an existing iOS & Android app Add a funcitonal landing page & Some small features to an existing iOS & Android app -- 2 - Add a function to a website Add a function to add date start/end in the existing URL - Add a function to my php mysql based calendar [2nd of many jobs] Add a function to my sales tracker in excel - Add a functionnality to a existing mobile App Add a funtionality TO WordPress Template - Add a given macro to a Word (docx) file Add a gmaps.js map marker for each WordPress post - Add a guest checkout system to a zen cart website Add a Guest Counter & install 2-probid pre-written modifications - Add a home page with recent activies and new members Add a hook on product-list.tpl and product.tpl on a prestashop theme - add a image in a layer Add a image on a document - Add a javascript to my site that tracks IP Add a JavaScript/jQuery function - Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. -- 2 Add a Json Input/output to my App, currently on xml - Add a Left Grid to the DSR plus miscellaneous improvements Add a left navigation menu to my magento site - Add a link for a Blog Add a link for downloading csv - Add a link to the slides in my slide show. Joomla skill required add a link to wordpress index page - Add a live chat to a magento site Add a loading bar + send email function to an existing PHP upload form - Add a login box to our site - ongoing work Add a login form of my site to another site - Add a logo and get it listed on Google Play add a logo and text to a box - Add a logo to a white T-SHIRT on an image Add a logo to a wordpress blog and. - Add a Magento Extension Add a Magento store front to existing store. - Add a media page to web site Add a media upload to Wordpress plugin - repost - Add a messaging function to an existing iOS project Add a messaging function to existing iOS Swift project - Add a mod to my interface Add a Model to opencart - add a money manager for EA Add a monster template API into website - Add a music player to our existing app add a music tab to app - Add a new banner position to existing website Add a new button in woocommerce - add a new feature to a Delphi Gantt control add a new feature to a website. - Add a new field to an existing JRXML report, then compile to JASPER format -- 3 Add a new field to IOS app, detail view - Add a new functionality to wordpress theme Add a new functions to an existing MT4 EA - Add a new page add a new page in my exiting website to new tab - Add a new page/product to our website Add a new panel to op in / out the customization option to each product in a store - Add a new project page to my (php) Real Estate Website + slight footer modification Add a new registry in 3dcart registry - add a new theme color Add a new top section on our website - Add a nice looking blog to custom WordPress theme Add a Nivoslider to an existing site - add a open source Email template maker into our CRM Add a Opt in Bar to a WordPress Website - Add a page for online store Add a page in a .net nuk site - Add a page to an existing website Add a page to an existing website - add a page to my website Add a page to my Website - Add a page/section to my Drupal site add a pagination service in php file - Add a Payment Gateway on a Site Template add a payment gateway to a cakephp based script - Add a payment option to my current site Add a Payment Page to a 80% completed Website - add a Paypalbuttons to our website Add a pdf raffle ticket generator to wordpress site - Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site
Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site - Add a Php Mailer system to a website form Add a Php Mailer system to a website form - Add a playback capability to an IAd audio widget (for IBooks) Add a player to product page - add a POP UP on my word press site to capture information Add a pop up on the home page - Add a popup window to a website on load. For signup to mailchimp & discount voucher. Add a portfolio & forum to an existing WP theme using BuddyPess/bbPress - Add a print button to this grid and make a template to print it perfectly Add a print stylesheet and an ad popup - Add a product to my WEEBLY website add links, order processing problems. add a product to virtuemart 2 pages in html5 format - add a property to the attached Delphi component add a psd file image to a page as a title - Add a Quote system to website Add a Radius on some edges - Add a referral system to my website Add a Registered Symbol to existing Logo - Add a responsive banner to logout page on mobile/website Add a responsive navigation to my website - Add a rotating Wrapper of 4 pictures on my website main page Add a row of special offers to my shopify store - Add a screen to existing iPhone application (Simple Roulette Game) Add a Screenshot in to An existing Image - Add a search and find in our different groups Add a search and latest files added to my media website - Add a search phrase to existing gmail reader Add a Search plugin to already created Wordpress website. We have the search plugin already. - ADD A SECOND WEBSITE TO MY VPS SERVER Add a section to a social website - add a sent box to a members online inbox Add a separate download method to my site - add a shop function to existing clients site, wordpress, implement