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    Intelligence system that can find people in the video and tag them for attendance. The System will identify when the persons face is visible as they exit or enter the premises. The backend of the application is being handled in python and the records of entry and exit are being maintained in MySql Database. We need someone with expertise in C# and

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    ...someone experienced in Python Scripting who can use utilise the Python scripting options available in our software applications to custom make scripts to do a number of currently manual based tasks. These include: The import/load/ingest of video media automatically from 'watch folders' Place video media on to the video timeline in the correc...

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    Every youtube channel can subscribe to multiple users/channels. Youtube provides a feed (xml) of all the latest video uploads of these subscriptions. A sample feed from a user of all channel subscription is included below. The feed has name/url of the channels subscribed and only latest videos. What I need- 1) Go through each channel url and find

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    ...rate of 99% or higher. The current solution is made with mobilenet_ssd (caffemodel), pyimagesearch, python and Yolo. We received information that the solution can not work on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ because the Pi memory can’t process the recorded video fast enough and therefore object recognition is not working. For this solution, we do not need real-time

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    ...Airbnb Qt Microsoft Visio Visualization RESTful Delivery Coding Electric Repair Apple Logic Pro Data Warehousing Mailchimp Qualitative Research Courses 360-degree video Vectorization Internet of Things ITIL IBM BPM Adobe Captivate Tibco Spotfire Instagram Marketing Lisp Search Engine Marketing Docker Elasticsearch Bluetooth Low

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    ...basic ideas for how to achieve these tools using python, but are struggling with putting it all together, and figuring out how to use the programs. Hopefully we can find someone who can help us! In more detail, what we're looking to do is find a program, library or module that lets us work with video files or image sequences with algorithms. And we

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    ...Arabia - Dammam please click on the link to fill in the information ( [login to view URL] ) Chose Please ( At Least 7 Skills ) English language Development (Magento / Opencart ) Web Designing ( HTML/HTML5 ) Software Development Artificial intelligence Website Design Python CSS PHP MySQL Mobile App Development (Android/iPhone)

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    4 bids, app or information system with server-side web application logic and integration of the work with frontend in app and website. Should be able to build powerful backend to support enormous traffic with good security & Server systems that do the backend message routing. The more important part of the job is to create an video encoding system

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    I have a smal...picamera with python and openCV (read the video frames, copy them in a [login to view URL], do simple operations with opencv). For now, it seems to use only one core of the ARM, I need to use all the power of the 4 cores to be able to use a frame as large as possible with a frame rate as fast as possible. please contact me for further information

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    Service description: The purpose of the work is to perform an algorithm deployment using the Python or C ++ language using NS3 - Network Simulator 3. Deployment Steps: 1. Installation of Linux Ubuntu on a virtual machine; 2. Installation of NS3, version 3.16. ([login to view URL]) 3. Integration with NS3 with Evalvid. ([login to view URL]

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    I want to develop a python script that takes as input a video recording from a dashcam and estimates the speed of the cars in the video. as I put you will also have the second by second speed, gps coordinates, and gyroscope measurements of the dashcam (mounted inside my car as I'm driving). Basic method to solving the problem: - retrain YOLOv3 to also

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    I have a partly developed, golf-related video analysis application currently written in the R and Shiny languages (partly because they were supposed to be quicker and/or easier for a first version, though this has turned out to be anything but). While the present intent is to get this application running as a web application as soon as possible, desktop

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    ...Technical Director. Within our team your main responsibilities will include the development of any iOS, Android and Python functionality. Thanks to our scrum process every Monday morning we are going to coordinate our efforts with a Slack video call. Once we all agreed on the features to implement in the current sprint, you are going to start independently

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    OWAL is a computer vision company that send alerts for specific events. We want to send these alerts as email to SureView (an video command center application) via their simple Generic stream integration. (API docs and Test harness will be shared upon job acceptance) >> YOU WILL CREATE AND TEST AN SMTP MESSAGE FORMAT THAT SETS NOTIFICATIONS WITHIN

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    ...our readers. Review of existing on upcoming gadgets Review of upcoming or highly demanded Mobiles/Tablet/Laptop Tutorials about Programming languages like Java, [login to view URL] Python etc. Articles about new trending technologies eg: BlockChain Submission Guidelines Posts must be “AT LEAST!” 500+ words long, preferably more. We only want the best for

