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add Customer ID and Parcel ID search bar -- 2 - add customers to database Add Customers/employees to database not working anymore - Add customized views to Joomla/Moodle/Joomdle site Add Customizer controls and create a WordPress child theme - Add data as discussed Add Data Capture to existing FileMaker Database - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from mysql data base into another table. - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar - Add data to Excel file - dataentry Add data to excel from web search - Add Data to Spreadsheet Add Data to spreadsheet - Add database and funtionality to Typo3 website Add Database Caching to ASP.NET MVC Open Source Project - Add database to a wordpress site and connect it to a front-end of the website Add DataBase to iPhone barcode reader - Add date checking to simple text indexer (Delphi/ADO) . . NOW Add date filter fields to three asp reports from MS Access Queries - Add dates to CMS calendar Add dates to logo you already created for us - Add Default Magento Captcha to Product Q&A | Product Reviews ADD DEFAULT PLAYER - Add Delivery Charges to OSC Store Add Delivery Date and Time for WooCommerce (Wordpress) - add description on page orders and returns Add description to Gent WP template on portfolio page - Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost 2 Add design and colour to education workbook - Add design to a fpdf document Add design to a magento installation - Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - - add details from a qr code to mobile phone address book Add details in an existing Illustrator map using the same style. - Add diff consoles Add different API's and game mechanics to website - Add digital downloads feature to existing OScommerce site Add Digital Downloads to e-commerce system - Add Directory into open source community site Add Directory to excisting script - Add discount codes to 2-areas Add discount coupon on one page checkout - Add DISQUS comment functionality to PHP website+other Add Disqus Comment wall to Wordpress Page - add DKIM, SPF and PTR Record to vps Add DMA capabilities to Linux UIO driver - Add Domain in DirectAdmin Add domain name in blocked list from context menu - Add dots in a Google Map. Add dots to microsoft word equations - Add download possibility from email attachment in Android Webview Add download vouchers button to a page (no checkout functionality, simple version)) - Add Driveway Gate add drop down box to my text - Add drop down menu to existing menu. Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template - Add drop down multi-level menu to my Wordpress template ADD DROP DOWN TO "AREA OF STUDY" PHP SCRIPT TO EXISTING CODE - Add dropdown delay time interval to my CSS menus Add dropdown fields to existing oscommerce payment module - Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song -- 2 - Add Dynamic Content Add dynamic content to flash (quick & easy) - Add Dynamic JS/DHTML Horizontal Menu to my OSCommerce site ADD DYNAMIC LINK AND PINCODE PASSWORD AND FINGERPRINT PASSWORD IN APP - Add dynamic updates to existing web site Add e Comerce capability to existing website - Add e-commerce to photo gallery site Add e-commerce to website with file downloads - Add easy user uploads to website Add Easyblog pages to existing website taking data from another website (that I also own) - ADD Ebooks to pages- Create a WORDPRESS TEMPLATE Please read instructions Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application - add ecommerce functionality to existing website Add ecommerce functionality to wordpress site - Add eCommerce to existing WP pizza site Add ecommerce to my site - add edit function Add Edit Function to Cold Fusion Program - add effects to existing gallery and add price button Add effects to Flash - Add element to HTML pages Add elements & Fixtures to an Interior Model + Render - Add Elevate Zoom to IMAGE inside Fancybox JS pop up Add email address to hotmail accounts application - Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart. - Add email list to website add email login for wp sites - Add Email Reminder Existing Calendar Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items - Add Email to Sales Order Magento API Add email type handler to CF application - add emails to gmail account Add Emails to My Autoresponder - add emoji in chat add emoji in my chat site - Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA - 01/09/2016 09:38 EDT Add encrypted password to my current iPhone app - add english subtitles video (portuguese) Add English text in Videos - Add entry validation to 1 PHP file... Add epay payment and small changes in php code - Add Ethernet Support For Android App Add EU Cookies Policy Warning to Zen Cart - Add event tracking to a PayPal "buy now" button Add event tracking to wordpress slider links - Add eWay online payment system to existing Xero file Add EWAY payment app to woocommerce word press cart store - Add Exempt MAgneto URLS To Varnish Cache add exes to flash GUI flash 9 needed - Add existing logo to image of Christmas ornament Add existing magento form to external page with ajax validation of user. - add expanding/contrating text area to web page Add Expedia Engine To Existing Website - Add export to OSCommerce contribution(repost) Add Export To PDF & Excel Button To ASP.NET Website - Add Extentions to website Add extera background job to flash light application - Add Extra Dropdown Items to Checkout via Stripe Add extra editable articles in OSCommerce - Add extra features to my WEBSERVICES add extra features to my websites facebook regestration - Add extra fields to editor, show them in the article add extra fields to joomla 2.5 registration form - Add extra functionality to a excel spread sheet. Add extra functionality to a Magento website - add extra functions to my site and change the template Add extra functions to shopping cart - Add Extra page to my website add extra pages to ionic app - Add extra registration fields to usercake Add extra registration fields to usercake - Repost - Add face book likes on my page add face book to website - Add Facebook and Instagram Upload in Laravel website Add facebook and instagram widget to site - Add Facebook App Install Tracking SDK to my eclipse app add facebook application on website - Add Facebook Comments to my Wordpress Website Add facebook comments to wordpress website - Add Facebook Fans (Poland) Add Facebook Fans (Poland) - Add Facebook friends to my account
