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    Hi Shalu S., I noticed your profile and would like to work under you. i'm a gradute. i have preferred knowledge in python. and i have basic knowledge in HTML and SQL.

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    Build me a user interface. 6 days left

    I have a python file which can extract Binks from EEG signal. I want someone to build an user interface to use this code easily.

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    Hi, I am looking for a python - selenium developer to build test cases for my website. The site is accessible at The test cases have to be developed for the following functionality :: 1. Search from main screen to load org chart (logged out) 2. Sign up into account 3. Login to account 4. Search org chart (signed in) 5. Fetch node data in org chart 6. Fetch phone number data in org chart 7. Execute company search 8. Execute people search 9. Download results in people search 10. Get phone number/ contact in people search 11. Test left panel autocomplete filters (20x) 12. Search different query combinations in people, company query This project requires looking up div ids, sending data and testing data using web driver waits. Possibly require about 100-200 functions

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    Implement a Question Answering (QA) system in Python called This system should be able to answer Who, What, When and Where questions (but not Why or How questions). This system should handle questions from any domain, and should provide answers in complete sentences that are specific to the question asked. Please do not provide any information beyond what is asked for by the question.

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    I need an expert who is good at doing works with python and VBs.

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    I have a python program that simulates flipping a coin, and applies a hard-coded betting strategy to see how much money is won. I'd like these results added to a .csv file, where coin flip 1 is first element, bet result is 2nd element, coin flip 2 is 3rd element, bet result 2 is 4th element, etc. This way i can optionally import the .csv into excel to see a graph of the results. There is also a bug in the betting strategy that i want fixed, where it currently never doubles the bet more than once (it should double it more frequently). Link to my github project is here .

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    I have mininet .py script i have question and maybe to modified it The ((mininet>>) path not display how i can Show it see the attached

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    Need some help with writing python script using @click.command. There is already existing code

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    Python with conda environment 6 days left

    Need an expert who is well versed with python codes with conda environment. Ide is Pycharm. The expert also need to use data using machine learning algorithms with modern tools in Python.

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    Expert in GHIDRA -- 2 6 days left

    Expert in GHIDRA and python and security topics

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    I have a python desktop application, but it doesn't work well in schedule running. It is built in PyQt5. I'm looking for a developer who can fix this issue in a short time.

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    we need someone to transfer our .py file(a python kivy interface program with photo) to android apk and windows exe (in one file) . and leave anything that can teaching us the procedure send me message for the python program if you need to test it :)

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    Expert in GHIDRA 6 days left

    Expert in GHIDRA and python and security topics

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    python project -- 2 6 days left

    Python project coding intended to display drought information based on a location the user inputs

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    - You should be familiar with classifiers such as support vector machines and random forest algorithms - Well versed in python - Understand t-SNE and related algorithms and able to implement those in python

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    I am looking to develop an equine monitoring device for performance horses. I am looking for an embedded engineer that is skilled in C, Python, and raspberry Pi. If you would like to learn more please contact me. I will pay well!

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    Local NDA
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    Python Project 6 days left

    The project I need to be done is a program in python that takes the drought index from a website and projects it to the user. I've made a test file but don't know how to do the actual coding. Need help ASAP

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    I am new to Python Keras but I want to know how this code works. Can you explain what is the relation between x_input, y_input, input-var I made and the predicted output. Why the output is just one value and why does this program also work with y_input 5 values versus 1. So basically, how does this program work and how can I use a program like this for predicting a sequence of numbers? import keras import numpy as np import logging import tensorflow from import Dense from import Sequential # if __name__ == '__main__': print('PyCharm') x_input = ([[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]]) y_input = ([[4]]) model = Sequential() (Dense(units=32, activation="tanh", input_dim=[1], kernel_initializer='random_normal')) (Dense(units=1

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    Python Image Processing -- 2 6 days left

    Python Image Processing Require Now

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    SKILLS: you are an expert Photoshop Plugin developer with a good understanding of shapes and colors SCOPE: the task is to create a PHOTOSHOP PLUGIN that imports (uploads) circle based 300dpi print size images (JPG, PDF etc.) and then automatically creates smaller circles or shapes inside the ori...the added circles or shapes can be adjusted individually, in groups or globally for the entire image the added circles or shapes can be embossed (like a photoshop layer embossing effect) individually, in groups or globally for the entire image the shapes will be in the category of advanced functions and options and self generate languages can be typcial Photoshop plugin Cold Fusion, C++ , Python, PySpark QGIS Interface should be intuitive and user friendly winning bidder will s...

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    We have several items listed on a web store (Woocommerce) and Ebay (for sale at fixed price or in auctions). We need to syncronize inventory between Ebay and Woocommerce. Once an item is sold on Ebay (at fixed price), we need to automatically reduce, in REAL-TIME, the inventory of the same product on Woocommerce and viceversa, in order to avoid sales by twice (same item bought by 2 order to avoid sales by twice (same item bought by 2 customers). We just need to synchronize the inventory (not decriptions nor prices), or rather match the number of items available in each platform. Additionally, if an item is up for AUCTION on Ebay, it must not allow to be active on Woocommerce. Products listed on EBAY and Woocommerce share the same SKU. Preferable the script made in P...

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    Write a Python Script in Jupyter notebook to complete Cluster Analysis and Classification of a dataset

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    Тhe software is made in python and works perfectly, no need to make certain work social network truthsocial. Minor changes are required.Тo change cheat someone tasks.

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    Interested candidates send your profile. More details will be shared in dm. Need to complete by Saturday.