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    Developer needed with Python / Scrapy / Scrapyd / MySQL / Splash. The code repository is in bitbucket. 1. Task One: Video information not recording to page_video table. Our crawler is working but not saving this data to this table. 2. Task Two: Resolve Crawler Errors We have added the ability to crawl javascript with Scrapy by using

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    ...11:10 PM 1. Our application will take screenshots of a popular game. We need someone to build a classification model with some text recognition sprinkled in to give us information about what's on the screen. You are not responsible for taking the screenshots, only the classification model and the wrapper API. 2. On each frame *could be* 5 items

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    Can you build a web app that interacts with other e-commerce sites, takes the information and then relays it back to our server, which then sends a command to my robot for some action. We need you to help recommend and set up the web server location which enables storage for all the data we collect with our robot for later processing. We need a

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    I am seeking a Python engineer to create a skeleton Python project in preparation for initiating a larger software project. This skeleton project shall integrate with tools to apply a consistent set of standards to python scripts developed within that project. There are no "business requirements" or "use cases" for this skeleton project. This stage

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    ...Account (rotating IP addresses) and records all information of all the trackers being loaded on the page. Output => all data points required (see below) in mongoDB (→ [login to view URL] ) + a similar user interface in angular 5 TechStack might include: - nodeJS => creating crawler logic (alternatively python) - crawlera (optionally) => rotating IPs

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    ...about team performance (notes taken by coaches, numerical logs of timestamped data, photos, video) in one location where coaches and team members can share comments a create a debrief on performance. I have a background in computer science, and work with python daily, so I would like this app to be built in Django to aid in future support. I am also

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    A program in Python ( for Pi3) for Public transport like busses 1. Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking. 2. Live Alerts. 3. Passengers can access vehicle location and routes information from any Apple or Android device. 4. Vehicle Maintenance Management 5. Manage and Monitor Routes. 6. Automated Driver Ratings. 7. live video monitoring 8. Reports

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    We need a python program (based on opencv) which can analyze webcam images (which usually contains many people and faces in room conversation) in real time (or a video file) and report the following information: Milestone 1: 1. Number of people in the scene (some people do not show faces) at each time point 2. Number of faces in the scene 3. The

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    Video Demo: [login to view URL] 1. Go to [login to view URL] 2. Login with my username and password 3. Go to the URL [login to view URL] 4. Make a list of all the links on that page 5. Go to the URL [login to view URL]

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    See the project walkthrough video, the URL for the site, and other information here: [login to view URL] We need this vendor data scraped as soon as possible. Preferably before Sunday UTC evening. The script must be completed using Python and Selenium. Please save output to /output subfolder. Please put

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    Information about the specific site including a video walkthrough of the data that needs to be scraped is available at [login to view URL] The two sample output files can be downloaded here: [login to view URL] Steps: > Login to the site. > Click "Saved" from

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    Looking for a programmer who can quickly change the code inside my video plugin that I use in KODI. Right now it's using internal file to pull video information/link from the internet to play it, but what I want instead is to have that file available on internet so I can update it anytime I want instead of going into the kodi plugin itself everytime

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    ...intelligent machine learning and neutral network algorithm, preferred with java, (python also ok), which has the following functionality: [login to view URL] data is from mysql, including testing bank system with many exam questions and related labels and students data like their personal information, the history of their daily exercise, the history of their search data

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    ...allows data video and chat via the same connection We are currently experiencing issues with the connectivity which needs to be addressed. We are experiencing issues with our [login to view URL] file with ‘No session started’ popup showing continually after the connection is established. This is happening when we make an either audio or video call. We are

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    ...I would prefer a solution in python but am not closed to the idea of using other languages especially if it will run faster. Also, the source files should not be modified just checking them for matches and writing the results to a "results" file. Every .gz file contains a single json file containing information on up to 750 different keywords/items

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    We would need someone who can do the following: 1. A Google App Engine Developer 2. Python and Angular.js preferable (NOT PHP) 3. Experience with consuming RESTful APIs 4. Some design skills with HTML5 and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Polymer 5. Expereince or familiar with frameworks like [login to view URL], google maps or other mapping services

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    ... I need someone who can create simple GUIs under Windows, and is an expert at creating Windows installers. I have a set of Python scripts that accept video input from a laptop's camera, extracts information from the video, and sends that inforation to a server over UDP/DTLS. I need a GUI that will allow a user to enter a text string and start the

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    currently i am information technology teacher at Haramaya university at harar Ethiopia .. i have gone through the following projects and programming languages in my stay and out of university --pharmacy management system :-programming language i used php ,htmls 5,css, ajax(java script+xml+php) --mini web site crawler(python ) --web based drawing

