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a toolkit for sustainable engineering design - a topless fake A topology control protocol baA topology control protocol based on eligibility and efficiency metricssed on eligibility and efficiency metrics - a touch-up on a picture in Photoshop A touching up of a Facebook application - A tower defense videogame a tower maked in archicad and artlantis photos - A traffic reporting app a Traffic Signal Control System-RTOS - A trainer to conduct Excel and PowerPoint trainings A Training company logo - A transcript of a French audio file (23 minutes) from mp3 to. Doc ; odt(repost) A transcript writter - A translation from Danish to Swedish and Norwegian A translation from English to Arabic - A translation of a company handbook A translation of a company handbook - A translator converting japanese to english A translator fluent in both German and English. - A translator job - open to bidding a translator job from English to Bahasa - A translator to speak with a potential vendor in Guam. A translator to translate Arabic to English and vice versa during interviews - A trap sensor with simple mechanism(reed switch & magnet). A trasaction website - A Travel Visa application form. a travel website - A tree structured text file to JSON A TreeView control with custom drawn nodes - A trivia quiz mobile app for Android phones that rewards its players with real cash or phone credits. - A TRUE CMS / SEO GURUS NEEDED! - a tshirt design A tshirt design - open to bidding - A turtle mascot for a web site - open to bidding -- 2 A Tutor - Script Fixed (2 small problems) - A Twitter A twitter and instagram feed into flash - A two minute product promotional video. A two minute product promotional video. - A Type of Screensaver/notes utility A typest to type my new book - A TYPING JOB OR COPY AND PASTE JOB - open to bidding a typing job with pay - A typist a typist - Repost - A typographer A typography - A UK Driving Licence Holder to take 3 points for me a uk lawyer to claim a deceased estate in england - A unique article (Friendly) about martial arts in critical situations to save your family A unique Article Writer - a unique graphics A unique grey camo design - A unique tool for fixing corrupted JPG photos a unique tshirt graphic and business cards - A unity3d game -- 3 A unity3d project - a university campus design and VR model - a usa representative a usa representative - open to bidding - A user content filled World of Warcraft site. A user database with a single table and two pages (login and admin pages) - A utility the can watermark photos and upload to FTP site a utility to create purchase orders in Quickbooks from a user selected set of of Item Assemblies - a valedictorian speech base on the topic education is our passport to the future A valentine digital brand experience - A Variety Of UK Articles a variety of work - A vb6 program to retrive some value from web page A VB6 Spam Killer Program - A Vector Web Page A vectorised adobe illustrator diagram in DXF and DWG format - A ventures and Advisory group needs to build a responsive based Word press website - open to bidding A verbal translation from Hungarian to English - A very basic android App with Google Maps and GPS -- 2 A very basic app - A very cute, hand drawn, comic avatar or image. A very cute, hand drawn, comic avatar or image. - A very easy home based job A very easy home based job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A very easy typing job a very easy typing job - A VERY Easy website make-over A very energetic declamation speech wanted - A very good team needed for mailing station project A very good webscraper (for yellow pages) - A very new and innovative outdoor dog toys, tools or accessories A Very Nice Design Needed; A Virtual Exhibition Center - A very realistic model of a kinetic art piece inserted onto a photographic background setting. A VERY RELIABLE DATA ENTRY PERSON - A Very Simple 1 Page Redesign A very simple 300 words article in Australian style - A very Simple app need to design it in a day a very simple app. I just need to convert a pdf book into an app with search feature - A very simple e-commerce website a very simple EA - A very simple image-editing work A very simple iOS app - number only input, POST to HTTPS API - A very simple Library Management System A very simple login project - A very simple online form for a website. a very simple online fruits store . simple order form with sms notification . an affiliate program by percentage to vendors . mobile friendly . done in 5 days - a very simple project a very simple project - a very simple similator A very simple SINGLE web page, that has already been designed, re-coded - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A very simple weather app for iPhone, iPad & Mac A Very Simple Web Bot Needed - A very simple Wordpress theme A very simple wordpress web site. - A very small clean pdo db image php script A very small CRUD application - a very small modification to the osCommerce FedEx module A Very Small Modification Will Be Made - A Very Small Test of Java CloudSim a very small tweak on a existing wordpress site - a very strange program.. A VERY STRONG online marketing needed - A Viber Calls Criedit A vida imita a arte, a arte imita a vida. - a video animation based on a template A video animation in white board - A video control element just like Youtube's with Flash A video created for cloud computing - A video editor A video editor - a video game graphic designer A video game guild website, with a forum, logo and art. - a video intro for my webaite business A video kinetic text of 2 minutes max - A Video Player A video player integrated to a .net website - a video site in PHP/ MYSQL A VIDEO SLOT MASHINE FOR FACEBOOK - A video viewing website