changes Add a shop to a dropdown menu - add a shopping cart to my joomla website Add a shopping cart to my site - Add a simple 'Sign In' feature . . NOW Add a simple .txt file highscore feature to a memory game project - Add a simple credit card form to my website Add a Simple Data Entry Form to an already made site - Add a Simple Function to an iPhone/iPad App (quickly!) Add a simple function to software - Add a simple php script Add a simple pricing thing onto my website - Add a single web page and link it to a Database Add a single web-page . . NOW! - Add a slider to my Wordpress Homepage Add a Slider to the homepage of a Wordpress Blog - Add a small feature to an existing php web development application Add a small feature to an open-source project in PHP - Add A Social Button to Volusion Website Add a Social Media Feed and a News Feed to a Website - Add a Sponsor ''Banner'' to a vBulletin Message Board Add a squeeze page to a current small web site - Add a Store Switcher to our Shopify Theme Add a Store to Joomla Website - Add a subtotal field to my PHP page Add a summary sheet to the Excel - Add a tab and text to website Add a tab bar badge for new rss feed - add a tax feature to a paypal shopping cart script Add a tell a friend email link to web site - add a text/javascript code i have add a textbox in already created android application - Add a tiny feature to my working C# program Add a title to 2 business cards for me. - Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website Add a Training Page and a Blog Page to our Website - Add a Twitter Slider to my website Add a twitter, fb and Google+module for my codeigniter web app - Add a user forum to my site Add a User Friendly Query Module to Mysql DB - Add a video and slide show for tutorial section in app. Add a Video Chatroom To My Site - Add a video to an exiting url Add a video to my homepage that I can change from my admin panel - Add a voucher redemption system to an existing site - open to bidding Add a water effect to some images - add a webpage Add a webshop plugin (with working demo content) to my wordpress website - Add a white mask behind the product on 32 images. Add a white transparent banner to bottom of page and text on it, also make top transparent banner thicker. - Add a widgetized sidebar to my Wordpress theme Add a Wikipedia/Wiki to current theme - Add a wordpress blog to a Joomla site Add a Wordpress Blog to a Magento site. - Add a wordpress plugin (talentlms) to my bluehost/wordpress domain -- 4 Add a wordpress plugin and replace a seach box with custom element - Add a youtube video/player to my site Add a zoom function to a webshop - add ability to put a 'sale' price and a slash through original price in my products on ecommerce site Add ability to read 997 response to existing custom coded EDI interpreter (PHP) - Add about 200 articles to an invoice. Add about 400 titles to my online library - Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project - Add ACF filter column to posts overview admin area add achievement systems like or others - Add Activation feature in a WP Plugin add activation requirement to already designed android project - add ad slots from Google Doubleclick to a Wordpress Template Add Ad space to current design - Add additional alerts Add additional Animations to my 3D model - Add additional email address recipient for forms created using Nforms php form builder Add Additional Email Function to ASP Site - Add additional features to existing project Add additional features to Gridview - Add Additional Fields to a Wordpress Site - $30 Project Add additional filter for report generated in ASP - Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser -- 2 Add additional functionality to Ultimate Client Manager Job Task - Time Management - Add additional layer on google map Add Additional Log File to Web Scrapper - Add Additional Pages on my Current Site Add additional pages to a site created in Drupal- design to be provided by us. - Add Additional Sources to Adult Tube Grabbing Script Add additional sports betting sites - Add addresss to customer listing Add Addthis Welcome Bar to Magento store - Add admin funtion in escort directory script Add Admin in Url - Add Admob ads in Android app (No source code available ) Add admob ads into a android application - Add Admob code into existing app and rate option + share button Add admob for android game (using andengine framework) - Add Admob to iPhone and Android apps add admob to iPhone app - Add Ads on Android App Add Ads on Existing Android App - Add Adsense Add Adsense adds to every auto-posted page - Add adsense to a site Add Adsense to all my websites - Add advanced features to a WP woocommerce responsive store Add Advanced Features to Current Adobe LiveCycle Design - Add advertisers links to my ebook page (dreamweaver) Add advertising (RevMob) in my Unity3d Game - Add advertising(SDK) at my App Add Advertisment on Video Player - Add Affiliate Code to Couponic Custom Module Add affiliate code to publishers alternative’s ad code secti - Add affiliate script to php site Add Affiliate site links to existing VOUCH YIPIT SCRIPT - Add age range slider and search filters to search page Add Age Verification - add airpush sdk to simple unity3d app