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Google App Engine is a fully managed platform designed to make it easier and inherently faster to build and host web, mobile and API applications on Google's massive cloud platform. As a serverless development platform from Google, Google App Engine enables developers to focus more on the coding than worrying about server infrastructure details. Developed with best practices for secure, efficient development, it can handle multiple applications and users seamlessly.

The Google App Engine Developer is an expert in cloud computing architecture that can help streamline web development projects and create mobile and API applications of any size or scope. The developer has an in-depth knowledge of the core components of Google App Engine Development such as scalability, security, performance, APIs, and other specialized tools. They are well-versed in the latest tools and technologies like Java, Python, Go, Nodejs, and Cloud Datastore to create powerful custom applications. With their help, custom applications can be built using a user-friendly graphical interface that makes application deployment simpler and quicker than ever before — no setup hassles nor managing VMs!

Here's some projects that our expert Google App Engine Developer made real:

  • Building web chat systems for various customers
  • Crafting custom data structures in spreadsheets
  • Connecting client forms with remote back end databases
  • Enhancing mobile navigation interfaces
  • Creating SEO optimization algorithms for Android apps
  • Integrating business logic between web forms and scripts
  • Developing scripts for automated data collection from external APIs
  • Crafting user interfaces for AWS products

With the help from our passionate developers empowered by our platform expertise in Google App Engine Development tasks, they have achieved all such projects without fail. With such success rate and world-class experience under their belt, our Google App Engine Developers can develop remarkable cloud solutions to meet any of your needs quickly. We invite you to post your project today or contact us so that you can get started on your very own revolutionary solution with the help of a freelance Google App engine Developer right away!

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    I have an existing Python script that's supposed to scrape data from a website. However, the code is experiencing issues with error handling. I need a skilled Python developer to help fix the error handling. Key requirements: - Experience with web scraping using Python, particularly utilizing requests and/or selenium. - Strong understanding of error handling in Python. - Ability to work under tight deadlines. The project needs to be completed ASAP. Your responsibilities: - Review the existing Python code and identify the issues related to error handling. - Implement necessary changes to ensure the script can handle errors effectively. - Conduct thorough testing to ensure the code is functioning correctly. - Provide documentation on the changes made for future reference. I'm ...

    $208 (Avg Bid)
    $208 Avg Bid
    36 bids

    I'm in need of a professional who can set up a Google Play Developer Account for me. I'm looking for someone with direct experience and expertise in the Google Play Developer Console. Key Requirements: - Knowledge and experience specifically in setting up Google Play Developer Accounts - Familiarity with the Google Play Developer Console and its features - Ability to walk me through the process and provide necessary documentation for account setup I'm not looking for app development at this stage, so the focus is solely on the setup of the Google Play Developer Account.

    $183 (Avg Bid)
    $183 Avg Bid
    8 bids
    Python Developer Needed 5 days left

    Description: We are looking for a skilled Python developer to create a bot that scrapes product EANs from an Algolia database and identifies APIs within a mobile app. The aim is to extract current and historical product prices via a mobile app feature, which often shows different prices than the website. You will also need to explore the mobile app for hidden APIs and provide detailed information on them. Your code should be well-documented with notes to ensure that any future developers can easily understand and maintain it. Requirements: Proficient in Python. Experience with web scraping (Algolia preferred). Expertise in API integration and reverse engineering mobile apps. Familiarity with tools like BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, etc. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to d...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I need an expert to automate a workflow for me. This will involve linking a Google Spreadsheet to a Word file in real-time. Key Requirements: - We want solution wherein user fills new joinees details in google form which is stored in google spreadsheet & offer letter,deputation letter & ID card is generated automatically in word file The integration between the Google Spreadsheet and Word file should be seamless and efficient. - Real-time data updates: The data in the Google Spreadsheet should be updated to the Word file in real-time. It is crucial that this is done accurately and promptly. Skills and Experience: - Excellent knowledge of Google Spreadsheet and Word: The successful freelancer for this project should have a high level of expertise in both Google Spreadsheet and...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
    $122 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced Python programmer with a background in developing TikTok reports tools. The tool you'll be developing should be designed to work with the smallest details, professionally and quickly. Its 100% ethical, if you’re able to make this done perfectly submit your offer and i will contact you with all details. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python programming - Experience in developing TikTok related tools - Capable of working with the smallest data details Specifics: - You should be able to develop a tool that can handle the smallest data details, professionally and quickly. - I would like you to focus on performance optimization primarily, to ensure that the tool works efficiently and effectively. Your role will be paramount in ensuring th...

    $303 (Avg Bid)
    $303 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I'm looking for a highly experienced developer that specializes in Google Cloud and Google Ads, capable of: 1. Setting up Google Cloud developer accounts: With your background in cloud computing and previous experience with Google Cloud, this amongst other tasks to be charged, will ensure the development and management of my apps server infrastructure runs smoothly. 2. Setting up agency Google Ads accounts: Your proficiency in Google Ads will be crucial for managing digital marketing campaigns, and optimizing visibility and reach. 3. Customizing account configurations: Your expertise should extend into customizing Google Cloud and Ads accounts that suits my specific needs. Namely: - User role and access permissions: It’s essential you can structure the access architect...