A Video Website (Video Content Aggregator) - A videographer A videographer - a videographer editor A Videographer for a single music video - A videographer who can conduct a short interview. A videographer who can record 60 hours of equipment training presentations over several weeks. - A Vietnamese speaking translator to translate between Vietnamese and English A Vietnamese speaking translator to translate between Vietnamese and English - A virtual Assistance / Art Gallery Curator/Coordinator A Virtual Assistant - A Virtual Assistant Need worldwide A Virtual Assistant Needed - A virtual assistant to help with business upkeep tasks. a virtual assistant to help with my website maintanence and seo work - A virtual pet site A virtual secretary to answer phone calls for my plumbing company - A Visit to the River with Grandma and Grandpa a visual basic coder - A visualisation dashboard utlising plotly/shiny in R -- 2 A vitamin bottle - A VOIP app A VOIP app - open to bidding - a walking figure A walkthrough featuring fountains with projection lighting - A Wallpaper site wallpaper submitter A want a website where people can upload pictures - A Wavemaker expert: Create a video tooling dashboard in Wavemaker A way of calculating the [isplacement ]etween successive frames of an avi vi[eo given the frames are in ]mp format. - A wearable pin that displays your name picture name and rating a wearhouse not to big not to small - A web app similar to for a different verical A Web App Similar to Yahoo! Answers - A web application for matrimony A web application for Power Trading. - A Web as well as Mobile App Developer! A Web Base Centralize Hospital Management System - A Web Based Data Entry Form with Back end database A Web based e-Payslip System for a Company. - A web based School management system a web based simple single and multiplayer game - A web copy A web crawler for an specific site. - A web designer A web designer - A Web Developer + Designer Required A web developer and app developer - A web developer. A web developer. - open to bidding - a web interactive video that you can do simple drawings, text. A web interface solution / Dashboard which will interact with 3 different ERP systems - A web page designed to add onto our current website A web page designed to make a page for my blogs. - A Web portal A web portal - A web programming A web programming - Repost - A Web Scrapping form fill out change pricing every 5 minutes software a web scrapping job simple one - a web service platform about stock A web service to be made - a web site a Web Site - FINAL year project for a student - A web site design. - open to bidding A web site designed - a web site for music A web site for my baby announcement - A web site which enables people to purchase club merchandise such as cycling shirts, hats and lapel badges. A web site with an awesome and unique design - a web UI design A web view app - a web-based fault report/tracking system for a college A web-based inventory/logistic/sales workflow control - a web.config file needs updating A Web2.0 Portal Site - A Webdeveloper/designer needed - 3 to 4 simple pages a weber opt in help to integrate into facebook fanpage - a webpage form to receive answer from each partner A webpage looked over - A webportal in php A webscrabe - A website A website - A website A website - A website A website - a website a website - a website a website - A Website !!! A Website !!! - open to bidding - A website about cars a website about india - A Website and App A Website and APP Built - a website and mobile application A website and online store - A Website based database subscription Information Service A Website based on another similar one - A website building A WEBSITE BUILDING - A website built A website built - A website built for a start up company. A website built for me - A website built that makes $25-$45 a day from google adsense A website built that works like amazon but for party planning - a website code that allows my computer to be a proxy A website coded and designed - A website crawler in Java A website created - a website database like this A website dedicated for students appearing for FRCR exam - A Website Design and Development for Mobile Technologies Company (CMS and Flash ) A website design and host - A website designed A website designed - A website designer for a small starting business & SEO options. A Website Designer for our Network Website. - A website developed A website developed and designed - A website developped in Drupal 8 a website disgned for my moving company i can send a few pics of our work or something - A website for a car tyre supplier A website for a church - A website for a new business A website for a new business - A website for a shoe business A Website For A Singer - A website for accessories a website for acompany called misaki ventures - A website for cars a website for cars and vehicles - A website for education community in Jordan based on arabic platform A Website for Education Institutes - a website for lost and found items a website for lost and found items - 11/08/2016 09:05 EDT - a website for my business A website for my business - open to bidding - A website for my restaurant a Website for my seminars - A Website for noble cause - open to bidding A website for online book store - A website for PSD to HTML service with Wordpress A website for psicholiogy cabinet - A website for RingBack Nigeria Limited