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    ...who can create video tutorials for our training organization. You should only apply if you have the required skills and expertise. - Selenium Webdriver Automation Testing using Python as scripting Language - Chapter-wise HD videos of varying length (10 minutes to 30 minutes) - Use Python scripting (Java not accepted) - Video should only based

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    ...Airborne is hiring!GAMELOFT, present in 20 countries around Europe, North America and Asia (more than 6,000 employees), is a leading international developer and distributor of video games looking for new talent to reinforce its creation [login to view URL] ProfileWe are looking for a QA Automation Expert to join our Barcelona Studio who will be responsible for evaluating

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    ...Need a Python coder that also understands C++ and how Data Structure works like. Bonus Requirements Experience in trigonometry and physics is a huge bonus. Knowing how Assembly work is a rather bigger BONUS. Watch the video I attached here, I need someone who can code in Python to follow accordingly to the exact procedure done in the video. Summary

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    ...make. For some of the programs, people can see transcriptions (subtitles) on the right side of the actual video. For instance this is one such page: [login to view URL] I need a python script to fetch the transcription from the webpage. On the right side of the page we can see the title "

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    I want a website identical to [login to view URL] which allows users to set their language, find courses, video lessons, and exams, register and login manually or via Facebook and Google. Your bid should show that you have read and understood the project description below and explain why you are qualified. This is a reasonably complicated project

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    ...Javascript and CSS guru We have used Tesseract to OCR documents. The text information follows HOCR [login to view URL] standard with text position information and in HTML format. The developer should develop a script to use Javascript at the client side OR PHP/Python script at the server side to overlay text on the image. The output is

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    Do you want to help develop a new audio & video streaming platform to be used on some of the finest audio systems in the market? If you have been involved or interested in projects such as Squeezbox, XBMC, Plex, Icecast, or others, you may be the person we look for. We look after YOU that is into this as profession but also with personal interest

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    ...authentication or information exchange purpose. For Security purpose, we can’t provide content through Browser that’s why we want to develop Windows based GUI application which authenticate User and Play movie, song or show E-books to them. It’s a small project which do authentication with help of our web service and play movie with open source video player

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    Detect and analyse motion of small obects in thermal v...disturbances in the files. The tool must be easily configurable to extract video where small objects are detected and record the object path in a csv file. It can be write in c++, Python, Mathlab, Java... feel free to suggest a solution. Please contact me for video samples and more information.

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    ...concept. Basically we are looking to perform a movie or TV show search, establish a connection to a streaming server, and play the video file through html 5 streaming player and/or Flash (depending upon the video file format). This is not a Kodi Add On. This will be a website that uses the same search and streaming servers as Kodi. There are

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    ...1kbps in stereo, no commercials. One is by a lake close to Austin TX USA and the other comes from Costa Rica. I intend to add more. The next sound source site may also include video with the audio. The website is currently hosted by GoDaddy. My thoughts are to have someone generate the htm files for the new pages and I would up load them. Look over

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    ...mind, the site should be constructed so that adding new and innovative elements is a simple and cost effective process. Our first choice for a core programming language is Python, our second is Ruby. We recognise that other programmes will also be needed due to the complex nature of the site so we are open to your proposals. We want the site to have

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    3 Simple Python scripts to run on Raspberry Pi (Raspian): 1. Monitor GPIO pin of Raspberry Pi for PULL DOWN. Each time PIN goes low, create 1 record in table (raw_count) of local MySQL DB. This script needs to run indefinitely in the background monitoring status of 1 GPIO pin. Pin is normally high (3.3v) and will go low periodically. Pin may

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    9 bids C# and mvc, of the Portia project, that can be found on [login to view URL] . Video demo here:[login to view URL] WARNING: This project was already cancelled once! Only apply if you have .net and python professional skills! I am a pro coder, and i know how to identify bad coding. I need a good coder, not a begginer

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    An aspiring digital artist and 3D modeller is required to take on an assisted role as a visual and level designer for my products including video games and development tools. Specific instructions are to be provided as and when a given task arises ranging from 3D modelling and texturing in Blender, texturing in Photoshop, installing software, designing

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    ...inputs from a user. The intent is to use the live video feed from the on-board camera module to remotely control the rover in real time from a distant location over WiFi. The freelance developer would be required to set-up the network connection (i.e. port forwarding and website controls) and write a Python-based script for the Raspberry Pi that controls

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