    $375 (Avg Bid)
    $375 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    My website has been compromised, resulting in an unauthorized modification to a specific link. The affected link is The main issue is that it displays an 'access denied' message, making it inaccessible for users. I haven't taken any actions to address the hacking issue yet, so your help is crucial. I have limited access to my website's backend, specifically for content updates only. The primary goal of this project is to regain control over the link and restore its functionality. As a website security expert, you should be able to: - Identify the source of the unauthorized access - Remove the 'access denied' message from the link - Implement necessary security measures to prevent future hacking attempts. Your past experience with website security and lin...

    $486 (Avg Bid)
    $486 Avg Bid
    44 bids

    We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Python Developer to join our team for a short-term project aimed at developing a driveway detection tool. The ideal candidate will have strong experience in machine learning, specifically with image recognition using CNNs, and be proficient in integrating APIs. Your primary responsibilities will include designing and training a simple CNN model, integrating Google Maps and Geocoding APIs, and deploying the solution using a lightweight framework like Flask. The successful candidate will be able to quickly collect and preprocess image data, implement and optimize a CNN for classifying driveways, and develop scripts to fetch images and geolocation data. If you are a fast learner, can work efficiently under tight deadlines, and have a passion for ...

    $406 (Avg Bid)
    $406 Avg Bid
    28 bids

    I need an experienced Python programmer to create a user online database with a web interface. The specifics include: - Developing a user login and registration feature - Setting up data entry and management capabilities - Ensuring the database accommodates fields like name, email, phone number, amongst others as it is intended to be an in-house introduction software The chosen freelancer should have prior experience in Python programming and web interfacing. An understanding of database creation and management would be ideal. This project has a high level of urgency: I need it completed as soon as possible. Reliable and rapid execution will be greatly appreciated.

    $805 (Avg Bid)
    $805 Avg Bid
    88 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to build a home automation integrator capable of seamless communication with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant using Firebase. This integrator should also be capable of working with the SmartThings brand. Key Requirements: - Capable of communicating between Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant - Compatible with SmartThings devices Additional Features: - Voice Control: The integrator should be able to process voice commands from all three assistants. - Device Synchronization: Devices under the SmartThings brand should be synchronized and controllable through this integrator. - Custom Commands: The ability to set up custom commands would be a bonus. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in home automation systems and integrations - Proficient with voice...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I have a simple Angular theme-based website that serves to showcase my products and services. I'm in need of an experienced developer who can host this website on Google App Engine or Google VM Instance. Key responsibilities include: - Deploying and hosting the Angular website on the Google Cloud platform - Ensuring the website is accessible to users and properly showcases the products and services - Providing guidance on any necessary setup or configurations needed for a successful deployment Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Angular, particularly the latest version - Experience with Google Cloud Platform, specifically hosting Angular websites on App Engine or VM Instances - Strong understanding of website deployment best practices - Ability to com...

    $32 (Avg Bid)
    $32 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I'm in need of a developer to generate an API for my Revolut business account. This role requires an ability to develop in Python as well as extensive knowledge in API development.I am looking for this to be done within 12 hours. Key points include: - API Development: The API should support user authentication, data retrieval, and data modification despite the initial question being skipped. Your expertise in these areas will be crucial. - Data Handling: The API you'll develop should be capable of accessing different types of data from the Revolut account. This includes transaction data, account balance data, and customer data. Please only bid on this project if you're proficient in Python programming and have a proven track record in API development and data handling. ...

    $206 (Avg Bid)
    $206 Avg Bid
    39 bids

    I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer to create a Python scraper for YouTube. The scraper should utilize OAuth and the YouTube API for efficient data collection. Key Project Details: - Required Data: The scraper should primarily target Video details such as title, description, views, likes, etc. This data is crucial for my data analytics purposes, enabling me to draw meaningful insights from YouTube videos' performance metrics. Ideal Features: - OAuth: The scraper should be integrated with OAuth to ensure secure and authorized access to YouTube data. - YouTube API: Proficiency in handling the YouTube API is essential for efficient data extraction. - Data Analytics: The collected data should be structured in a way that facilitates easy analysis. Experience with data a...

    $646 (Avg Bid)
    $646 Avg Bid
    114 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled Python developer who can create a Telegram bot for me. The bot's primary function is to share Amazon offers automatically on a Telegram channel. Here's what I specifically need: - **Features**: I want the bot to be able to search for products on Amazon, share the offers it finds on a Telegram channel, and track the prices of these products. - **User Login**: Only administrators can use the bot. - **Updates**: The bot should be designed to send immediate notifications to users whenever there is an update on the price of a product being tracked. This will help keep users informed in real-time about price changes. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in Python and Telegram bot development. It must work and understand web scrapin...

    $164 (Avg Bid)
    $164 Avg Bid
    107 bids

    Es soll ein Mini Game für den Google Play Store erstellt werden. Was für ein Spiel genau es sein muss ist an sich nicht so wichtig. Wichtig ist nur das es mehrere Level gibt, man sein Leben verlieren kann und es von Level zu Level immer schwieriger wird. Das war’s. Was ganz simples einfach.

    $327 (Avg Bid)
    $327 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I know it's not possible to convert directly from a .apk file to .aab! Some things need to be restructured. But I have the .apk file ready and that would really be the job, transforming it into an .aab file that can be uploaded to Google Play. -------------------------------- Sei que não é possível fazer uma converção diretamente de um arquivo .apk em .aab! É preciso reestruturar algumas coisas. Mas tenho o arquivo .apk pronto e o trbalho seria realemnte esse, tranformá-lo em um arquivo .aab que seja possível subir na google play.

    $216 (Avg Bid)
    $216 Avg Bid
    17 bids

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