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    I need any freelancer who can handle translation from English to mandarin who has knowledge in phyton

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    I need a python script using two input files: and and producing an output file: In brief, this script should find some values in the input .csv file and write them into the input .pdb file, creating a modified .pdb file Here is the rule: - For each "Position" value in the .csv file, take the corresponding T% value (see attached files) - Add 100 and convert to format - Use these values to replace symbols 61-65 in those lines of the input .pdb file that have the same word #6 as the "Position" value in the .csv file. Example: The attached .csv file has the following columns: Position T% 1 0.82987552 2 -0.251077 3 8.98327034 … The script should first create: Position T%+100 1 100.83 2 99.75 3 108.98 … Then, the script

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    I have script which is working. However becouse there might be 500k data and becouse of the internet the script might fail. I want automation when script fails to continue from where it left not from begining. Also the script needs to read from csv file not from parametars. Please write if you can do this and include anydesk in your proposal.

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    Python coach! 6 days left

    We're busy building! And getting stuck way too often :) Can you be our coach? We'll meet 2-3 times a week, do a code review, and make sure we're thinking about things properly. Help turn us into one of those beast developers that can launch an MVP with internet access, linux running on a 386, 3 sticks, and a flint stone. You: - are a very experienced developer, having built managed and launched several projects - have an understanding of datascience - have excellent English communication skills - enjoy teaching - treat software development as a craft

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    I need simple PHP/Python script that will somehow correct auto-generated audio transcription based on original script. Example: Original script: "This is sentence one. This is sentence two. This is sentence 3." Auto-generated transcription: "this is sentence o. this sentence two. this is. sentence three." Auto-generated transcription json array: "words": [ { "word": "this", "start": 1.5195312, "end": 2.0195312, }, { "word": "is", "start": 2.4785156, "end": 2.71875, }, { "word": "sentence", "start": 2.71875, ...

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    I am looking for python / flask / postresql teacher. First step - go through together building simple web app based on Flask Web Development by M. Grinberg. Idea would be to have 2-3 hourly video sessions weekly to go through topics I need explanation/ need help making it work / go through modifications.

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    Python Image Processing Expert REQUIRE

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    Hello, I would like you to write a python program to extract data from snowflake table and send emails to the email ID selected from the table based on certain conditions.

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    1 bids genera un ticket donde puede tener adjuntos multimedia, se escala al distribuidor; y dependiendo el caso se escala a otro proceso del mismo perfil o redirige al perfil de superadministrador. Aspectos para tener en cuenta: - Perfil superadministrador puede ver todos los tickets creados - Pueden existir varios distribuidores y varios clientes finales en esquema de árbol. - Backend Python, Framework Django, Base de datos en SQL, CSS material design modulo...

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    Need a person who can do work on azure with python

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    I need someone that has a really deep knowledge on those 2 subjects with python and i want him/her to help me in a long term project! It has to do with the robocup. We have to create a team using reinforcement learning or imitation learning that comes with the freelancer to understand the robocup and how it works and then work out how we will implement the code, the reason i am paying hourly is that i will help him in the process understand as much as i can how robocup works and then on his part has to help me understand how artificial intelligence work and how we will implement the code I need someone to be an expert and know what he is doing so do not do a bid if you are not that one.

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    We need a person with knowledge about to help with the design elements in Streamlit. In the attached file you can see an example of what we design we need implemented. There are about 10 pages to be made, all with a graph, table etc. The library we are using for making the graphs are and There might also be need for help to make the graphs look nicer than right out of the box, if possible.

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    python expert for small tasks Jupyter Notebook knowledge is a must

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    task 1 Create a model according to schema, and write a program, which according to the model allows: a category color apparel size product Task 2 Using SQLalchemy, create a model according to this schema (diagram) Write a program , which using the model created, allows to : 1. Add orginisation 2. Add organization department 3. Add project 4. Add new person

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    I am looking for someone who can do some changes on prepared python program has 6000-7000 lines of code. It's a program for getting telegram group info and add some users to the telegram.

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    21 bids

    We have two usb device (for example : keyboard or usb card reader). Two of devices same brand and there is no unique serial info. We want to understand which device send data. It must be written with python 2x

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    I want a simple python script that links to the new Coinbase Advanced Trading API. Important to note: not the older Coinbase Pro API, since that is being shut down. It needs to do 5 things: -Authenticate credentials (this will need me to put in my own API key and API secret. You just write the code and I will enter my keys to test that it works). You will use your *own* Coinbase keys to test the code. No, I will not be giving you mine. Then I want methods I can call for these purposes: -Check account balance and print this to terminal -Check existing orders in place and print all of these to terminal -Put in a limit buy order (for example, put in a limit buy order of 1 ETH for £20) -Put in a limit sell order (for example, put in a limit sell order of 1 ETH for £...

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    we want to implement the RNN, LSTM, GRU, LSTM with an attention layer, and autoencoder neural network model in python for stock price data

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    Predict and Recommendation 6 days left

    Hello everyone! We want to predict and make Recommendation using Python.

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    i want to upgrade my scanner 6 days left

    i have python and want to upgrade it for details please pm , im not going to give you milstone since ill see that everything work fine in computer !

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    11 bids

    Python Developer Needed for Automation using API

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    Scrape data from websites 6 days left

    I am looking for someone who is fluent in python to make a data scraper to scrape data from the websites I provide. I need new business owner's information all around the USA

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    We need to read in a loop (every xx seconds) a table in SQLite and write only new records to PostgreSQL (same table field). This must run as a windows service and had to be done using Python. Attached an example of sqlite db. Tks, E!

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    Python project fix 4 hours left

    Hello, i have a python script to fix. Urgent job. Thanks

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can Automate the Steps of Excel using Python. Thanks

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    Hello community, I would like to create simple software with face recognition feature. Both for Windows and macOS. I already have a mockup in Figma, and also Python script with OpenCV to recognise faces. Now I need to put it all together and make it as a functional software. Thank you in advance for your offers.

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    55 bids

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