Add Facebook Friends to My Facebook Group - Add Facebook Groups in Bulk Add Facebook Icon & Link to Website - ADD FACEBOOK LIKE BOX IN FOOTER (SHOPIFY WEBSITE) Add facebook like box to joomla 2 page - Add Facebook Like, instagram follow, twitter follow, google plus follow option to app Add Facebook Like, Twitter & Google +1 Button to Website Footer - Add facebook Login Add Facebook Login & javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site - Add Facebook Login to existing Windows Phone App Add Facebook login to ionic cordova app - Add Facebook mobile ads to existing app add Facebook module to website allowing users to log in with facebook - Add Facebook Post capability with callback on Success with Ionic Cordova add facebook post share to my page - Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website - Add facebook, instagram, google plus follow, youtube subscribe button to app Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website - add facial hair to a person in an image Add facility of upload product of supplier on magento - Add Fans at Facebook Fan Page ADD FANS ON SPECIFIC TWITTER AND FACEBOOK NAME - Add fans to my facebook page 10k+ Add fans to my - Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) - Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page Add FB.Twitter etc - Add Feature Add Feature to Existing Site (PHP, Joomla & Mambo) - Add feature from one wordpress theme to another Add Feature in Android Tv App - Add feature on my site Add feature on php-based live chat system - Add feature to a RoR application Add feature to a script - Add feature to Angular 2 component add feature to app - add feature to existing calendar JavaScript Add feature to existing code - Add feature to existing WordPress Theme Add feature to existing wordpress website - Add Feature to Keystone.Js Add Feature to Keystone.Js - Add feature to my site Add feature to my site - Add feature to Pioneers Lunch Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d - Add feature to the current project Add feature to the Haskell project - Add feature to wordpress theme Add feature to WordPress theme - Add Featured Images Wordpress Posts Add featured job banner image upload field. - Add features to existing project mentioned in description Add Features & Changes - Add Features and Maintain Android App Add features and change flow to existing iOS AND Android app - Add features and fixes to public mxfactorial GitHub project Add features and improvements to a website - Add features for existing website add features for ios app - Add features in existing Project add features in flex project and compile red5 source code - Add features of exiting Sencha 4 ExtJS dashbaord Add features on an already working export module for Magento 1.9 - Add features to a 3D web customizer using Sketchfab API Add features to a built application - Add features to a Javascript/jQuery a calendar widget add features to a Joomla SMS portal - Add features to a php program Add features to a PHP script - Add features to a semi-completed social media website project. - 4 TO 5 HOURS WORK ONLY! Add features to a sencha touch application - Add Features to a WordPress PopUp Plugin Add features to a wordpress site - Add Features to an Already Build Android App Add features to an Android app - Add features to an existing account registration/subscription process in a Rails application Add Features To An Existing Android Application - Add features to an existing iPad application and examine existing code for bugs Add Features to an existing iPhone & Android ecommerce app in beta - Add features to an existing WordPress Plugin [URGENT] Add features to an existing Wordpress site - Add features to Android application add features to android Taboo game - Add features to blogger website (BLOGGER, NOT WORDPRESS) Add features to Booked/PhpScheduleIT - Add features to current application Add features to current Application being developed. - Add features to DNN module Add features to document management system - Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developers) Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developers)- - Add Features to Existing iPhone Application Add features to existing iPhone application - add features to existing project Add features to existing project - open to bidding - Add features to existing web application Add Features to Existing Web Application Under Construction - Add features to Firmware in Linux Embedded System in Consumer Product Add Features To Flash - add features to ionic app Add features to iOS and Android App - add features to javascript website; Arabic knowledge of advantage Add Features To Job Website - Add Features to Marketplace App (Permanent iOS Developer) Add features to music manager - Add Features to my current app - Third Party Tinder Client add features to my digital download shopping cart -CodeIgnitor - Add features to my site Add features to my site - Add Features to my website Add features to my website. - Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost)(repost) Add features to online greeting card designer - Add features to our Python website Add Features To our site - add features to PHP tool Add features to php we application - Add features to previous app Add Features to Project - Add features to simple SolidWorks part file Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 - add features to the already designed templet Add features to the current PC builder script and clean-up the PHP code - Add features to web application (C#, AngularJS, SQL) add features to web site - Add features to website via API integrations Add features to Windows based photo watermark sofwtare - Add features to wordpress theme Add features to wordpress theme - repost - Add features/fix up website, update chrome extension/create firefox extension Add features/make changes to C++ Application - Add feeds to twitter account Add Feet & Inch Calculations including Fractions to my PHP calcuator - Add few features in my iOS game add few features in vbulletin mod - Add few features to vBulletin vBForms plugin add few features to vc++ video streaming application - Add few more markers and routes on this page given Add few new features to existing website - Add fex to mail -- 2 Add ffmpeg php on my server. - Add Field to Donation Form Add Field to Email Receipt - Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form add field to ticket form and store detials in database along with other details in form - Add field validation on 2 forms